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w&wmommy's Avatar w&wmommy 08:19 PM 05-13-2004
I just had my second child, William, on April 2. Get this, :

he was 3 weeks early, and 12lbs 6oz. What a boy! I'm looking forward to following this board!

christymama's Avatar christymama 08:11 PM 05-23-2004
OH MY! he is a big boy! Come join us in the Life with babe thread... We are in there under April 04 mamas thread...
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 02:19 PM 05-25-2004
wow he is huge and three weeks early what a healthy little boy come join us in life with a babe under April mamas.

Bex80's Avatar Bex80 02:42 PM 05-25-2004
Aww, congratulations!!!! What a big boy! You must be so proud! I do not have an infant or a newborn, but the thread title caught my eye, your son and I share a birthday! Again, congrats and enjoy your new little one.