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Originally Posted by jasperab
Just have to correct some missinformation here. Dairy cows do not eat dead cats, etc. I can say that because I grew up on a dairy farm and know many, many fellow dairy farmers. Our cows as well as other farmers mainly feed them grain(Barley) and hay( with a large concentration of alfalfa in it) To those farmers that are feeding dead animals to their cows, well that would be a big no no especially since the BSE crisis in our contries. We (my family) all grew up on whole unpaturized cows milk(right from the cow) and are just fine. The tests that are done before milk even leaves a dairy farm every single shipment is incrediably strict, plus the fines for shipping milk with antibiotics in them runs in the thousands of dollars. This is fact just stop by the farm and I'll gladly give you a tour. That said Bfing is best, no one here said otherwise, but I think some people here are way out of control and posting all sorts of garbage. This thread has turned into nothing but an us against them situation which is too bad as the original question was valid.
OK - where did the info come from that dairy cattle are fed *DEAD CATS*?!?!?! That is just nuts. While I didn't grow up on a dairy farm, I did grow up surrounded by many, my sister married a guy who grew up on a farm (and he had a huge laugh at this question) and I've worked on a kibbutz with dairy cattle. I just wanted to reitterate that I NEVER saw them fed anything but what the poster above stated. Euthanized cats. Whatever. Just another example of certain posters that can't seem to seperate real risk/benefit equations from scare tactics.
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I just thought of somehting. what if it was an closed/approved forum. I have seen these at a different board. GCM I htink. BUt peopl ehad to have so many post and be members for a certain ampount of time before they could acces the forum and then tey owuld get a moderators approval and it would be unlocked for them. I am not sure how it works exactly but that way the casual ff would be weeded out because they either wouldn't find enough to talk about at MDC to get thier post count up or they wouldn't stiuck around long enough. I don't know if that is somehting this system can do or how complicated iut would be but maybe somehting to check inot. That way the information woul dbe here but not just anyone could get in and drone on about the wonders of formula. Also it would serve as protection to those mamas who needed it. No will be coming in just to bash them (hopefully) and thier circumstances won't be public prey for the community to harp on them about all the things theycould have done better, all the ways they could have tried harder. I will see if I can find a link to whaty I am tlaking about. . . - Ok lok down at adoption and special needs forums. they need 25+ posts and they have to apply to an administrator.

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Originally Posted by Greaseball
Maybe a "severe difficulties" subforum would be better. That way, there might be some moms who were able to overcome stuff that was really difficult, and who could help other moms who are struggling with the same.

zthe BIGGEST problem is that people want to trivialize this topic. It'
s not a difficulty if you truly cannot BF. It's not an obsticle either, it's a brick wall. Implying that it can be overcome also implies that you truly could BF if you wanted to, tried harder, were a better loving mother. We are not talking about that type opf forum. It already exists here. It's called getting started and overcoming dificulties. It also says to us FF mothers that no one will accept the idea that we or our babies couln't BF, we just haven't overcome it yet....

Please everyone consider that sometimes support is needed for a problem you have never had. Problems you will never face and feelings resulting from them that you have never felt. Accept that and leave it alone.
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Lilyka, I think the idea of a closed forum is interesting and worth considering. My only concern would be whether or not it would divide bf'ers from non bf'ers too much. I like the idea of newbies having to prove themselves before participating. But I would like bf'ing moms to post there too, and particularly to be able to read posts there. I think there are moms here who have never had to deal with these kinds of difficulties who really need to get a glimpse into what it's like and how other moms feel. Maybe it's impossible given all the negative feelings already generated on this thread, but my dream is for a nice big sisterhood of women in varying circumstances who would all come together and provide support, both on the inside and from the outside.
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This discussion is carrying a lot of emotion (of course) and I think it would be better if we close it and let everyone take a breather. I will read through the entire thread and discuss the issue with Peggy.

Peace mamas.

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