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TirzhaZ's Avatar TirzhaZ 05:42 PM 06-19-2007
I was just talking about this with my husband. He is from Eastern Europe where breastfeeding is very much the norm. Formula wasn't widely available for a very long time there. So, he was exclusively breastfed until 7 months or so and his mom continued BF'ing him until almost 2 (he thinks.) I, on the other hand, was reading through the baby book my mother just found and gave me. I was astonished reading through it! I always knew that I was formula fed. My mother only BF my older brother for two weeks and stopped due to sore nipples (and she was never informed of or referred to any type of lactation specialist.) She never tried to BF me. At two months I was started on rice cereal and whole milk! By the time I was 6 months old I was done eating baby food completely and was eating only "table scraps" according to my baby book. Eeek! Mom was giving me ANYTHING from the table and I ate what the rest of the family was eating, no matter what that was. Knowing what she knows now she would never repeat that, but she was never informed otherwise. She said that she was following my doctor's guidelines for introducing new foods!

I was very colicky as a baby. I've also struggled with maintaining my weight for as long as I can remember, which I know are both direct results of the way I was fed as a baby. Luckily those are the only struggles I've had to deal with.

ChinaDoll 06:13 PM 06-21-2007
Mom nursed all 3 of us (born in 74, 77, and 82) but the first 2 of us only for 6 weeks each.

She had no help in learning to nurse, and was uninformed about growth spurts, so when her supply dropped, she bent to the pressure of her Mom and MIL to FF.

When she was pregnant with #3, she found LLL, and was thrilled to be able to nurse until my sis self-weaned
Lunaria's Avatar Lunaria 03:34 PM 06-22-2007
I was bf until about 6 months old. My mom says I didn't want her boob anymore but pinched and pulled and got all mad at it. I don't understand what was going on there. She gave me condensed milk with honey as per dr.s instructions! I think similar situation wih my sister. This was in 81 and 82. I breastfed my dd for 6 mos, supplementing with formula since 3 mos. She weaned herself at 6 mos(I was also put on regular birth control pills by my dr). And had pressure from the family to try formula so she would sleep better. Ugh! My ds just turned 6 mos and he has never had anything but breastmilk straight from the boob! I'm hoping he will nurse for at least 2 years In a way I do feel guilty that he is getting better than she did.

Genesis's Avatar Genesis 03:46 PM 06-22-2007
My mom breastfed me for a few months and then switched to artificial milk because she "didn't produce enough milk" and I wasn't getting enough to eat. (So she says)

My guess is she didn't get off to a great start breastfeeding me. I have a picture of her feeding me a bottle in the hospital as soon as I was born. She said the OB told her to do it. : And I know she gave me pacifiers right away too. I strongly believe she could've breastfed me successfully if she would have been more educated about breastfeeding.
Sileree's Avatar Sileree 02:17 PM 07-24-2007
My mom breastfed me until I was 8 months old - then I started biting her. I guess she didn't know how to make me stop. I feel really thankful for that amount in our culture.
Evie's Avatar Evie 03:18 PM 07-24-2007
I was BF for six weeks and then switched to formula, in 1981. Same for my siblings born in '89 and '94.

My mom was operating under the old theory that the benefits of breastmilk last only six weeks, which she learned from her father, an OB. Her mom, a peds nurse, also pressured her to feed us formula because she didn't think we were gaining enough weight. My mom thinks there was also some latent guilt on my grandmother's part at work, over her inability/unwillingness to breastfeed her own kids in the '50s. To some extent my mom regrets listening to her parents and wishes she'd breastfed longer.
MamaBear1976's Avatar MamaBear1976 03:25 PM 07-24-2007
My mom breastfed me for seven months. I consider myself very lucky, because I was the only child (middle) who was breastfed for that long. My older brother was only bf for one month and my mom stopped because she started taking bcp that dried up her supply. My younger sister barely got a taste of colostrum before my mom gave up and let the nurses in the hospital give her formula. She was basically formula fed all the way. She stopped breastfeeding me because she says I bit her.

ETA: I was born in 1976, obviously. :LOL
mamasophy's Avatar mamasophy 03:34 PM 07-24-2007
I was born in '66 to a full-time working mom who never even thought about nursing me. She says she never got milk, but when we discussed it she admits that she might have received a shot to dry up. My mom went back to work when I was 2 weeks old. And had my brother when I was 13 months.
readytobedone's Avatar readytobedone 03:44 PM 07-24-2007
i was breastfed for a year, in 1979-80. my mom also BF both of my brothers, but for less than 6 months each. they were born in 1969 and 1971, when no one else she knew was BF. people told her she was animalistic! and she was like, "well, duh, we ARE animals"

i think she feels bad she didn't BF us all longer, but i always tell her it's great that she did it AT ALL back when there was no support. and she had no mother or mother figure, much less one who had BF'ed.
Shelsi's Avatar Shelsi 04:23 PM 07-24-2007
I was born in 1980 and was not bf. My mom said it was just not something anyone did and she had a shot to dry up her milk. She said they were told then to put rice cereal in the bottle to help the baby sleep longer.

She says she remembers when for a while it was "don't start any solids for a long time" so no one did and then suddenly they said to start at 2 mos so everyone switched and started doing that.

My dh was born in 1976 and my SIL in 1982 and both were bf. My dh for 7 mos and my SIL for 2 yrs. My in-laws lived overseas and on the west coast (navy) and my parents lived in the midwest. I think location has a big impact on what's considered "normal."
luminesce's Avatar luminesce 01:35 PM 08-05-2007
I was formula fed from the get-go (early 70s.) So was my brother (late 70s.) I do think she tried for a short period with him but quit because she couldn't produce enough milk (or so she thought, she had no support.) I have Multiple Sclerosis now and wish desperately that I had been breastfed since I think it might have helped prevent it.
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