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scarff28's Avatar scarff28 10:08 AM 11-30-2010

I am a volunteer in Richmond, KY through AmeriCorps and was asked to make brochures each week for the library for a class. This particular week was about breastfeeding. With a little editing, it would be a great resource to pass out to other moms! Or if you are interested i can alter a few things (take out my mommy & me class info) and send you it electronically!  There are other brochures on my blog as well such as the effects of smoking, reading to your child, and community resources. I can easily alter those as well if you are interested in using them! Please feel free to read through my posts! Just let me know if you would like any of them! My email is on the brochures!






I received some comments on the brochure above and changed some things on the brochure.....Please take a look at the new and improved breastfeeding brochure!

Chavelamomela's Avatar Chavelamomela 02:34 PM 11-30-2010

I have a number of comments:


First of all, kudos to you for trying to promote breastfeeding.


I think that using words like "breast is best" is actually the wrong message "Breastfeeding is Natural" or "Breastfeeding is Normal" are better words to us.  Many moms feel like "breastfeeding is best, but formula is okay" so its best not to give them that message.


If you want to promote breastfeeding, remove the photo of the bottle - it doesn't belong. Replace it with another attractive breastfeeding photo (maybe of a mom and baby of a different ethnicity, especially if you're trying to reach out to a multi-cultural crowd).


The comparisons you have of "breastfeeding" vs. "Formula" are oversimplified.  Sure, breastfeeding MAY help you lose weight...but it may not (for many moms). It MAY delay your period...but it may not (I and many of my friends our periods like clockwork 6 weeks pp, and every 4 weeks thereafter...nursing around the clock, no pacifiers, etc!)


There are so many health benefits that are clear and indisputable (healthier babies - fewer gastro issues, less allergies, less sick days, fewer hospital visits and healthier moms - reduces breast cancer risks, lowers risks of PPD) and other benefits such as bonding, oral development, It's convenient & portable, no bottles to clean, inexpensive, etc.


Also, who are the constituents you're trying to address?  Do they know what colostrum is?  Oxitocin? Baby-led weaning?  Or are you using "insider" terms that a first-time mom never heard of.





Chavelamomela's Avatar Chavelamomela 02:37 PM 11-30-2010

Also, your poster of breastfeeding positions is limiting...there's a new school of thought that is teaching a more biological based nursing position that has helped many babies and moms who had difficulty latching in the other positions.


(Google "Dr. Joanna Colson" and "biological nurturing" to learn more about this other approach to teaching breastfeeding.)

scarff28's Avatar scarff28 07:43 PM 11-30-2010

thank you so much for your comments! i am going to be changing a few things and will update the new one here shortly! i really appreciate it!

scarff28's Avatar scarff28 06:53 AM 12-01-2010

I altered the brochure a little! Thanks for your comments, it helped greatly!