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monica3674's Avatar monica3674 10:20 PM 10-18-2010
HB 5155 would give breastfeeding mothers and babies protection under the Civil Rights Act. The bill was voted out of committee in November 2009. It has not yet been brought up for a vote.

If the bill is not acted upon before years end, it dies and would then need to be reintroduced next year with an entirely new set of legislators.

We've just started a Facebook page - Pass Michigan House Bill 5155. Please fan us and then join in contacting your legislators and the House Leadership letting them know that we want breastfeeding mothers and babies to be protected. Here is a link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pass-M...54711827899858

Over the next several days, we will add sample letters that people can use to write and/or email their reps. I have already listed the members of the House Leadership along with their emails and phone numbers.

On Monday, October 25th, Speaker Dillon has a coffee hour in Livonia at 11:30am. He sends a representative, but it might be good to get a group of moms (nursing or not) to go over and meet with them. If you're interested in joining me, send me a pm. Tomorrow, a friend and I are going to put together a packet of information on breastfeeding (as a file) that you could take with you if you'd like to attend your rep's coffee hour.

If you're interested in helping in some other way, let me know! It's getting kind of cold, but a nurse-in showing support for moms and babies might be necessary!

Thanks for your interest!

monica3674's Avatar monica3674 06:54 PM 10-19-2010
If anyone is near a phone - give Speaker Andy Dillon a call - 888-737-3455 - and leave him a message. Doesn't have to be elaborate - "I encourage him to bring House Bill 5515 up for a vote. Breastfeeding mothers and babies need the protection this bill would offer."

You could also call Majority Floor Leader Kathy Angerer (888) 345-2849 and leave her the same message

proudmomof4's Avatar proudmomof4 05:24 AM 10-20-2010
About time, too! (See the "not-allowed-to-bf-in-school" thread on here.)
mamajake's Avatar mamajake 12:43 AM 10-22-2010
Good luck!!!