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It took us 5 days to get it right. only mildly raw nipples for the first week. By the second week things were pretty good. My biggest issue was dd needing to nurse so often and me liking a lot of uninterupted sleep.

mom to 14yr dd and 4yr dd
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No, x2.
With my first (still nursing at age 4!) he started out with some minor latch problems, and I had a major oversupply (I could hold an 8 oz. bottle under the nipple he wasn't nursing on and fill it without even toughing the breast-- it just sprayed out). Those problems would have been easily corrected, except that his well-meaning father gave him a #(^$ing pacifier around 2 weeks while I was napping and from that one time, we had a week of fixining nipple confusion that led to my nipples getting ripped up. And I got mastitis once.

My second (nursing at 17 mos) was tongue-tied. I figured it out after a week or so, but I couldn't convince our pediatrician to do anything about it or give us a referral to someone who would. My nipples were bleeding, cracked... my baby wasn't gaining weight... after 10 days I ended up in the ER (after a great UC : ) with a 104 degree fever, in and out of consciousness from a terrible case of mastitis. I've had mastitis another 6 times since. After a month, my son's tongue-tie corrected itself (his frenulum broke) and all was well, except for the pain from the nipple damage that took another 2 weeks to heal. And then I had 6 mos. of recurrent thrush along with the recurrent mastitis, the last bout of which was when he was almost a year old.

So, no. Breastfeeding did not come easily to my babies. And trust me, I know what I'm doing-- I'd been nursing for 3 yrs. when my littlest was born, and considered becoming an IBCLC. There was nothing I could do differently, aside from get a different pediatrician beforehand! (I switched after that)
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Yes for my youngest, other for my oldest.

With my oldest son, I was undecided about breastfeeding. I had to have an emergency c/s and when they brought him to me to feed, they asked how I wanted to feed him. I said that I'd nurse him. I took a class, read a few things, but was not committed. I nursed him the whole time we were there, except the last day. My milk was finally coming in and Andrew was starving, so I was up most of the night feeding him. Around 6 AM, a nurse came in and told me that I needed sleep and she said she was going to take the baby to the nursery and give him a bottle. I felt like I couldn't say no, and I started to wail as she left. I sobbed in my bed for an hour and a half. It was awful. It was also the start of that slippery slope. As it was, because my birth experience was much different than I planned it to be, I developed severe PPD. My supply wasn't great, and I started supplementing early and often. I met with the LC, but didn't realize what a great resource she was at the time. By the time he was 5 months old, he was completely FF'd. It started off so well too...he had a great latch and other than the sore nipples in the beginning, we didn't have much trouble with the mechanics of breastfeeding.

I mourned the loss of my breastfeeding relationship with him so much that I vowed to make things right when we had another baby. I lurked over here, read kellymom, talked to other nursing moms, and really prepared myself. I told my husband the morning we had him that the thing I was looking most forward to was nursing again! I had to have another emergency c/s (although I was scheduled for one the next day anyway) and as soon as I was able to, I latched him on, and we've had almost a perfect nursing relationship ever since! I think the keys to success this time around were knowledge and determination. Last time I lacked both.

Mom to two boys, 5 and 3, and pregnant with number 3! EDD 10/8/10
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DD was premature and in the NICU. BFing was an incredible challenge. There was nothing I could have done to prepare for it. It was 3 hours before I could even see her. It took 3 months for her to latch correctly. I BF for 16 months successfully due to sheer determination and stubbornness, but I was blessed that I never had to deal with mastitis, thrush, or nipple issues, so it was smooth sailing from 3 months on, thank goodness.

At my first (and last) LLL meeting, a leader said it bothered her when women made it seem like nursing was such a challenge, since it's so natural. I thought that was a horribly insensitive thing to say.

I have nothing but compassion and understanding for women who have struggled with nursing.

I fantasize daily about nursing this next baby immediately after birth and not letting anyone touch him or her for hours. If that happens, I will burst into tears and never stop!
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Feeding in general did not come easily at first to me and my son, but it had nothing to do with the breast he was just a very sleepy newborn. Not sure how to answer.
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No the first weeks were very very difficult- painful, sore nipples. I think it was latch issues connected to our unneccessary separation, and the drugs I received in the hospital

Mama to my spirited J, and L, my homebirth: baby especially DTaP, MMR (family vax injuries)
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Originally Posted by NYCVeg View Post
Nope--it was absolutely horrific. 2 full months of bleeding, soreness, thrush, OAL, oversupply, latch issues, SEVERE pain (enough so I was generally crying through nursing) and deep, deep depression in part due to my feelings of failure and, of course, the physical pain. We finally discovered I have Raynaud's syndrome--which means I will never nurse without some discomfort.
I am working my a$$ off to make it to 2 years of nursing, but I have no certainty about whether we'll make it.

My LLL leader says I am the poster child for nursing through difficulties.

This could have been my post. Very persistent thrush, blisters, plugged ducts several times a week, oversupply, overactive letdown, finally diagnosed with Raynaud's as well. I cried every day for the first 3 months. DD is 5 1/2 months now. I am resigned to having pain and DD getting my BM is worth it to me.
I don't think I'll make it that much past a year b/c of these pain issues and chronic pain I had before for which I can't take any meds while BFing. I will try, though.
I love my sweet nursing baby, though. It makes it all OK!

Mama to a sweet 12/06 girl fairy.gif and a squishy 8/09 boy biggrinbounce.gif
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Other: We established a strong breastfeeding relationship early and easily. However, at 3 months, he began to have reactions to things in my diet, and I began having gallbladder issues. From 3-6 months while I waited for surgery, did an elimination diet and sorted out his dietary needs, while balancing my own, were the terribly challenging ones for me. We are still going strong now at 15 months, and our ped applauds me everytime we see him because of how healthy my boy is now! It was *hard* work to get to where we are now, but worth every single tear, and the 100 ounces of contaminated frozen milk I had to throw away (my whole back to work stash down the sink drain) because no one near me was interested in a donation.
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It was easy, but I will say that I prepared like crazy before hand and had supportive people around me (DH was on-board, my MIL and my mom were both successful BFers, MIL was a LLLer!)
I was so afraid of having issues that I was very strict with NO artificial nipples and I fed on demand (and still do). I also started out drinking Mother's Milk tea daily right from the start on recommendation from my doula.

The only issues were the typical soreness and teaching baby how to latch issues in the first 4 weeks I'd say. 6 weeks was a huge turning point for us and we've been doing great ever since. (Other than a few scares about loosing my supply, but most likely just growth spurts.)

ETA: I could never get him to take a paci or a bottle, which was frustrating... especially the bottle. I would have killed to have Dh take over just one of those night feedings.



winner.jpg  Mama to DS(7), DS(4), DD(1) and #4 due 8/2014!

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i did not vote since i have two.

#1: i had low supply, was a rough start. i had toxemia.

#2: no toxemia, smooth start, nursing like a pro. supply is good, we are tandeming.

Liv, SAHM of 3 kiddos 





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I'd say my experience with breast-feeding was "natural" It HURT when my previously inverted nipples were sucked inside out and cracked and bled as my voracious child guzzled her fill with an incorrect latch. My breasts went up 4 cup-sizes in 3 days and I still have the scars! BUT I persisted as this most natural thing is also a learned thing, and now, 18months into our breast-feeding relationship it's easy & painless. I'm still jealous of all those who just stick baby on and have success from day one, and oddly sypathetic to those who give up because no one ever told them it might hurt. (it stopped being painfull after 6weeks I might add -it didn't take 18months! )
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My first and thrid child were easy. I remember thinking after my first why do people have such a hard time. It is so easy. Then I had my second child. She was difficult to latch on. I felt very lucky that I had spend so much time with LLL and had the information to get her latch. I remember about 3-4 weeks in to our nursing relationship thinking "If your brother was like this I would have never nursed."

My oldest dd had oral adversion and reflux. I also had a semi-hard let down.

Now with my 3 child the let down was horrible. I was tandem nursing and I had WAY TO MUCH milk but she was a good nursing. I knew how to juggle it. She had no latch problems. et
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With DS1 not at all - I ended up using formula. With DD - not at all .. it was horribly painful and frustrating for 3 weeks. Bad latch, oversupply, blisters, mastitis, you name it. We had everything except thrush. With DS2 it has come more naturally because of my experience with DD.
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Thus far anyway...born at home (16 days ago) so i didnt have to worry about bottles from strangers. good latch. sore nipples for the first few days. nak, go figure
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Actual breastfeeding has been easy for us from the beginning- I had a LC come see us in the hospital to make sure his latch was ok. I love breastfeeding!!

However PUMPING is a giant struggle. I have been working outside the home since my guy was 12 weeks old- was never able to get more than a 60-70 oz stash that was gone by 6 months. Now at 8 months he is demanding 25 oz or more during the day, and I am able to pump once during work...I pump 4 times a day total and take every supplement under the sun, but finally had to supplement with formula once a day. I HATE it and always swore I wouldn't do it...but there is no more time in my day for more pumping and I don't want him to go hungry.

I know that if I was a SAHM my supply would have been fine and I wouldn't have had to supplement.

Social Worker Mom to a fantastic four year old nocirc.gif
"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be" Kurt Vonnegut
Never put a period where God has put a comma!
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I would say it came easily. She latched well, even if my breasts hurt like they were on fire for the first few weeks. I never had cracks or blisters, just one hickey when she missed the nipple - she had a suck like a hoover, I swear.

The only real 'difficulty' other than the soreness in the beginning was that I had to make sure she nursed after and stayed awake while nursing, otherwise she wasn't gaining. As long as I offered the breast at least every 2 hours and gently nudged her to keep her awake and feeding, she was fine.
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I voted other b/c 1 was easy, 2 were not. Tongue-tie runs in my family, and that's probably the only explanation I need give.

Oh, adn my first was the easy one. I had excruciatingly sore nipples for abou the first 5-6 days, but I didn't really consider that to be a major problem, so I ignored it till it went away. He was also tongue-tied, but only slightly.
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I voted "no."

I ended up EPing for 16 months, and now we're supplementing with formula and the last of the frozen EBM.
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I had a tough time. We had a bit of a hard time learning to latch (later learned I have flat nipples)....then not long after we got latching down we got thrush....then after I finally ditched the nystatin and got GV I had to start work...then we dealt with low supply and supplemenation...then it turned into nipple confusion and I had to quit my job and cut out all bottles and get back on the boob and THEN, about a month or so after I got down to business and cut out all bottles, it came easy to us. By that point he was 5 months old.

Now that I know what all my problems were and how to prevent them next time (except the latching thing - that'll probably take a bit I'm sure, I actually did pretty good with that), I have a feeling the next one will be MUCH easier.

I'm so glad we stuck with it, though, and we're still nursing at 17 mos!

- E . Single mom to DS  E (15.12.05),  T (reincarnated 18.04.08) and DD   A (11.02.11) and  Hoppy      
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I voted "other." DD and I got the Bfing technique down pretty easily and quickly, and I'm very thankful for that. However, the interrupted sleep from nighttime nursing has been very challenging for me. And I've dealt with sore nipples occasionally, a bit of engorgement here and there, and a painful milk blister once.

I still think Bfing ROCKS, and I hope to BF DD for as long as she decides.

dd 10.06joy.gif
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I voted in the "yes" category, although we had many of the difficulties that are normal for new breastfeeders.
He was a big baby and the doctor at the hospital told me I could never make enough and I should just start formula right away. Lucky for both of us I had read enough books and I like a challenge. Right then and there I was decided that my son would not have formula.
I did have sore nipples, even a blood blister from an overzealous latch. He had a wonderful but very powerful suck from the beginning which did cause some problems for my poor nipples. But I felt this was normal and stuck with it. I was lucky to have my mom here for the first 2 weeks and she had breastfed both my brother and I.
I had great support from (another) online forum. I had read a lot of breastfeeding books. I really found "The Nursing Mother's Companion" helpful in the early weeks. It was my bathroom reading material LOL. I also liked "Breastfeeding" because of all the real photos of moms nursing.
My biggest challenge (knock on wood) was oversupply. I did have several episodes of very serious clogged ducts, but managed to get through it without mastitis.
For me, the biggest misrepresentation is "If it hurts you are doing it wrong". I understand the sentiment behind those words, but I think it discourages more moms that it helps. I know now that latching pain is normal and sore nipples are normal. I know that statement means if it is PAIN during the whole session then the latch is wrong. But it is the one thing I will never say to a new mom. I talk about latching pain and sore nipples and reinforce that they are normal and will get better with time.
Wow, I had a lot to say. I just think that too many moms go in with such high expectations that in the long run their own expectations lead to disappointment.
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#142 of 195 Old 05-28-2007, 11:59 AM
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For the most part it came naturally for us. The first day was hard, she was sleepy after a long labor and did have a little bit of formula once in the hospital to get her blood sugar up: but after 2 days she was great and we are still going strong..i hope it stays that way ...she now tries to nurse with EVERYONE...including her dad and granddad!

I also don't like the mantra "it doesn't hurt if you do it right"...WRONG. DD has "textbook latch" according to a lactation consultant I saw in the hospital and I still have sore nipples sometimes (she almost made me cry when nursing a few times last week) but luckily they get better. It doesn't help when she decides to turn her head and look around but forgets to let go!
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Nursing came easily to me and my baby as a nursing pair. She had a good latch, strong suck, etc. Our issues stem/med from the fact that I have low supply.

Mama to Raina (9/06) and Peter (8/09)!
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My first daughter: start went okay, then had a 1 week nursing strike. After that dealt w/ cracked nipples and thrush along the way. Weaned her at 7 1/2 months (I wasn't very informed about nursing and didn't have any IRL support at the time to know what I was doing wrong w/ supplimenting too much).

2nd Daughter: wasn't able to latch the entire first week of nursing because of high palate (definately not an easy situation). She couldn't take a bottle either so that definately wouldn't have been an easy default thankfully. At 2 weeks postpartum I then went through double mastitis. After that I went through cracked nipples, and thrush. Then I went through nursing during a pregnancy which was challenging and not always pleasant for me.

Since having Philip I haven't had a lot of issues w/ nursing him per se, as much as dealing w/ repeated plugged ducts, mastitis twice already, and thrush. All in 7 weeks time!
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#145 of 195 Old 06-10-2007, 01:37 AM
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As soon as my DD got up all that icky amniotic fluid she took to my boo bees like a pro :
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We had a rough start since DD was 9 weeks early. Right around her expected due date she started to get the hang of it and is still nursing like a pro today at 18mo.

Mom to Bouncy Breastfed fly-by-nursing1.gifDD energy.gifLoving Woman to DH, RIP DS Born at 22 weeks  ribbonpb.gif


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I said "Other" as my DS and I had serious issues and my DD didn't really have any.
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Nursing came pretty easily to us -- we were lucky. I had little support, as the only person I knew who had ever breastfed was my sister, who doesn't live near me, so if we had had problems, it might have been the end of nursing because I had no help and no information. We also moved when our daughter was 11 days old, so that could have caused some real problems. But her latch was perfect from the start, and she nursed like a champ. Our biggest problem was getting her to nurse more frequently to flush out her severe jaundice. About a month into nursing I started getting plugged milk ducts, but they weren't bad enough to cause any real issues.
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nursing came easy. And it was the ONLY thing that came easy! I was on bedrest. Ds was induced at 33 weeks. 3 days of labor. emergency csection. 4 lbs. flightforlifed away from me and didn't even meet him for 48 hours. NICU/PICU for a month. on oxygen for 4 months. But he never had a bottle or AIM EVER. He found my breast INSTANTLY 48+ hours after his birth upon our first meeting and never turned back!
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with my 1st dd nursing came SO easily & we blissfully did it for years with zero problems. then comes #2 & i developed a lump in my breast & had several surgeries right after she was born & was constantly receiving horrible med advice regarding needing to pump & dump etc. it has been very challenging to nurse exclusively on one breast but finally after she was about 5 months, it was no longer painful & i had my supply balanced out. had it not been for my LLL i am fairly certain i would have lost my mind at some point in there.
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