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Jewels*'s Avatar Jewels* 08:29 PM 11-18-2010

This is just a post to say a huge heartfelt thank-you to MDC and the Lactivist / Breastfeeding forum... Here's why:


DH, DD and I were involved in a very serious car accident about 6 weeks ago where someone fell asleep at the wheel and t-boned our car at highway speeds. My family is lucky to be alive!!!


DD (7 weeks at the time) had not a scratch but DH suffered very serious injuries and had to be cut out of the car, I also had some (slightly less) serious injuries including a fractured pelvis in 3 places and a shattered shoulder blade among the most serious.  We were transported to the local hospital and then due to the severity of the injuries had to be airlifted back into the city via air ambulance.   Also, because of my injuries i was strapped to a spine board and was unable to hold my DD.  greensad.gif


My very first thought was... I can't let this stop me from nursing DD!! Some of the first words out of my mouth at the hospital were - "I AM BREASTFEEDING AND YOU CANNOT GIVE HER FORMULA!!" The nurses thankfully obliged, they held her and my breast and made sure she latched. (For which I am so thankful)


Upon arrival via air ambulance to the capital city's large university hospital, a social worker met with me and tried to convince me to send DD home with a family member.  I caused a scene with the social worker about breastfeeding, how formula is not something i am going to give my child, the potential for nipple confusion if she was bottle fed (due to our still new nursing relationship) and the fact that we had almost died - how could she suggest separating a nursing mother from her 7 week old... how dare she suggest that! (All things I may not have known if it wasn't for MDC!!)


I caused a scene when the doctors told me that i would not be able to breastfeed DD for 24 hrs after undergoing a CT scan. I told them that if that was the case i didn't want the CT Scan, "wheel me back to the Emergency room as BF my DD is more important".  They ended up switching the drugs normally given so that i would be able to nurse after the scan. I made them print and show me the entire drug information and read all 15 pages of it while everyone watched, waited and rolled their eyes at me.


I constantly refused the narcotic pain killers offered to me along with the "If you are in pain you can take these, they will just make her sleepy for a few hours."  DD went home with my MIL for a few hours the night of the accident, and I had to cause such a scene about her not being able to stay with me, she is BF on demand - what is she supposed to eat?! Finally after a long day (accident @ 9 am) i caved around 2 am when the agreement was reached she would go with MIL for a few hours only if i was able to pump for her, nurse her before she left and pump while we were apart.  I pumped some milk and gave it to my MIL.  I had to beg the Emergency department to let me take the breast pump with me to the Trauma ward, I pumped every hour to keep up my supply until DD was able to return at 8 am for "visiting" hours. 


Lying in my hospital bed at 4 AM, in severe pain, pumping religiously on the hour every hour instead of sleeping, I thought of MDC and how many others fight to nurse their children.  I am so thankful to everyone who has ever posted in any of the forums (I lurk often and rarely post) as your posts gave me strength during that difficult stay in the hospital.  Your posts gave me strength a few days later when my supply shrank to almost nothing b/c of the trauma my body went through.  I thought of MDC when I kept on nursing knowing that the more she nursed the faster my supply would return.  (I am also thankful to my mother who after flying across the country the moment she heard about the accident, slept in a wheelchair at my bedside holding DD for 5 days straight so that I could continue to BF but that's what mothers do - I'm so lucky). 

So, thank-you thank-you thank-you.... you really saved my beautiful daughter during this difficult time and I am forever grateful. love.gif joy.gif

Contrariety's Avatar Contrariety 08:47 PM 11-18-2010

How traumatic!  congrats to you for being such a strong mama!

BFandHS's Avatar BFandHS 10:05 PM 11-18-2010

What a touching and inspiring story!  May God bless you and your family.  Thank you for taking the time to write that out for us.  <3

PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 08:01 AM 11-19-2010

Jewels, I am so glad to see that you are recovering!  I remember you from a post earlier on in your ordeal.  Your baby is so lucky to have such a strong Mama. 

MacKinnon's Avatar MacKinnon 09:20 PM 11-19-2010

Oh my! I'm glad you are safe and healing well mama. Good for you for fighting for your babe!

accountclosed2's Avatar accountclosed2 06:47 PM 11-21-2010

That was beautiful! mecry.gifheartbeat.gif

monica3674's Avatar monica3674 08:28 PM 11-21-2010

I'm so glad you and your family are all well - awesome job standing up for yourself and your baby!