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August 2004 > Anyone else worried about having their babe on Friday the 13th?
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 01:44 AM 08-04-2004
Yes I admit I am superstitious. I don't like to have 13 of anything, it's either 12 or 14 for me. I either buy one more, throw one away, whatever not to have 13. Friday the 13th just spooks me out. So today I was thinking about the baby coming, like any of else are thinking of much else :LOL , and I was hoping that he would not come on the 13th. So I look at the calendar and surprise, surprise the 13th falls on Friday this month. I'm really getting worked up over this. I know nothing bad will probably happen but I really, really, really hope that if he is going to come around the 13th it is the 12th or the 14th. Tell me I'm silly or that you are thinking the same things....

mommycaroline's Avatar mommycaroline 02:00 AM 08-04-2004
I think you're silly! LOL. My best friend was born on a Friday the 13th, in October no less! She's one of the coolest people I know. I think having that unique start in life would be pretty cool for a kid, honestly. I'll have to start hoping that's the day for us!
SamuraiEarthMama's Avatar SamuraiEarthMama 02:30 AM 08-04-2004
the only thing that would make me unhappy about delivering on friday the 13th is that i would be 17 days overdue! not impossible but i think i would be a very unhappy camper... not at all because of the date, though!

magemom's Avatar magemom 02:36 AM 08-04-2004
My official due date is Aug 12, but I have been saying Aug 13 the whole time. It freaks out some people, but I find humor in it. I say it sums up my whole pregnancy. But I LIKE the number 13. I have always felt it lucky. If something good was to happen to me, it usually happened around the number 13.

Now, my OB is out of town the week I am due so it would mean I see someone else if I go in. That is the ONLY reason I do not want to deliver on the 13th. However, it is entirely possible since my 4 are 12,14,16,17 days of their respective months, so the 13th fits in.

If it freaks you out, then for your sake I hope you go before or after. I'll go that day for you.
ketilave's Avatar ketilave 11:21 AM 08-04-2004
I am in Katje's bag - at this point I don't care what day as long as this kid comes!!

Maybe your mental concerns will help put the breaks on a 13th baby.
babycarrier's Avatar babycarrier 11:32 AM 08-04-2004
this title caught my eye! thinking of you mommas so close to delivering. the title caught me because my dh and I married on a Friday the 13th. A wonderful day for new beginnings...
Elphaba's Avatar Elphaba 11:37 AM 08-04-2004
Trishy, I can't believe you are having your baby!!!!!
Solange's Avatar Solange 11:45 AM 08-04-2004
ahhh..... that would put me 10 days past EDD but..I am a little weird about that date too, so I actually would not mind waiting one more day to pass so the baby would not be on that day....(I know Caroiline I know...silly
I am with you on this one Trish
kimberlylibby's Avatar kimberlylibby 12:16 PM 08-04-2004
I had Libby on Friday the 13th

frognladybugmama's Avatar frognladybugmama 01:09 PM 08-04-2004
well, i wasn't born on a friday the 13th, but several times my birthday has fallen on friday the 13th (it's sept 13th) and i'm sure shelby's will eventually too (her's is nov 13th)...i wouldn't mind a bit if he came the 13th!
MamaDaednu's Avatar MamaDaednu 05:49 PM 08-04-2004
Only because it's 2 days past my due date and I'm ready for the babe to be born *now*.
Other than that, I'd love it. 13 is a lucky number in our family. Several people have been born on the 13th.

christeenybeany's Avatar christeenybeany 07:10 PM 08-04-2004
I would love it! It is exactl a week before my EDD and also my hubby's birthday. That would be sweet. DH's oldest brother and his father share a birthday. It would be neat if dh and ds2 shared a birthday. I admit I would be a little leary and superstitious but at this point I just want him OUT.
LizaBear's Avatar LizaBear 07:28 PM 08-04-2004
I'll take it !!

It's just 38 weeks for me - and my Boo was born at 38w+1, so I don't expect to go much further this time around.
luv2*b*mom's Avatar luv2*b*mom 10:45 AM 08-06-2004
I think the 13th would be a cool birth day!
Jillybean's Avatar Jillybean 03:13 PM 08-06-2004
Friday the 13th is my EDD! We think its pretty cool but then I'm not superstitious.
Bearsmama's Avatar Bearsmama 12:09 AM 08-12-2004
Trish-I never was until now. I'm officially one week late as of tomorrow. UGH! So, yes, I am a bit worried. I'm not usually an especially superstitious person, but I have to admit it would but me just a wee bit... :
madrone's Avatar madrone 10:51 PM 08-12-2004
Well, I initially didn't read this thread because I never thought I would be pregnant on Friday the 13th. But it's Friday the 13th now and am still pregnant. We talked quite a bit during the past couple of days about the baby being born today. Right now, I guess I'm just really not concerned enough on the date. I had wanted 8-8, but that's gone. And I'm now 11 days overdue.
girlfactory's Avatar girlfactory 05:43 AM 08-13-2004

So i'll be having this baby on friday the 13th
magemom's Avatar magemom 09:39 AM 08-13-2004
girl- there is that whole 24 hour thing...

good luck with labor!
mommycaroline's Avatar mommycaroline 10:14 AM 08-13-2004
Go Terri! Peaceful, easy labor vibes, coming your way!
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 10:18 AM 08-13-2004
Yay! Go Terri go! I was having some nice contractions late last night and thought it would be today. A few contractions this morning so maybe, maybe not.
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 12:41 AM 08-14-2004
No Friday the 13th baby for me unless he comes in the next hour and 20 minutes!