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*MamaJen*'s Avatar *MamaJen* 05:04 PM 09-18-2010
Just a little light lactivist humor -- written by a guy, no less -- to brighten up your weekend. Hang on to your bagels.

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yamilee21's Avatar yamilee21 01:08 PM 09-19-2010
Thanks for posting that link! Sure wish we still had some bagels and cream cheese in the house.
stardogs's Avatar stardogs 01:51 PM 09-19-2010
Posted it to facebook - there was a discussion of breastfeeding in public related to a local restaurant last week, so this is perfect timing!
JoyfullySubversive's Avatar JoyfullySubversive 02:00 PM 09-19-2010
treeoflife3's Avatar treeoflife3 02:41 PM 09-19-2010
The comments make it funnier. I had to convince a friend to read it last night because she was worried it would be ignorant and piss her off hahaha.
tallulahma's Avatar tallulahma 03:07 PM 09-19-2010

the comments were the best...
proudmomof4's Avatar proudmomof4 11:29 PM 09-19-2010
Mama2mc's Avatar Mama2mc 11:38 PM 09-19-2010
Haha, funny!
Youngfrankenstein's Avatar Youngfrankenstein 05:38 PM 09-21-2010
That was awesome and now displayed on my FB page.
crazyangel06's Avatar crazyangel06 06:19 AM 10-09-2010
Lol that was a great read lol made go to the store for bagels and cream cheese
natural_mama89's Avatar natural_mama89 11:52 PM 10-14-2010
I posted the link to my facebook as well. This was such a cute little story. I like this guy, lol.
EviesMom's Avatar EviesMom 12:44 AM 10-15-2010
Awesome! And how do babies manage that radar of "mom's getting a bite to eat/mom's about to step into the shower/mom's uh... spending time with dad" that alerts them that they MUST NURSE right that moment? Mine seem to manage it no matter how far away they are from me.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 02:14 PM 10-18-2010
It's on my facebook page too.

I can't help but think that the nursing mom in the cafe would have been able to eat while nursing if she wasn't holding that stupid shawl over herself.