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mum2tori 09-25-2004 08:12 PM

Okay time for a little Mickey Mouse rollcall...

Who is still pregnant?

I am. "Due date"... Sept 14 current date... Sept 25th.

Mom2baldie 09-25-2004 09:30 PM

Thanks for starting this thread Samantha!

I am still pregnant and still feeling pretty good! My due date was Sept. 22 and today is the 25th.

This is a new experience for me and I am kindof enjoying it, although I think I am the only one. DH and family seem to be very anxious.

chrissy 09-25-2004 09:51 PM


I am not due until 9/28 but have been having bouts of contractions for over a week now. They get stronger every day but they always stop.

seekingtruth 09-25-2004 09:56 PM

My EDD also *was* 9/15. Today's 9/25, and I am fully convinced that I just won't be having any baby. Pregnancy is something I must get used to...forever. :
I shouldn't be so irritated, but I am!!! I have had an excellent pregnancy and really shouldn't complain. But really, I feel like a partial failure, not having delivered by now!! I am definitely ready to go.

interbang 09-26-2004 12:46 AM

Yep, uh huh, still pregnant. Thought I might have maybe had a couple of contrax during dinner, but whatever was going on went away.

Walked a huge amount today, gonna walk more tomorrow. DH wants me to go into labor so bad, it's almost kind of funny.

Waiting in line for the bathroom today with another pregnant woman:

Me: I was due 5 days ago
Her: I'm due today!
Me: Congrats!
Her: When are you getting induced? My appointment is for Tuesday.
Me: Um, my mw isn't really too concerned at this point.
Her: Huh?!
Me: Well, as long as the placenta's cool and the baby's cool, you can usually go to 42.5 weeks.
Her: (eyes widen, backs away slowly) Uh huh, well, this is my second, and since my first was induced, they said my second had to be induced. Are you sure you have a good doctor?
Me: I have a midwife, and she's great.
Her: Hmmm. Well, um, good luck (looks at me like I have three heads).
Me: (I smile) good luck!


So, what's the word on breast pumping to induce labor? Should I? I have one of those advanced medela electric pumps. My mw is neutral on the subject. What do you all think?

I guess I'll be doing castor oil sometime next week, plus membrane stripping and who knows what else. Personally, I'd rather have a baby.

As a first time mama, the only reason I suspect I had a contrax today was because it was a fairly strong sensation all across my lower abdomen, and it did that buildup-peak-go-away thing. But then it started to ache in that same area, so I changed position slightly, and it went away altogether. So that would be false labor, right?

Best of luck to you all - we can send each other strong contrax vibes, yes?

Take care,

Pixi 09-26-2004 01:28 AM

I'm still around, due on the 28th.
I'm so ready to meet the baby !!!

almama 09-26-2004 01:57 AM

Wow -it is great to see that all that I'm feeling is normal! Random people around me saying "You haven't had that baby yet," myself not wanting to be big anymore, and wanting desperately to meet this new guy has made me a little on edge. I'm trying to stay focused on the positive though (e.g., he is a lot easier to care for now and I can clean my house again . . .)

My due date was either Sept 18th or, based on the ultrasound, the 22nd. The latest I've been before was 3 days post due date. Oh well.

My mom was 3 weeks late with both my brother and me. She always said she felt like she would be pregnant forever and now I understand what she meant.

Went for two walks today, took the kids to storytime, and tried to relax. Maybe all our babes are waiting for the Harvest Moon!!

greenbeing 09-26-2004 11:14 AM

I'm still here too!!!

According to my midwives, I was due on the 25th, but according to me knowing when I conceived and an early ultrasound, my due date was the 22nd. My midwives usually add an extra week (my LMP would have made me due the 18th, but I have longer cycles) because they can't have clients go over 42 weeks. So, they give themselves an extra week. Anyway, I should be going by their due date, but in the back of my mind, I KNOW when I conceived the baby, so I'm already 40 weeks, 4 days and soooo anxious to meet this little one!!

Sorry for my crazy ramble

Yes, maybe we are all holding out for that full moon!

flowers 09-26-2004 01:37 PM

I'm still here!

I was due the the 24 and have been chherful until the last 48 hours. HOt flashes, exhaustian, crankiness, oh my!!!

I think the full moon sounds like a marvelous idea ladies!

Interplay, I loved your role play...I have had a few similar experiences.

Last night I went out with hubby and people's jaws were dropped. Guy friends kept asking (pretty seriously) "so, like....your water could break right now!!!???"
I was a little malicious and of course answered with the most shocking comebacks I could come up with..."yes, in fact I might need you to emergency escort us back to the house...I will let youk know..oh is that a contraction right now!!!!" HA ha Then one woman who has three kids really wanted me to go home and chug castor oil and then said "you know you can get induced?"

We could probably compile a really great coffee table book of people's reactions to really pregnant ladies. Maybe by the time we are finished we won't be pregnant any more!!!!

interbang 09-26-2004 05:49 PM

Yeah, that's a good "keeping us busy" pregnancy project.

My biggest problem today:

As a first time mama, I can't tell a contrax from a B-H. There's always mild pain/cramps, at least for the last 48 hours, but nothing I can't deal with.

But then I get these stronger sensations, like pinching along the inside of my lower abdomen, and I think maybe it's the baby moving, but I'm not sure, and sometimes they go away quickly, and sometimes they stay way too long to be a contraction. I think it's just a sensitive area, because when the kid is moving its little elbows back against the front of my belly, it does hurt more than usual, but that could be because the area has been crampy for so long. Ugh. There really is no way to tell you are in labor, is there?

Also, changing position changes the strength of the sensation, so that means B-H, right?

<me deeply confused>

Not that it really matters. I mean, early labor can go on as long as B-H, so in general I'm trying to ignore all this and go about my day. Took a long walk this morning, going to take another one tonight. I have noticed an increase in sensation since I started walking again (had to take a 4 day break last week because of my little cold).

C'mon, babies, I know you're all ready! Let's do this thing!

All the best,

almama 09-26-2004 09:56 PM

Hi Heather-

My first baby was induced so I can only speak about my second experience. For 2 1/2 days before I had wacky contractions -meaning not consistent, change in duration, stopping or starting when I changed positions. They were not BH (which I define as more fleeting and limited to stomach hardening), but felt more like an opening of the cervix followed by a whole hardening of the uterus. Several times I thought something was happening (i.e., labor starting imminently), but they would stop and I would be bummed. The morning before he was born they started slow and weird again, but there was something about them that told me that they were different. I'm sorry to be a bit vague, but it is hard to remember. I remember walking around with my husband in the morning and saying "ah -there's another one," but it wasn't super painful -just pressure. I finally called my mw about noon, not because of the contractions but because I was afraid my water had broken (as with my first). They checked me and said not much was happening. Therefore the contractions I was feeling -while not BH, were not being very productive. They were probably the same that I had been feeling all weekend and probably the same kind you are feeling now. They have a purpose because they get your uterus ready, but it is hard to say when the baby will come because of them.

Anyway, after about 3 PM things started to get more regular. I was still not in a lot of pain and I was still not believing I was in labor. I thought they were just the randomness that I had been feeling before. In my case, it was the start of labor -my husband timed them at 3:45 and found them 2 minutes apart and when I was check at 4 PM I was 7 cm dialated. So the moral of this story is that when they get consistent and close -that is real labor (you'll know it by the time you get to 7 cm Before then, at least for me, it is a guessing game about what is happening. Since my baby came so fast though my mw wants to know whenever something is happening (she made it to his birth with 5 min to spare).

Hope this helps and hope someone else can give a more coherent answer!

flowers 09-27-2004 08:19 AM

I am having the same confusing being a first-timer. I have been really crampy and when the baby moves around (which is a lot) and bumps down low it is even more crampy. Last night I was sitting with dh and my vagina was feeling so funny and my legs were cramping and everything was achy and the whole room seemd very surreal. I started laughing and I seriously could not stop for about 10 minutes. My dh was laughing because I was laughing so hard but he kept saying... What is going on??? Is it happening!!!!???

Weird, but fun. and then nothing else happened but a lot of lower back cramping while trying to fall asleep.

It seems when I wake up to go pee or in the morning I always have a big contraction (I guess BH because I don't know the difference!!!!!)

My friends say I'll know...but I want to know...

greenbeing 09-27-2004 10:53 AM

Count me in too with not knowing what's going on. I think I was having some contractions yesterday. Definitely BH. Also, I get that same strong pain in my lower abdomen. I think it's the pressure from the baby, but wish it was more.

Heather, I was dreaming last night that you were having contractions, and a lot of cramping. I kept tossing and turning thinking about it, and then I realized it was me having those sensations :LOL Too bad they didn't last. I was sooo hoping that I would be in labor :

Girls, please tell me not to come back to work tomorrow. Are any of you working? Today, I walked in and one of my co-workers commented on how I didn't have the baby and I am sooo big And how her friend who is 37 weeks just has a little ball in front. Well, if I would diet during pregnancy, I'd probably have a little ball too. I'm so sick of these comments

Please babies come soon!

interbang 09-27-2004 12:16 PM

Well, gee, we're alll having such similar sensations! Wow.

Dh and I were eating dinner Saturday night, and I started to feel that pinching, tightening, out of nowhere mild pain in my lower abdomen, and I kind of blinked, as if to say, "oh, that was interesting," and he practically leaps on me. "What happened?" he asks, "Was that a contraction?"

If I tell him yes, he looks like he wants to, you, know, get everything going right away (call the mw, call our birth attendants, break out the m & ms). I keep telling him one contraction does not mean early labor, but he's just not listening. I actually left the house this morning (I'm at an internet cafe- it's 2 bucks to use this computer, but it sure beats the clingy hovercraft that used to be my absent-minded professor husband )

almama- thank you so much! reading your story about the weird stopping/starting, the varied sensations, etc.., really helps me out. It's no fun being late, but I'm glad my body is gearing up!

flowers - I'm having that exact same sensation! like, the baby is bumping down low and it hurts in a whole new way because that area is so crampy. Wow. By the way, my mw says babies can move during contractions, so it can be a combination of both..

greenbeing - Wow, that kills me. Last night, I slept like the dead. When I woke up to pee, I would feel mostly B-H and cramping, but once I laid down back to sleep, I felt fine... although I guess around 2:30am there was some tightening, but I went right back to sleep, so it wasn't that bad. In general my sleep has been deep and dreamless.

So you all have also experienced that vertical = sensation, horizontal = less sensation thing? My mw says that means labor isn't really going yet, but it's all good, the cervix is thinning, the body is getting ready.

Wow, I've been out of the house for awhile now. I wonder when Dh will send out the search party...

Talk to you all soon,

Pixi 09-27-2004 03:37 PM

I'm still working. When I come in, people look all shocked that I'm here.
Sounds like I'm in the same boat as a lot of you with the irregular but different feeling contrax, nothing regular, but sometime it'll kick into something more.

Mom2baldie 09-27-2004 08:02 PM

Samantha, are you still with us here???

flowers 09-28-2004 01:49 AM

Okay ladies...full anyone howling yet????

interbang 09-28-2004 01:01 PM

Today's the nst/afi day. grrr. I hate tests.

So yesterday the sensations were stronger, I tried timing the contrax, but they went away. I noticed that I am starting to feel more sensations in all kinds of different positions. I also noticed that the sensations get stronger at night, but that might be because of all the walking I'm doing.

Last night, twice when I woke up to pee, I felt contrax, but I was too sleepy to time them, so I drifted off again.

My mw says all this is good, my body is warming up for the main event.

I've declared today comic book day! I'm thinking X-Men, or maybe Rising Stars. Must..not...dwell..on...when..I...will..go..into.. labor..

What's up with you ladies?


flowers 09-28-2004 11:41 PM

I have been doing super good staying non-chalant about the whole thing but I guess I secretly hasd this thing about the full moon. I always tracked my cycles by the moon so I thought it could really trigger something. Plus, dh has worked for the last 9 days straight trying to get ahead so he can take some time off without us hurting for cash and part of the reason I want to go into labor soon is so he can stay home and spend some time with me/us and for himself...

We went out and ordered the spiciest Indian food for dinner tonight, I sipped on a 1/2 glass of wine, he rubbed my back, I took two walks today, and we had sex. I was really trying to support this full moon idea but as of 10:40 pm nothing...

Breathe in....breathe out...

i will have this baby on the outside soon!

chrissy 09-29-2004 12:28 AM

So soon flowers! And it could still be tonight.

interbang 09-29-2004 03:49 AM

Talked to the dr and mw today. Both say it's time for castor oil.

My last day to go into labor for a hb is Monday, so tomorrow castor oil, and, well, eventually, baby.

I'll keep you all posted on developments. I have a feeling this ain't gonna be pretty.

I just keep telling myself, "it is what it is."

Wish me luck..

chrissy 09-29-2004 09:05 AM

Heather, I posted on the homebirthing mamas thread but wanted to post here to you too. Wishing you all the best today with the castor oil. Can't wait to read about your beautiful new baby!! Lots of your way!

flowers 09-29-2004 01:44 PM

Heather, I hear the castor oil trick does wonders. We are all rooting for you. I can't wait to hear about your new little bumpkin!!!


chanale 09-29-2004 02:12 PM

Coming out of lurkdom :

I'm still pregnant, but I'm just 40w today. My midwife gave me a hard time about my not allowing a vag exam last week, and I imagine I can look forward to more of the same at my check-up tomorrow. I trust my body.

Castor oil. My childbirth instructor recommended it if I manage to go past 41w. Good luck with that, Heather!

interbang 09-29-2004 02:50 PM

Wow, I'm sitting here feeling all the wonderful, positive energy, thank you, ladies, this means so much.

I started to loose my mucous plug this morning, and my constant B-H cramps are being replaced by contrax that come and then *leave*, which is nice, as I get this in-between part where I don't feel a lot of pain. The contrax aren't regular or really huge, but I still feel good, like things are chugging along. My mw is checking me tomorrow, and that's when I'll start the castor oil. Here's hoping I'll only need one dose. From all I've read so far, castor oil works best if you are really ready to go into labor.

I've been running around keeping busy for the past week, today I'm going to eat my favorite foods and basically laze around.

I'll keep you gals posted, thanks for all your support.

interbang 10-01-2004 12:30 AM

The castor oil wasn't so bad, and the contrax are much stronger than before, coming every few minutes or so. I can still function through them, so they're not super strong. MW will check me tomorrow, and we'll see about more castor oil.

I mixed it with OJ and gulped it down, ate some chocolate afterward to help get rid of the taste. This all pretty much worked. It helps that I'm not that freaked out by diarrea.

Talk to you ladies soon,

mum2tori 10-04-2004 07:07 PM

Who's still left?

chanale 10-05-2004 07:00 AM

I'm still pregnant at 40w6d. I can't sleep - I'm too upset. I was told at today's check-up that if I'm not in labor by Tuesday the 12th (41w6d) that I won't be allowed to deliver at the birth center with the midwives. I'll essentially be shoved out on the streets to deliver with a strange OB (neither midwife will be able to go with me) in a strange hospital. It doesn't matter if everything (my BP, baby's heartbeat, NST, placenta, amnio. fluid, etc.) looks wonderful - I'm a statistic. My husband says, "there's no way you'll go another week. Don't worry." It can and it does happen, and it's only 5 days beyond the 1st-time mother average. I understand that their hands are tied by insurance, but this is not treating me holistically.

As soon as business hours start, I'm calling to get an acupuncture appointment ASAP. If I can't get in for days or longer, the midwife wants me to try castor oil. :Puke

interbang 10-05-2004 01:56 PM

10 lbs, 2oz, 22 inches long, born on 10-2!

Eowyn Rose, my perfect little girl.

I have an intense birth story. There was a hospital transfer, which I am 100% okay with. Details to follow..

I am so happy not to be pregnant! I could sing from the rooftops!

I'll post more when I have time, and when the forms stop loading so slowly..

All the best,

chanale 10-09-2004 08:35 PM

Many congratulations, Heather!!

I'm still pregnant at 41w3d - 3 days from when the birth center will toss me out. DH lobbied this morning to have my due date changed from known conception (due 9/29) to LMP (due 10/1), which would buy me 2 more days. The midwife needs to discuss it with the other midwife and my back-up OB (a stranger). But the good news is that she really believes I'll go this weekend and says my cervix is barely hanging on to that baby.

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