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kdaisy 12:08 PM 11-12-2010

I had to have my gall bladder out yesterday.  My DD is 3.5 months.  My surgeon assured me I could breastfeed her no problem, immediately after surgery.  It was so wonderful to be able to tell the other 20 or so dr.'s and nurses who insisted that I COULD NOT that, "Well, Dr. so-and-so said it wasn't a problem."  It ended each and every conversation about it.  It was such a help in that stressful situation.  (I even overheard my nurses in recovery talking about me as if I was some negligent mother.)


I just wanted to share this story...


He even congratulated me on my VBAC. smile.gif  He said his wife had seven VBACs.  He was a great doctor.

konayossie's Avatar konayossie 06:04 PM 11-12-2010

That's great! So far, I've only run into a couple of doctors (between me and DS's drs) who I felt like were really supportive of bf'ing, but it increases my trust in those two substantially.

Super~Single~Mama 07:37 PM 11-13-2010

Awesome!!  I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when we had to take me ds into urgent care b/c he was sick.  The dr we saw noticed that I was nursing him, and asked if he was still breastfeeding (it wasn't obvious, I was wearing a tank and a sweatshirt so he couldn't really tell he was nursing).  I told him he was, and the dr said "good, thats the best thing for him when he's sick.  Let him nurse as much as he wants."


I almost fell out of my chair.  My ds is 22 mo (so really not that old to be nursing still!) and everyone else has told me to just wean him already!  Grr....I'm NOT weaning my baby yet!

PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 08:11 PM 11-13-2010

Truly supportive docs make such a difference!  I wish they knew what an impact they can and do have.  I have a friend who is a family doctor.  She talks about breastfeeding with all the young women in her practice during their annual exams!  She wants them to feel confident about breastfeeding well before they get pregnant orngbiggrin.gif

MO_Bookwyrm's Avatar MO_Bookwyrm 01:52 PM 11-15-2010

When I had my gall bladder removed, I made sure to talk to the anesthesiologist and not his nurse (his nurse was telling me I had to pump and dump).  We went over the drugs that were going to be used.  I had a copy of Medications and Mother's Milk with me and he had never seen one before.  He said he was going to get his own copy so he could make sure to work "with" his patients.  That was great. :)