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Janelovesmax's Avatar Janelovesmax 12:32 PM 03-07-2008
Name that movie/actor game - part 2 everyone.


What about this one:

I name a movie, let's say:

The Italian Job.

The person below has to name the actress/actor from that movie, in this case:

Charlize Theron

The person below that person has to name another movie Charlize Theron was in like:

"The Monster"

the person below will say:

Christina Ricci

and so on...

Let's start where first thread left off.

Holy man

N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 06:30 PM 03-07-2008
Cool! New thread!!

HOLY MAN = Eddie Murphy
happiestmomma's Avatar happiestmomma 03:42 AM 03-09-2008
Coming to America
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 09:17 PM 03-11-2008
James Earl Jones
AoifesMom's Avatar AoifesMom 08:33 PM 03-12-2008
The Empire Strikes Back
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 09:43 PM 03-12-2008
Harrison Ford
speedknitter's Avatar speedknitter 02:19 AM 03-13-2008
Blade Runner
Sonya77's Avatar Sonya77 03:38 AM 03-13-2008
Sean Young
cookclanmama's Avatar cookclanmama 04:45 AM 03-13-2008
speedknitter's Avatar speedknitter 12:55 PM 03-13-2008
Sting - who is also playing on my radio right now...creepy
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 04:51 PM 03-13-2008
Bee Movie
Kitsune6's Avatar Kitsune6 09:58 PM 03-13-2008
Chris Rock
speedknitter's Avatar speedknitter 10:56 PM 03-13-2008
Kitsune6's Avatar Kitsune6 12:17 AM 03-14-2008
Alan Rickman
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 01:16 PM 03-14-2008
Love Actually
speedknitter's Avatar speedknitter 02:23 PM 03-14-2008
Laura Linney
AoifesMom's Avatar AoifesMom 04:18 PM 03-14-2008
The Truman Show
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 05:47 PM 03-14-2008
Jim Carey
canadianchick's Avatar canadianchick 09:12 PM 03-14-2008
How The Ginch Stole Christmas
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 09:42 PM 03-14-2008
Molly Shannon
speedknitter's Avatar speedknitter 12:00 AM 03-15-2008
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 12:22 PM 03-15-2008
John Cusack
AoifesMom's Avatar AoifesMom 09:54 PM 03-18-2008
Say Anything
speedknitter's Avatar speedknitter 12:46 AM 03-20-2008
Jeremy Piven
(and try to name a Jeremy Piven movie that John Cusack is NOT in!)
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 01:09 AM 03-20-2008
Originally Posted by speedknitter View Post
Jeremy Piven
(and try to name a Jeremy Piven movie that John Cusack is NOT in!)
John Cusack is NOT in that one!!
Kitsune6's Avatar Kitsune6 10:07 PM 03-20-2008
Originally Posted by N8'sMom View Post
John Cusack is NOT in that one!!

I would of said PCU (awesome movie!! )

Juliette Lewis
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 12:52 PM 03-21-2008
Natural Born Killers
cookclanmama's Avatar cookclanmama 03:49 AM 03-27-2008
Woody Harrelson
JesseMomme's Avatar JesseMomme 03:57 AM 03-27-2008
White Men Can't Jump
N8'sMom's Avatar N8'sMom 05:40 PM 03-27-2008
Rosie Perez
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