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accountclosed2's Avatar accountclosed2 05:24 AM 08-07-2010
Yesterday was the Big Latch On, an event in which a world record of mothers all breastfeeding at once, is attempted. I went to it at a local cafe 2 years ago when DD was 5 months old. It was an amazing feeling - because we had had to work so hard for breastfeeding, I was elated that I was STILL breastfeeding!

DD is nearly 2 1/2 now, and we are STILL breastfeeding!!!!!!!! So we attended this event again, this time in Council Chamber at the City Hall. There were several hundred mothers there with there babies and children of various ages (DD was certainly one of the oldest, but it didn't feel strange at all, and everyone was really nice). The Mayor spoke - our Mayor is a retired midwife (but of course midwives are the norm here) - and she held her 1 yo granddaughter the whole time she talked about what a wonderful gift breastfeeding is, and how important it is for children's health , and how important it is to dare to breastfeed in public, in the office, in the cafe, at the library... Then she lifted her granddaughter into the air and ended by saying: "My granddaughter is 12 months old - and she's still fully breastfed!"
Cool, isn't it?

They gave all participants lots of info and stuff, pamphlets about Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (the event was run the by the Hospital's Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Coordinator), which is all about what hospitals need to do to support breastfeeding (and actually do here), and about various breastfeeding classes, which are becoming very popular here. And we got a breastfeeding DVD with the Ministry of Health's badge on. DD got a little toy lion.

And they had loads of cool prizes in a raffle that our attendance put us into, and a TV presenter, the mum of 15 month old still breastfed twins (who had a difficult breastfeeding journey, which she has publicly spoken about before) read out the winners.

I'm glad I'm in a country where breastfeeding is actually normal (so's formulafeeding, I guess, but almost all mums plan to breastfeed, if not all exclusively), and where you are not a total UFO for breastfeeding a child over a year old.

So, we latched on in support for breastfeeding mums everywhere! And hoping they'll get the support they need to get breastfeeding to work for them!

*Jade*'s Avatar *Jade* 06:43 AM 08-07-2010
Yay! Do they have final numbers yet?

I was looking at pics on facebook from a group in West Auckland (actually a baby-wearing group) that had approx 30 people latching on (I think!), but I wasn't able to make it. I'll have to try for it next year, considering this kid is currently still placenta-fed
accountclosed2's Avatar accountclosed2 01:41 AM 08-08-2010
108 at the Council Chambers.

The provisional total nationwide was 1474, which is a new record!

But that was Friday afternoon, and there where still 15 venues that hadn't reported their numbers yet. We probably won't know until Monday.

They had advertised in advance that buggies had to be left downstairs, and suggested mums wear their babies, so most did. I wore DD in the MeiTai when we left and she was tired, but she wore her cat in her little MeiTai the whole time.