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Wow. I have never noticed this place before. It's cool!!

I have a little success story to share with you all. My niece is 5 years old. My DH and I have recently begun spending alot of time with her since we moved to the same city. She sees me nursing DD all the time. She was formula fed b/c her mother (my SIL) "didn't like" BFing (I wasn't in the picture at that time).

So the other day we're over there visiting and I'm nursing DD and neice comes bouncing in with her arms pulled out of her leotard sleeves, leotard pulled down to reveal her breasts, and holding her doll to her chest. She is happy and beaming and says to me "I'm feeding Nadia!!". I had never, ever seen a child "nurse" a doll and I was so awed by it. Me, little old me, had made this little child assume that nursing was "normal". I said "yes! you are giving her mama's milk!" and she said "yep, it's the very best thing!" (she must have got this from me, though I don't remember, lol). So I smiled a big smile at her and said "you are such a good mama!!".

I still have goosebumps, I feel so good about this!!!!

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And who says that children are only influenced by their parents?

Sounds like you may have helped make a future baby a very happy, healthy one, despite the mama-to-be's background
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I'm Andrea - I have three boys - 12 year old twins & an 11 year old

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Awww, how wonderful! My daughter almost never nurses her dolls--she's re-written history to claim that she had bottles as a baby.
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