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no. i never got the booby. 666 33.23%
yes. i got the mama milky for 1 day-3 months 386 19.26%
yes. i got the mama milky for 4-6 months 222 11.08%
yes. i got the mama milky for 7-9 months 185 9.23%
yes. i got the mama milky for 10-12 months 211 10.53%
YES. i was a lucky lucky baby. i got the mama milky for more than 1 year. 334 16.67%
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Lactivism > did your mama nurse you?
mapraelm's Avatar mapraelm 08:40 AM 01-20-2002
My mom says she nursed me for 9 mos but I also got a bottle of formula for the night feed from my dad....
she still blames me for weaning at 9 months but I bet it was a nursing strike. I was weaned straight to a cup.
this was 1971, and she was a smoker, too....

mil says she didn't nurse her first cause she ate some chocolate in the hospital (~1953) and they said that was bad for her milk. She didn't even consider it with the other 4 But she hasn't ever given me a hard time about my "wierdness" -- I nursed ds#1 til 3.25 years, ds #2 still going at 22mo.

rocketmom's Avatar rocketmom 09:18 AM 01-20-2002
mapraelm- LOL What's wrong with chocolate milk? Yummy stuff if you ask me.
mapraelm's Avatar mapraelm 06:47 PM 01-20-2002
Originally posted by rocketmom
LOL What's wrong with chocolate milk? Yummy stuff if you ask me.
My sentiments exactly! Nice thing, my mil kind of laughs about it now, but she did get a little nervous when she saw me eat chocolate when ds#1 was a newborn! The doctors told her she couldn't nurse her baby if she ate chocolate. Go figure!:
3kaw's Avatar 3kaw 09:49 PM 01-24-2002
My mother nursed me (72) for about 2 weeks. I started at 6lbs 2 oz, and went down to about 5, the dr's told her she didn't have enough milk. they insisted she put me on formula. No support at that time to correct the problem.
So of course she did not even try with my younger sis (76).
She is extremely supportive now!

Dh mother 'says' she nursed the first few (of 6) (55,56,58,60, and twins in 70), till she got a "really bad" case of mastis, inwhich she could not nurse because blood was coming out in her milk Dh was never nursed, and thinks that 3 is too old to nurse. We'll see when we get there
artemesia's Avatar artemesia 04:34 AM 01-25-2002
My mother nursed me (1971) and my two sisters (1974 &1979) well into our second year. She also worked full time so she would hand express milk and come nurse us on her lunch hour. I can't imagine that she got any support whatsoever from my grandmother (who babysat us). She did tell me that we occaisionally recieved formula while she was at work when there wasn't enough expressed milk.
audrey's Avatar audrey 11:44 PM 01-28-2002
My mom did not nurse me at all I was put at about 3 weeks on a dilution of cow's milk because before with the formula I had colic. My mom could not see herself with a baby on her breast she needed her feminity back and even today I am breastfeeding my baby and there isn't one day where she says that I should give a bottle or now that I sould introduce solid. When she sees me pumping or with my nursing bras she also passes comments that there is no way she could have done that. Anyway too bad for me but I definetly do not listen to her.
Greenfrogs's Avatar Greenfrogs 08:44 PM 01-29-2002
My mother breastfeed both my sister (born 1970) and me (born 1968) until we were a little over 9 months. Both of us self weaned.

My grandmother breastfeed by mother (born 1948) and my aunt (born 1944) until they were a year old. To quote my grandmother "I was to lazy to warm those silly bottles".
lalain's Avatar lalain 06:43 PM 01-31-2002
I was born in 1967 and was nursed for about 9 months. When I had DS and was in the hospital wondering where the heck the lactation consultant was (it took more than 24 hours for one to come), she reflected on how little help she had back then and how much there is now. I can only hope our daughters will have it better.

The funniest thing I think about my early nutrition was the introduction of solids. My mom was great about recording stuff in my baby book and gave it to me when I had DS (it's one of my most treasured posessions). I think she had me on cereal at a week and all sorts of different solids in the first couple of months... there's even a note about me liking CHEETOS at six months. CHEETOS. Good grief. I'm amazed I was breastfed... she was the only one of her sisters/friends to do so. She also sometimes reflects on how different is is for me that I'm able to BFIP as she remembers being shut away the whole time she was nursing. I don't know if she realizes it ain't always easy and accepted for me either, but I do recognize what a time it must have been for her and how great she was to do it.

Thanks mom
nataly's Avatar nataly 06:39 AM 02-03-2002
Was born in 80. My brother was born in 76. Neither of us were breastfed. My mom is not supportive much about me bf'ing my dd.

Not that all ff are bad but my mom was the selfish kind of mom...you know, the kind that doesn't quit smoking throughout her entire pregnancies, smoked with us in the car, etc. bleh.

I'm just glad I'm going to be better! I plan on extended bf my dd.
mom at home's Avatar mom at home 02:38 AM 02-04-2002
My mom nursed each my 2 sisters and me for 6 months. That was really good for the early 60's, she says, and I guess it was. I don't think any of her friends nursed their babies. She thinks it's great that my sister and I have nursed our toddlers and is very pro-extended breastfeeding.

Greenfrogs's Avatar Greenfrogs 02:44 PM 02-04-2002
I was talking to my aunt yesterday about bfing etc and she told me a funny story about taking a train with my grandmother and my mother back in 1948. The conductor kept asking my grandmother if she needed a bottle to feed my then 6 month old bf mother. My grandmother kept replying very politely "no thankyou, I have everything I need". The conductor kept staring at my grandmother as if she was starving her baby. I guess the conductor did not understand that breast are much easier to carry on a long trip than bottle .
Parthenia's Avatar Parthenia 05:34 PM 02-07-2002
I was nursed for about 3 or 4 months, until my mom went to work.

But here's a funny nursing story. My dad has 9 brothers and sisters. All were born at home, all breastfed til they ate solids regularly (This is 20's-40's in rural Tennessee). At one of my cousin's wedding a couple of summers ago, one of my aunts came up to me while I was nursing dd (a little over a year). My aunt's nickname is "Tit", and we still call her that, even though she's well into her 60's. I kid you not. She sat down with me and asked if I knew how she got the nickname.
"Well" she said, "Jo-Jo (my grandmother) couldn't get me to wean, so everyone called me 'Tit'. then she got pregnant with my sister, and I didn't like the taste anymore. But I was almost 3 by then!" Then she turned to dd and said, "You keep it up, it's good for you!"
lisab's Avatar lisab 07:32 PM 02-07-2002

I was b'fed for about 6 months. My mom was really gung-ho on breastfeeding (which, as I understand, was pretty rare then), however she didn't have much help getting started. I think I probably had a bad latch, because all she ever recounts is how bad her nipples hurt!

My sister, born in 1974, wasn't b'fed at all.
treehuginhippie's Avatar treehuginhippie 08:43 PM 02-10-2002
Born in '79 and nursed for 18 months. I was the baby of four. Mom says the docs told her that bf was not healthy and that formula was best. : She decided that that info was bs. A week after I was weaned, I was put in the hospital for severe dehydration and some stomach issues. Mom is sure it was connected to weaning. She thinks if I had weaned earlier I would have been a lot worse off. I'm surprised that she bf'd that long - she is usually pretty mainstream.
2J'smom's Avatar 2J'smom 09:41 PM 02-10-2002
I was nursed 10 mnths (70) and my brother 9 mnths (67). Mom says she didn't know anyone who nursed. People looked at her like she was some kind of "hippy" lol. MIL nursed all three 71,69,66 for 7 months +. My grandma nursed, can't understand how you couldn't - after all that's why we have 'em she says. She was so happy to see I was nursing ds#1 more than 1 year as my sil didn't nurse a single day (she also had 2 scheduled c secs etc etc) I had two home births so had little support from that side. However mil very supportive- later found out DH's greatgrandmother was a midwife.
ds#1 nursed 20 months and ds#2 going strong at 11 weeks.
Funny story- We were shopping and ds#1 sees newborn in a stoller with a propped bottle and asks baby's mother," What's that in your baby's mouth"? Mother replies milk. DS#1 says my baby brother gets milk from my mommies num nums .. I just smiled and carried on.
Mallory's Avatar Mallory 01:01 AM 02-11-2002
I was nursed for three or four months until I started to lose weight. My mom was pregnant, and had no milk. My brother and I are 11 months apart. : I don't know how she did it. He was nursed for a while then we got goats to give him goat milk I liked the goats much more than the baby brother.
Jenmom's Avatar Jenmom 11:35 AM 02-12-2002
I was nursed 9 months and it was shorter with each child. The youngest was only nursed about 4 months. Which, might explain a lot, the youngest has issues. Abimommy is one of my sisters just FYI.
madison's Avatar madison 12:44 AM 02-13-2002
Nope, never nursed.

I was born at 30 weeks gestation, a twin (my twin died at 6 days old) weighing 3 lbs 1 oz.

I was force-fed 3 oz of formula every three hours on a rigid schedule. I was in an incubator for six weeks in isolation and was held only for feedings.

I had two surgeries (at 4 weeks and 4 months) without pain medications, because "infants don't feel pain like adults and older children".

I was put onto cereal at 3 weeks, when I weighed a whole 4 lbs. My mom HELD ME for the first time on the 4th of July - I was born May 31! Poor me

By the time I was 12 months, I was so FAT, they put me on a skim milk diet!!!

I'm so horrified at how LITTLE my mother & father knew about pregnancy & birth & childrearing! <shudder>

Darn, I feel lucky to be here!

My younger sisters were never nursed. My sister with kids nursed my nephew for 3 weeks and my neice for 2 days

They think I'm a freak for saying I'm going to nurse as long as the baby darn well pleases!
aishy's Avatar aishy 12:18 AM 02-16-2002
I nursed till I was 3.5 Tandem for about a year with my younger brother. When mom was pregnant I told her to buy him bottles when we were at the grocery store. Apparently I was SO jealous of my new brother.

I was born in 1979. My moms only "experience" with nursing before she had my older brother in 77 was her sister-in-law, i think. And LLL meetings. My granny gave birth at home, and co-slept, but never breastfed. She used to ask mom "Are you stillf feeding those children" When the twins were toddlers, lol. She was a midwife in Ireland before getting married and having her (7 total) children. She is a fun and interesting mom ; )

MinervaZ's Avatar MinervaZ 08:19 PM 02-17-2002
I was born in '68 - Mom was a serious hippie, and she nursed me for 2 1/2 years.

I wish I was able to do the same, but I've been plagued by supply problems with both babies. I've tried EVERYTHING (fenugreek, domperidone, pumping, many consultants), and it just gets me depressed. My youngest is 6 months and he's already starting to wean.
stlcjb's Avatar stlcjb 05:53 PM 02-18-2002
Unfortunatly, I was adopted and my Mom didn't know about supplemental feeding systems. Quite main-stream my mother was. she frowns upon me BFing my dd#1 for 13 months. She asked when I will wean dd#2 and I said "whrenever Josie decides" That put a wadin her panties!
Angiemama's Avatar Angiemama 01:47 AM 02-25-2002
not i! nor my brothers and sisters... my mom said it was b/c she smoked... i am certain there are other reasons....
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 02:11 AM 02-25-2002
I wasn't bf, and none of my sibs were either, though 2 are adopted. My youngest sister was living with my when I had dd2, and got to both witness the birth (at home) and see how easy bf is. Hopefully it will have had a positive impact on her. Though what the hormone rushes after the birth did, I dread to think!
merpk's Avatar merpk 12:28 PM 02-25-2002
My oldest brother (born '58) was nursed for several months, and was delivered with only mild pain killers ("saddle block")

My middle brother ('60) nursed for six months and was delivered with rather heavy pain killers.

I didn't nurse at all (the youngest, '62), and family lore has it that when my mother was brought into the hospital's L&D department, she told the doctor to "wake her when it's over."

I guess I turned out ok anyway, though my mother thinks I'm a little nutty
abismommie's Avatar abismommie 09:38 AM 03-06-2002
I was nursed - but for a very short time - maybe two weeks. My Mom was a very nervous first-time Mom and I think had a bad case of the blues - it just didn't work for her. I was born in 72, and 6 years later when my sister came along, she tried again, but had the same feelings.


Luma's Avatar Luma 04:02 AM 03-07-2002
nursed for 5 months because the dr said after that the milk was no good:mad:

edited to add:

ooops my 100 post!!!
Maribel's Avatar Maribel 04:35 AM 03-07-2002
My mom tandem nursed 3 kids at a time until each was at least 3yo. This was in Mexico in the early 40's. She had her first 4 kids at 13 months apart. Then 13 years later my mom had my 2 brothers, also 13 months apart and tandem nursed them until 3. I came along 8 years later and I nursed for 1 year. My sister said I just didn't want it from one day to the next. My sisters nursed all their children. One sister has 8 kids! Oldest is 38 and younges 20. My second sister just had 2, twins now 24. My nieces do not nurse at all.
Sylvia Lynn's Avatar Sylvia Lynn 10:18 PM 03-07-2002
i was born in 1957. my mom was only 16 years old at the time. she wanted to give birth without drugs using the Read method, but of course that was a no-go off the wall suggestion. she had twilight sleep. she tried to nurse me, but my well-meaning aunt snuck in some supplemental bottles so i refused breast. she did nurse my brothers.

my two oldest kids were born in 1977 & 1980. both were nursed until 7 & 8 months when they weaned themselves. i guess because this was san jose, ca i had quite a bit of support from my ob, who was enlightened even for now, my pediatrician who is a big bf supporter and just the general climate was supportive. robert & nance both nursed right after (natural) delivery, within minutes.
Jish's Avatar Jish 01:36 AM 03-11-2002
lalain, I laughed when I read your post. It rang so true. In my baby book at nine months my favorite foods are listed as 'ice cream,' 'candy' and 'Pepsi' of all things. And I wonder why I have such bad eating habits.

I was born in 1969 and wasn't nursed, nor was my brother born in 1971. It was the age of the Playtex Nurser System. My dh was adopted and not bfed. MIL used the Playtex system with him and gave it to me. You would not believe the contraption. It was nothing like the "system" playtex has today. You had to have lessons to figure it out, I swear. My mil did bf my bil for six months then quit (teeth: .)

No one in my extended family of dozens of cousins has even attempted bfing besides me. I think they think I'm a little strange. I'm also one of the youngest cousins so they already think of me as a baby at 32.

I'm curious about these mothers who used smoking as an excuse not to breastfeed. Did they smoke throughout their pregnancies?
ebfmommy's Avatar ebfmommy 04:59 PM 03-12-2002
I was born in 1964 and didn't get any of the good stuff. I'm the only one in my immediate family who has breastfed their child. My sil has 5 that are all formula fed. I had never asked my mom about why I wasn't breastfed. I just assumed it was because of the prevailing views at the time. After my ds was born, she told he that she had tried to nurse my brother (born 1962) but gave up after a few days due to lack of info/support. I'm sure the fact that the labor drugs they gave her virtually knocked her out for a few days didn't help. And because of that experience didn't ever try with me. Very sad.

I'm so glad that there is much more support out there for breastfeeding. Funny how even though I had very little exposure to breastfeeding growing up, I knew that would definitely breastfeed my son.

Ebfmommy to a wonderful 3 yr old.
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