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July 2004 > havent been here in a while....
Dawnalex's Avatar Dawnalex 10:22 PM 07-05-2004
I was due July 20..set to have a c-sec June 2ish....
When i was 31 wks i was put on hospital bedrest...for contrax and on June 12 Landon made his big apperance.
He was 34 wks and was in the NICU for 2 wks... then we were home for a week and he went back into the hosp for 4 days and were home again.
When i get a chance ill type it all out

Threefold's Avatar Threefold 12:27 AM 07-06-2004
Congratulations! I can't wait to hear your birth story.
The timeline is exactly the way my ds made his entrance. bedrest at 31 weeks, born at 34 weeks (though we were very lucky and had only 6 days in the NICU, most of them "hospital protocol").
Hope all is well!
majazama's Avatar majazama 02:43 AM 07-06-2004
Hope you and your baby are healthy and strong. Congrats!
williamsmommy2002's Avatar williamsmommy2002 09:08 PM 07-06-2004
Congrats on your little one. I hope he is doing well know.
luvinmama's Avatar luvinmama 12:31 PM 07-08-2004
Congratulations!!! I'm sorry to hear it didn't go as planned, but glad to hear all is well. Hope everything stays from now on!!
Jennifer H's Avatar Jennifer H 02:14 PM 07-08-2004
Welcome Baby Landon!!! I know NICU time can be scary, but I'm glad things are looking up now!