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So..... I'm still pregnant. 41w2d and counting. Oh, and as of my 41w appt, my cervix was basically all but closed... she could get a small fingertip in there, but just barely. And I'm okay with that. I trust baby will come when she's ready. Now it's just a matter of convincing my OB of that. I'm taking 2 NSTs a week at this point (the supposed last of which is this afternoon, actually), and if I haven't given birth by Monday, she wants me in the hospital by 5PM to get me prepped for a Tuesday AM induction (42w).

She's got another thing coming.

I've taken it upon myself to schedule another NST for Tuesday. My plan is to go for that test and assuming everything is fine (which I'm sure it will be), I'm not going in for induciton. I really feel confident that if we just give it a few more days, baby will come naturally. I'll continue to take NSTs until either a) baby comes on her own or b) there are signs of dangerous fluid levels or stress on baby, in which case I would opt for the induction. But going in for induction right at 42 weeks just to "avoid" a "maybe" situation? No way.

I know it sounds like a lot of NSTs, but I figure if I undergo these tests, and all is well, who the heck are they to say I have to be induced??? Well, who are they to say anyway, but it also makes me feel better knowing the baby is fine and I'm not doing anything risky. And as much as I know I'm in charge of the birth, I don't want to foster any animosity or harsh feelings with my OB. I really like her and have been going to her for almost 10 years, so I would prefer to work with her in a positive way. I can get renegade if I have to, but I'd rather not.

Above all else, I'm trying hard to relax about all of this so my anxiety won't keep baby holed up in me! Some natural induction tricks are underway - Dh and I are having lots of sex, and I'm trying to be as active as possible (I get so tired though, it's tough!). I may try some castor oil this weekend if things still aren't moving. Any other tried and true tricks I should consider? My OB suggested an enema, but I've never done that before and I'm not sure I want to start now, especially considering I sort of doubt it would do anything. Or am I wrong about that? 'Cause I'll do it if it might help! :LOL

But mostly, I'm just trying to keep the faith!

Patience... patience... .patience...

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Keep the faith, sister!

I wouldn't go for castor oil as a first shot, though. It can be very yucky and still not trigger labor, and if it does it's a hard way to get started. Plus there's some debate about whether the castor oil can affect the baby.

Do you have access to an acupunturist? I tried it twice and it didn't work for me but it has for some women.

Also, herbs - are you taking evening primrose oil? Another way to ripen the cervix. You can take it orally or prick a capsule and insert it vaginally.

What about the herbal remedies like blue or black cohosh? That's not something I'm qualified to advise on but if you run a search here for cohosh you will get some information. A qualified herbalist would be the best person to talk to.

Are you doing nipple stimulation? That can help get things going (although it can get old fast).


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I absolutely agree with everything Quirky wrote (and tried many of those things myself, and yeah, I think they helped).

Try not to let the NSTs stress you out. If doing NSTs can buy you some time, then do them (that was my own philosophy, anyway).

I've been where you're at with both of my pregnancies, and I know how hard it can be to feel like a watched pot.... Try to relax (yeah, easier said than done). In my experience, "mature" babies are easier!
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I'm right there with ya, mama! Today I'm 10 days past my first edd and 5 days past my 2nd one. I have yet to schedule my prenatal appt for next week b/c that's the one when they want to set up an induction date. They even called me at home to make sure I get it scheduled. Ughhh. I flat out told the doc last week that I did not want an induction. She told me the yada yada about how they don't let mamas go past 42 wks. I guess that is for their malpractice insurance stuff??? Yes, I want baby OUT OUT OUT and yes I am tired of being pg now, but I don't want to be induced. I haven't had any nst's yet, but I guess that is the next step in my waiting game.

Are you and I the only ones left? I'm starting to feel like the only May mama who hasn't popped yet and who will actually be a June mama. **sigh** All I'm doing is walking and sex. I too am wondering if I've scared the baby into staying inside longer with my anxiety, lol.

Here's to hanging in there and doing what is both safe and feels right (b/c I can assure you that pitocin just ain't right!!).
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The enema seems safer than the castor oil. I tried castor oil and got very sick and nothing happened. I tried it again a few days later and it worked without making me sick at all but since then I heard a lot of scary stories.

If you have to be induced see if they will break your waters and let things happen naturally. Pitocin sucks sooooo bad. It is so painful. You are in my thoughts.

Blessed be~

Mommy to Ryah 12, Reanna 11, Parker 6 and Cooper 3 months
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I'm still here, too! My official edd isn't until the very tail end of the month, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if I go into June... Baby is dropping into my pelvis more each day, it seems, and I'm having early pre-labor signs but nothing crampy or cervix-y or uterine contraction-wise yet.

Definitely getting more anxious to meet this baby, though.

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And I'm still here. 10 days overdue now, which is not unusual for me. My mother and mil arrived tonight, I had soooooooooo hoped to have the baby before they were here, but baby did not cooperate. Oh well :-)

Feeling great, and figuring the baby will come out some day.

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I'm still here too. Now I'm only three days overdue, but it seems like each day overdue is equivalent to a week! I've started joking that I'm actually gestating an elephant.

Who knows though- maybe today is the day? Since yesterday morning I've had a constant flow of gummy bloody show, and I dreamed all night that my water broke. (I think I woke up to go to the bathroom about twenty times during the night!) And today I (finally) had diarrhea (very welcome change, I assure you) and am nauseous. But who knows if that means ANYTHING!

We have an appointment for our NST on Tuesday and I have to make sure it isn't with the one OB I can't stand- he will surely schedule an induction for the slightest negative finding on the test if he has the opportunity. Or hopefully we won't make it to that point!!?!
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OK - So I'm not REALLY part of the May Mamas club - BUT I am due in May! ( I've just kind of been a lurker) Anyway, I'm over due too if you go by my due date. I kinda feel like I'm right on time - my baby's time! As of Sunday I'll be 41 weeks and I'm supposed to go in to have a NST tomorrow but I'm going to play hooky. She's so active - I have no worries...

Thanks for letting me butt in!
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