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Okay, here is the birth stories thread....I will try to write mine tonight...

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Bring 'em on girls! I can't wait to read them.

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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A prelude to Finn's birth. At 38.5 weeks, I was 4 cm dilated and 60% effaced:

Saturday night, August 21 -

Charlotte and Donny were both up all night throwing up. So that meant I was up all night with them, and cleaning up.

Sunday morning, August 22 -

I tried sleeping in a bit, but couldn't, so at 9:30am I got out of bed and suddenly noticed that I was all wet. I was certain it was my amniotic fluid. There was lots of other junk that appeared to have come out with it, too. But I didn't feel any other gushes yet. Oh boy! Here we go!
We hurried to get a sitter for the kids so that we could go to the hospital, since we had such a fast labor with Lucy, there was fear we wouldn't make it in time. That's why we chose to schedule an AROM induction for Tuesday 8/24 for Finn.
We got checked out, and I wasn't contracting at all, and no change in my cervix. It was determined that I had a high leak in my bag of waters that appeared to have sealed itself over.
So we were sent home.
Kids still feverish and sleepy, but no more sick tummies.

Monday, August 23 -

We enjoyed a peaceful day as a family, and just waiting for Tuesday morning to come! Charlotte and Donny are feeling A-OK.
I was sitting at my computer at about 10pm, when lo and behold, Lucy starts throwing up. We thought she had managed to escape it, but no such luck.
Once again, up holding a sick child and a bucket.
My alarm clock was set to ring at 5am, and we had to be at the hospital at 6am!
It was about 3 when I finally shut my eyes.

Tuesday August 24 -

We (me, my husband Charlie, and my sister-in-law/doula Donna) arrived at 6am, and after the usual hospital rigamarole, my doc came and broke my water at 6:30. Clear fluid, all looked fine. I had to stay on the monitor for about a half hour, but then I was able to get up and do whatever I wanted. She had made sure the nurses were prepped for a possible fast labor. The nurse we got was awesome! Very much on our side as far as our birth wishes, as was our Dr.
But by 8:30 am there were still no contractions or cervix change. Lots of pressure, though, which I had never really experienced in my other labors. There was whisperings of Pitocin being started, but the Dr. suggested a walk first.
So off we went.

But about 5 minutes into it, I started contracting, and feeling very strange, intense pressure and backache. I really just wanted to go back to the room.
So back we went. For whatever reason, sitting upright but slightly reclined on the bed felt the best for me at that point. The birth ball and rocker were just too intense on my bottom "area"! Contractions were very short, only about 30-45 seconds each, and not *too* painful, and not too close together. But the pressure was enormous. I was checked at about 9:30 and was 5 cm and fully effaced, so no pitocin for me! Yay! Donna was always a fantastic support for me in labor (she attended me for all but the first birth, and is not a "real" doula by the way), and this time was no different! She said all the right things and made all the right suggestions through the contractions.

But I was so exhausted. I felt like I just couldn't go through it. I really, really wanted an epidural. So after a bit of soul-searching and support from Charlie and Donna, I decided to go for it.....and I promised myself no regrets and no looking back wishing I hadn't.

At 10:15 the epi was in and all set. I really felt at peace with my decision, too, and was pleased with that. I swore after Donny's birth I would never do an epidural again, and didn't with Lucy. But this time seemed so different.
I couldn't feel the contractions, but man, that pressure! With the pressure I was feeling, the nurse came and checked me again, and I was 7cm at 10:30. Whooo!
Then about 20 minutes later after still feeling more and more pressure, I suddenly realized it was time to push!
Yep, I was complete and ready. The Dr. happened to be in the room when I came to this conclusion, so she said, ok, whenever you are ready, go for it!
So I did. One of my labor wishes was for noone to count or shout while I was pushing, and they didn't.
That first push felt amazing! This time it felt SO right, and I knew the baby was coming out! And he was.
He was in the occiput posterior position (sunny-side up), so THAT was the pressure I was feeling....the infamous back labor! Right then the doc said "Oh! Look at that! He just turned right over, now he's facing down!"
I pushed three more times, only when I felt like it.....I loved that I didn't have to wait until they told me to push. I just knew when to do it and it was bliss!
At 10:59 am, Finley James was born into this world.

He was coated in vernix and was all pink and perfect!
He weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces, and 19 inches long.

We are blessed, and in love once again.
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Beautiful! Way to go Danielle!

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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Here it goes...

My mom came in on Saturday, August 21. That night we went for a walk and I started having some real strong back pain. My mom kept saying it was back labor, but since I had never had that I wasn't too sure. I went to bed and was up on and off with pain.

On Sunday, August 22, we had birthday party to go to for one of my husbands co-workers kids. I wasn't really in the mood, but my husband wanted to go. So we went, and brought my mom because I wasn't convinced "something" was or wasn't happening. I was still having back pain, but htat was it. At the party I started feeling really crampy, and all I could think about was I wanted to walk. So my mom and I left and walked around the complex where our friends lived. During this I started leaking something. We went back and called the midwife. With my positive Group B Strep, all that back pain, and the leaking fluids, she wasnted us right in. So we left the party, dropped the other kids off at a friends, and went to the hospital at around 7 pm.

My MW was there waiting and they hooked me up to a moniter to see if the back pains were contractions. They were, about 6 minutes apart. We went walking again. And again.....I walked all night. At around midnight my MW wanted to check me, I was still only 3 cms, but my water broke all the way once she checked. The contractions started coming more then, but not regular. I walked more. By 4 am, I was having NO contractions. The MW sent me to bed to get a nap before doing anything else.

At 8 am I still wasn't having any contractions, but my water had broken 8 hours before. We decided to start pitocin. I have never had that before, so I didn't know what was in store. By 8:05, the contractions were coming. Every two minutes. My husband said they were soaring off the chart on the monitor. I was in a lot of pain. I never thought it would be so bad, but it was the pitocin that did it. I never asked for an epidural, and noone suggested it. My husband did ask about some IV drugs for me, but for some reason I kept refusing them. At this point I was absolutly screaming, which is highly unlike me. But with each contraction I felt him getting closer....At 9:30 am I finally flipped on my hands and knees and started pushing. My MW was wonderful, she really kept me focused and semi-calm. The pushing was excrutiating, but it was nice to push when and how I wanted. He was born at 9:46 am after just a couple of pushes. My husband kept telling me how wonderful I was and how proud he was sweet. Jackson had the cord around his neck and only had an APGAR of 7, so I didn't get to hold him right away, he was pretty blue coming out. But he was perfect...and A LOT smaller that expected! he was 7 pounds 2 ounces.

This labor was so much more painful than my others, I was told it was because of the pitocin. Whatever the reason, I was very embaressed in front of the people who were there. But nurses kept coming in to tell me how amazed they were that I had a "natural" birth with pitocin, not many people do that. SO I felt a little better, but still feel a little funny about how much noise and screaming I was doing. I don't think I could do it again...if I ever hear pitocin again I think I will BEG for an epidural right away. But I am feeling good about the fact that I did it.....

I will probably have to come back and edit this becasue I seem so scattered right now...

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Caroline, WOW!! You are one strong mama! Way to go!! I was induced with Pitocin with Noah and after swearing for the whole pregnancy that I wouldn't, I ended up with an epidural. It was simply too much for me. You rock!!

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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Caroline, I've never been through labor, but I've read so many birth stories now and have never heard of someone getting through Pitocin without help. Very inspiring! Thanks for posting your story!!!

Danielle, That's great that you could push on your own and in the way you wanted to. Sounds like a very nice birth!

Can't wait to hear more,

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Pre-Labor: Started feeling very irregular contractions early morning Friday 8/27, timed them all day, as they kept coming no less than 30 min apart, but sometimes 20 seconds, sometimes 2 minutes. They were super mild, I went on with my day through them, walked to my neighbor's house and to get the mail, did a bunch of chores, etc. By dinner time they got a bit more regular and distracting so I called my mw for a heads-up, she was getting ready to go to another birth, but said she'd call to check in and to page her if things changed. I spent the night with contrax about 10 min apart with enough intensity that I could not sleep through them. Lying down became painful, so I tried to rest between them by kneeling over the couch with a bunch of pillows. Very little sleep. By about 8am Sat 8/29 I called the mw and let her know that things felt a bit stronger, she was at the other birth, gave me a bunch of ideas/tips/etc and said to call with changes and let her know when we wanted someone to come, she may have to send the back-up mw first if this baby wasn't delivered.

Labor: Things got stronger, I felt best standing up during contrax, so getting up and down was painful and dh did a lot of lifting me, but I knew I couldn't just stand the whole time. I got in the hot tub which was great, no pain in getting to positions that felt best and contrax got closer together. By about 2pm (I think) we called and asked for support so my mw sent her back up as the other birth was progesssing slowly. When she arrived she said that my mw hopes to be able to make it here, but if she can't another back up will. Luckily I really like this back up and felt pretty fine with the whole idea, although I hoped that someone I never met before would not be attending.

First check: 6cm, great! Seems like things are going well, so dh and I continue our labor dance, him lifting me to standing upon contraction onset, me supporting myself on something while he rubbed my back, pushed on my hips or whatever felt best that time. We walked around a bit, did a little squatting and some toilet labor. Sitting on the toilet became excruciating at times, but what could I do, you gotta pee... The mw suggested sitting on the toilet backwards and leaning on a pillow on the tank, this actually made peeing more possible (was starting to get rather difficult) and seemed to help labor along. Suddenly I had to puke, and started to feel like this was getting unbearable, so I think great, transition, so does the mw. She starts to get ready for me to push, but we go ahead and check first, 7cm. Talk about a let down, she can see the head and bulging bag of waters and suggests breaking the bag. So I thought about it for a while, wouldn't that be an intervention? Thinking it wasn't all that natural, but then again, why wait, it was probably what was holding up the dilation, I was surely in active labor at this point. So finally I said let's go for it, she broke the bag and we continued to labor. My main mw finally showed up after this (yay! And the other birth still not complete!), and everyone is setting up for pushing, I feel like transition again, so we check, fully dilated except for a small cervical lip, OK, mw feels like she can hold this back as I push and we can get around it. We start pushing, after a bit she checks, and we have no progress, actually the lip has begun to swell. All pushing must stop, we have to get the swelling down. So they draw me a hot bath, have me lie down and try to down-labor a bit. Its quite late at night by now so everyone takes a rest, dh and one mw get naps and the other lays on the bathroom floor to be with me while I try to relax as well.

The Delivery: Early Sunday morning contractions begin to feel like intense rectal pressure, so we alert mw and check, swelling is gone we are ready to go. Start out pushing on the couch, try a few different positions, the best was a supported squat. I would sit on the edge of the couch in front of dh and when the ctx came, I would squat down on the floor while he came forward and held me up. This worked pretty well, got that little head to start showing. At this point, the mw wanted a better look at things and for better perineal support, we decided to move onto the bed. I get into a supported semi-recline position, almost sitting up and really work at pushing during each contraction. DH held up a mirror so I could see our progress, and with each push I watched her head emerge a little bit more, great motivation. Finally she is really crowning, I feel that ring of fire (wouch!), but mw is supporting my tissues with oils and hot compresses, and the next contraction I push out her head. DH gets to the front line, holds her head while she rotates a little and mw helps her shoulder out during the next push and her little body comes right out into her daddy's hands, it is 10:50 am, Sunday 8/29/04. Then she is on my belly letting out a little cry and we are just overcome with tears and awe that we've just had our baby.

Nessa Delaney weighed 7 pounds even, measured 20 and 1/2 inches long and is just perfect!


Mama to DD 8 blahblah.gif and  3rdtri.gif EDD 5/21/13 joy.gif

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Just beautiful Sheryl! What a great job you did!
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Sheryl - I came here just to see if you had posted yet! yay! That sounds amazing honey. Congratulations!

winner.jpg Adina knit.gifmama to B hearts.gif 4/06  and E baby.gif  8/13/12 (on her due date!) homebirth.jpg waterbirth.jpg


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Oh Sheryl, how wonderful!! You did great. And I love love love the name you chose.

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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Warning: LOOOOONG story.

Reid Roland’s birth

I had been having “prelabor” off and on for days, but it stepped up considerably on 8/28, a Saturday. Contractions 10 mins. apart or less for hours at a time. On that day, Nick took the kids off for the day, and I expected to call him, needing for him to come home. The full moon was the next night, and I was hopeful! My midwife had called to say that she was out of range, and had no cell or pager service, but would call and check her office voicemail hourly.

Perfect! (well, not) so I thought for sure it would be the 28th. NOPE!

Nor the 29th, despite a night of more close, regular contractions off and on, and the full moon.

Yeah, and not the 30th, despite a night and day of more close, regular contractions off and on.

And not the 31st, despite a night and day of more close, regular contractions off and on.

How frustrating, tiring, boring.

Actually, I’d gone through similar with Isabelle, before she was born (from the 37th week until she was born at 41.5 weeks) and I felt sure it had made labor much easier, but I was much bigger and more uncomfortable with Reid, and had been sure he wouldn’t go all the way to 40 weeks. Also the idea that I had weeks to go, possibly, was daunting.

The one noticeable difference was that I had been having copious amounts of bloody show from Sunday on, and I’d never lost my plug before labor before, so at first I was optimistic about that, but by Tuesday it had tapered off to nothing, and I’d heard that the plug can reform, or be lost weeks prior to labor.

On Wednesday night (9/1), two days before my due date, again, I was having contractions, 5-10 mins apart, a minute long or so, but they weren’t getting stronger or closer together. I thought it was more of the same, and went to bed. I woke up at 12:30, back aching like mad, contractions. Ignored them as best I could, and tried to go back to sleep. Dozed off again at some point, but woke again, still with killer backache and painful contractions, still not progressing or in a closer/stronger pattern, but painful. Nick had fallen asleep downstairs, so I went downstairs and woke him up to come up to bed, and broke into tears. It was miserable to wake up in pain (again) alone, and frustrating because it seemed clear to me that this wasn’t yet “it”. Poor Nick had no clue what to do.

Fell asleep again after awhile, but woke up at 4:30, still with a killer backache, and the same damned contraction pattern, but I decided trying to sleep was futile, so I got up. I went out on the deck for awhile, and it was absolutely beautiful. The moon, just past full, was so bright it cast shadows, there was a hint of dawn light in the eastern sky, the north star was incredibly bright. I listened to the sounds of the night world merging with the sounds of the day. Crickets, cicadas, frogs, the coyotes, almost quieting as I stood there, and the first of the early bird calls tentatively singing out.

I think the clarity of the night brought me my own clarity, and I suddenly realized what was wrong. The baby was posterior! The contractions weren’t doing anything, because he wasn’t positioned the right way, which was also why I was in so much pain. Mind you, he had consistently been LOA (left occiput anterior, back to my left, head down and facing forward, for the past 6 weeks at least) so the posterior presentation was a total surprise.

This was encouraging in a way, because I realized that if I could get him to spin, this would be it, and I’d have my baby, but also frightening, because if I couldn’t get him to spin, I knew I was in for a nightmare labor, that I’d read about but never had to experience.

So, I did a double-check in my books and websites on spinning babies, and spent a lot of time on all fours, which caused the contractions to be much more painful.

He wasn’t spinning.

At 6, when the alarm went off, I told Nick he was NOT allowed to hit snooze, that he had to get up and have his coffee, let the kids sleep as they were staying home.

I told him, after a bit, what the problem was, and had him page Martha (our midwife). She called back right away, and I gave her our status update, and a brief synopsis, since I hadn’t spoken to her since the past Thursday. I said I’d been on all fours, but hadn’t gotten him to spin. She suggested not just staying on hands and knees, but during contractions, to lean back on my heels and really push down, which would put pressure on him and, combined with the contractions, really encourage him to spin.

I said I’d do that, and that we’d keep in touch. I felt like this was really it, but since labor was so indeterminate at this point, no reason to be more definitely optimistic.

Cullen woke up and came downstairs dressed, ready for school. I told him I was pretty sure the baby would be born today, so we would keep him home. He was incredibly excited, and grinned hugely. I explained that he would miss his first “show and tell” and he said that was fine, because he’d be able to do lots of show and tell, but his brother was only going to be born once! (Ok, I really hadn’t thought he’d mind, but I wanted to hear what he’d say. I knew he’d been looking forward to bringing in his fossils.)

Isabelle came downstairs, and when I told her, she also grinned hugely, gave me a thumbs up, and said “That’s GREAT!”

Zadie’s our late sleeper, and she came down last. Her response was “Really?! I’m so excited!” and she started jumping up and down and prancing around.

I tried Martha’s technique through several contractions, on the couch with my chest up on the arm and pillows supporting my upper body, and it HURT! But, lo and behold, it also WORKED! He spun, back to my right, kicks on the left. Thank Goddess and Martha and baby Reid!

From that point contractions became perfectly manageable again, about 10 mins apart (sound familiar?) and 60 secs long or so. I wasn’t sure if keeping the kids home was the right idea, but was sure that I was exhausted, so went to lay down and try to rest.

I dozed for a few hours, waking and half-waking for some contractions, incorporating others into my dreams. I woke for good to a strong one, and decided to get up again. They remained in the same pattern, but were still there, and that was encouraging. We were definitely in the process of getting this baby out, slow process though it might be.
At some point I felt, trying to check my cervix and see if I could gauge any dilation. I had seemed to be, to my sense, about 2 cm for nearly the past week. I couldn’t tell if I was any more dilated (I couldn’t reach enough) but I was clearly effacing. The cervix felt so different! How awesome to be able to feel such an obvious change.

Martha called to check in, and I elatedly told her that her tip had worked and we had an anterior baby again. (YAY!) We decided that she would keep her office appointments and check in after 2, unless we needed to call her earlier. Seemed perfectly reasonable, since things were going slowly and calmly.

No real change in contractions, 10 mins. apart, 60 secs. long, about the same strength. Totally manageable. At about 12:30 I tried checking my cervix again. I was rather discouraged by the lack of change in labor pattern. Whoa! What is that I feel? Could it be???

I told Nick to wash his hands and come upstairs, as I needed him to do something for me. I took off his boxers which I had been wearing folded down at the waist, and got into bed under the sheet. He came in and I grinned sheepishly at him, and said I wanted him to confirm what I felt in there. He said he knew what I needed him for, but he wasn’t sure what to feel for. I said “Well, you know what the cervix is, right? So, you want to see how many fingers’ space there is in the opening, and see if you can feel anything through it. But be careful! We don’t want to break anything!”

He reached in and carefully felt around, and I said “That’s the bag of waters, isn’t it? Is that what I felt?” and he agreed that was certainly what it felt like. He put up his fingers and checked them against a tape measure and said he’d guess I was at about 5 cm. I asked if he could feel the head through the bag, and he said it felt soft, but he didn’t want to poke around. He didn’t think so.

At any rate, I was elated; labor might FEEL like it was puttering along and doing nothing, but it certainly was doing something.

For good measure I went and took 3 evening primrose capsules, and we went back out to the deck, were I’d been spending almost all of my time. Nick had his laptop out there, so he could keep me company and be close by if I needed him. The kids were hanging out in the family room watching new videos I’d gotten for the occasion.

Oh, I should note that I’d been eating and drinking (and peeing! That’s important, so let’s not forget it) throughout the day.

The contractions started getting stronger around this time, and some were closer together, but shorter. I’d have some at 10 min intervals, lasting 60 secs and some at 5 min intervals lasting 30-45 seconds. They were uncomfortable enough for me to want to stand up and breath through them, relaxing my body completely, but not so strong that I needed help to cope at all.

I wanted to give Martha a good update when she called again around 2, so asked Nick to check me again a little before then. This time, though, I told him he had to kiss me first. He kissed me, checked, compared to tape measure, and said he’d guess a good 6 cm.

Martha called around 2:30, and I explained that the contractions were stronger, but still no established pattern, and that I’d had Nick check dilation and we figured I was around 6 cm. She said she would wrap up a few things, and figure on being here in an hour or two, if that sounded right to me. Otherwise we could call her. I thought that sounded fine, considering our lack of pattern. Figure in a multipara (woman who’s had babies before) dilation of about 1.5 cm per hour, with 4 cms to go, we should be good. I didn’t really want Martha here until I’d hit transition.

Reid had other plans, though.

Right after I got off the phone with Martha, contractions picked up a lot in frequency, but they were still short. 60 secs or even less (some being 30 or 45 secs) but about 2 mins apart. They were really strong at the peak, and I had Nick massage my hips. But they were so short! And I’d still frequently get 5 min breaks in between them.

Nevertheless, the sacral pressure was getting uncomfortable, so I decided to get in the birth tub. The kids all knew the tub was for the baby to be born in, and they all came out to hang out with us. I asked them to please be quiet when mommy started breathing loudly, and for the most part, they were, although they were full of questions. Isabelle asked if I was giving birth now, and I said “pretty soon!”

The water in the tub was hot (95 for baby) and I was hot, so Cullen got me a glass of water with a straw, and held it for me so I could drink in between contractions.

I was getting to the point where low vocalizing, like heavy breathing with sound, was very helpful in relaxing me through the contractions.

Surprise! Here we are, on the back deck, me in labor in earnest, when the fuel oil truck pulls up! Ahahahaha! Nick was rather disturbed by this, since they need to run the hose around the deck to fill the tank. I established quickly that if I moved to the other side of the tub and kept low they wouldn’t see anything but maybe my head (I was nude). I think I told him (although maybe I just thought it) no WAY was I getting out of the water.

I think the kids and their chatter masked my low breathing, and the truck, which they leave running, and the pump for the oil made enough noise so I’m pretty certain they remained clueless, but the diesel fumes in the air was lousy.

The kids got bored, and went back inside to watch videos again. We had the tub set up right outside the family room door, so we could keep an ear on them.

I got out of the tub to pee, and experimentally hung out on the toilet through a few contractions, since I’d read that a lot of women are really helped by sitting on the pot. After all, our bodies are conditioned to relax everything down there when on the toilet, from toddlerhood. Oh, yes, they were right! It felt great.

After a few mins I decided to go back out to the deck, and there was a bit of a lull between contractions. What? I thought. Noooo, it couldn’t be. I’d had a lull like this with Isabelle, right before Connie showed up. I’d had this lull, which I believe Ina May calls the “rest and be thankful” phase, when I was fully dilated. Yeah, like right before the urge to push kicked in. But I couldn’t have made it through transition like that? Not that easily!

Another contraction came on, as I stood on the deck, and Nick asked me if I wanted him to massage my hips, and I said “No, I want my potty!” and rushed into the bathroom. (Well, yeah, actually I did say it just like that for humor effect!) I sat down and wanted to PUSH! I breathed/moaned through one contraction, and although tolerable, it didn’t feel right. I pushed through the next one, and it felt soooo goooood! I was still in a state of disbelief, though. So, I had to check. I reached into my vagina and felt the bag of waters bulging, no more than an inch and a half up.

I went back to the deck and told Nick what I’d felt, and he asked if I wanted him to call Martha. I said yes. This was just after 3:30 or so. She called back immediately, and he explained what was going on. She asked if I felt like I needed to push, and he said “No, she doesn’t feel like pushing yet.” And I said “YES I DO!” and rushed back to the bathroom. Martha was still on the phone, and said if I felt like it, do it. So I did, and SPLASH! There went the bag of waters. I got up and took a peak in the pot. All clear! No mec. Phew.

That was it. The next contraction came on and made it perfectly clear that there was no question about it. Pushing was not optional. My body just took over completely and a deep roar came out of me, as every bit of me, body and soul, went to work on expelling the baby.

Martha was still on the line, and heard me, and told Nick “You two are going to have this baby!”. The kids had all heard me too, and rushed into the bathroom. Nick reassured them that all was well, mommy was just working really hard, and shooed them out. I think I had three or 4 contractions on the pot, and Martha told Nick to get me in the tub to slow things down a bit.

Back out we went to the tub, and I guess being in the water did slow things down a little bit, as there was just a bit more time between pushes, but it certainly didn’t decrease the intensity any. It did ease the sacral and hip pressure some.

I’ve read about Dr. Michael Odent’s theory on the Fetal Ejection Reflex, and that’s the only way I can describe the pushing stage with this baby. Every fiber of my existence went into each push. I reached inside, to feel where his head was and track his descent. Through the first few pushes in the tub I didn’t feel much progress, but then I could clearly feel him inching down. During contractions I gripped the edge of the tub. During one I felt one of my soft, wet fingernails bend back as I dug my nails in, but it was only in the abstract. As he moved lower down in the birth canal, I spoke to him between contractions. “Come ON, baby, come ON, Reid! It’s time to come out!” “Come OUT NOW, baby!” which the kids heard, and all flocked back out to the deck.

I was so hot! Cullen got me glass after glass of ice water. I had Zadie get a bowl of ice and a bunch of wet washcloths which Nick put on my forehead and the back of my neck. Nick told the kids to be quiet, but he had no idea. In between contractions I was calm and in control and completely lucid (asking for the water, explaining to Zadie to get the ice and cloths, etc.) but during contractions nothing existed but the primal urge to eject that baby. I could hear the kids talking, but it was as if they were on a different planet, or like when you’re more than half asleep and barely registering distant sounds. It didn’t matter. Nothing did, but getting that baby out of my body!

I felt his head come down to the vaginal opening. The contraction let up, and it slipped back. I could feel all of him slip back up again. NO baby! Come DOWN! Come OUT! Another contraction, there it was again. There it slipped back again.

Now I was determined. I thought I’d been putting everything I had into those pushes. Somehow, though, I found that there was a bit more to put into them, and I gave a tremendous push, and he was crowning. “There he is!” I said “There’s his head. He’s crowning. Come on baby.”

I had to stop myself from pushing while he crowned. My body had stopped, but my head didn’t want to. I told Nick to put his hand under me for support, and he put it on my butt. I told him “No, forward! Forward!” and he moved it backwards. (duh!) “FORWARD” and he put his hand on my perineum, I had one hand on my upper vagina, fingers splayed to the sides. I was afraid he would come too fast, and I would tear. I was squatting in the tub, and my other hand was holding onto the side.

Another push, and his head came further down, stretching everything. One more push! “His head! His head is out!” Two contractions as my uterus tightened up around his body. One more, and I didn’t feel his shoulder pop, so I scooted backwards onto all fours, telling Nick to be ready to catch him, being careful to keep his head under water (one thing with waterbabies, they won’t try to breathe until they hit the air, but you can’t have their head out and then submerge it again). (I think this contraction was still just snugging up around him to get him out, but Isabelle had a cord on her shoulder, and I know all fours is the easiest way to get the shoulders out. Plus, Nick had said he’d like to catch him.)

One contraction, and I literally felt his shoulder pop out from behind the bone. POP! Another, and I felt his whole body twisting inside of me. I asked Nick if he had him “I’ve got him!” he said, and then as another contraction came, I yelled to Nick “Don’t pull him!” “I’m not pulling, that’s HIM!” he said, as the rest of his body was forced from mine. It really felt as if he was being pulled from my body! Reid was born at exactly 4 pm, Nick said.

I flipped over into a seated position, and Nick handed him to me. Luckily his cord was long enough to wrap around my leg so I could hold him. I confirmed that he was a he, and watched him. A few seconds went by, and I rubbed his back, and he took a few tentative breaths. I rubbed some more, and he took a few more, deeper, but they sounded a bit wet, so I flipped him over onto his tummy on my arm, rubbed his back a bit more and he expelled a bunch of fluids from his mouth and nose and started YELLING! Then I passed him back to Nick so I could raise my leg up, and he passed him back under my leg so the cord wasn’t wrapped around my leg. I then lowered him back into the water, submerging all but his head, and he started rooting, sticking out his tongue and then found his fingers and started to suck on them. I latched him on, and he started to nurse. We covered what was out of the water with a towel, to keep him warm, put on his little cap, The kids all came over to touch him and look at him.

Nick called Martha to say we had a baby. She was a few minutes away. She was concerned about the placenta being delivered in the tub, since it’s impossible to gauge blood loss if it is, so we all went upstairs, where Reid continued to nurse. Martha got there just moments after we settled in upstairs. We waited a while longer, until I started to get some more mild contractions, and I delivered the placenta with three gentle pushes. It was completely intact and healthy, Nick cut the cord, with help from the kids, once they were all assured that it was like clipping fingernails and painless. Martha took blood from the cord for testing the baby (as an alternative to pricking them. Why isn’t this always done?!) typed him as AB+. Checked me and confirmed no tears, no scratches, and no swelling! We waited for him to stop nursing for his look-over, and it was at around 6 o’clock! He nursed for 2 straight hours after birth. Martha weighed him, measured him, checked heart rate and respiration. Questioned us on details of the labor and birth, declared his Apgar’s of 9 and 9, based on info from us. Cleaned me up some, saw to it that I peed, and left.

Nobody but Nick and I got to hold him; Martha just had me put him down for a few moments for the check-up, Nick put him into the scale and diapered him. The only hands to hold his little body were ours. Cullen asked to hold him and did, a bit later, after he’d nursed even more! Eventually we dressed him, as near nightfall it got cooler, but for hours he was on my chest with only a blanket over us.

Now, at just over 48 hours after birth, my milk is in already, although I’ve been lazy about watching his latch during the night, and my nipples are sore. Other than that I feel better post-partum than I ever have. I didn’t feel like this for months after Cullen. Probably almost a week after Isabelle. Maybe 4 days, but not 2 days! Instead of being in pain and discomfort, I’m reveling in my non-pregnant body, and my beautiful, incredible son.

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Oh yay Plantmommy and Reid!! I'm glad you wrote such a long story. I loved reading all the details. The time you all spent after his birth sounds perfect.

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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Wonderful, Plantmommy!

I wonder if really short contractions are common for multips?

Your labor sounded alot like mine; short contractions with lots of pressure.
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Wow, girls! Thanks for sharing your stories! They're beautiful. You are all such strong women!!!!
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So beautiful Alttara! I'm keeping that posterior tip in mind, and read it over and over several times to make sure I had it right. Maybe I should read your whole story over a couple of times, as I started having sympathy contractions just reading it!
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At 3:00 am on Sept. 2nd, I woke up to contractions that felt different. They were short and far apart, but I could feel them strongly just above my pubic bone and in my cervix. It felt better kneeling in bed during them, so I did that. I tried to sleep between them.
I tried to go about my business throughout the day, having to stop and breathe and walk through contractions. I didn't really know if it was "it" since they weren't close, or regular.
Dh called quite often to keep track of me. There didn't seem to be any change, so I didn't ask him to come home.
Around 4:00 pm, as I was anticipating dh's arrival soon, contractions picked up. They were 10 minutes, and quickly progressed to 5 minutes. They were coming regularly by the time dh got home.
He puttered around trying to decide what to do. Finally he had a bath and by the time he decided to go get supper from McDonald's, I didn't want him to leave. Contractions were 3 minutes apart, and getting stronger. I could now feel them in my lower back and hips as well as above my pubic bone and cervix.
When he was gone, I called the midwife who said she was on her way over. I filled the bathtub and got in.
Dh got home and brought our supper upstairs to the bathroom. I couldn't eat anything, and the smell of his food made me feel sick.
Once I got in the tub, I had a bit of a break from contractions for a few minutes. Then they started in again, getting stronger.
The midwife showed up, checked me and I was 4 cm, fully effaced with a bulging bag of waters.
She set up her equiptment, and called the backup midwife to let her know to eat something and come on over.
I had a few more contractions that kept getting higher in intensity. Sylvia checked me and I was fully dilated except for a thick anterior lip. She tried holding it back during a contraction, but that was extremely painful and didn't work. That meant I just had to work with the contractions until it was gone. This was an extremely difficult time for me. I was hurting so badly during contractions. Dh was pressing on my lower back and I was grabbing Sylvia's arm and looking into her eyes and breathing and moaning to get through them. This was a longer and more difficult transition than I usually have.
My water broke at the end of a contraction. I looked down and saw that it was clear.
When I started to push, I messed up the bath water, so they got me out immediately and put towels down on the bathroom floor. They helped me get down on my hands and knees. I pushed and started feeling the baby descend. I stuck my finger in and felt the baby's head just inside. I pushed and her head came out, her body came out soon after.
I was so happy that she was out. She was born at 8:00 pm.
They passed her through my legs and she was laying on the towel so I could see her. She was dark purple. She wasn't breathing, but her heart was beating strongly and she had good muscle tone. Her cord was cut and the backup midwife took her into the bedroom where her resuscitation equiptment was. She worked on our baby and quickly got her going.
About 5 minutes after the baby's birth, the placenta came.
The bed was set up with pads, and I was helped into bed with baby. We snuggled, and I helped her to get latched on. She was a good nurser from the start.
I am left with good feelings about this birth. If I have another baby, I don't think I will have problems with anxiety.
It is so good to have a newborn again. I had quite forgotten how sweet it is to have a little baby. Everything about her is wonderful and amazing. It's sad to think she might be my last, after all, she's the 7th. (But I'm only 29, I whine.)
Anyway, I'm so happy Arowen is here!!!
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Thank you for sharing Melanie! I am so happy that birth was such a wonderful experience for you!
Way to go mama! Kiss that little angel for us....

Anna Banana ~5 year old daughter ~3 year old son one angel baby and expecting July 2010
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Saturday August 28 I had been having strong braxton hicks but fairly inconsistent all day (and the whole week before!). At 5:00 pm I called our midwife Melody to let her know how my day had been going. She advised to insert some evening primrose oil vaginally and lay down for 90 minutes. Melody also told me that she was coming (4.5 hour drive). I was so uncertain about that. I told her that I was worried that she would come down and be here for days before the baby came. She reassured me that if that happened (and it did) that it was fine and that she felt she needed to leave then. During the time I was lying down I had 3 contractions 30 minutes apart they were really strong and I knew they were the start of true labor. When I got up Duztin had fed the kids so we decided to go for a long walk, it ended up being 3 miles! It felt so good to be out, the evening was mild and the kids were so cute. We went on my favorite trail along a small river it was so peaceful the kids were thrilled with the cows, rabbits, bats and lizards. When we got home my sisters were there waiting for us and 30 minutes later Melody and her assistant Jan arrived. It was exciting getting everyone settled in, showing the "birth room", watching Melody set things up. All this time though my contractions were 30-60 minutes apart, although they were very strong and required my total concentration and support from Duztin. I was up and down all night trying to get contractions closer together alternated with resting. I had my first exam at 8:30 Sunday morning and I was 3cm and 50% effaced. Melody gave me homeopathic Caulophyllum 200c and Gelsemium 200c. I was still contracting 30-60 minutes apart. I had another check at 3:30pm and I was 4.5 cm. Even though my contractions were spaced so far apart they were working. A total of 7 contractions dilated me from 3 to 4.5cm. My water broke a little after 4:00pm. The fluid was clear with flecks of vernix in it. 11:00pm Sunday Melody checks and I am 7 cm. I feel a mental boost that I am progressing even though my contractions are still so far apart. I got in a really hot shower around 2am Monday. It was wonderful. While in the shower I had such a strong sense of despair/frustration I closed my eyes and leaned back on Duztin and let the water flow over my belly. As I did this a clear picture of my baby smiling came to my mind with the impression that she was coming just be patient a little more. Duztin and I went for a walk at 5am Monday around the neighborhood. It was so nice to be out with him. I was able to have a good cry/release of emotions over labor taking so long. We live 3 blocks from the women's hospital and while we were out walking we saw 3 couples going in the maternity entrance. It felt so nice to know that I was going home to have my baby! After our walk I quit dwelling on me and got caught up on laundry and some housework. My younger sister had to go home and get her children so her husband could go to work. So we had my four children, my older sisters two, my younger sisters three and our midwifes 3mo baby. To top it all off my friend that was going to come be support for my children was out of town. I never felt worried about the kids, I didn't even notice them. I had bought a movie and they all watched that or played in our yard during labor. My 8yo and my older sisters 10yo really helped out a lot, organizing games, baking a "birth" day cake etc. My sisters would go upstairs every 5-10 minutes to check on all the kiddos. Finally at 1:30pm Monday I had an hours worth of contractions that were 10 minutes apart and then back to nothing!! They started at 4:00 again very strong. My back was really starting to hurt. Back labor with a breech baby is worse than the back labor I had with my 3 posterior babies. In hindsight I am grateful that the contractions were spaced so far apart as it gave me time to physically recover between them. I started feeling a lot of pressure so Melody checked and the baby's bum was through the cervix. I was only 8 cm so she had me get in a knee chest position to finish dilating. After 20 minutes of that I was finally a very stretchy 10+. Once I stood up my contractions started coming 5 minutes apart and even stronger. Every contraction started with me saying "my back" and someone would put a hot pack on and push as hard as they could. Finally at 5:50pm Monday I started feeling pushy! I sat on the birth stool with Duztin behind holding the hot pack on my back. I could feel the baby moving down and was able to feel her soft little bottom. It was so encouraging. She finally descended enough that I couldn't withstand the urge to push. I pushed her out to her umbilicus in one push. During that push the pressure was intense from her legs and feet pushing against me. When her feet came out it released some of the pressure. I could then feel her arms moving and trying to come so I pushed again and I could feel each arm as they came out. The pressure was so intense from her head, I gave one last strong push and out she came. Birth happened so quickly. From "rumping" to delivery of the head was 40 seconds. The pressure release when her head was born was very intense. It took me about 20 seconds to catch my breath. On the video Naomi and I are both breathing the same way, short quick breaths. She was immediately handed up to me and wrapped in the blanket I had made for her. She was so pink. Her apgars were 10/10. She was so amazing. She just looked into my eyes and had such a pleased expression on her face. Five minutes after she was born the placenta came. Duztin clamped and cut the cord and we moved onto the bed. Within 15 minutes she was nursing. I was curious about the placenta as I wanted to know if Melody could see where the placental separation that had happened at 20 weeks had occured. On examination of the placenta there were two spots one the size of my thumbnail near the cord that was scarred and hard and one cotyledon was completely scarred on the edge of the placenta. Other than those two places the placenta was perfect.

Naomi Pa'chavi
6lb. 3oz. 20.5 in.
Frank Breech at home
30 August 2004
6:17 pm
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Wow, what an amazing birth Chumani!!! I'm glad you got to birth her at home.
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Eowyn’s birth story

On Thursday, September 30, facing a home birth deadline of October 4, I took 4 ounces of castor oil to induce labor at about 12 noon. After about three hours of terrible nausea and vertigo, plus five hours of diarrhea, contractions started at about 7pm. Irregular and not too bad. I did notice that they were incredibly long, lasting over a minute. At this point, I hadn’t connected the longer contractions with severe dehydration, which began on Thursday as well. This was most likely caused by the castor oil.

Around 1:45 am Thursday night/Friday morning, the contrax woke me up. 4-5 minutes apart, lasting as long as 90 seconds. These were a little more painful. They continued to grow in intensity, and we called JP, Karen and My midwife around 3:45am. At 5am, I got into the tub, and the contractions didn’t really slow down in duration or frequency, which was surprising. At about 6am, I began to feel a lot of downward pressure, so My midwife came to check me at 7am and announced that I was 2 cm. I spent the day walking and walking in the hot sun to get active labor going, and I noticed that all that walking was making the contractions go away. Hmmm.

Back in the tub, the contractions would get going again. I was drinking water constantly, but I felt terrible acid reflux all day, and could not eat anything due to the intense burning in my chest. Tums did not help at all. I wanted to drink water with electrolytes (SmartWater – no sugar or flavorings added), because My midwife felt I was dehydrated, but My midwife told me it was a bad idea. Thus, I drank lots and lots of water, even though my instincts kept gravitating toward the SmartWater.

Friday afternoon, My midwife was confused. I’d walked for about two miles around my neighborhood, and she didn’t understand why the walking wasn’t causing me to move into active labor. She said, “The walking should get you going so much, you’ll have to stop and breathe through the contractions.” Actually, the exact opposite was true. I never had to stop when I was walking. The contractions were much more painful when I was resting or in the tub. My midwife checked me again around 6pm and I was still only 2cm. She told me to take more castor oil. At this time she noticed I was dehydrated, and once again told me to drink water, but not the SmartWater. I told her I’d been drinking large amounts of water, and I also told her I had eaten very little due to the acid reflux. She had no response to this, just commented once again that she thought I was dehydrated. She also said that the dehydration was making the contractions more painful (and yet less effective) than they should have been, and that I should recognize and “ignore” that.

My midwife also told me that I was paying too much attention to my contractions. She told me repeatedly to go to the movies or just leave the house. She also said my husband and friends were not allowed to help me breathe through the contractions. I felt like my breathing through the contractions was helping, but she told me that if I thought early labor was painful, I wouldn’t be able to handle active labor. At this point I tried to imagine being in active labor (from what My midwife described, I imagined that active labor would be terribly painful), on an empty stomach, on the toilet with terrible diarrhea, and/or in bed with terrible nausea and vertigo. I also had a sunburn from all the walking, which contributed to the dehydration. My midwife’s response to my sunburn was to admonish me for not putting on sunscreen before all that senseless walking.

At this point, contractions had been consistently 4-5 minutes apart, lasting about 60-90 seconds. Painful, but fairly easy to breathe through. Except for the walking, which was exhausting in the hot sun and such, the contractions had been this way since Friday morning 1:45am.

At 7pm Friday, I took more castor oil. At 8pm, I vomited up the castor oil, along with about 20oz of water. My midwife had told me that none of her clients had *ever* vomited after taking castor oil. At this point, I became very concerned about My midwife and the level of care I was receiving. I knew I was severely dehydrated, I knew I needed electrolytes, and yet My midwife still refused to allow me to drink the SmartWater. Although My midwife could have hydrated me with an IV at any time, she never offered this, and I was so far gone with pain and dehydration that I had forgotten all about it. In general, I felt her reaction to my dehydration/acid reflux was criticism instead of health care.

After vomiting up the water, I laid down for two hours and had a good long talk with myself. I didn’t trust My midwife. I didn’t like how she was handling things. Regardless of what she told me, I felt like my instincts – get in the tub, rest, drink SmartWater, were right, but My midwife was getting in my way, not trusting me, and really scaring me with her talk of the evil pain of active labor. I also really didn’t believe that I could keep another dose of castor oil down, since I still had the acid reflux and dehydration.

My midwife called at 10pm. I told her about the vomiting, and she told me to take more castor oil. She said I had no other options, and if I didn’t hit active labor by 3am that evening, she would have to transfer me for pitocin. At this point, I had a deadline. I told her I would think things over for an hour and call her.

I began to seriously consider the hospital. My biggest reason for wanting a transfer was to no longer be under My midwife’s care. I felt that I might have a chance for better, more attentive care with the nurses and doctors than with My midwife. I knew there were risks, but at that point the risks of a C-section, drugs, interventions, etc. seemed less foreboding that the risks associated with My midwife, especially since her new deadline might very well land me in the hospital later that evening anyway.

Also, after nearly 24 hours of very painful early labor, I needed a rest. I was worried about having enough energy to handle active labor, or even push my baby out.

I gave my reasons to JP, Karen, and Jim, and they all agreed that My midwife was not helping me or trusting my instincts.

I told My midwife my decision to transfer. She checked me. I was at 3cm, and she agreed it was a good idea, although she emphasized that it was for pain management – an epidural and no other reason. I didn’t see any point in correcting her, I just wanted someone else to help me ASAP.

Once at the hospital, the contractions didn’t feel any worse, I was getting the hang of breathing through them, getting used to them. The nurse checked me at about 1:15am Saturday, and I was at 5cm! I’d been dealing with the “evil pain” of active labor without a problem. It didn’t seem much worse than early labor, and the contractions were still coming 4-5 minutes apart, lasting as long as 90 seconds. The 5 minute drive to the hospital had not slowed down the contractions at all.

The staff at the hospital was wonderful and supportive, they never made me feel guilty for transferring. I got an epidural at about 2am Saturday, and they started pitocin around 6am. My midwife advised me to have them give me as much pitocin as possible, since I was on the hospital’s clock now, and if I didn’t dilate fast enough, I could end up with a c-section. I took her advice, and I’m glad I did. I didn’t feel the painful pitocin contractions from 5cm to 10cm, thanks to the epidural. Mostly I just laid there and chatted with my mom and husband. By 4:45pm, I was 10cm and feeling a good amount of pain through the epidural, which they turned off the minute I told them I was in pain.

When I first started pushing, the nurse was very sedate. She didn’t give me any directions, just said, “push how you want when you feel like it.” My midwife, on the other hand, gave me very specific instructions which, surprise surprise, weren’t working for me. About halfway through the pushing process, I had full sensation of the pain and an overwhelming urge to push. I told My midwife to back off. After that, I followed my instincts, and pushing became a lot easier. After 90 minutes of pushing, my daughter Eowyn Rose was born. The best part was the end. Once she was crowning, I got the rest of her out in about five minutes, with minimal tearing and no episiotomy.

My first thought when I held her was, “This does not look like a newborn!” She was completely pink, no vermix, and huge. She also didn’t cry when they put her on my chest. Jim cut the cord, and the hospital staff bent their rules and let me stay with her for an extra few hours while she and I tried nursing. No matter what, if I was nursing her, the hospital staff always backed off. They were incredibly pro nursing.

Our post partum stay was short, and really great. The nurses came to our room at all hours to help me learn how to nurse, and I know this is why my engorgement wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

I was incredibly impressed with the hospital. Although I wanted a home birth very badly, in the end, I feel like I got the best outcome possible. I have no regrets about my decision to transfer, and my use of an epidural and pitocin. Obviously, I chose the wrong midwife, but you live and you learn. Birth is a sacred experience, no matter where, when, why, or how it happens, and now I have the most beautiful daughter in the world.
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heather, you did a great job!

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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My birth story:

DH and I went to bed around 11pm and had sex. About 5 min latter, I was laying in bed. I

felt and heard a "POP" I layed still a min and nothing happend. So I said to DH that was

strange and told him what happend. I decided I had to pee since I had the UTI and we just

had sex I figured I should not go to sleep without a trip to the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom and peed. Well when I was done peeing I still felt water coming out.

I was thinking ok this is new and strange. Once more I wated a min and then did a kegel and

more water came out and I could not controle it. I figured that it was my water braking but

I had to do one more thing to belive it. I pushed on the top of my fundus and yup lots of

water came out.

Next thing I did was look in the toliet and saw that it was like pink lemmon aid and I

called for DH. I told him of all of the above and asked him to get me the phone to call the

OB. I called and the nurse said she would have him call me back. As I wated for the phone to

ring I got up and put on my birth undies (granny type) and a pad. I also woke my Dad to tell

him what was going on. Just as I was done the phone rang.

It was Dr. Skory. I told him what was going on. He said not to worry about the pink color

that it just ment my cerix was changing. He told me to go to bed and call him at 8am if I

had no contractions by then. And if I was not haivng cx't by 6pm he would start pit.

Well I get off the phone only to find DH at the door dressed and ready to rush me out the

door. I LOL at him and said "What are you doing?" And then told him what the Dr. said. He

decided he could not go back to bed so he went out to smoke (yes he is quiting) with my Dad

and then down stairs to play the xbox. My Dad came inside and had coffee and I had a cup of

tea (I got a kick out of the fact that it was my last bag of prego tea) And headed to PO to

post what was going on and to see if anyone was on that wanted to chat.

I called Kim and Aunt Connie to let them know what was going on since I wanted them to be at

the birth.

I knew he was posterior when we had our 39 week visit just that morning and I was on YIM

with Julianna and she said I could try to hoola hoop, so I went and got out my mom's hoop

(she was always a good hoola hooper) and when I walked passed my Dad he said "what ya

doing?" So I told him he kept looking at me. I said "you are looking at me like I am a bomb

about to go off" And Dad said "you are!" and then I did holla. It was kind of fun but did

not work well with such a belly, so I gave up the hoop and came back to the cumputer to talk

more with Julanna on YIM and some of the girls on PO. As I stood and did the hoola without

the hoop.

1am Every time I sat I felt a gush.

2am Ok men are driving me nuts so I started to give them jobs. DH had to get the vedio cam

ready (charged) and I sent both men to the 24 hour walmart for last min baby things that DH

and I where going to get the next day, but baby decided to come now. We still needed a

battery for our camra and a video tape for the video camera, and I wanted more overnight

pads since I was leaking so much water I was sure I would need more for my bleeding once we

got home form the hospital. I called my brother to let him know what was going on and to

make sure his friend who puts in car seats was able to do this tomarrow. (his friend is a

fire fighter and dose this at the fire house for people all the time) it was not almost 2am

and no real cx't, just a few BH.

2:30am I am haivng mostly back labor and strange felings in my pelvis. A few min latter I

went to the bath room and heard my plug "plop" into the potty.Still no reg cx't they are

about 10 min apart.

3am I took a shower and by 3:30 was laying down.

5:15am I am back up, I could not sleep durring cx't and I was excited. I think I would have

stayed in bed longer had I knowen how much more I had ahead of me.The cx't where getting

stronger. But I came back to PO to hang out a bit and I did not like moving durring one. DH

and Dad where sleeping. I did not want to go to the hospital to early so I started to time

the cx't.

By 6:30 they where 5-7 min apart and getting stronger in my back. My Aunt Connie (Mom's best

friend who I asked to be at the birth in Mom's place) called and I asked her to come and sit

with me at the house.

At 7:15 I was still home and Aunt Connie was with me and we decided to go for a walk out

side to see if we could get things going. Things have slowed since I got out of bed. In bed

my back hurt alot and they where 5 min apart, now that I am at the computer they are evey 10

and not as strong. But when I go to the bathroom I am leaking alot of water still and seeing

alot of red goop.

I did not call the OB at 8am since I was having some cx't

At 9:40 I posted on PO: I have been walking around the block and the cx't are 3-4 min apart

and starting to hurt but nothing major. But when I stop walking they go to 10 min apart. So

I just called the OB and he said to come on in. So we are off to the hospital. Off we went

in Mom's new car, DH, Dad, Aunt Connie and myself.

I called Kim so she could meet us at the hospital in L&D.

We arived a few min after 10am. The nurse at in the L&D room said. "I hope your Dr. Skory's

because if not I don't know what I am going to do with you!" Lucky for her and me I was the

one she was wating for all the rooms now that I arived where full!

I got put on the monotor and we watch my cx't and the baby. Everything looked good. And by

11am we where walking the halls. Somtimes I went back in the room and used the birth ball to

bounce. Cx't are about 5-7 min apart when I walk but when I sit (or use the ball) they go

back to 10. GURRRR

I got checked around 4pm I belive.They did a spec exam to make sure my water was broken

(this took two trys since the first time my body pushed out the spec when I had a cx't, it

was they could see pooling but they took a samlpe anyway to look for ferning. The resadent,

had short fingers and said he felt somthing strnge going on, next the nurse tried, and she

said she tought I was 2cm on the outside but not sure if the inside of my cervix was a true

2cm but that she wanted other nurse to check. This nurse had longer fingers. I did not care

I was not haivng any issues or pain with the cervical checks, besides my cx't. This nurse

said I was at 2cm, she could strech it to 3cm and 100% and that she could feel the baby, but

that he was at -2 and I still had a posterior cervix.

The resadent was confused that I was 100% but **** posterior.

I figured once the baby moved down I would go fast since from being a Doula I knew that

first time mom's need to be 100% before they dilate. I had High hopes.

We took a short walk.

I asked for a emema since I thought that I was constaped and that was what was holding me

up. It was one of the best things I could have done for myself I felt so good to be able to

have a BM. I spent the next 15 min in the bathroom.

At 5pm I got my IV and a dose of meds for the GBS. It only took 15 min but the tape on my

arm was driving me crazy. I ended up taking the IV out myself (fter all the med was in) it

was bothering me more than my cx't and I could not relax durring them because of the IV. The

nurse was cool about it her name was Wendy.

It had been 18 hours since my water braking and I did not want pit at all.

So I asked if I could get in the tub and do nipple stim instead of the pit. She called Dr.

Skory and he said yes I could get in the tub, and never said anything about me needing pit.

What he said to the nurse was to tell me "Congrats on moving along" I was in the tub for 2

hours and durring this time I started to do nipple stimulation. Between cx't and stoped

durring one.

In less then a hour of the nipple stim I was having reg cx't that where 3 min apart and

lasting for a min or longer. I was so happy that things had started moving along with out

help from pit. It was just me in the tub and Kim with me in the bathroom, We had to ask

everyone in my delivery room (people who came with me in the car) to not talk that they

where destracting me. I would have good cx't and then hear my Dad talk and they would stop.

Seems like all I needed to do was get in a small room and have no nose and feel safe (almost

like an anamial in a den) to have good cx't. Wendy was taling with us between cx't in the

bathroom too she was so cool.

At 7pm Wendy had to go home but she stayed with me incase I was 10cm the next time I was


At 8pm the new nurse told me they wanted me to get out so they could get another strip on

the baby. Ok I think NP. NOT!!! OMG the cx't where so bad out of the tub. It took us a few

times to get me out of the tub dry and to the bed.I bet it took over 10 min. I went back to

the room and labored on the bed with the head all the way put and me facing the back and

holding on to the top of the bed. Once on the bed she put the monoter on me. I was in so

much pain and starting to loose it, I was tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. At this point

it had been 20 hours since my water braking. I cryed abit and I think everyone thought it

was over the pain but it was because I wanted my MOM.

I got checked and was a true 3cm and cervix more foward. Wendy went home.

Then I said I was going to get sick, and the nurse got me a tiny thing and I started geting

sick. DH said "she will do this for 5 min you will need a bigger thing." The nurse said

"5min? ok get the big wash tub." (DH was not wrong he has seen me have Ms so many times that

he knows I don't stop until I am empty and then somtimes I have dry heaves) I filled the

wash tub two times before I stopped getting sick.

Kim, DH and I went for a walk.

Durring the walk the cx't hurt alot most of it was in my back. Poor Kim tried to rub my back

durring a cx't and that only made it worse. I said "Kim please don't" and she said "you

don't have to be polite"

We kept walking. Durring a cx't I held on to DH's sholder with my right arm and had my left

hand on the rail on the wall (thank god they had one up and down all the halls) and I would

bounce up and down bending my knees and booping my head to some beat in my head. On time I

had DH slow dancing backward down the hall durring a cx't and it must have been funny

becasue him and Kim got LOL, I was not seeing the funny part in this, but I never did it

agean. They said they where sorry but it is hard to have a strong cx't when you are being

LOL at. So I went back to the bouncy thing. To me I would think that would have been funner

to watch (wish I had some of that on tape)

Cx't where getting strong and I did not want DH to leave my side. Durring cx't I closed me

eyes and a few times if one came over me fast I would scream for him to hold me. Even if he

was next to me since my eyes where not open he had to be touching me or I felt so alone and

that was more scarry then the pain its self.

We came back in from our walk to get a strip on the baby. I decided I needed to be out of

bed and sit in the rocking chair, that was better but not much. cx't still comming ever 2-3

min and so I rocked durring them.

I don't think she got the length of strip she wanted but the nurse was not in the room so I

decied I was getting up and walking so I took the monotor off.

At about 10pm I had to get on the bed the right way and I got checked agean and I was 4cm

100% baby was a bit lower and my cervix had come foward. I wanted to cry when they said I

was only 4cm but I remberd my Doula training and held it together.

I got back in the tub, and Kim came to sit with me. DH came in the bathroom a few times

while I was in the tub but most of the time he was in the L&D room when I was in the tub.

Once he asked how I was and I said "I am not doing this 7 times." (my friend kim is expecing

her 7th on x-mas day)

Midnight I could not stand the pain anymore (24 hour mark) I kept saying to Kim "Help me

Help me" She kept asking me how can she help me what did I think would help. I knew exactly

what I wanted but the cx't where to close together for me to say more than "Help me" I don't

know what or why I got out of the tub but I did (agean not an easy thing to do) I was able

to tell them all that I needed was to sleep. I said "I am so tired even if you said I was

10cm's now I could not push, Help me I need somthing to make me sleep"

The nurse called Dr. Skory and told him what was going on and he agreed that I needed Statol

(sp) He is not a OB that likes pain meds or any drugs durring labor but he understood that

my emotional state of not haivng Mom around and the last 25 hours in labor somthing had to

be done. (Nurses will say to his patents when they ask for pain meds "do you know what OB

you have?" He dose not keep it a secerit that he dose not like to do meds.)

I got the statol and I did not like the way I felt. The nurse said I would feel drunk but I

was expecing some pain control and there was non. So I said "grate now I am drunk and in

pain, not just in pain" or that is what I thought I said. Everyone started to snicker and I

later found out I sounded drunk also and no one knew what I had said. I could not keep my

eyes open now, not because it was making me sleepy but because whenever I did the room was

fuzzy and I could not foccus on anything and that was driving me crazy so I just kept them

closed. I could hear everyone in the room still and I think alot of the time they thought I

was sleeping.

I was able to sleep between cx't and would wake up durring the peak of one in such pain.

Latter DH told me it was so hard to watch me that way that he had to leave the room and go

into the hall a few times and I think he felt guitly for it.

Durring this sleepy state I rember seeing Dr. Skory. A bit latter I don't know how (I had

lost track of time after midinght when the statol was given) I got up and tryed to go potty

and was trying to push out a BM, then I was standing at the side of the bed and the Dr. had

his hand on my back and told me durring a cx't to push into the heal of his hand as hard as

I could. I was so confused. He never checked me to say I was 10cm so I did not think he ment

push the baby out so I pushed my back into his hand. It felt so good he had large warm hands

that knew what they where doing.

I then was back in bed and Dr. skory was rubbing my back and my calves. The cx't started to

come on top of one another (or it seemd that way since I could have still been sleeping

between them) But I was not getting more then a few awake sec.s between them. My mind was

blank and I let the cx't take over.

Someone Still not sure who, also was in my face telling me to breath durring a cx't and then

where breathing with me. IT HELPED SO MUCH WITH THE PAIN. Why had somone not done this for

me earlyer? Was all I could think of.

Ok so cx't Breath repete.

Then all I know was Dr. Skory was there and told me to start pushing. I was so confused

becasue I did not rember being checked. But I did as I was told and pushed while on my back

and hated it. So he said "ok can you push if you are on your side?" I could and I did. But

then the Dr. was gone (I don't know where he went) but Kim says he was going a hour and that

her, Dave and Aunt Connie just sat in the room and watched me, trying to push without

direction and on my side. (this is unlike Dr. Skory to dissapier with out saying where he

was going, we never did find out where he was)

All of a sudden to me at least (a hour passed acorrding to Kim) Dr. was back and I was

pushing, Dr. skory had his fingers in me and told me how and when to push and when to

breath. Once I had a BM and Dr. Skory was so cool, he never said anything out loud aoubt it

he just said "can I have a cloth" I never knew it happend Kim had to tell me 2 days later

and that explaned his comet and then the wet feeling on my bottom I recalled from the

pushing stage. I thought he was using oil or somthing to strech me guess not yet since the

baby was so high.(at the time I did not know where the baby was)

In the mean time DH was tring to call my Dad who after being told to stop talking went home

to sleep. He could not get Dad (after trying for 45 min) so he called my brohter to keep

calling Dad so he could be with me durring the pushing. I pushed unitl 3ish. Dr. Skory said

I was pushing hard (I kept pushing his finges out) but that the baby was not turing from OP

to OA.

Dr. Skory then Decided to try the vacume (another thing he dose not normaly use) he put it

on the babies head and then I pushed with all I had and he tried to turn the baby and

nothing helped. Kim said he gave it all he had and we tried over and over durring my cx't.

he told the nurse to get pit after 15 min of the vac. (BTW baby and me are stable this hole

time) He took off the vacume and told me that they where going to try pit and see if my cx't

wher stronger maybe I would be able to to push the baby out even in this OP position. If not

we would have to do a c-section.

I said "I can't I am too tired I and I just want the baby out, I can't have more pain whit

the pit and then still end with a section, just do the section." This was hard for eveyone

even me to admit that I need to do, Kim said it broke her hart to here me say I wanted a

section. And Dave got scarred. Lucky for me Dr. Skory understood.

The nurse came back in the room with the pit and Dr. Skory told her to forget it but tell

everyone to get ready for a c-section. She was surprised becasue like I said Dr. Skory dose

not do them unless it is totaly nessacary.

So now I want the pain to stop. It was ok for me to be in pain when I thought I was going to

get a baby that way but now all the pain seemed pointless. I kept pushing (my body was doing

it on its own, well I may have been doing it myself alittle I need to be dosin somthing) and

I kept thinking well maybe I will surprise everyone and move this baby more anyway or it

will turn.

I still had no concept of time. Then they had to prep, I got shaved and all that good stuff.

OMG I had to sign papers durring this time for the spinal and c-section permision. I could

barly see let alone scribble my name. I said to the nurse asking me to do this "can't my

husband sign?" I was told no. So I had to try and write between cx't I have not clue what I

signed, I could have been givign my baby up for all I knew. But I would do anything to

finish the birt at this point so sign them I did.

DH told me today that from the time they decided to do the section until the time I was put

into the op room was almost another 2 hours. Once in the OP room I told eveyone not to tell

us the sex that we did not know what it was yet and since DH was going to not be able to cut

the cord I wanted him to tell me what we had. Expecialy since now I was having a section I

need a good memory.

It is around 5am.

Ok the prep for spinal. So I was having the cx't and now in a room where the only one I knew

was my nurse but everyone had masks on. I started to have a cx't as a nurse was walking past

me. And I grabed her and said "don't leave me" well I don't know if she had somthing to do

but she was never able to do it I held on to her until after the spinal kicked in.

Getting the spinal was not fun and I hope never to have one agean. First I was freaked out

that it was going to be put it in durring a cx't so eveytime I started to have one I

screemed "stop I am having one" Lucky for me he did. Ok so the nurse who I don't know is

holding me that cx't is over and then the guy cleans my back and gets the drap on me and the
drape on me before the next one started.

Then he gives me the novacaine, that was a small pinch not bad. Next he tries to put the

needdle in and OMG instanly my left leg gets an eletric shock and I can't feel it but it

made my whole body jump, the guy took out the needle fast and my feeling came back right

away. He then asked what happend and I told him. He asked if I could feel my leg now and I

said yes.

So he tried a 2nd time but since I had moved this time he missed the space. I felt nothing

that time so that was ok, but he was making me nervious. The third time he got he needle in

and of course I start to have a cx't and the nurse said "Don't move the needle is in your

back" I said "ok" but it was so hard to stay still and not breath heavy durring it. She kept

talking to me and telling me not to worrie that this would be the last cx't I would feel. I

did not belive her I was expecting a few more before the med kicked in. Well I was wrong the

next min they where helping me put my legs on the table and they where like dead wight to

me. It was so strange.

So I am laying down and Dr. Skory came in the room and started to clean my belly. Then they

checked my spinal, the guy took a sharp pionty thing and rubbed it on my arm and asked if I

could feel it I said yes. The then he started where if I was a guy my adams apple would be

and asked if I could feel it, I could he did this down in a line towards my toes until I

said I could no longer feel it. I lost all feeling at my nipple line.

Ok I did not like not being able to fell myself breath. They put up the drap and that made

me feel closed in. It was at this point that I said "where is Dave?" The nurse side he would

be right in and the he would me in PINK. I said "OK" (he could have had a tutu on for all I

cared as log as he arived) I heard them aked him to come into the room and then he was at my

head and he had the vedio camera with him.

He turned on the camera and we started talking and he was holding my hand and telling me how

much he loved me. I told him all I could see was his eyes but that they where my fave part

of him so it was ok. I saw his pink out scrubs and I said it was ok becase the hat was blue.

I said something about not feeling any differnt and the Dr. said good because they started.

All I said was "O"

Then I started to ask Dr. Skory somthing but stoped, all I could think was he is doing

surgery on me I should not aske questions now! Well he heard me start to ask and said "you

can aske me anything it is ok" SO I asked him how far did I get the baby down, he told me +1

and that he could get his fingers on the baby's head but he could not turn it and he felt so

bad that even the vacum did not work. I said "it is ok baby was OP no ones fault."

A few min passed and it felt like somone was playing the panio in my tummy. I told DH so and

he said "I don't think that is what they are doing." Less then 10 min after they started Dr.

Skory said "Ok now this baby is stuck we got it in you pelvis good." Then I heard him tell

somone to press hard on the top of my belly and I felt lots of movement.

Next thing I know I hear, "ok Dad what do you see?" and Dave said "It's a little boooooy"

and we cried. I said to him "You where right and so was Mom."

We could here him cry (in the wating room my family heard him also) and his apgar scores

where 9 9 and we found out he was 7lbs 30z and born at 5:49am.
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