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undernourished babe?

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We haven't heard from you in a couple of days. Just wanted to let you know I am pulling for you! I so hope you are making progress with your new HCPs and the old dr is being put in his place.

Vibes for health and success!
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This has been a true nightmare, but I think we're getting things settled. The ped. filed a report filled with lies (ie: he claims to have recommended immediate hospitalization), but the social worker listened to us and says that it sounds like we had not received appropriate guidance or care from the ped. and were doing what was best for our child by seeking the help of specialists and by changing ped. She is going to follow through by talking with our other drs. and will probably close the case without even a home visit. As soon as it is closed, we are filing a complaint with the state licensing board. I already have the paperwork. Our new ped. supported everything the allergist has said and added that she wants us to include flax seed oil in my diet and in the baby's. Since our visit to the allergist last Saturday and after following his recommendations, our babe had gained almost a pound on Thursday. She has experience with severe allergies and eczema and wasn't shocked or horrified.

I did consult a friend who's a lawyer and he didn't think we would have a problem. But if we pursuit action beyond the complaint, I will certainly contact Elizabeth Baldwin.

Thank you all!! This has been a heinous week--it's something that happens to "other people".

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Missy, I just read all the posts on this thread and I wanted to send you some good mama vibes for making it through. I'm glad to hear that things sound like they're getting resolved in a positive way!
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Oh, Missy, I am so glad it sounds like it's working out! I had been following this thread and was horrified at your old ped's reaction. Please, please follow through on your complaint to the state licensing board, and to any hospitals at which he has admitting privileges. What a grade A prime a$$hole, and you just have to wonder how many other families he's tortured with his ignorance and arrogance! I'm just glad you got the heck away from him.

And I'm glad to hear your baby is doing so well - what did you do that got him to gain almost a pound?? You go!
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For you:

for yr old doc:

that's all I have to say!!!
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Missy, I can't tell you how releived I am that you have made it through this nightmare thus far. I knew you would be okay...you had enough backing you up, including other peds and your allergist, not to mention DaryLLL providing you with that link, and of course LLL itself could provide you with all the necessary references to back up what you are doing....but all that doesn't mean a whole lot when you are in the middle of it and the STATE is threatening to give your baby formula!!!

Good for you for keeping your head and sticking to your guns. I am so proud of you and think you are a fabulous mama!! I also think this thread should stand as an example of what a fabulous, incredible support network we have here at MDC!!!

much love....
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That's really scary. It definately sounds like your old ped. was psycho. As long as your ds isn't dehydrated or sick, you don't need to worry. And you're being totally responsible in taking him to specialists and a new ped. Hopefully this one will work out better for you.
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I was ready to come up there and do whatever needed to be done, help organize press conferences, make phone calls - man that ped didn't know what was coming with all these Mothering mama's behind you!!!! What a nightmare. You are so right, it is the kind of thing that only happens to other people.
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Missy - thank goodness the social worker seems to be reasonable. ITA that you need to pursue a complaint against your old ped. You are doing the right thing and are a great mom.

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