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KempsMama's Avatar KempsMama 11:09 AM 11-10-2010

Ladies, I need help.  I want to address this issue, but really have no clue what to say in a letter.  When I buy nursing pads at my favorite grocery store, their coupon generating software spits out a $5 Enfamil coupon.  This steams me. 


Is this a WHO code violation?  What should I say in a letter, and who should I address it to?

KempsMama's Avatar KempsMama 12:32 PM 11-12-2010

No one wants to help? 

nicky85's Avatar nicky85 12:44 PM 11-12-2010

Unbelievable. Maybe try writing a letter to the grocery store? Besides stating that you find it offensive, you might also point out that they're not hitting their target market very well with a strategy like that. Nursing mothers are less likely to be using formula and more likely to be anti-formula, so they're really wasting their advertising money. Good luck!

marrymeflyfree's Avatar marrymeflyfree 09:59 PM 11-16-2010

I popped in here tonight just to post something similar.  I went out of town without my kids recently for one night and didn't take my pump.  Silly me didn't think I'd need it.  Heh.  I was seriously hurting after just a few hours and couldn't hand-express much.  I bought a small hand pump at a Walgreens and got one of those generated coupons.  For formula.  Puhlease.  I'm curious to know what company manages these coupon generators to know where to send my letter!

zoe77's Avatar zoe77 01:59 PM 11-17-2010

This makes me so mad also.  It is direct marketing to breastfeeding mothers.  I would buy my nursing pads and breastmilk storage bags at Target and I was always getting coupons for formula.  The first time I was sort of vocal about it and said "SERIOUSLY!!  I'm obviously Breastfeeding!!!" and then apologized to the cashier because I know it's not their fault.  Ever since I just quietly hand the coupon back to the cashier, because I want no part of it.  Even on trips when I didn't buy breastfeeding supplies I would still get formula coupons.  Now that I don't buy those supplies anymore I don't ever get the coupons.  Jokes on them because I'm still breastfeeding!!


I would love to know if there is something we could do about this.