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September 2004 > Beautiful, beautiful babies! 9/18 to 9/25
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 06:57 PM 09-20-2004
Woo hoo!!!

Congrats to Jen and Jo and lots of welcoming love to Tristan!

And big congrats to Bellasmum and a big welcome with lots of love to your new boy too.

I can't wait to read both of your birth stories.

I've been reading every day but haven't felt much like posting. I am *SO* uncomfortable now and seem to get more and more so every day. This baby has gotten so low that my hips and pelvis are so sore. Wah!! And I'm having lots of light contractions but they won't pick up. Wah, wah, wah!!! And I'm not even "due" for another week and a day.
Okay, whine over.

Love to you all,

Cuddlemama's Avatar Cuddlemama 07:04 PM 09-20-2004
Welcome Tristan James and Bellasmum's new baby boy!

Anna's bili level today was 19.4....definately not moving in the right direction. We're back on the bili blanket, which means I won't be posting much since the computer is in a separate room from our bed/rocking chair and we only have about a 3 foot radius with the bili blanket cord.

Tomorrow we return to the hospital for more extensive bloodwork. They're going to start probing for the reason her bili refuses to go down. The doctor mentioned a liver panel, cbc bloodtest and something called a retic count.

I've cried since the results phonecall came today. My eyes are so swollen up. I'm afraid I'm going to end up with a horrible PPD battle after all of this.

I just feel so at a loss for what to do next. It hurts so much to know she's not "well" and there's nothing we can do to fix her at the moment.

I've never had a real chance to just babymoon or really enjoy Anna and watch her find her place in our family. Every day since she's been born it's been about her bloodwork and her nursing and bowel movements and appointments with the doctors or the nursery labtechs. It still doesn't feel like we've really been GIVEN this babe for's still so tenative.

chrissy's Avatar chrissy 07:09 PM 09-20-2004
Oh Leigh! I don't know what to say but wanted you to know that you and Anna will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Caroline248's Avatar Caroline248 07:55 PM 09-20-2004
Originally Posted by Cuddlemama
Anna's bili level today was 19.4....definately not moving in the right direction. We're back on the bili blanket, which means I won't be posting much since the computer is in a separate room from our bed/rocking chair and we only have about a 3 foot radius with the bili blanket cord.

Tomorrow we return to the hospital for more extensive bloodwork. They're going to start probing for the reason her bili refuses to go down. The doctor mentioned a liver panel, cbc bloodtest and something called a retic count.

Leigh..a liver panel will be checking liver function. Sometimes if the liver is not functioning at top level, the bili is hard for the baby to get down. A cbc is just a full blood count, I am surprised they haven't done that yet. They will look at the amount of white blood cells, red bolood cells and the platelets. A retic count is the amount of new red blood cells. Basically, they are covering bases. Ask them to send the blood out for a blood smear test as well. That will check the shape and formation of the blood cells. They will eventually want to do that, and that way the baby won't need another blood draw. Sometimes if the blood cells are shaped "funny", the body has to work harder to use them properly, which leads to more blood "waste" and that can lead to higher bili counts.

Of course, I am simplyfying things. Bridget has a blood disorder that caused her to ahve bili problems, but like I told you earlier, hers was MUCH higher than Anna's, and she was FINE after about a month of this hell. SHe is a normal, healthy 3 year old. If this doesn't start looking better, I would take Anna to a childrens hosp that has a pediatric hematology department. WHere do you live??

As for the PPD, yeah, it will probably hit you hard. It took about 8 months to hit me, but Bridget had tons of other health issues not related to the bili. Just get through each day one at a time. Don't look to tomorrow or what has to be done next week. Just do today. And please ask for help. Call your church, your playgroups, family, anyone that can help you. You will need it to focus on what you have to do. Anytime you need anything, PM me. If you want, I can PM you my phone number and if you have any questions you can call me. I have been there, and I have a lot of info if you want it....

banana girl's Avatar banana girl 11:38 PM 09-20-2004
so sleepy...
Mielle is throwing one of her "blue poodle fits" as we affectionately call them, you know.... nothing works.. breastfeeding, singing, motion, stillness. It sucks.

Jerome is calling i have to go. Love to all!
hjohnson's Avatar hjohnson 11:39 PM 09-20-2004

Congratulations to Jen and Jo and Bellamum!

chrissy's Avatar chrissy 12:09 PM 09-21-2004
Good morning girls! Where is everybody? Must be out having (or nursing) babies. Not me. I'm here. Uncomfortable, having contractions, but not having a baby anytime soon.

Who else is still waiting? Samantha, Lynsey, HeatherH, me....

Oh, HeatherH, have you tried Dandelion Root for your PUPPS? I'm not sure that I actually had PUPPS, but the major itchiness I had was cured with the DR. I know it helped Lynsey too.

So, anybody having a baby today?

almama's Avatar almama 12:49 PM 09-21-2004
I'm still waiting too . . 3 days post due date now -ugh. It is great to read about all these beautiful babies though!!
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 01:04 PM 09-21-2004
Oh, and Stacy too? Are you holding your new baby boy yet STacy?

How are you feeling Almama?
interbang's Avatar interbang 01:13 PM 09-21-2004
um, you all aren't going to believe this one..

I caught a cold. Really sore throat and stuffy nose so far, plus a sudden inability to sleep. MW is coming over later to check me out and bring some remedies.

I'm doing the usual - vitamin c, zinc, water, tea, humidifier, eating healthy food I can't taste, etc...

We haven't talked about the homebirth since last week. At this point, I'm trying very hard to get into a "whatever happens, happens" mode. The way we left it (before the cold), all systems were go. I suppose now it might depend on what direction this cold goes in. And my stubbron streak...

By the way, I caught this cold from my friend's 1 year old daughter, whom I kissed all over her face five million times on Saturday, compeltely ignoring the child's beautiful runny nose. I so feel like the world's biggest idiot.

I suppose if it there wasn't a little drama, it wouldn't be week 40...

Good luck to you all, and if you have any cold remedies, or better yet, sleep remedies, pass 'em along...
cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 02:16 PM 09-21-2004
Our baby girl was born at 6:00 this morning, at home unassisted after a long hard labor. She's sleeping in my arms as I type this one-handed. Details when I have both hands free.
flowers 02:22 PM 09-21-2004
Oh Heather i feel so bad! I have been feeling on the verge of a sore throat all week and it has been upsetting because it just doesn't seem like the "right" time. I have been drinking Emergen-C like it is going out of style. Also, my hubby has been giving meneck and face massages to help release the toxins and sickness built up there. (Then I drink lots of water). Yoga helps speed a cold along too!

Even though it is good to be comfortable with all possibilities don't give up on that homebirth quite yet. Babies actually aren't considered "late" until 14 days past the due date even though we all like to get worked up about it.

I hope you feel so much better and hang in there!!!

Hillary due 9/24
wardermom's Avatar wardermom 02:43 PM 09-21-2004
Congratulations Linda!!! Another baby, a baby girl!!! You did great!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! :

Arowen has had a red area around her anus (sorry) for quite a while. The zinc cream (Penaten brand which had been very good for other children, and I just bought a bunch more-it's expensive compared to other brands.) doesn't seem to be doing anything. What could it related, yeast? What should I try to help her? I think I've got some calendula flowers that I could make some infused oil with, and then maybe make it into ointment by adding some beeswax.Do you think that might help? Should I try eliminating something from my diet? What...citrus, dairy...? Should I try tea tree oil in olive oil topically? I feel so bad for her, she doesn't deserve this. I change her cloth diapers so often. What would you try?
almama's Avatar almama 03:19 PM 09-21-2004

Thanks for asking- I'm feeling fine . . . just waiting. It is hard with other kids because I don't want to put their plans on hold, but I also don't want to screw up a bunch of playdates etc. It is easier though because I'm busy all day

The u/s dated the babe as the 23rd, so I have that date in mind. I made up a funny number thing (all of our birthdays have the numbers 3 and 1 in them), so tomorrow would be the ideal day (9+22=31, or 9+2+2=13) although we figured out that any date in Sept would be fine (9/04) It is silly, but it gives me a focus point.

More good baby news from Linda though! Congratulations!!

Heather, everyone here has a cough/ sniffles so I feel for you. We are also having a homebirth. It should be fine as long as it doesn't progress into anything. Fingers crossed for you!!

plantmommy's Avatar plantmommy 03:23 PM 09-21-2004

congrats, linda! i can't wait for the story.

m, try cutting out citrus/acidic foods and try lansinoh on the rash. worked for us!
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 03:47 PM 09-21-2004
Yay Linda!! I can't wait to read your birth story. Bummer about the long, hard labor though I know it was kind of what you were expecting after long, hard labors with your other kids. Lots of love your way!

Melanie, poor little Arowen. I'd try something with Calendula. I always like something with zinc too to put a barrier between any moisture and the sore spot, but that doesn't seem to be helping, huh?

Almama, I'm glad you are feeling well. The 23rd is my 4 year wedding anniversary!

Poor Heather and Hillary!! Healing thoughts going both your ways!
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 03:48 PM 09-21-2004

wooo-hoo, congrats bellasmum and linda, welcome little babies!!!!!!!

i recommend cutting out citrus/acidic foods for the rash, nessa's was about the same and that did the trick. also, using fleece diaper liners has helped a ton, keeps her dry against the skin. i use my own bum salve and it works great (thanks for the plug sarahb), i've had no staining from it either, but i also recommend the fleece diaper liners to avoid staining too. i already got a little poop stain that i need to sun out, but since using the liners, hardly any poop actually comes in contact with the dipe anymore.

my mom is here this week so i've been distracted with that. gotta go nap, nessa decided it was time to be awake all night last night, i got about 4 hours total...yawn.

lots of love to all.
sistermama's Avatar sistermama 06:59 PM 09-21-2004
Congrats Linda! I can't wait to hear more. Your three year old must be so happy to have a sister! (Not that your sons wouldn't be too, but you know what I mean!)

How are you feeling Anna? I hope better.

I've spent the last two days running around town like a fool. Trying to coordinate thrush meds, Jack's meds, blah, blah, blah. John took Jack to his mom's this afternoon so I'm getting a nice break. Oh, today was my first day "by myself" and Jack managed to stop up the toilet and flood the bathroom plus eat a four piece box of maple sugar candy, all before 10:00. He's nursing like a fiend now too, and we capped our morning off by performing the nursing Kama Sutra.

How is it possibly 5:00 already?
4under6's Avatar 4under6 07:15 PM 09-21-2004
Congrats Linda!
And welcome baby girl!
She shares a birthday with me, YAY!

Speaking of my b-day, I'm a little irritated.
Every year, we HAVE to have a b-day party for my husband. He's just like a kid that way. So every year, I invite people over, and make food and cake, and we celebrate. It's fun, so I'm not complaining about that.
But do you think when my birthday rolls around there's ever ANY kind of fanfare? Let alone card or gift from him?
Uh, no.
We (meaning us and kids)are going somewhere to eat, but that's not unusual; we eat out all the time.
Usually it doesn't bug me, but for some reason I'm a little hurt this year. He just called me and said "Maybe we can go to the mall afterward so I can get you something".

Forget it. If you have to run into the mall at the very last minute with me right there to pick it out, I don't want it.

Am I being over sensitive?
I feel like kind of a jerk for feeling this way.
Maybe because I just gave birth to his 4th baby makes me expect a little more from him, ya know? LOL!

My in-laws, however, are the best!
They always call or stop over to wish me Happy B-day.
This year my MIL said she is giving me a "free day" for my b-day, and is taking all kids for a whole day so I am free to do whatever. All day! This is a GREAT present!
I may just stay home and take a nap.
sistermama's Avatar sistermama 07:22 PM 09-21-2004
Danielle - I know how you feel! My dh is the same way. This year on my birthday I got a gift, but it was still wrapped in the store plastic bag, with the receipt and had been bought an hour before he gave it to me. I get nothing for Mother's Day (my mom gives me something from Jack) and nothing when I had the baby. Just some flowers would have been nice - even one of those cheesy single roses from the corner store! Or how about a "thanks for just pushing my baby out of your body".

And Happy B-day by way!
allibabble's Avatar allibabble 07:33 PM 09-21-2004
Originally Posted by blueviolet
Our baby girl was born at 6:00 this morning, at home unassisted after a long hard labor. She's sleeping in my arms as I type this one-handed. Details when I have both hands free.
Congratulations, Linda! Enjoy, relax, and share your photos/story when you have the time and energy.
greenbeing's Avatar greenbeing 07:36 PM 09-21-2004
Yay! More babies!!! Congratulations Jen, Jo, Bellasmum, and Linda!!! Can't wait to hear about your births!

Chrissy, I so hear you on being uncomfortable!!! Sometimes, I feel great, and others, I feel like I just want to stay in bed all day! And getting dressed for work, the worse. I just want to lounge in shorts and a tank all day.

: Hope you're enjoying your day, Danielle!!!

Off to the midwife...
Mom2baldie's Avatar Mom2baldie 08:03 PM 09-21-2004
Tomorrow is my due date! Im still here (obviously) and just hanging out. I was also wondering how many of us are still waiting to give birth, so Im glad you asked Chrissy. I looked at Stacys profile and she hasnt been online since the 18th so I bet she had her baby by now!!

Congratulations Linda! I cant wait to read your daughters birth story.
plantmommy's Avatar plantmommy 08:11 PM 09-21-2004
I am so with you girls! bad dh!
Mom2baldie's Avatar Mom2baldie 08:13 PM 09-21-2004
okay I realized I have a little more time to type before getting Riley from occupational therapy...

I have never been pregnant until my due date before so this is kindof exciting for me. Im trying to think of something special to do tomorrow, even though I did change my "prediction" to tomorrow as the birth day because I want baby to be born on the 1st day of fall and the equinox. Seems like a neat day to me.

That pretty unlikely to happen though because Im barely having any contractions yet or anything!

okay I really have to go now!
Lazuli's Avatar Lazuli 08:22 PM 09-21-2004
*throws confetti* Welcome new babies!

Kallisti is sleeping on my lap, she's so sweet. Today we've been by ourselves, my husband went back to work. It's been peacefu. A friend arrives tonight to stay until Friday when another friend arrives to stay the weekend. (my husband has to go to Syracuse to be in his brother's wedding on Saturday.) We went to the doctor yesterday and she was a ittle concerned about Kallisti's weight loss. Now I'm feeling a bit paranoid about her eating. She's nursing every 2-4 hours and going through diapers like crazy, which is good, right? Anyway, I have a couple more pictures and hopefully tonight I can finish my birth story.

Kallisti and stuffed snake
Sleeping Kallisti
plantmommy's Avatar plantmommy 09:16 PM 09-21-2004
As long as she's having 6 or so diapers a day, her weight shouldn't be a worry. It can take up to two weeks to regain birth weight. Up to 10% of birth weight loss is ok.
interbang's Avatar interbang 09:18 PM 09-21-2004
Taking remedies, resting...

Feeling better. Sore throat has been away for a few hours. For the first time, my MW surprised me. I asked her if this cold would hurt my chances for a homebirth, and she replied, "Well, it's not in your uterus."

Yay. We decided that I've been way too active, and that I need rest for a few days. No signs of labor, I think this kid is gonna be fairly late...
banana girl's Avatar banana girl 10:21 PM 09-21-2004

first time naking!

am feeling better, but not good. thanks for asking sarah

wondering if it might be thrush in addition to some blocked duct isses... mielle definetely has the white cottage cheesy stuff on her gums and the mother of pearl stuff on her lips..we are trying accidophalus, but i'm still treating myself as though i've got a blockage. lots of pumping / nursing.. hot compresses and rest... when i can get it!

very happy to hear about new babies, and sympathetic of those still waiting in pregnancy land.

love to all
mum2tori's Avatar mum2tori 12:53 AM 09-22-2004
Congratulations Linda! : to your little girl. Can't wait to hear her birth story.

Congratulations on your little boy!! Can't wait to hear his birth story too. We still haven't decided on a name either. And I'm past due. :LOL :LOL

HeatherH & Hillary-
Ugh! Colds are the worst right at the end of a pregnancy. I had a horrible one with Jack. Thankfully it cleared up about 2 days before he was born. The horror of facing labor with totally clogged sinuses was giving me nightmares. :LOL Try to rest as much as possible.

If you are really concerned about her weight, try nursing every 1.5-2 hours during the day. Are you nursing on both sides at each session or only on one side. If you nurse on one side only, she'll get more hind milk and that's the REALLY good stuff. It's got more fats to it, the foremilk is 'sweeter' to entice the baby to nurse. Hindmilk puts on the weight. I posted a couple of ways to treat Thrush yesterday, I think it's on page 3.

I don't think you are being overly sensitive!! I don't understand how he's so into HIS birthdays but 'ignores' yours.

Happy : to you!!

Try eliminating citrus. That is a notorious butt reddener. Something with calendula should work awesome, Weleda diaper care is our favorite and it has calendula in it. We also use a little calendual oil in our wipes solution. You might also try laying her in the sun in the butt for a little while. It's amazing even just an hour of air will work wonders. The TTO might be too harsh for her right now with her delicate skin.

I hear you about not wanting to screw up a bunch of playdates. I've been trying to keep the kids busy without exhausting myself. But also not make too many commitments for fear that we'll have to cancel them. Then I'd feel horrible.

I had another appointment today... NO CHANGE! And I started having contractions last night too. When I got into bed, David (who'd gone to bed earlier) woke up and I told him "I've been having contractions."

His response... "Not tonight, I'm tired."

Oh, okay honey :eyeroll so sorry to bother you. I laid down and was able to sleep quite a bit. I woke up a few times but they weren't that bad. Deep and low. Lots of achey hips and lower back. They peetered out over the early morning. Had an occasionally one before my appointment. Radish was poking around a lot all night.

The rest of day was nice. I got home and we went out for lunch. To an awesome BarBQ place. We then stopped by Sam's to pick up a couple of things mainly laundry stuff and some can goods. Of course the REAL reason we had to stop was David wanted to pick up the new release of the episode 4-6 Star Wars DVD boxset. He is such a geek. :LOL He's watching one of the documentaries on it right now. When we got home, both kids laid down for naps. We laid down and David rubbed my feet. Then I took an hour nap. Felt wonderful. The temperature here has dropped and its in the mid to high 80s so we laid out in the front yard and the kids played in the grass for an hour this evening. It was so relaxing, we so rarely have cool evenings like this.

Well, I'm going to try to get a few more things done before we head to bed tonight.

Supposedly we are going to discuss "names" again.
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