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Lactivism > Changing the WIC program to increase BF rates
wannabe's Avatar wannabe 08:41 PM 07-14-2006
So why not make a contract with Dole for canned fruits, or with Birdseye for frozen vegetables? They're still premeasured (something that WIC really likes) and national companies so they could easily get rebate contracts for those items. Plus it would make the BF diet more attractive and easier for elimination dieters to afford groceries.
I think this is a brilliant idea. When a friend of mine was on WIC she was at a loss as to what to do with all that peanut butter, and yet no fruit and veg!

FourTrees's Avatar FourTrees 10:51 PM 07-14-2006
I am a WIC breastfeeding counselor and WIC participant, or at least my 4 year old daughter is for a little while longer. Please do write in about the new food package proposals, they look excellent!
Blue Lotus's Avatar Blue Lotus 12:27 AM 07-15-2006
Originally Posted by MamaFranklin

I get the 10 gallons a month and use all of it. I get creative. I use a lot in recipies.
We do to... we make our own yogurt, ice cream, and cheese, as well as do a bunch of baking. We also freeze a lot of the cheese. And in a pinch, we give it away to friends who will drink the stuff.
Blue Lotus's Avatar Blue Lotus 12:33 AM 07-15-2006
Originally Posted by TigerTail
That's because you are under the misconception that the program is 'about' helping mothers & children, when the USDA has one big goal & that is PUSH MILK
Actually, I have no misconceptions about the USDA at all... I am just saddened by it all. Programs like these could do a lot of good, but they are often hampered by bureauocrats who don't care, and people out to make more money. I am actually fairly skeptical about any positive changes being made in WIC anytime soon, but I can always hope and throw my two cents in to the people who DO make those policies in the hopes for change.
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