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EnchantedMamma's Avatar EnchantedMamma 01:42 PM 11-16-2010

Read all about it!


Whatever your views on Health Care Reform, there is something WONDERFUL that has come out the recent tome of legislation.


The Fair Labor Standards Act has been amended to include a provision that requires employers (of 50 or more) to provide a private pumping space for mothers that is NOT a bathroom, for one year after the birth of a child. Additionally, they must offer ‘reasonable’ (but can be uncompensated) break time for pumping AS NEEDED.


I’ve included a link to the Dept. of Labor’s FAQ sheet and the file attachment of the flyer.


Share this information with EVERY mom as some employers may not be aware. This should be shown to the HR department of your company if they are not already aware.


Hooray for Breastfeeding Moms!!



Nanette56's Avatar Nanette56 05:40 PM 11-16-2010

I have a friend who is a public school teacher, and she just told me she had no idea what the deal was with nursing breaks. I told her I thought there was federal legislation on it now, but hadn't had time to look it up- I just posted this on her FB page- Thanks for the link!

myk's Avatar myk 08:43 PM 11-16-2010

VERY cool. especially for those who can't take a year off with their baby (we can in canada), it's about time someone realized that you need to feed your baby all day, not just outside work hours :)