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AnnR33 04-12-2004 02:54 PM

Roll Call

chrissy 09/28 (honorary October mom!)
snugglebutter 10/01
mirthfulmum 10/03
FutureMama 10/04
TracyK 10/04
mhurst 10/04
kraftykathy 10/04
Jillerina 10/04
water 10/06
Proudly AP 10/08
allformyboys 10/11
Lucysmama 10/12
bendmom 10/12
momadance 10/13
Mandi 10/14
wannabmommie 10/18
Piglet68 10/18
BeauGeek 10/20
BeansMomma 10/20
CourtneyandLogan 10/21
EmbersMOM 10/21
Stanleymama 10/23
3boyz4us 10/24
Ctmom70 10/24
aspiring mama 10/25
truebluexf 10/27
ameliabedelia 10/29
flitters 10/30
Soogie 10/31
AnnR33 10/31

Since I've checked the board twice and no one started the thread yet I thought I should be proactive and just "do it"

Hope everyone had a nice Easter that celebrates it and didn't eat your kid's choc bunny ears yet! LOL

I'm 11wks and FINALLY feeling a little better though I still gag a lot and am nauseas if I don't eat every 30 min or so-yikes the weight gain is scary! I'm definitely "popped out" and my mom said "Oh my God" when she saw me-that can't be a good thing right?

Question of the week: What strange foods are you craving?

It's not that strange but getting expensive (LOL)I vary between Chinese moo goo gi pan and chips and salsa from a local restaraunt. My DH says this is how HE gains "sympathy" weight.

Have a good week everyone!

Piglet68 04-12-2004 02:58 PM

Thank YOU ANN...for starting this week's thread.

My Dad is visiting with us and it's been a crazy, hectic weekend.

Food cravings: well, I went through a deep-fried chicken fingers phase last week. I crave sweets (oh wait, I always crave sweets!)...hmmm, I will have to think this one over.

AnnR33 04-12-2004 03:13 PM

I see a few of you have been frequenting the babaywearing board. This is my latest obession-trying to find a new carrier that will WORK! I never knew about the variety with my first 2 and just had a padded and unpadded sling with my 2nd that I could never get to fit well.
Now I'm so excited to see what's all out there but having such a hard time deciding. I think I've narrowed it down to choosing from:
Moby Wrap
Kozy Carrier
Baby Bundler

We'll see if I change my mind 10 more times! I also plan to make a fleece pouch for those newborn days....

Let us know what you decide on!

kama'aina mama 04-12-2004 03:19 PM

No craving here. Still struggling with the tail end of morning sickness.

stanleymama 04-12-2004 04:11 PM

Had a relaxing Easter weekend. Just stayed home and enjoyed the peace.

As for cravings, I have craved Chinese with all 4 pregnancies now. I also have craved cheese curds, 7up, and dill pickle chips. Not the healthiest but it tastes so good I figure if it makes me feel better then that is all that matters right now. Oh I also have been craving mangos

momadance 04-12-2004 05:36 PM

NO cravings here. In the 1st tri I craved avocados non stop, but haven't had any cravings for a week or so. Had a nice Easter. Once again attended a great UU service. Keeps getting better and better but I'll save that sort of stuff for the spirituality board!

All is well, heading into the mountains on Thursday for a long weekend so time will creep by until then I'm sure! big to all!

ameliabedelia 04-12-2004 05:37 PM

I have been craving oranges, veggie meats (especially veggie hot dogs and veggie sausage), steak, red meat. The foods which normally appeal to me the most, pasta, carbohydrates and sweets have very little appeal to me right now. It am just craving the protein (and oranges). I also do crave salty foods like chips, cheetos, popcorn, but once I start eating it, I dont' really like it:

mirthfulmum 04-12-2004 05:49 PM

QOTW: Can not get enough Indian curry or tacos. Don't know why but I just love, love, love them. My husband made tacos a couple of days ago and I had 5! I regretted it later when all night long all I tasted in my mouth was tacos but I couldn't help myself. It was just sooo good.
Great! Just talking about it makes me want one. I think there are some left over taco fixins in the fridge. Gotta go and make one right now!

bendmom 04-12-2004 05:56 PM

Sweets, sweets, and more sweets.

Also, veggie spring rolls and fried rice with pineapple, cashews, and raisins.

The only problem is getting to the left overs before dh!

Lucysmama 04-12-2004 06:26 PM


I have been craving:
Caesar salads
MEAT!!!!! (I am a vegetarian when I am not pregnant)

I usually have a major problem with baked goods... but now, they really gross me out. Most sweet stuff does. I take two bites, and I feel yucka. Same with tuna. I usually love it, now it makes me queasy.

flitters 04-12-2004 06:50 PM


i'm 11 weeks 2 days now and the morning sickenss is pretty much gone now. (thank goodness!) i still have food aversions but they are also becoming less limiting and i think i've stopped losing weight. i hope.

however, i'm still not really having cravings. i eat what doesn't gross me out and feel lucky when that category expands. my lunch for the last 5 workdays in a row (perhaps this is a craving) has been a jalapeno bagel toasted with cream cheese and a fresh sliced tomato on top.

and i'm not sure if this counts, but last night i had an extremely vivid dream about produce: big white nectarines, juicy mangoes and ruby grapefruits.

(oh, and i still can't find my uterus!?! i can't wait till i have a pregnant tummy but right now i look completely normal even naked. i was bigger at 9 weeks cause i was bloated. hmmmm)

Court 04-12-2004 08:44 PM

Glad I'm not the only one who's belly hasn't really "popped" yet, I was starting to feel left out I'm not really having the cravings any more, just a pretty healthy appetite. Oh but I do hate most vegetables right now except a few. I'm really big on salad lately, and so is my toddler oddly enough. I could really go for some Indian food right now, since it was mentioned. I'm just trying to eat lots of protein so I stay full and don't get light headed. Sweets don't really do it for me anymore, which is weird.

Anyways, that's all. Just been crying at everything lately, like a dork.

OakEmber 04-12-2004 10:12 PM

I think that I popped too...a friend who I hadn't told yet could totally tell that I was pregnant! Problem is I feel huge right now...I am a little worried, still have 6 months of growing yet, ack! I have gained 10lbs already, I hadn't gained that amount until 20 weeks with DD....and it's not from the food that I was eating as I was having major food aversions and having trouble eating much at all. I was being very lazy though last trimester, so now that I have energy back I am trying to walk everyday.

LOL, I guess I better answer the actual question! Hmm, no food cravings as of yet, but I am enjoying eating once again. I guess my only craving is having my food prepared for me, LOL, does that count??

3bees~1flower 04-12-2004 10:26 PM

hello....i can't asy that i have had any overwhelming cravings in any of my pregnancies...i have been kinda drawn to fruit lately...right now i'm eating a fresh cut up pineapple (that i cut up myself, )...never bought one of those before...i also, today, bought a cantalope, golden delicious apples, and grapes. can't think of much else in the craving catagory.

mirthfulmum 04-13-2004 11:53 AM

I'm trying not to freak out here. Last night had some spotting. After I wiped there was blood on the toilet paper. I tried to stay calm and thought of a hundred reasons why it had happened. It happened again about an hour later. I went to sleep with a pad on so that I could tell what happened at night and when I woke up it was clean. But after moving around for 45 minutes or so I found a Loonie (for non-Canadians a dollar coin) sized spot of blood on the pad!
I've called my midwife this morning and I'm going in to check the heart beat. My midwife tells me that some women spot all through out their pregnancy so I'm trying to stay calm and positive. But I can't stop my heart from pounding.

OakEmber 04-13-2004 12:35 PM


I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you, hopefully hearing the heartbeat will help ease your mind. Doesn't sound like a worrisome amount of blood at this point.

AnnR33 04-13-2004 01:01 PM

Mirthfulmum-so sorry you have to worry about this, I know how scary it can be since I've spotted the whole first trimester! But I'm praying for you that it's nothing and you'll hear a strong a heartbeat later today!

Piglet68 04-13-2004 02:13 PM

mirthfulmum: keeping fingers crossed for you!! I know spotting is normal for many women...let us know what your mw says!

I wanted to let you all know, that I'm pretty sure I felt the baby moving. I think someone else here reported that, and I was thinking "wow, how can you be sure so early", lol. Well, two days ago I kept feeling this twitching in my abdomen. At first I thought it was a muscle twitch, like the kind you get in your eyelid sometimes. But it happened for a long time. Then the next morning I felt it again. This time I thought it was just my heartbeat (feeling it through the aorta), but when I checked the rhythm, it wasn't the same. Finally, DH put his hand on me and just then I felt the fluttering and so did he! So we're pretty sure that was it. I have an U/S tomorrow so we'll see if baby is where I think it is. It was very exciting!!

I'm still having some lingering nausea (I'm 13 weeks for pete's sake!) and some food aversions. I think they are getting milder but still...I'll be glad when this phase has passed.

A colleage walking by me in the hall today said "you really look pregnant now!", lol. I do - I'm wearing maternity sweaters and my belly is quite noticeable.

True Blue 04-13-2004 02:52 PM

Fingers crossed for you mirthfulmom. I am sure you are fine though, spotting is so normal, and I still spot a little here and there. Chances are everything is a-ok but we can't wait to hear it from you!

12 weeks tomorrow. And I'm sick. It should be illegal to be allowed to get sick while you are pregnant, don't you agree??? As if I don't have enough making me feel ill LOL. My nausea is mostly gone, but the more I cough the more I gag!!

3bees~1flower 04-13-2004 04:07 PM

Ann -- you mentioned in your post about finding a new sling that you were going to make a fleece sling...i want to too!! what pattern are you going to use? i have that one from a gal named stacey printed off (it uses a french seam, if that helps) anyway, i'm having a heck of time getting the curve cut right...any tips on how to get it right? thanks!

chrissy 04-13-2004 05:33 PM

hi October mamas!

Just checking in with you guys.

Ann, I've developed a sling/carrier "problem" too! I had a Maya wrap with my son but could never get it to be comfortable for either of us. I sold it on ebay and mainly carried him in the baby bjorn. Then I regretted selling it and bought another Maya. Since I've been pregnant I"ve also bought a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch and New Native pouch. I want to try a Kozy carrier too.

Flitters, Please don't be worried that you can't feel your uterus. I think it is very hard to feel on yourself. At least it is for me and this is my second pregnancy. I am 16 weeks and very noticeably pregnant but it is difficult for me to feel exactly where it starts and stops.

Mirthfulmum, I had lots of spotting, both brown and bright red, during my pregnancy with Noah. It turned out I had a low lying placenta that was causing it. Nothing to do but watch it. Luckily it moved out of the way in plenty of time, the bleeding stopped and, of course, Noah was healthy. Hoping all turns out well for you.

My cravings are strange and they change daily. One day I craved little carrots dipped in peanut butter. That was actually a really tasty snack!

Happy Tuesday!

blessed2bamommie 04-13-2004 05:33 PM

I've been lurkin, but I think with this latest craving yall won't think I'm crazy if I admit it and there's been an edd change.

Mirth, I prayed for you! Pleeeeeeeease let us know! I'm on pins and needles waiting!

I had my appt last Thursday. I am pleased! They're very pro bf and the LC will *come to your house and I saw a birthing ball in the ed room, and they even spoke that circ isn't necessary. I'm feeling really good about the practice. I have an appt with the mw, whom isn't 24hrs the 27th. The practice is the back up for the bc here and also is more of a midwifery model. Me and the perinatal coordinator and LC were able to have a good discussion about my prenatal/birth choices. I'll see them again. I also discussed the pg test that had faint lines in early Jan before I got the bfp; but, showed. She mentioned u/s at 18 wks. I was reading Peggy's new book and that's not the only option, so I'm goinna discuss it. They like you to be educated and to have a dialogue. They are partners with you in your care.

This weekend was a big weekend. On Friday me and mama and her friend and dh saw the Passion. Me and mama wanted to start ! It depicted the sacrifice Christ made for us in a way that I don't think we've ever seen. (hence the uproar) Maybe the most accurate. It was a beautifully done movie as well. I was up waaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime when we went to eat after. I lazed around Saturday and dropped off our taxes to be done and Sunday went to church. Our youth ministers got married that day during service. It was wonderful. And having seen the depiction of the suffering of Jesus really affected my worship in a more profound way. It was a long day, the reception the church did for them, since they didn't have the money and clean up and then we went to my mamas for dinner. Piglet I hear ya on the yuckies...I had them Friday night. I was *not enjoyin dinner. I sneezed on the way and was afraid my bladder was gonna bust! : They couldn't open that garage door fast enough. I went under before it was all the way up and *ran to the bathroom. My little sisters friend was congratulating me on my pg and I said thanks as I ran by. :LOL My little sister was kissin my belly and had her hands all over me. I'm really showin. She was makin up these ghetto names for the baby. She and her friend think its a girl. My mamas crazy best friend on the phone said it was twins. I was *beat! I went straight home and got in the bed.

I *was craving olives with ranch dressing with bacon on them. I'm not sure if I'm still feelin it; but, I might have dh bring them home just in case.

Well, that's my post for the week! :LOL
That's about been my speed these days!

eta: Hey Ann! I missed seeing your posts! Good to know all is well! Chrissy! Thanks for replyin to my post in diapering!

slings.....I've feeling overwhelmed like I did about dipes. I know I want a pouch and I'm a plus sized mama. I know I want adjustable....but that leaves a lot...

I'm thinking that since its October, so far, I might be able to get away with fleece. Is that microfleece? : I have to ask...I think it might be coolin down and I should be able to just get fall/winter stuff.

kraftykathy 04-13-2004 06:23 PM

Mirthfulmum - Good Luck with finding your babe's heart beat. I'll be thinking of you!

We had a nice long weekend here. Spent time outdoors playing with the kids, blowing bubbles and tossing balls and drawing with sidewalk chalk.

I used a heart to heart sling that I found at a thrift store with my son. It's a really nice roomy sling and is still in great shape. I'll use it again this time around. But I also want to buy a new sling. I will get the mayawrap. I admit it, I just love the guatemalean fabrics they are made out of. Very cool!

A few weeks ago, when I was still feeling queasy, I really craved protien foods like meat. Usually I don't go for a lot of meat, but suddenly, I needed it! Now I could take it or leave it, just like always. I also ate a lot of whole wheat waffles with low sugar jam. Now I can eat most of my normal foods. I haven't gotten to that raveneous point yet either. But I am sooo thirsty still. I'm drinking tons of water. I also Like to have some milk, which I usually don't go for.

I feel a little guilty for indulging in easter treats over the weekend, but I can never resist the temptation, lol!

I'm at 15 weeks. I know it's early, but I sure wish I could feel those baby movements. My best friend could always feel hers at fourteen weeks. Wish I was like that. I felt my daughter at 20 weeks and my son at 16 weeks. But he was sooooo active in and out of the womb, lol! So if I have another calm one, I wonder when I'll feel it? Sometimes I think I'm feeling something, but I just can't distinguish baby movement from gas at this point, ya know? Not yet. I need very definate movements before I'll know for sure.
Congratulations to those that are starting to feel their babes though!

I have my next midwiife appointment next week already. Thi montht is flying by for me!

Oh! We now have 15 new lambs that were born on are farm, all born during the month of March. Everything went really well and now I don't have to go to the barn in the middle of the night! Yippee for normal sleep!

Have a great week everyone!


Jillerina 04-13-2004 06:31 PM

Hello All October Mamas to be!

Can I be added to the list? Babe #2 has a due date of October 4.

I've started to feel good again over the past few weeks. If I could just quit having these dizzy spells I think I'd feel pretty much normal (ok normal with a belly). I can't say I've had any cravings per say but I certainly an going though different food "phases" as I like to call them. Right now I am totally into bagels and cream cheese with sliced tomatoes. I've eaten so many that my tongue has gotten sore from eating the toasted bagel! Luckily DD agrees with this phase, she loves bagels too!

Today I just left a message for a local doula I've been recommended. Its seems way early to make doula arrangements but I don't want to find out she's already booked for the beginning of October so I've made the call. I waited too late to call the birthing centre and as a result I'm on a VERY long waiting list to have a midwife attended birth. Unfortunately the birthing center is the only one near me and midwives are not allowed to work in hospitals in Quebec! it sucks. Oh well, I'm hopeful that a good doula will be able to work with me in a hospital setting.

flitters 04-13-2004 07:46 PM

mirthfulmom, i'm looking forward to hearing that everything is fine as it probably is, but how very scary! i hope everything went well with your midwife today.

jillerina, i think i mentioned it in my previous post but i've been eating bagels with creamcheese and tomato too! i don't know if it's a craving exactly, but i'd love to have one every day if possible!

as for my uterus, still no sign of it. i'm not worried but i would really like some visible sign that i am pregnant! ah well, patience, i know.

and on the topic of slings, our first and only baby purchase was a sling baby from which arrived a couple days ago. it is so cute and soft and seems really comfortable. i'll post pics when i upload them tomorrow but dh was so cute! he opened up the box all excited and pulled out the sling, promptly put it on and picked up our dog deek's "green monster" (stuffed toy approximately shaped like a gingerbread man about the size of a newborn) and put it in the sling. it was so cute! i decided i will make one purchase to celebrate after each midwife appointment so another 2.5 weeks till i buy something else... i'm just not sure what!

mirthfulmum 04-13-2004 09:17 PM

Everything is great! I saw my midwives and the baby's heart beat was as strong and steady as ever. Seeing the blood really freaked me out. I never had any spotting when pregnant with Alias so this totally caught me by surprise. My midwife pretty much said exactly what you all did. That it's perfectly normal to have spotting through out the pregnancy. And if I ever feel the need to have a quick reassuring listen to the heart beat I was more than welcome. My midwives are so fantastic!
Thank you so much for your thoughts and warm wishes. Having you gals here really kept me from loosing it today. Thank you.

blessed2bamommie 04-13-2004 09:50 PM

Praise God that all is well, mirth!

3bees~1flower 04-13-2004 09:51 PM

awesome, mirthfulmum!! i had early spotting as well...what a drag, huh? i'm glad everything sounded great!

flitters 04-13-2004 10:12 PM

dancing bananananas for mirthful mom!

Lucysmama 04-14-2004 01:48 AM

Yay mirthfulmum!!!

I have some sort of breast infection.... Weird because I am not breastfeeding right now. But my right breast is KILLING me! The pain is really bad. I can't even handle my breast enough to put my bra on. I am going to try hot herbal compresses right now and see if that helps....

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