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I was breastfed for the first 3 months of my life, then my mom started losing her milk supply as I was not too interested in nursing. My mom had no breastfeeding knowledge or anybody to help her with breastfeeding thus her ignorance resulted in not so happy outcome. Obviously, soon I had to be given a bottle of formula and that's when the hell broke lose. I was alergic to cow's milk protein and very very sick. Loosing weight, throwing up, diarhea. My mom was desperate, this was in 70's in Poland when knowledge how to treat such cases was nonexistant. I was finally admitted to the most technologically advanced hospital in Poland, correctly diagnosed and they tried several formulas that were soy based and available at that time. After they tried 5 of them and saw no progress they told my parents that I wasn't probably going to make it, they had just one more formula to try. Suprizingly, this last one worked and I survived.
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My mom breastfed me until I was 2. There weren't good pumps and she couldn't really hand express so I got a bottle or two of Similac while she was at work - but I mostly reverse cycled and refused it according to her and my grandparents. Too bad all that breastfeeding didn't counteract the smoking during her pregnancy, my infancy, and my childhood ("Oh they just didn't tell me that it would do anything than cause other low birthweight - I never connected your breathing problems to it until you were 11! I never once even thought about it! .

She claims she didn't start solids until 6 months, but I don't buy it, she was pushing me to start my daughter on them at 3 or 4 months.

Long distance Mom to boarding school superstars E (9) and Layne (6).
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I forgot to mention my mom didn't smoke when she was pregnant b/c it made her sick (it was her earliest pregnancy symptom. My dad said he always knew when she was pregnant "again"--5 kids, when he'd light up his morning cigarette and she'd run to the bathroom to puke instead of sharing it w/ him. BLECH!) She did start right after the baby was born while nursing, though.

Tons of allergies and asthma in my family, but it goes back generations.
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I was breastfed for over three years (born in 1968) and my brother was breastfed for more than four years (born in 1973). My mom was a member of LLL -- go Mom!!

Jane -- married to Ernie since 1993, mommy to Jonah (6/03) and Noah (11/06), m/c 1/09 and 10/09 and finally due with our little girl (8/10)
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I was born in 1979 and nursed until I was a little older than three. I am definately healthier than most people I know. I do have some small food and animal allergies and hay fever but those are prevelent amongst all the members of my family BF or otherwise. My DH was formula fed from the start and he still gets sick all the time. Most of the illnesses he gets bounce right off myself and our girls. He also has all kinds of stomach and intestinal problems although I could never know if those are from FF, his crappy diet, or both.
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I was born in '77. My mom credits LLL with her being able to BF. Apparently she got a lot of bad info from other sources, but LLL helped her sort it out. I BF until I "self-weaned" to a cup, because cup drinking was faster and BF took too long. Well, I know my personality and I'm not going to argue with that!

My sisters were born in '83 and '85, also both BF, though one was weaned to bottles and baby food (but not formula) when mom was pregnant with the other one.

My brother was born in '92 and BF for about a year. My mom rocks.

My DH was born in '74 and was not BF. He has sinus problems, got his adenoids out as a kid, has all kinds of allergies... His mom didn't know better at the time, but from stuff she's said I bet she'd have BF if she ever had any more kids. She fully supports me BF, and has commented on how healthy our kids are, and how glad she is I can BF them, etc.
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I was formula fed. : My mom tried to bf her first baby, but the baby was very sick and "couldn't breastfeed." My mom didn't have any bf'ing support either. My sister died at 6 months. After that, my mom didn't even try to bf the rest of us. She also mentioned that only poor people breastfed back then. I'm the youngest at almost 29, my oldest sister would be 36.

ETA: Ahhh..meant to add, I apparently SCREAMED non-stop (pretty much) for my first 9 months of life because I was allergic to the formula. It took my mom and doctor that long to find one that I wasn't allergic too. I really wish she'd breastfed me! But, different times! At least I can bf my son!

Mama to DS 2/22/06 and DS 3/27/09 :
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Originally Posted by Village Mama View Post
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 7 months pregnant with me. It was a really agressive form so they flew us to a major center and she was induced. She was having very agressive cancer therapy, so couldn't breastfeed. I was put onto formula , but was really allergic. Sooo ( acccckkk!) was given plain cows milk.... could be a reason for my allergy/ stomach problems!
Oh my goodness, what a scary and sad situation for your mother (and father).

Oh - to the OP's question -- boobjuice until I began biting @ 6 months, then oatmeal. Brother was only bfed a couple months though, then he went to oatmeal as well. I think Mom just had too much to do with me @ age 2 to manage the constant nursing demand from my bro, so she switched him. Neither of us ever got formula, and neither of us has any food allergies or intolerances.
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I was bf for a year (and so were my siblings) because "That's what they're for." (hey, gotta love my mom's reasoning on that one!)

My stepsister, OTOH, was formula-fed, because "That way you don't have to spend so much time around the baby" :

I'm a modifiedartist.gif DH is a reading.gif we have 2 angel.gifs, and DS is a rainbow1284.gif baby.gif
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I'm the oldest child, born in 1980 and Mom breastfed me until I was 12 months even. She says she wanted to nurse me longer, but she caved to pressures around her. My sister was bf'd for 14months and then mom bf'd my brother for just over 18months. I guess by the time she had her 3rd kid, she didn't care as much what people thought.

And fwiw, my sister bf'd her daughter for just over 18 months (my sis was just a teenager too then. Imagine having to pump at High School? She did it!)
I'm still nursing my nearly-2 year old and plan on doing the same with baby #2

Mom to 2 little ladybugs, age 4 and 6, and wife to that guy that lives here. 
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I'm 35 and I was breastfed for about 3 months - then switched to formula. My mother is German and she said nursing wasn't what people did around (NH in the early 70s) but that nursing was more common in Europe. It kills me, though, to look at my baby book and see what the ped wrote on the tear-sheets at appointments re food she could introduce. OJ at 3 months (as well as "junket", a pudding, and MEATS!!) Lots of grown-up foods in a very immature gut (not to mention no other feeding readiness signs, likely, at that age) Each month I can see what he added ("liver", "jello" etc.) Shocker that I have anaphylactic food allergies, now, eh? I know that she did the best she could based on the information she had, but man, what horrible info she was given!!!

Mama to DS (8) and DD (7) Aristotle was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not "Every man for himself." And the London Underground is not a political movement.


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I was EBF until I was a few weeks old at which time I got baby cereal. My mother does not consider this "starting solids".

She always says, "I'm so glad I waited to start feeding you solid foods until you were 6 months old!" - I guess that's when she added fruits and veggies, etc.

She went back to work p/t at 4 months old and I got formula during the day. I don't think she knew about breastpumps. I "self-weaned" at 10 months old but I still loved my bottles until I was 2+. I pointed out to my mother that because of the bottles it can't really be said to be self-weaning...it was more like nipple preference. But to her, it was self-weaning. And 10 months was a LONG time to BF in the 70's. I think she did a good job feeding me from the information she had to go on.

My sister BF until 13 months. I think she had a similar food regimen (early cereal and then fruits/veggies started at 6 months, on table food by 1 year).

The one thing that irks me about my mom and feeding babies is that since she totally spoon-fed us (obviously a 6-week-old does not feed themselves cereal ) she does not understand the concept of letting a baby self-feed and seems very resistant to it. She thought I was crazy for putting chunks of food in front of my 6-12 month old and letting her decide for herself whether to eat...she usually keeps "advice" to herself (thanks Mom ) but she couldn't resist telling me that I just needed to put the food on the spoon and feed it to DD.

I said, "I'm not going to force her to eat." She said, "that's what we all did when you were babies!" :
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When my mother was pregnant the first time at age 15 in the mid-1960s, she couldn't find anyone in her mother's generation that knew what to tell her about breastfeeding. For some reason though, she persevered until she found older ladies that had breastfed, and they helped her out. My sister was breastfed for at least a while, then was switched to a mixture of canned carnation milk and water.

My mom gave birth to me in the early 1970s and breastfed me for 4-6 months (unfortunately probably also drank alcohol and smoked) then I don't know what I was switched to. Hopefully not the carnation canned milk junk. I was a very sick baby - had constant ear infections (thank you second hand smoke), pneumonia twice, tonsilitis. Now I have intestinal problems and other issues.

I have five children, the first nursed until she wasn't interested at 14 months - I was pregnant again and she just didn't seem to want to do it anymore. My second and third were nursed until they were in the 22 month old range. My fourth until she was a couple days shy of her second birthday. And this little guy will nurse as long as he wants to.

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I was born in '86 and my mom breastfed me until I self-weaned at 16 months. She was 30 when she had me, and I am her only child. She got a lot of flak from her mom and sister, and the women on my dad's side of the family. They all thought she was "weird" and still "acting like a hippie" because she wouldn't just ff me.
My dad and her doctor were supportive, though, and apparently that was all she needed. She says even now that her memories of bfing me are some of her most cherished ones of my early childhood.

She did smoke when she was pg with me (her dr. said it was okay, but to limit herself to 5 a day) and she did the same while bfing me. Doesn't seem to have done any harm, though... I'm beyond healthy, no allergies, and no problems with ear infections.

Laura, mama to Henry 01.28.07 uc.jpg
candle.gif missing Jack, born still in the car 08.23.10 at 36 weeks 
Loving on Catherine, my  rainbow1284.gif 09.01.11, UC

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My mother had me when she was 41, so she's essentially two generations removed (she's the age of most of my friends grandparents). When she was having kids, doctors routinely told moms that the new commercial formulas were superior to breastmilk and gave shots post-partum to dry up milk supplies.

My mother asked about nursing me, as I was her last child and it was just about the time some people were learning more about the benefits of breastfeeding. Her doctor told her not to even bother.

I was given Similac. My mother is still proud that she gave me real formula instead of the milk recipes other moms used. I was on solids at 6weeks as well. Sadly enough, all of my older sisters followed what my mother did without question.

Oh yeah, my mother also drank ginger brandy for morning sickness and smoked through all of her pregnancies. It was just what was done then. I don't judge her for it. She made almost all of her parenting decisions for she thought was best for the children based on the information she had at hand. I'll never judge any mom when she's doing that.
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I was bf'd until 6 weeks, when my mom got mastitis and weaned (OUCH!). My little sister was a preemie so mom didn't even try, the doctors said this special preemie formula was SO MUCH BETTER than breastmilk : She also smoked while pg with both of us and still hasn't quit 25 years later.

Bubba (9) bikenew.gifLukey (5) jog.gif  Fat Baby (2) babyf.gif  Me faint.gif

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Here's my mom's breastfeeding record, I think she did well, considering the ignorant doctors of the time.

1952-sister-breastfed because mom knew it was best. That is, until 4 months of age, when her doctor told her that her breastmilk had too much sugar and she needed to stop. Apparently sister was getting too fat. She was fed carnation condensed milk mixed with water after that. :

1953-brother-doctor told her not to, because baby weighed 10lbs 6oz and you know, her milk had so much sugar, she couldn't risk it. : Carnation condensed milk, again.

1954-brother-homebirth-breastfed 15 months (mom starting to trust herself a bit now)

1957-sister-breastfed until 2 years of age, GO MOM!

1964-my twin and myself-over 9lbs each, doctor said there was no way she could do it, she believed him, so formula for us
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My mom bf me until 10 1/2 months when I bit her - and, as she called it in my baby book, "self-weaned". And instead of nursing before bed I was then given Ovaltine! :

But I am very glad she bf me as long as she did - that was the 70s so it was just coming back in to "vogue".

Homeschooling her 5 year old.
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Bf'ed in the hospital and some at home, mostly formula fed from day one on Enfamil. 1984

DB1- Bf'ed in the hospital and longer at home, ffed exclusivally at 4 weeks on Pro-Sobee (he didn't do well on Enfamil) 1986

DB2- Bf'ed some at home and some in the hospital. The doctors gave him glucose water right after he was born and it messed up his latch, my mom only got him to latch a few times. FF'ed on Similac 1996

Renae wife to J :, Mama to 4.5y/o J-bird and 2y/o A : and E coming in late Dec/Early Jan. My husband had a living donor kidney transplant! :
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I got boob juice! My mommy knew that breastmilk was WAAAAAAY better than formula (cheaper, too!) and breastfed 3 of my siblings before me, so of course I got only the best. :-D

- E . Single mom to DS  E (15.12.05),  T (reincarnated 18.04.08) and DD   A (11.02.11) and  Hoppy      
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I was nursed until 18 mos and my little sister until 3 ( both self weaned). Mymom had kids starting in 1960 and ending in 1984. She wanted to nurse all of them but had NO support. She nursed my next oldest sis until 3 mos when she started getting plugged ducts and didn't know what to do. Her dr actually said to her," Get your kicks some place else and give the baby a bottle" !!!
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Unfortunately I wasn't bf at all. My mom was 22 when she had me and I guess didn't want to bf. I was born at 28 weeks so I really could have used breast milk! She had my sister at 26 (and she was full term) and bf her for a year. I feel like I got the raw end of the deal.
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My mom breastfed me for three months. She smoked while breatfeeding me. She said she would sometimes get ashes on my head. I also got formula from time to time because she want to have a life. [her words not mine]
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I was formula fed because my mom was 16 and returning to high school 2 weeks PP. The nurses actually encouraged my mom to BF but she knew it wouldn't work with her being away from me all day (they were trying to tell her she could EBF by coming home at lunch...she knew that tiny babies wouldn't be a fan of such a schedule). I do wish that they had told her she could nurse while together and use formula while apart. They basically presented it as all or nothing. But probably not bad seeing as it was 28 years ago.

mama to 3 girls: Abigail 2.12.05, Eliana 8.26.06, Willa 1.9.09
RN-BSN 5/11, CBE, former doula
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I like this post, even though it's old. Thought I'd answer.

My mom Bf'd my brother for 15 months- until she was PG with me. (1972)
I was in the hospital for a few days after she was discharged and she would walk to the hospital (7 blocks) every 2 hours or so to BF me.(1974)

She says I self-weaned at 9 months. I don't know if it was a nursing strike or real weaning but I went straight to a cup and had no interest in boobs, bottles, pacifiers, etc.
She strongly believed in CLW though and was sad when I stopped nursing. I started cow's milk when I weaned.
I have no allergies. She also CD'd and made our food.

Oh, and the ped told her to start food at 1 month. She didn't believe in starting until 6 months. He said babies couldn't get by on only BM. So she would lie when she took my brother in and say he was eating cereal- and the doc would say "See, I told you he needed cereal. He's so nice and plump!"

Mama to a sweet 12/06 girl fairy.gif and a squishy 8/09 boy biggrinbounce.gif
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My mother FF all three of us. When I asked her why she told me she tryed but it didnt work out. I later found out from my dad/aunts/cousins that she didnt do it because she thought it was gross. I wonder now how my mother really felt about me nursing DS...
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My brother and sister were formula fed from day 1. My mum did bf me though for 9 weeks. The advice then was no longer tham 10 min a side, every 4 hours. At 9 weeks I had only gained a llb and was constantly crying, so she switche me to formula She tried to get me to put my kids on a similar schedule as she could not believe a baby would really be hungry only 1-2 hrs after last nursing. Thankfully, I knew better, lol. she now realises that the advice was bad that she was given and was the reason for her failure in nursing, NOT her milk, and wishes she'd had better support.
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Born in 1980 I was Breastfed for 2 weeks, then, she says, I bit her and she started formula feeding me.

What's also interesting: The other day I was reading in my baby album that she wrote at 4 weeks: 'She still won't eat solids from the spoon, we've been trying for a week now.'
When I asked her she said the Pedi told her to.

I have to add, that my mom was 17 when she had me and she was very misinformed at the time.
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I was breastfed for eight months (until I got teeth and started biting). My mom also started rice cereal at four months "to help me sleep better at night."
ETA: This was in 1981
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I always knew I was formula fed. I just assumed that my mother wasn't really presented with any other options, until this week when I found out she FF by choice. Knowing my mother, I shouldn't be surprised. : :
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