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July 2004 > I am GBS- !!! I can't believe it!
kris1225's Avatar kris1225 01:09 AM 07-07-2004
I was swabbed last week before I even started the whole echinacea/C/acidophilus/garlic regimen and I came up NEGATIVE!! I almost passed out with shock at the MW appt. today. I swear last time the docs were wrong and I was taken by surprise when I walked in (in labor) at 40 weeks with no prior mention of it even though I had been seeing my doc every week. They gave me antibiotics every four hours for 2 days - couldn't have been good for the old system, ya know? I can have the birth I wanted - no friggin' saline lock or any wires hanging off me this time.

So I am thrilled! And my CBC was perfect and the baby is no longer posterior and things are so perfect! My MW said my birth will be a 'swish,' which I deserve after 43 hours with DD...

Just had to share!

oceanbaby's Avatar oceanbaby 03:25 AM 07-07-2004
Oh, that's such good news!

I wish I could say the same - I am in kind of a weird situation. My 2nd GBS test came back positive again, but the vaginal culture (which is supposed to test how much bacteria there is), came back negative, in that it didn't detect any. So my midwife is thinking that this means that I am technically GBS positive but with such a low count that it doesn't appear on the vaginal culture? She's going to check into it and get back to me.

I so want to be negative before I go into labor. Even though I've pretty much decided to decline antibiotics unless risk factors present, it would be nice to feel more sure about the decision by testing negative.
Artisan's Avatar Artisan 09:57 AM 07-07-2004
That's great, Kristen! Yay!
kris1225's Avatar kris1225 10:50 AM 07-07-2004
Hey Oceanbaby,

If I came up positive I was going to just manage for risk factors. My MW said she's done just one bag of antibiotics before like 4 hours before she thought the baby'd be born with good results.

Also, if your vaginal culture was negative, I wouldn't worry about it. Even if you're full-on GBS+ there's some stat that says the baby only has like a .5 chance of getting the illness. I have a really good article from midwifery today sitting here on my desk that I'd be delighted to snail mail you today if you PM me your address. I know we're getting down to the wire here, but it'll prolly make it in time.
williamsmommy2002's Avatar williamsmommy2002 12:09 PM 07-07-2004
That's great news.