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no. i never got the booby. 666 33.23%
yes. i got the mama milky for 1 day-3 months 386 19.26%
yes. i got the mama milky for 4-6 months 222 11.08%
yes. i got the mama milky for 7-9 months 185 9.23%
yes. i got the mama milky for 10-12 months 211 10.53%
YES. i was a lucky lucky baby. i got the mama milky for more than 1 year. 334 16.67%
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Paceman's Avatar Paceman 11:32 AM 07-30-2008
1979 - and was nursed for 2 years. My brother was born in 1981 and was also nursed for 2 years. My mom is very proud to say that neither of us had a bottle of any kind (even EBM). I have never given a bottle to my son who is 14 months and still going strong with the nursing. My grandma nursed my mother as well so breastfeeding is the norm in my family. My mother, aunt, and myself have all been LLL members.

My husband on the other hand was only nursed for 3 months with formula given at that time as well. In fact his mother told me when I had our son that I should be "more modern and give this baby a bottle" Excuse me!!!!

I am so proud of my mom that breastfed, cloth diapered, and made all of our baby food.

gaidinsgirl's Avatar gaidinsgirl 11:38 AM 07-30-2008
nope, she didnt nurse me in 1976. but she did nurse my sister in 93, for a year. My husband was nursed for about 3 months.
Mbella's Avatar Mbella 11:44 AM 07-30-2008
I was born in 1978. My mom says that she nursed me for 3 months, although I know she supplemented because there are many baby pictures of me being fed with glass nursers of formula (like the kind they have in the hospital). She said that she stopped breastfeeding at 3 months because she didn't have enough milk. Most likely it was because she was supplementing too much. My sister was born in 1982 (c-section) and she was just formula fed.

Added after posting - I saw a few people mentioning born under "twlight sleep" which I believe was the way I was born because my mom has Multiple Sclerosis and they did not think she could give birth naturally (which she wanted so much). She said that they put her to sleep and she delivered vaginally. I think that might have affected her supply when they gave me some formula in the hospital after I was born.
slsurface's Avatar slsurface 11:44 AM 07-30-2008
I was born in 1978. My mother nursed me about 9 months (as she recalls). She said it was very hard to nurse back then because there was a strong trend for formula-feeding and none of the other moms she new nursed their kiddos. She claims I self-weaned at 9 months ...I have my doubts. But I am very grateful that she did nurse at all! My sis (born in 1983) was nursed for about 6-9 months, until she started bitting and my mom immediately weaned. Surprisingly, both my husband (1976) and his brother (1973) were also nursed. I'm not sure how long, but I know it was at least 6 months, maybe even close to a year.

More amazing is the fact that my paternal grandmother nursed my father for a full year, and he was born in 1950. My maternal grandmother did not nurse any of her 4 kids (partly due to the fact that has inverted nipples - which my poor sis inherited ). My Aunt, mom's littlest sister, nursed her two kids for 18 months. I nursed ds just shy of two years.

PS - It is so sad that nearly 35% of us were never nursed.
katheek77's Avatar katheek77 12:11 PM 07-30-2008
Born in '77. Ironically, no. My mom was so engorged her Bs swelled up to basketball size (I've seen pics), and the pain was so bad she decided not to bf me after a couple of days. I was on cereal by 2 weeks, and "real" solids soon after that. I don't think my younger sister was nursed at all. It was painful, and the doctors certainly weren't encouraging her to breastfeed, so, I'm not sure what she was thinking as far as how long the pain would last and all...

I say "ironically" because, I on the other hand, have tubular breasts and low supply, and DD still gets bm at 2+ years.

DH and his siblings were not nursed at all, despite that fact that ALL were preemies (DH's sis was born at 26weeks (in 1987) w/health problems! His mom has diabetes, and that's why she couldn't breastfeed. But she's made MANY negative comments about bf-ing, and the superiority of formula, so, I don't think she really wanted to anyway (hell, she didn't stop smoking in the hospital when she was put into the hospital with PROM at 16 weeks w/SIL...or when SIL finally came home from the hospital with an oxygen tank .
KurumiSophia's Avatar KurumiSophia 12:30 PM 07-30-2008
I didn't get the booby milk but it wasn't for lack of trying on my mom's part. She had a hospital acquired infection from almost bleeding out on the table 'cause the sOB pulled the placenta out of her instead of letting it emerge naturally. Between the infection and whatever was used to treat it, my mother's supply was zapped. She did put me to the breast several times over the subsequent weeks but had to put me on formula when I had lost 1/3 of my body weight. Mom did want to nurse my brother but was told not to due to the massive amounts of Tegratol she was taking. To this day, I truly think she regrets it. (Even though she did get me a whole CASE of formula "just in case".)
CalaRei's Avatar CalaRei 12:47 PM 07-30-2008
I was not nursed, because my mom didn't have enough time off work, and I don't think there was a lot of support for pumping and the like back then. (82) She knew ahead of time that she wouldn't be nursing, so had the shot that prevents milk from coming in? My brother was nursed for the 3 months that she had maternity leave after him.

I'm not sure if she was nursed or not, but I am pretty sure she was born under twilight sleep, so I'm actually guessing that she wasn't.

My maternal grandmother was born at home, because it was only a few days before christmas, and my great-grandmother didn't want to inconvenience the rest of the family and drag them all to the hospital. Hee.
imagine21's Avatar imagine21 02:42 PM 07-30-2008
Born in 1968, mom had a placenta previa, started bleeding in month 6, hospitalized three weeks prior to emergency c-section at 32.5 weeks. I was surprisingly healthy at 4 lbs. 2 oz. but mom almost didn't make it. Three weeks in a incubator and home from hospital on original due date. Allergic to all formula, mom never considered re-lactation (didn't know it was possible) really difficult time. Interestingly, after watching me nursing dd for 23 months and still going strong with ds, will be 2 years old tomorrow, mom says frequently that she wishes she knew then what she knows now and would have done everything possible to nurse me. Oh well. We just need to keep getting information out there to support mothers with challenging nursing situations and help them to give their babies the best start that they can.

Artemnesia's Avatar Artemnesia 02:45 PM 07-30-2008
My mother nursed my brother and I (both born mid-1970's) for 10 months. She said we "self-weaned" but by asking questions I've gleaned we were started on solids too early and too fast. So we were weaned accidentally.

We never received any artificial milk.

In order to make it that far, my mother had to ignore the advice of the pediatrician, which was to nurse us no more often than every 4 hours. :

No wonder women thought they didn't have enough milk. If I'd nursed my daughter that infrequently, she would've starved.
mom2cash's Avatar mom2cash 02:57 PM 07-30-2008
I can't remember if I've posted on this thread but my mom nursed me for a couple weeks... and then sent my dad to the store for formula one night when it was too difficult . I try to chalk it up to lack of support and education but she's kind of a selfish person and I consider that one of the first things she wasn't willing to do for me because it was inconvenient for her.
lurable's Avatar lurable 03:09 PM 07-30-2008
My mom nursed me- she was the only one on both sides of the family who bf'd. She only nursed me for 4 months though as she went back to work as a high school teacher. She said she tried to pump but the pumps were not so great back then and she couldn't get enough. I am proud of her for trying though. She told me one night when we were visiting that she loves to watch me nurse dd because it reminds her of nursing me and how close it made her feel to me. She started to tear up when she talked about it--it was the nicest thing I've ever heard
mamatoady's Avatar mamatoady 03:09 PM 07-30-2008
My mom said she nursed me and my brother both 6 months and we both got colds that forced her to stop nursing us. we're not twins, but that's the story she uses.

I know she nursed my brother b/c there are stories of my aunt (who extended nursed her kids) telling her how good it was for babies and stuff. My mom left my dad when I was 2 months old....He's even told me he remembers cans of formula in the cupboard--she said I NEVER had formula. SOOOOO..I'm guessin she nursed me for a few weeks to a couple months and because I nurse my kids until their 4, she tells me she nursed me until 6 months too.

mytwogirls's Avatar mytwogirls 03:13 PM 07-30-2008
I am the FIRST on my side of the family and my husband's side to ever even attempt nursing!!!!!!! WOO HOOOOOOO to me : I am so glad I was successful at nursing! I hope my daughters follow in my footsteps in that area.
oregonmama79's Avatar oregonmama79 03:20 PM 07-30-2008
My mama nursed me for the first year. I apparently wanted to keep going, but she thought a year was plenty...

My husband's mother didn't BF at all....she thought it was *gross*:

I am so happy we have better education out there for young mamas, new mamas, haven't-been-a-mama-in-a while mamas; etc.

BM rocks! (hey-that could be new smilie )
zombie's Avatar zombie 03:41 PM 07-30-2008
77 I was nursed for 3 years. My closest brother was nursed for 4 years until he embarassed my mom by pulling on her shirt and begging for "Goodies Mama Goodies!" in public. My other 6 sibs were all nursed but for much shorter times.
ewp11100's Avatar ewp11100 03:44 PM 07-30-2008
My mom bf all 3 of us (1975,1981,1992) oldest about a year, me till 9 mon (return to work), little bro 7m (teeth biting). Older bro and i cloth diap but my step father refused to do it with little bro. I found out after I had baby #1 my actually participated in LLL
alicewyf's Avatar alicewyf 03:47 PM 07-30-2008
My mother claims she nursed me for up to 6 weeks, but I kind of doubt that that was without supplementation. She put me in my own room at 1 week old w/ a baby monitor, claiming that she'd wake up too often in the night to "see if I was still breathing" to get a good night's sleep. I don't think she understood the huge commitment breastfeeding is. IMHO, if she was concerned about getting a good night's sleep, she wasn't doing it right! :
KittyKat's Avatar KittyKat 04:00 PM 07-30-2008
I was born in '77.

I was nursed for at least 6 months, I think more like 9. My mom said when I found out I could drink faster from a sippy cup I didnt' want to bother with nursing anymore, I wanted to GO! I was walking at 9 months and needed to explore the world.

She nursed my siblings too, and I give her all the credit for teaching us that Bfing is normal and while it's not always EASY it is always worth it. She also used to talk about NIP, and while she's very modest she made it clear she wasn't going to apologize or hide in the bathroom. She said breasts are tools for feeding babies, and feeding babies is nothing to be ashamed of.

My mom ROCKS. Oh, and both my sisters BF their babies too.
sarahr's Avatar sarahr 04:02 PM 07-30-2008
My brother (born in 1980) and I (born in 1977) were each nursed until we were 20 months old.

My MIL nursed DH for 6 months, I believe, until she decided that "he liked the bottle better." (she only once suggested to me that dd might like a bottle better -- I just stared her down)
Maela's Avatar Maela 04:03 PM 07-30-2008
3-6 weeks not sure hear different things from my mom; I think she doesn't quite remember. Or maybe it slowly dwindled. that was in 1981
Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 04:07 PM 07-30-2008
Born in 75. My mom for some reason, wasn't able to breastfeed me. I think she was sick. She breastfed some of us, but not all of us I think 3 BF, 5 FF. And by the time she got to child 7 &8 were formula fed because then at least she could delegate the work of child feeding to my sister and I (the oldest two). The longest she breastfed was 6 months for my sister just a year younger than me.
rebecca03's Avatar rebecca03 04:36 PM 07-30-2008
I was born in 1983, youngest of three. My mom breastfed me up until she says I got teeth, I'm assuming about 7mo's.
DeerMother's Avatar DeerMother 04:43 PM 07-30-2008
My mom nursed me for 10.5 months. (1978) She has terrible hay fever allergies, and quit so she could take some medicine. I got my first teeth at 5.5 months.

thanks mama!
frogautumn's Avatar frogautumn 04:58 PM 07-30-2008
Sadly, no. I was a 70s NICU baby, so I doubt my mother got much support when it came to breastfeeding. I'd like to think, though, if the situation was different, she would have. She was definitely a free-spirited hippie mama.
junipermuse's Avatar junipermuse 05:18 PM 07-30-2008
My mom breastfed me for about 9 mos. Which was pretty good since she had a lot of things stacked against her. I had major gastrointestinal surgery at two days old. I didn't get to go home until I was 6 weeks old. It was at least 4 weeks before they even let me try to nurse. I was being given formula in addition to being nursed from the time I could take anything orally until I left the hospital. My mom nursed me exclusively from the time I left the hospital until she went back to work at 6 mos. Then she continued to nurse me at night, but sent formula with me to daycare. This was in 1980.

My mom nursed my sister (6 years younger than me) for 2 years. With my younest sister(9 years younger than me) she only nursed for about 3 or 4 months. A close family friend of ours had a baby die at 9 days old and my mother became depressed and my sister went on a nursing strike and my mom just assumed she was weaning and switched her to formula
rabbitmum's Avatar rabbitmum 05:43 PM 07-30-2008
Yes, five months, born 1965.
~Boudicca~'s Avatar ~Boudicca~ 05:49 PM 07-30-2008
I was the first kid. My mom thought that breastfeeding was disgusting because she saw an overweight woman not discreetly nursing her newborn at a picnic . Oddly enough, she nursed my sister until she was 8 months old and then my brother until he was 3 months old.
llamalluv's Avatar llamalluv 05:52 PM 07-30-2008
My mother nursed all of us for between 2 and 4 months. With my full sister (born 1980) and me (1978), she had to deal with a lot of "stuff" from our father (and his mother), and completely weaned us between 3 and 4 months. This was despite having an amazing pediatrician that told her to keep nursing us until we were at least a year old.

With my 2nd sister (1989), she was a recovering drug addict, and found out she could get "all the free formula she wanted" from WIC.

With my baby sister (1996), she nursed for a couple of months, but then decided that it would be easier on her if *I* bottlefed her. So, I wound up taking care of the baby completely from then on.

On the upside, I know how hard bottle feeding is (mixing formula, warming bottles, washing and sterilizing, getting out of the warm bed at 2 am, etc) and I am very committed to breastfeeding.
2goingon2's Avatar 2goingon2 06:14 PM 07-30-2008
Yes, my mother nursed all 6 of her children for at least a year each.
Sparks*'s Avatar Sparks* 06:24 PM 07-30-2008
I was nursed for 9 months-1982
brother was nursed for 4 months-1977
sister nursed for 7 months-1992

My step mom nursed:
half brother for 9 months-1990
half brother for 1 year-1994
half sister for 4 years (woo hoo!!)-2002

My half sister had leukemia and step mom nursed her throughout her chemo. I'm so proud of her and tell her that she surely saved B's life.
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