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chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 12:56 AM 04-03-2003
My mother was watching my three children one night a couple of weeks ago while my husband and I went to a movie. I'd left a bottle of EBM with Mom in case ds got hungry while we were away.

Of course, ds missed his mama and when he was hungry he started rooting at my mother. My mom giggled and said "you're not gonna find anything there."

My 5yo daughter piped up and told my mother, "You can't breastfeed him. You have old boobs."

Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 01:12 AM 04-03-2003

pjlioness's Avatar pjlioness 01:39 AM 04-03-2003
Sorry, kiddo, these are the display models.

ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 02:29 AM 04-03-2003
mamaofthree's Avatar mamaofthree 03:07 PM 04-03-2003
:LOL :LOL very funny!
YiddisheMama's Avatar YiddisheMama 03:10 PM 04-03-2003

cute. dd1 told my mother there's no milk left in hers......
NWmama's Avatar NWmama 11:59 PM 04-03-2003
If only dd would say that one day to my MIL! Hee hee.