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Why does she want to nurse again?

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DD has been weaned since december. My supply faded away during pregnancy and after a while she stopped asking. Well the last few weeks she has wanted to nurse again. At first she would only try a few times a week but withen this last week she has asked several times a day. I don't have any milk and when she realizes this she just cries the most pitiful cry.
She's 16 months old. I'm 34 weeks along, and I just don't understand her sudden desire to nurse again. I didn't want to wean her so early to began with I was hoping to nurse her until two. Has anyone gone through this? Why now? If she's still wants to after the baby is born I will try to tandem but in the meantime what can I do?
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Why does your daughter still want to nurse? Well, she is a baby and that's what babies do. Some children have a stronger need to suck than others do. Do you still think of your daughter as a baby? Some moms tend to see how much their first borns have matured since birth, and don't realize how young they still are. If you hadn't have gotten pg again, would she still have been nursing? Does she have a bottle now, or just drink from a cup? I guess, if she were my daughter, I would honor her apparent need to suck milk from a nipple and offer a bottle at this point, given lovingly from the safety of your arms, if that would make her happy. Of course, talk things over with her, explain you don't have milk anymore, and offer the subsititute. What do you think?

As to why she seemed to wean happily and now be "regressing," well, kids do that sometimes (so do adults).
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I guess I should have been more direct. Why does my WEANED daughter want to nurse again after not wanting to for so long. Of course she's still a baby, she's only 16 months old and I actually have no problem with her even comfort nursing but she doesn't seem to want that. She cries when she realizes there's no milk.

Yes, if I hadn't got pregnant I would still be nursing her, I feel really bad about that. She drinks from a cup but she does take a pacifier. I can count the number of times on one hand that she has actually had a bottle(dr's apt and such)and that hasn't been since she was an arm baby. I don't feel comfortable introducing her to a bottle at such a late shouldn't the pacifier be suffice. And I am willing to nurse her again when the new baby comes. Is a bottle really a good choice cause I'll do almost anything at this point to stop that heart breaking cry. The baby will be here in a few weeks, should I hold out until then?

I have no expeirance with a child regressing so I guess I just didn't consider she may be doing that.
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