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The other night when I was picking dd up from the sitters she asked if she could stay the night and I told her no and reminded her that if she stayed the night she couldn't have "boos" at night night. She thinks for a minute then looks right at her sitter and points and yells "Sharon has boos!" (her sitter) and we all busted up laughing and tell her Sharon's boos dont have any milky so she smiles and thinks for another minute then looks at the sitters 11 yr old dd's chest and decides they will work! lol!

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That's sooo sweet
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OMG! When I saw the title, "Any boob will do", I thought of this story. Not sure if it's true, and urban legend, or just one of my grandpa's kooky stories, but it's funny either way.
A couple & their young (breastfed) baby went on a vacation to the toppless beaches of France. As the couple laid down on their blanked in the warm sun, they dozed off, forgetting about their baby who had just learned to crawl. They awoke to a suprised screech from the woman who was sun-bathing near them - apparantly, their baby had crawled off, got hungry, and decided to go for the first naked mammary he saw! :LOL
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:LOL very cute story. Put a smile on my face

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A while ago someone sent me a strip of pictures that tell a story. There was an Asian woman holding her baby in a museum. They were standing next to a nude statue in the first picture. In the next picture, the baby is reaching for the statue's breasts. In the third picture, the baby has grabbed onto and is latched on to the statue's nipple (the mom is laughing).
Has anyone seen that? :LOL
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lol...very cute!
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i know the pic! back b4 i delurked, someone had posted that here.

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That is a cute story.
When my DD was about 9 or 10 months we were up at my parent's property in the summer and my mom was changing in front of her. Until that point Riley had never seen another woman's bare chest except for mine. Well when my mom took her shirt off Riley went crazy and started reaching for my mom.

After that she started grabbing my MILs chest when she would babysit because she now knew that all women had them. :LOL

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My 18th month old often asks for 'nana' from a friend of mine (with a nursing 27 month old). It's very cute--and my friend always lets her latch on if she wants to:-) Sometimes she'll have two little ones on her lap,sharing.

Mom to DD1 (11/1999),  DD2 (07/2003), and DS (11/2012), all born at home and cloth diapered. 

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aww, that is too sweet!
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We were recently at a holiday party and DS (6 months old) was getting passed around. An older lady we know brought him to me with a look of shock. She said "Uh I think he's hungry"
As she handed him over I saw a big wet spot on her shirt where he tried to latch right on through her clothes! :LOL

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