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karika's Avatar karika 02:08 AM 08-31-2010

jess152's Avatar jess152 02:47 AM 08-31-2010
It is a great post!
PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 03:20 AM 08-31-2010
thanks for posting! ds and i are doing our best "to make nursing in public so boring, so quotidian, that it garners no more of a glance or second thought than seeing someone drinking a coffee or hugging a friend in public."
AbbieB's Avatar AbbieB 01:41 AM 09-01-2010
Excellent article!
SuburbanHippie's Avatar SuburbanHippie 02:31 PM 09-02-2010
That's great! I shared it on Facebook.
Anglyn's Avatar Anglyn 01:18 AM 09-24-2010
I just shared it on fb too!!!