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BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 05:30 PM 12-12-2007
Every 5 weeks.

How often do you wear a dress?

kangamitroo's Avatar kangamitroo 01:42 AM 12-13-2007
'tis the season to be shivery. in the summer, dresses are 3x week or so. in the colder months...once in 3 months?

how often do you bake cookies or other desserts?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 01:46 AM 12-13-2007
I bake cookies once a year. I make other desserts probably 6 times a year.

How often do you pay with cash when shopping?
granolalight's Avatar granolalight 02:08 AM 12-13-2007
very rarely.

how often do you vacuum/sweep?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 02:12 AM 12-13-2007
I strive for everyday, but probably 4 times a week on average.

How often do you use re-use-able bags when shopping?
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 03:30 AM 12-13-2007
About every other time. Sometimes I even bring them into the car and THEN forget them! lame-o.

How often do you drink 8 cups of water?
granolalight's Avatar granolalight 12:37 PM 12-13-2007
every day.

how often do you wash your hands?
blue butterfly's Avatar blue butterfly 12:57 PM 12-13-2007
around 5 times a day i would say

how often do you change your bedding?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 01:24 PM 12-13-2007
Once a week.

How often do you buy junk food?
queendom lady's Avatar queendom lady 03:49 PM 12-13-2007
Corn chips are my ultimate, and really only, hard core addiction.
So, once a week?

How often do you update your photo albums?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 03:50 PM 12-13-2007
A couple times a year.

How often do you massage your dp?
MilkTrance's Avatar MilkTrance 08:25 AM 12-14-2007
Very, very, very seldom. Like... once a month? LOL. I did take a baby massage class, though, so DS sees some massage action once in a while.

How often do you fill up with gas?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 12:41 PM 12-14-2007
Once a week or once every other week (assume we are talking car).

How often do you clean the windows in your house?
granolalight's Avatar granolalight 02:52 PM 12-14-2007
Um... you're supposed to clean windows? : I only do them if someone (kid or cat) smudged them noticeably

How often do you cry?
LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 02:55 PM 12-14-2007
Originally Posted by granolalight View Post
Um... you're supposed to clean windows? : I only do them if someone (kid or cat) smudged them noticeably

How often do you cry?
Once or twice a month.

How often do you shop online?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 03:01 PM 12-14-2007
Probably once a month.

How often do you service your vehicle?
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 03:44 PM 12-14-2007
me? never. dh takes care of that. (thank you, dh!)

how often do you go for a walk?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 04:01 PM 12-14-2007
Leisurely? Not too often. A lot in the spring and then not so much the rest of the year.

How often do you replace your sunglasses?
KellMcK's Avatar KellMcK 04:17 PM 12-14-2007
Probably once a year, or as soon as i break them. (I leave them on the seat of the car and then throw things on top of them. CRACK!) :

How often do you order in/have food delivered?
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 04:21 PM 12-14-2007
every time i lose or break them, which is at least a couple times a year. i just lost a pair a month or two ago, but replaced them with dh's : i should ask santa for a twelve-pack of sunglasses

how often do you take a bath?
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 04:24 PM 12-14-2007
uh-oh too slow again

never have food delivered

how often do you take a bath?
ananas's Avatar ananas 04:26 PM 12-14-2007
Every day when I can. I haven't got to take one in over a month (I'm staying in a house without a tub), but I get to take one tomorrow! I'm literally counting down the hours.

How often do you put on lotion?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 04:26 PM 12-14-2007

How often do you visit a museum?
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 04:38 PM 12-14-2007
very very rarely

how often do you ride a roller coaster?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 04:46 PM 12-14-2007
I have not in 4 years, and I do not plan on doing it anytime soon.

How often do you groom your nails?
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 04:51 PM 12-14-2007
whenever one breaks, or they get so long i start hurting myself or others

how often do you rent a video?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 04:55 PM 12-14-2007
I have netflix so probably 6 times a month.

How often do you garden?
Redheaded_Momma's Avatar Redheaded_Momma 05:30 PM 12-14-2007
Originally Posted by sofiabugmom View Post
Humankind has never counted that high :

How often do you change the bedclothes?
Every week to 10 days. Oh I love that clean sheet feeling.

How often do you get on MDC?
BlissfullyLoving's Avatar BlissfullyLoving 11:30 AM 12-15-2007

How often do you garden (indoors or out)?
KimProbable's Avatar KimProbable 03:16 AM 12-16-2007
Indoors, not at all these days. Outdoors, about weekly in the summer but more frequently in the spring when things are sprouting like crazy.

How often do you trim your toenails?
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