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I just received my bracelet, too. Since it seems most of us have gotten ours today, I thought I'd start the blessings and we can add to it over the next couple days. First, I want to thank Rynna for the tremendous amount of effort that went into this bracelet.

As I put this on, I am thinking of you, QoC, and your frustrations in the last couple weeks. I am sending you a blessing of peace and readiness for your birth.

I am thinking of all of you as we embark on this arduous and joyful journey that is birth. May each one of you birth when your baby is ready. May you birth without complications. May you have strength and be filled with the love of your child. May you be surrounded by people who honor your beliefs, support you through the hardships, and respect the person that is soon to be born. May you all have a peaceful recovery and a joyful babymoon.

Every day I will look at this bracelet, I will touch these beads and I will think of how we are all woven together in motherhood. I will remember the times you have carried me through my frustrations and exhaustion. I will remember the many joys you have shared with me and the laughter you have given me on lonely nights. Every day I touch these beads I will think of each of you and when it is my turn to birth my child, I will touch each bead and know I am not alone in this. I will know each of you are with me, lending me your strength, coaching me with your wisdom, and soothing me in the ways women have carried each other through labor for millennia. I will not forget this day nor will I forget the many blessings I have been given in each of you.

Belly rubs to some, birthing vibes to others and happiness to every one of us.
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Julie, your post is making me tear up. Beautiful.

Rynna, thank you so much for finding time to make the bracelets. They are beautiful. I have no idea how you got it done with a toddler to look after. It's more than I could do at this point.

As I have my dh put the bracelet on, (couldn't get it on myself!), I am thinking of all of you and hoping that everyone gets the birth that they dream of. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me to be part of this group and know that I have friends out there supporting me. I can't wait to feel my bracelet during labor and birth and know that you all are with me in spirit. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of this group.
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I wish for everyone to have fun. Remember, you're at a birthday party.

I hope everyone can go into the birth process without fear.
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Wearing this bracelet for the past day I have gotten so present to all of you, and feel so powerful as a pregnant momma. Thank you all for that strength

As we move through this next journey of motherhood together, I send us all joy and peace. May we all be powerful in our choices as they present themselves to us in our birth experiences and may we find a new level of momma instinct to trust in. Blessed births to you all!!

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I will wear this bracelet until each of us delivers. I pray that we all have safe, productive labors. I pray that each new baby will come into the world as peacefully as possible knowing that s/he is loved tremendously and that each mother will have an easy recovery. I pray that each of us has a transformative experience, as labor and delivery should be. I pray that those of us who have been surprised by the intensity and pain that labor can bring from previous birth experiences will be pleasantly surprised with this labor thru smooth, easy deliveries. I pray that those of who have had smooth, easy past experiences will not be disappointed with this labor/delivery.

I will gather strength from each one of these beads during labor knowing that they represent one of you and your prayers for me and my baby.

My God bless each one of us and our babies as we embark on this journey of mothering a new soul.
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Know with me that our labors will be the perfect expression of learning for each of us. I know that labor will be positive, energetic and loving. Know with me that each one of us is going through the same experience. Our babies are whole, perfect, and complete. They are an expression of our love. They are loving, whole, beautiful expressions of God. Labor is just the transition to a loving, fulfilling life with our children, partners and the world. I am blessed with the God-given power to bear children. I know that I can do anything since I can do this. This is true for all of us. Love is expressed here, through the conception, pregnancy and birth of our children. As we hold our loved ones to our breasts and nurish them and feel our unconditional love flowing from our very essessnce, we know we are one with the universal Love. Our Angels rejoice with the love we have for one another, and for the new lives we have helped to create. I know that the labor we experience is exactly what we need to learn in this life. This will bring us closer with one another. The rhythm of life is with us, and we are called to it. Whatever pain we experience in labor, we handle with grace, just as our fore-mothers before us. Love is expressed here. Love is all there is. Love is what we know.

I release this word to the world and to God and call it good. And so it is!
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My prayer for each of the wonderfully strong women here, is to give birth in the best way possible for them. I pray that we all have safe, gentle, beautiful births. I pray that we have the support and love we need as we bring this new soul into the world. I pray that our babies will be happy and healthy. I pray that our bodies and babies will work together, that we will be able to bring them into this world, and nourish them in the best way possible.
Much love and peace to all

Kim, Mama to 4 and 1 more on the way!
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As I put on my birth blessing bracelet I look at the beads and think about the strong and amazing women that contributed to it. I hope that we all get the beautiful birth we desire and that our babies are strong and healthy. I wish us all strength and patience for both while we wait for our little ones to arrive and while we help to shape them into the amazing humans they are to become.

Here's to a quick, peaceful and amazing birth experience!
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The vision I have of us is that of a beautiful garden, with all manner of flowers. We are all unique, and will all have unique birth experiences. Each experience, though, will be beautiful in its own way, different from every other flower in the garden. May we all enjoy our own experiences and appreciate the beauty of those around us!

Mama to DS (05/04) and DD (11/05), married to a wonderful DH.
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I wish us all a birth that allows us to best connect with our babies -- a birth that encourages all the nurturing that has been percolating within us these months to bubble into a love we have never before felt -- unique to this child and this moment.

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I can't seem to keep my bracelet on my ankle, so I've been using it like a rosary and sending positive vibes as I tell the beads. There are 13 beads, and these are some of my recurring affirmations.

1. May our labors begin within two weeks of our EDDs.
2. May our care providers not be dorks.
3. May our backup care providers not be dorks.
4. May we visualize our ideal birth and be clear on what we want from the experience.
5. May the more analytical/paranoid among us find comfort in writing this birth plan down.
6. May our care providers be invested in helping us achieve our ideal births.
7. May our husbands not be dorks.
8. May our own mothers support our births in whatever way we desire, including staying in another zip code while we labor.
9. May our GBS tests be negative, and if not, may our membranes stay intact until we are ready for them to break.
10. May we find the strength to resist medical procedures that we believe to be harmful.
11. May our babies STAY HEAD DOWN.
12. May our babies get their cord blood.
13. May our babies enjoy their birthdays.
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I have just received my bracelet, and would like to add to the blessings!

Many have said that childbirth is much like a river you must cross alone. All of us have walked to the banks, arm in arm, supporting one another, guiding one another. As we reach the river each of us must cross alone, to be greeted on the other side by each other, other mothers.
That journey through water may be thrilling for some, may be dangerous for others, it may be warm, icy, lazy or torrential. It will be different for each of us. And each of us will emerge from the waters of childbirth a bit stronger, yet needing the support of the mothers who wait more than before.

My wishes for all of you are a safe passage through, that throughout your labors you will know that you are surrounded in love and support from women who have been with you, who will be with you, if only in spirit. My wish for each of you is a healthy, happy birth; a healthy, happy baby; and a healthy, happy motherhood.

I will walk with you, all of you, to the banks of childbirth. And I will be waiting when you emerge, babe in arms, as you will be waiting for me...
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T I knew I was forgetting something. I mailed out all the bracelets and entirely forgot about the Blessing part.

My hope is that in sharing this Blessing, none of us need feel alone in labor and delivery. (Unless, of course, that's what we want!) Strength of mind and body, and a sense of peace in the knowledge that we can do this, our babies will all come. I hope for our births to be as simple and sweet as possible, for healthy babies, healthy mommies, and happy families.

Rynna, Mama to Bean (8), Boobah (6), Bella (4) and Bear (2)
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These are all so beautiful!

I have been putting off reading these and adding my blessing...I think on some level I am in denial that we are all SO close to meeting our babies....that I am weeks (days?) away from being someone's mama...the one "title" I've aspired to all my life.

I feel so blessed to have shared this journey with all of you and I look forward to getting to know our babies together. Brooke, I love the image of crossing the river...absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to hear about all of your "crossings" and meet your new little ones on the other side!

Peaceful births....healthy babies....and love to us all!!!!!!!


PS ~ Thank you so much Rynna for making our beautiful bracelets and to everyone for contributing a bead!
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