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delightedbutterfly's Avatar delightedbutterfly 04:34 PM 06-29-2007
So somewhat similar to the whole myspace thing.

Someone on a local site joined this facebook group

"Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!(Official petition to Facebook)"

and posted a picture of them breastfeeding. Their picture has been taken down and told it was obscene. If they post again their profile will be banned.

So anyone wanna joing the group!

loitering's Avatar loitering 07:11 PM 06-29-2007
I joined! Thanks!
Sheal's Avatar Sheal 07:35 PM 06-29-2007

Joined too!
Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 10:05 PM 06-29-2007
Me too!
tarajean56's Avatar tarajean56 02:12 AM 06-30-2007
I joined!
Thursday Girl's Avatar Thursday Girl 02:13 AM 06-30-2007
i joined, i have no idea how to use it but my profile pic is my boob and my newborn DD nursing.

someone pm me and tell me how to see toher peoples profiles please.
lesley&grace's Avatar lesley&grace 01:14 PM 06-30-2007
Originally Posted by jewelysmommy View Post
i joined, i have no idea how to use it but my profile pic is my boob and my newborn DD nursing.

someone pm me and tell me how to see toher peoples profiles please.
A lot of people have their security settings set to only people who they have on their friends list can see their profiles, so once you start adding your pals then you'll see their profiles. Meanwhile go to your security settings and adjust them to highest settings so that everyone under the sun can't look at your profile. Because you can right-click capture the photos, you want to have your settings set high. I also only allow my friends to have access to any albums I put up, which is probably why the one pic I have of my newborn feeding is still on the site.

I joined, and am spreading the word now!
caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 01:55 PM 06-30-2007
Im one mom that got my pics taken off....and mine we're very shy pics....you couldn't see ANYTHING....I'm pissed and heartbroken...theres a few groups on facebook that are disgusting! And they haven't removed pics frm them! Errr Even my dp is pissed
kell's Avatar kell 04:29 AM 07-01-2007
I joined too!
Potty Diva's Avatar Potty Diva 04:34 AM 07-01-2007
That's weird because facebook hosts breastfeeding groups and I belong to two of them. We have breastfeeding pictures up and none have been tampered with (this going on one year).
Beating Earth's Avatar Beating Earth 01:34 PM 07-01-2007
babylove2007's Avatar babylove2007 01:48 PM 07-01-2007
I joined awhile ago. Those of us who don't have pics yet can help by reporting other groups that are offensive but facebook doesn't seem to care--the ones about "nice titties" and so forth. There is one group where the girls are almost completely exposed, but facebook doesn't seem to care.

Someone got a response back when complaining about the bf'ing pics being removed, that in sum, "Your opinion is nice, but Facebook still considers breastfeeding offensive and in violation of the user agreement. Sorry." :

Read the wall and discussion comments in the group for more info.
Thursday Girl's Avatar Thursday Girl 03:41 PM 07-01-2007
re: the myspace thing i reported a photo twice that had a picture of a man with his penis out, itis still up!!
hibana's Avatar hibana 04:46 PM 07-01-2007
Heading off to join...
Beckamomof4's Avatar Beckamomof4 01:20 AM 07-02-2007
fishface's Avatar fishface 01:31 AM 07-02-2007
UGHHHH! Not even an hour ago I was looking at the pictures in the "I support Midwives and Homebirth" group I'm in and thought "good for you, Facebook, you aren't ignorant like Myspace and Photobucket." (there were BF pictures)

: : : : :

I have since changed my mind.
jimblejamble's Avatar jimblejamble 01:54 AM 07-02-2007
Man I wish I had a kid to nurse just so I could join.
blissful_maia's Avatar blissful_maia 02:35 AM 07-02-2007
That is sickening and horrendous. With all the soft porn, young girls, drug-related and violent photos that are probably out there.... a breastfeeding mama. Shame.

I almost feel like deleting my Facebook account.
artemis80's Avatar artemis80 08:31 PM 07-02-2007
I joined and changed my profile pic to a nursing photo. You suck, Facebook.