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annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 04:45 PM 08-31-2007
"Ultimate satisfaction starts here" is another one of thier slogans. Maybe that with a breast?

annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 04:46 PM 08-31-2007
Ooh, and they have "pick n pair" lunch combos, so maybe two boobs, a baby, and the words "I pick THIS pair!"
jaxxy's Avatar jaxxy 04:49 PM 08-31-2007
Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
How about a sad crying baby and the words "Guess who's NOT eatin' good in the neighborhood? APPLEBEES DISCRIMINATES AGAINST BREASTFEEDING BABIES!"
I think that is to the point.
mommy2caroline's Avatar mommy2caroline 04:50 PM 08-31-2007
Originally Posted by grumpyshoegirl View Post
The problem with the current federal law (which does exist!) is that it only protects breastfeeding on federal property. So if you're at the federal courthouse in, say, Boston, you're still legally protected even though Massachusetts doesn't have its own law.

I think what a lot of people would like to see is a federal law similar to the civil rights act protecting a breastfeeding mother nationwide.
Is there a federal law that protects the rights of, say, a blind person to bring his seeing-eye dog into a restaurant? Or are those state laws? Breastfeeding should go right along with that type law on a federal level. Not that it's a handicap to be breastfeeding! But it is essential for the baby's well-being, just as it is essential for a blind person to have aid in moving about. And I could very much see people being "offended" or "disgusted" by seeing a dog laying under the next table at a restaurant, but I highly doubt the employees would ask that the dog be covered up with a dropcloth so others didn't have to see it!! We actually had somebody who was asked to leave a local Mexican restaurant with his guide dog, and there was a big public outcry about it.
mommy2caroline's Avatar mommy2caroline 04:59 PM 08-31-2007
Originally Posted by Fiestabeth View Post
I am wondering the same thing? Are all Applebee's restaurants targeted even if they are under different ownership than where the incident took place? Maybe I will call a few of my local ones to see what their response is....there are 18 listed on their website as near me, though. :
They are now, based on the "corporate response." : : : :
I hope the one they are working on now is much more satisfactory! I am going to email encouraging them to not discriminate against bfing moms.
Mandynee22's Avatar Mandynee22 05:00 PM 08-31-2007
Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Or a nursing baby with the words "I'll take mine bra-side to go, please!"

Sorry, I should probably put these all in one post.
LMAO- Those are great! Maybe t-shirts for the babies saying some of those!!
p1gg1e's Avatar p1gg1e 05:27 PM 08-31-2007
Anyone have a compiled list of national location's for the nurse-out?
jaxxy's Avatar jaxxy 05:49 PM 08-31-2007
Originally Posted by p1gg1e View Post
Anyone have a compiled list of national location's for the nurse-out?

join this group, click on databases and then state-wide organizing information.
There are 11 states listed so far.
jaxxy's Avatar jaxxy 05:51 PM 08-31-2007
Originally Posted by p1gg1e View Post
Anyone have a compiled list of national location's for the nurse-out?
I just noticed you are in Ohio. I am waiting for someone to open a file for Ohio. I want to participate but no one in ohio has picked a place yet.
rachelmarie's Avatar rachelmarie 06:58 PM 08-31-2007
annettemarie! Those are so funny and just great. Thanks for the ideas! I'm soo uncreative when it comes to that kind of stuff.
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 08:54 PM 08-31-2007
I am disgusted by what happened! I wrote a letter to them on the applebees website.

Here is my letter:

Because of what happened to Brooke Ryan in your Applebees location I will no longer be frequenting Applebees. I am also a breastfeeding mother and frequently nurse my son in restaurants, I refuse to support an establishment that shames women for doing what nature intended. I have encouraged all of my friends and family members to join in the boycott and encourage their own friends and loved ones to do the same. Until a public apology is issued and the rights of breastfeeding mothers are upheld in your establishment you will not be getting my business.
mmjb's Avatar mmjb 12:41 AM 09-01-2007
Hello Folks -
well, I tried today to get an "updated" corporate resonse.
Here is the update as of this afternoon, of the "Corporate
> Response" from Applebee's:
> "Applebee's strives to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment
> for all our guests. Our policies regarding breastfeeding are
> consistent with the laws of the states in which we operate."
> This is from Alex Bresette, who is the International Guest Relations
> Manager, at the Corporate Headquarters. I encouraged him as to the
> fact that the franchise location in which the discriminatory act
> occurred was NOT consistent with the law in which that franchise
> operated. I also let him know that this is an opportunity for
> Applebee's to take a stand against this type of discrimination. He is
> a reasonable man, and spent a lot of time on the phone with me today.
> I think at this point this is beyond his scope of what he can change
> at the company. I will call some other folks who are higher up at the
> company headquarters on Tuesday. I am not sure if we have the bottom
> line from the company at this point. Perhaps we are not yet being
> heard from the powers that be.
I'll let you know if I hear any thing in the meantime. Also, I encourage you all to keep up your work in a positive vein, stating strongly your beliefs, and trying to convince Applebee's to support moms and babies and nursing as normal and healthy, not something "indecent," and disallow any future discrimination regarding breastfeeding by its employees or franchisees.

Good work, folks -
babyduck's Avatar babyduck 01:42 AM 09-01-2007
Hello all,
I would like to suggest, in addition to the nurse-out, that we each PHONE Applebee’s, Thomas & King, and Fired Up, Inc. (franchisor of Johhny Carino’s, the other restaurant T & K operates). If we each phoned, they would begin to get some idea of how many women care about this, and we could explain to them why it is important to be welcoming to breastfeeding mothers.

Below I humbly suggest a few talking points to get people started, along with the phone numbers for each of these companies.

Thomas & King (Franchisee that owns the KY Applebee’s) 859-254-2180 ask for Michael Scanlon. Talk to whoever will talk to you! Let them know how you feel about what they have done and said to this breastfeeding mother.

Applebee’s (corporate) 913 967 4000
Let them know:
•Their restaurants should have a policy that breastfeeding is allowed, without “covering up.”
•Applebee’s is a family-friendly restaurant. Aren’t babies part of the family? Don’t babies deserve to “eat good in the neighborhood?” Breastfeeding is not a sexual act.
•Formula feeding is a major health risk for babies, and many mothers don’t breastfeed because they are afraid to nurse in public.
•Thomas & King violated state law. Does Applebee’s tolerate their franchisees breaking state laws?

Fired Up, Inc. (based in Austin, TX – they are the franchisor of Johnny Carino’s, the other restaurant franchised by T & K): 512 263 0800
Ask them about the breastfeeding policy in their restaurants. Let them know what happened at the Applebee’s owned by Michael Scanlon. Ask if they tolerate franchisees violating state laws.

A couple of notes: as far as I know, every franchise agreement contains a clause that the franchisee must abide by all federal, state, and local laws. If they do not, they are in violation of their franchise agreement. Making enough noise about this issue will get the other Applebee’s franchisee’s on Mike Scanlon’s back and perhaps effect change more quickly. Phone calls are perhaps the quickest, most efficient means of communicating, but if you just can’t do it, the on-line complaint form was a great idea, as is letter writing. All of these companies’ info is on-line.
And a last thought – while you’re fired up, it’s a good time to send a letter off to your senator or representative – if you have a great one like Kentucky’s Tom Buford, send a thank you note for his support! Or send a letter letting them know that this issue is important to you and you would like to see legislation supporting breastfeeding.

Good Luck everyone!
Ecoria's Avatar Ecoria 02:45 AM 09-01-2007
Anyone looking for a richmond va nurse in, please see the tribe area. i'm organizing one in the west end.

Here's the yahoo group for the local richmond va nurse in...
sheilajolene's Avatar sheilajolene 03:03 AM 09-01-2007
What is stopping them from just kicking us off of their property? I mean, other than ethics, which they obviously don't have.
crh'smama's Avatar crh'smama 03:46 AM 09-01-2007
Stand on the public side walk. That is Government property and they can't kick you off of it.
jeanine123's Avatar jeanine123 11:52 AM 09-01-2007
Originally Posted by sheilajolene View Post
What is stopping them from just kicking us off of their property? I mean, other than ethics, which they obviously don't have.
Call your local municipality and find out what the laws are and if there are any permits needed. Since it varies from place to place it's the easiest and most accurate way to find out.
mommymaemae's Avatar mommymaemae 05:34 PM 09-01-2007
We are organizing for an event at the Chatsworth Applebee's. We are set up in the yahoo group database.

please join this group and contact myself or the other organizer so we can get a rough idea of how many we can expect!
HappiLeigh's Avatar HappiLeigh 12:14 AM 09-02-2007
I will drive to the Lexington nurse-in next week if I can. Here's my letter I'm sending to corporate in KS and to the idiot in KY.

I was saddened and angered to hear of a recent incident at an Applebee’s restaurant in my state. A mother was nursing her small, hungry baby in a booth facing a wall when a restaurant employee asked her to cover with a blanket. This response was not only vastly inappropriate, it was also illegal.

The public health of the United States is threatened because so few of our mothers breastfeed their children, in spite of overwhelming evidence of the nutritional superiority of breastmilk to infant formula. One of the primary reasons that women chose not to breastfeed is due to the inconvenience of nursing their babies outside the home. Applebee’s has now contributed to this problem by responding to a nursing mother in a backward, rude, and uneducated manner. People do not like to eat under blankets. This applies to infant children as well as adults. I had difficulty breastfeeding my child under any circumstance; if I had tried to nurse her under a blanket it would have been completely impossible. While some children may accept being fed under a blanket, it is not always possible to do so, and it is never appropriate for a restaurant employee to assume they have the right to require it. Asking mothers to cover themselves or their children with blankets is unreasonable and discriminatory. Breastfeeding mothers are not exhibitionists. Breasts are intended for breastfeeding. I’m so sorry that Applebee’s is offended by this most natural act of motherhood.

My family and I will no longer consider Applebee’s as one of our dining-out options.

gridley13's Avatar gridley13 03:21 PM 09-02-2007
Originally Posted by bouchiemama View Post

I've made a page on my site dedicated to this and I will put info on there about the national nurse-out and press release once I hear from Brooke. Now, you can download the letters & postcards she made up, print them and mail them. .
I have a letter ready to send, thanks for making it easy!!
Codi's Mama's Avatar Codi's Mama 03:28 PM 09-03-2007

amandaeanderson's Avatar amandaeanderson 05:37 PM 09-03-2007
Is there anyone on this board in Oklahoma?? I haven't been able to find any local ladies who are attending, but maybe I'm just missing it!!


amandaeanderson @
Bellejar's Avatar Bellejar 11:01 PM 09-03-2007
No nurse in here, but my husband wanted to go to Applebees and I refused. Now I can write a letter saying that I will not eat there until they change their corporate policy.
mommymaemae's Avatar mommymaemae 03:44 AM 09-04-2007
This is getting BIG! 27 states, 51 locations, over 800 participants! It's shaping up to be the largest breastfeeding advocacy demonstration in the nation!

Exciting stuff!
pixiesmommy's Avatar pixiesmommy 04:53 AM 09-04-2007
How do we find out if anyone is congregating at a local Applebee's? I'm not currently nursing, but would love to show support. I'm nearest the one in Elgin, IL... anyone else????
mommymaemae's Avatar mommymaemae 05:13 AM 09-04-2007
Forgive me, I don't know the geography of IL too well, but I know there is an event planned for Joliet. If that is too far from you, consider starting your own event!

go to this yahoo group

the event locations are listed in the database section.

Hope you can make it to one!
Fiestabeth's Avatar Fiestabeth 02:59 PM 09-04-2007
I'm going to organize the event in Denver, CO. I just added it to the database on the yahoo site.

Are we allowed to post about it in our tribal area?
mommymaemae's Avatar mommymaemae 04:20 PM 09-04-2007
I did, and lots of others have been, too!
Fiestabeth's Avatar Fiestabeth 07:15 PM 09-04-2007
Originally Posted by mommymaemae View Post
I did, and lots of others have been, too!
Thanks! I went ahead and did.
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 10:45 AM 09-06-2007
The Lexington Herald-Leader has posted another article about the nurse out, which includes a poll:
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