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Piglet68 07-19-2004 11:00 AM

October Mamas Roll Call

snugglebutter 10/01
mirthfulmum 10/03 BOY! Harrison Eliot Smith
TracyK 10/04
mhurst 10/04
kraftykathy 10/04
Jillerina 10/04
water 10/06
KateMary 10/06 GIRL!
Proudly AP 10/08
mayasmama 10/08 GIRL!
FutureMama 10/09 BOY!
bluehalo 10/10 BOY! Noah Daniel
allformyboys 10/11
Lucysmama 10/12
bendmom 10/12
momadance 10/13 BOY! Gabriel Reed
Mandi 10/14
rhemp 10/14
wannabmommie 10/15
MTBto5 10/15
krnflwr 10/16 GIRL!
gmvh 10/16 TWINS! BOY! and GIRL!
Piglet68 10/18 BOY! Sasha Adam
MommyMuse 10/19
JenDoula 10/19
BeansMomma 10/20 GIRL!
Mom2Lily 10/20
CourtneyandLogan 10/21 BOY! Zander Julian
OakEmber 10/21 BOY! Oakley Kai
mtnjenny 10/22
Stanleymama 10/23 BOY!
gottaknit 10/24
3boyz4us 10/24
Ctmom70 10/24 BOY! Alex Richard
Kim22 10/24 BOY!
aspiring mama 10/25
sunshinegal 10/25
truebluexf 10/27
Soogie 10/27
ameliabedelia 10/29 GIRL! Greta Marie
flitters 10/30
BeauGeek 10/30
AnnR33 10/31
guinnessinu 10/31 TWINS! BOY! and BOY!
BlueMoonTime 10/31 GIRL! Alexis

Whew, our list is getting long! Welcome to the new mamas who have joined us!

So I'm 27 weeks today, add me to the "Third Trimester" group, lol.

Question of the Week: describe your ideal/dream birth. (thanks to mirthfulmum for this great question)...

So, my dream birth is a homebirth, with my DH, midwife and her asistant or doula. I have two strong women sending me powerful vibes. My labour is easily manageable, and I am able to get up and walk around, eat, drink, etc. I am pampered by the contractions intensify, I move to the birthing tub. The pain is like a heavy workout, stretching me to my limits, but feeling good, productive, and not so painful that I'm distressed. Pushing is not the burning, agonizing experience I've seen/heard about...rather it feels good, is full of strange and wondrous sensations. My newborn is placed on my chest, skin against skin, with a warm towel over top of us. His pulsing cord is cut by his papa, and we're gently lifted out of the tub and sink into a lovely, soft, warm, familiar bed. Baby nurses while midwife gently checks him out - no nursery, no bath, no needles, no poking, suctioning, prodding, goop-in-the-eyes....just all gentle as my baby latches on for the first time.

Definitely a "dream" birth.

3bees~1flower 07-19-2004 12:11 PM

ooooooo, Piglet, that sounds heavenly!! if i had to guess, that would be everyone's dream birth. the only exception with mine would be that it would just be DH, me, and God!!

we had a good G-pa, Aunt and Uncle from CO were here for the weekend (haven't seen them in almost 2 yrs) and we got to spend the evening with them last night at our house, along with my dad, sister and Bil, sil and her little girl. DH smoked a pork loin....YUUMMMM!! it got really cool so DH ended starting a fire in our fire pit and we all sat around that. it was a beautiful evening to be outside.

OakEmber 07-19-2004 01:56 PM

Yay Piglet! another mom moves up...we are getting so close!! Imagine, 2 months from now we will probably start reading our real birthstories! Crazy!!

I am glad you asked this QOTW, Piglet (thanks Mirthfulmum) because twice now you have mentioned your fear of labour and I have meant to say something...not that I really know what to say, just wanted to acknowledge that you said it . Your "dream" story is really nice, I wish you could have it...but I do know that you are at peace with the birth you will have.

My dream birth is actually from a video I watched on Russian Waterbirths, I don't know what it's called maybe someone else does (Katie I think you mentioned it once). It was a midwife having her own, I think they showed both her 3 and 4th children being born actually (if I remember correctly) and she was so peaceful and serene giving birth in water. There were also cool shots of people giving birth in the sea, then having the babies was cool. So, my realistic dream birth would be in my home, using a birthing tub...non interventive, I don't mind other people being around so that wouldn't change (I'd still have Dh, midwife, my mom and sister, and Ember but being in our home she could be free to do what she wanted), and just a harmonious flow to my labour...with only a few pushes (like my sister who pushed 3 TIMES, not for 4 hrs like me!!) before Oakley glides easily into the water. But since I am probably having a hospital birth, my dream is just for the things I want post birth to happen the way I want them, I am really not worried about the labour itself... I am confident that I will be in control of what happens and am not worried about interventions (with Ember I was in a hospital too but with a regular Dr. and I didn't get an IV or anything so with my midwife I know I will be able to move freely around the room and use different positions, shower and birthing ball like last time)...but it is really important to me that the cord is not cut right away, and that there is no Vit. K injection and of course I get to hold Oakley and BF and that he is not taken from the room. Issues that I are less pressing but still need to be discussed are oxitocin injection for me (I don't think it is necessary but don't so much care if I get it if there seems to be a reason, I just don't want them to routinely jab it in my leg without my knowledge or consent like last time), the antibiotic eye ointment for Oakley (again, don't think it is necessary in our case but will discuss it before hand with midwife), and whether or not we will use oral Vit. K or forgo it. Luckily I don't have to worry about them vaccinating at birth here, it's not done as of yet. The last thing about my abtainalbe dream birth that I hope for is to be dismissed from the hospital after 4 hrs and have all my family together in one bed the first night, not me and Oakley in the hospital by ourselves.

Ok so it felt like I had written a novel but now that I've read it, it's not so bad so I will add a bit about our weekend :LOL Ember has joined the advancing swimmers club started by Emily and Lucy ....yesterday completely of her own doing she actually put her face in the water...I'd say went under but it was just to about her eyes, MAJOR milestone for the girl who has never even gotten used to lying back in the tub and getting her hair washed I think she might even begin to learn to swim this summer, she is just getting braver and braver! We will be camping at the most perfect swimming lake for a week starting next Sat, so I am sure that there will be much progress while we are there. Speaking of which, this will be the first time that we are the adults camping for that many days (Sat-Thurs), though I have camped that long many times it was always with my parents and though Dh and I have camped many times it has still been with my parents and usually for only a couple nights...feels like a big milestone for us

Lucysmama 07-19-2004 02:07 PM

I like these fantasy birth is mine!

I picture labor starting on a crisp lovely fall day here in the valley. In early labor I would go for a stroll with dd and dh (we live in the National Park and there are literally trails in our backyard that run by woods, meadows, river, and waterfalls) to get things moving along. When I am ready, we would head for home. Dh and dd would busy themselves with something quiet while I get in the birth tub upstairs and labor alone. I'd have some nice music and aromatherapy. When I felt the baby's birth was imminent, I would call dh and dd to come upstairs and be with me for the final few moments. Just the 3 of us would be present as our new baby was born gently into the water. We would lift up the baby slowly, and place it on my chest. I would check the gender myself, and let dd and dh have a look for themselves, too. I would breastfeed the baby. Then we'd get out and get wrapped up in warm blankets and lay in bed, just the 4 of us. After a while, we'd have something yummy and filling to eat and the baby and I would go to sleep.

Uh....notice there are no midwives present in this scenario. :LOL I guess deep down I do want a UC, but since I am home VBACing for the first time, I do want a midwife there. I think. :LOL I do plan to wait a long time before calling her, though. So everything could be just like that scenario, only with Pam there for the last part.

stanleymama 07-19-2004 03:25 PM

QOTW: Let's see..good question BTW. Well since I am having a hospital birth, and I really love our hospital. It is small and they use cloth on all the babies. My dr. is older and just wonderful. I guess for me my dream is to have it be short and sweet. So my dream would be laboring for a short time, walking up to the hospital and then shortly after give birth to my new little boy. Immediately after, he would latch on like a pro and dh and I would marvel at our new little blessing. My 3 older boys would then come and bring mommy a yummy chinese dinner and meet their new little brother. The next day we would have our celebration meal and then come home.

Our hospital puts on a private celebration meal for you and your dh in your room. The food is actually quite good. They set up the room and dim the lights for a romantic atmosphere. The table is nicely decorated and you celebrate the birth of your babe.

ameliabedelia 07-19-2004 04:20 PM

25 weeks

I haven't been on much, have been so busy lately. We are moving at the end of July to my parent's house and then we will be moving again in the middle-end of August to our new home. It is all so hectic. We don't even know WHERE our new home will be, just that we are pretty sure it will be in NH, since DH is looking for a job there. He is an un-certified teacher, but has 4+ years experience so in NH he will be able to get certified without taking any classes, just demonstrating competancy which will save us tons of time and money. So, things are really up in the air for our family now. But, we are pretty sure he will find a job there and it will all work out in the end, but right now things are busy and stressful. We are selling almost all our things (just saving clothes, diapers, books, toys and kitchen stuff).

QOTW: My dreambirth is like Lucymama's (complete with the home in a National Forest and walk in the morning, that is a real dream LOL). I guess my dream is to go UC, but I don't feel at this point that I could do it. I am not ready for that. But, I do have hopes that my birth may go more like Piglet's with the midwives present. So, that is my "realisitic dream" birth. Although we won't have a water tub. I would really like one, but dd will also be present for the birth and she LOVES the water, so I don't want anyone to have to worry about her drowning in the water tub or playing in it or water damage from water on our floor or any of those things. (I am such a cheater, instead of writing out my own dream birth, I just steal everyone else's). LOL

krnflwr 07-19-2004 05:12 PM

Originally Posted by ameliabedelia
QOTW: I am such a cheater, instead of writing out my own dream birth, I just steal everyone else's. LOL
I hear you, ameliabedelia. As I read each person's dream birth, I'm nodding my head, thinking "exactly!".
My vision of a great birth would definitely include being in a large body of warm water, surrounded by loving and supportive people (who are being very quiet), minimal to no anxiety on my part, nice flowing birth, some warm cuddly bonding time with DH and DD after babe arrives, a yummy (and spicy) celebratory thai meal and then all of us snoozing in our big family bed.
In reality, we'll be at a hospital...but one that has big labor tubs and is the more progressive hospital in our area, so I'm hoping for an easy time having my non-interventionist wishes met. I'm also planning on escaping as soon as possible afterwards, hoping things work out so we can all get discharged and be home together as soon as possible. After Hannah's birth, my OB was fine discharging me a few hours after birth....but I couldn't get anyone to let me take the baby home that soon. Oopsie, something I definitely overlooked. No sense leaving w/o the baby, huh?
I need to do some counting and look at my calendar, but I think I might be 28 weeks now. So, 3rd trimester here I come! Doesn't seem right, I don't feel that far along in my brain yet, even if my body looks it (and more!). I've had people comment to me lately about "that baby's due any day, huh?" and "any time now". I'm trying to not get too upset about it, but do feel the defensive need to explain to them that the baby isn't due until Oct. So please keep your rude "large as a barge" comments to yourself! :

krnflwr 07-19-2004 05:35 PM

I checked out the Cuddly Carrier you mentioned in last week's post, and had a few thoughts to share. A wrap/tie carrier is great but has a higher learning curve, in general, than a pouch or ring sling. It can be used in many more positions and usually can be used for a longer period of time, although many ring slings work well into toddler years, too. I have heard from several moms, however, that the wrap/tie carriers that are made from stretchy t-shirt-like material are very hard to get to fit well, and are more of a pain than they are worth. The best wrap/tie carriers, from what I've read and heard, are the Didymos or other woven fabric carriers. These made from woven fabric, however, are much more expensive. I found my Didy, after an exhaustive search of several months, on ebay and even then it was over $60 (second-hand). I'm really looking forward to using it w/ a newborn, since it didn't get too much use w/ Hannah. She never liked being carried on my back, unless she was high up above my head, in the big frame backpack. And she was too big, by the time I got the Didy, for any of the front positions.
Anyway, that's my $.02. I think this looks like a nice wrap carrier, but I think it is probably made from a stretchy fabric (based on the price, I never saw any fabric description). If it is, make sure you are clear on their return policy or be prepared for it not to work as well or comfortably w/ a larger baby. It might work great for a tiny baby, but may last long in your babywearing life. HTHs!

AnnR33 07-19-2004 07:24 PM

I'm not sure if I'm going to get my "dream" birth or not. The birth ctr I really want checked on our insurance and it won't cover anything! We can switch to a new carrier since we're moving to WA but the bith ctr is in the process of being "certified" or whatever by that company and can't guarantee that it will be done by the time this babe not sure where that leaves us. We really cannot afford the $5000 out of pocket for the whole cost-who can? I'm actually waiting on a call from them now to try to work this out.
Otherwise It'll be with a CNMW in a birth suite at a hospital which will be the next thing I look into but hate to have to do it at all! I have heard some good things about the hosp-it was ranked as one of the top "baby friendly" hosp in the nation but not sure what that means exactly. I just don't want to deal with hosp procedures at all.
OK, done whining...

Counting down the days until we move-only 12 to go!

mtnjenny 07-19-2004 08:00 PM


Lucysmama 07-19-2004 08:03 PM

Welcome Jenny!

Giving birth outside in a hot tub sounds AMAZING! If I were you, I'd be all over it! I even tried to convince dh to rent a hot tub for October to put in our yard. Didn't work! We are going to rent a tub and have the baby in our house instead!

mtnjenny 07-19-2004 08:11 PM

Thanks for the sweet welcomes - I wasn't sure if I should jump in or not!

You homebirthers are so brave, really. I'm just a little too chicken for that...Maybe next time for us!

BeansMomma 07-19-2004 11:27 PM

27 weeks tomorrow!!!

Is it really almost the third trimester?!?! Ugh. I'm already starting to feel the discomfort that I am sure is soon to be even more pronounced through these next several weeks.

Re: previous comments about testiness and mood swings... Ugh - I have been so snappy and snarky lately - luckily my DW calls me on it and that, of course, makes it all the more frustrating. For anyone on the roads in Portland these days, watch out because I've also developed a severe case of Royal Road Rage... my goodness - you know it's bad when your partner emails you to go easy on others on the road - heh heh.

QOTW: uh, er, um... well, uh... first time mom here - fighting off the fear and dread is about as far as I've got. I start classes soon (hoping to get into something progressive on top of hospital classes) so maybe I'll get past the fears and into the dreams part. One thing I definitely am hoping for is that the labor spa at my hospital is available when I arrive; they won't let you deliver there - but at least hanging out in the whirlpool would be sooo nice.

Lucysmama 07-19-2004 11:53 PM

Originally Posted by mtnjenny
You homebirthers are so brave, really. I'm just a little too chicken for that...
I think hospital birthers are brave! I'm too chicken to go to the hospital again! :

OakEmber 07-20-2004 01:01 AM

Originally Posted by Lucysmama
I think hospital birthers are brave! I'm too chicken to go to the hospital again! :
I think that Katie's got it right But I do remember thinking the same way as Mtnjenny the first time too. Unfortanately for me my home isn't really an option...unless I did an UC and that's a whole other level of bravery that I don't have.

Krnflwr/Karin- you are so wise! I was looking at the how to use pictures and that scared me :LOL, I really do think that to start with I need a pouch type without anything to adjust! Thanks for the advice, I definately appriciate you looking out for me like that Sorry about those comments you have been getting, some people should just I get a mixed bag of comments, from looking huge to looking great, I don't know who to believe :LOL

Stanelymama- you said something on last weeks thread about selling FuzziBunz?? Are you a WAHM? Not sure what you can and can't say but if you do have a website or something I'd be interested in checking it out, you could PM me if you do.

stanleymama 07-20-2004 01:12 AM

mtnjenny-- Small world. We live just an hour northwest of madison in a small town. Richland Center--ever heard of it? We frequent Madison quite a bit.

OakEmber--Yes I am a wahm. I don't have a website as I just maily focus on local sales. PM though and I will send you my info.

To all you homebirthers--i think you are pretty brave as well. I tried a homebirth with my first, and it turned out we had a bad midwife. Long story. After 52 hours of labor we went to the hospital and had a wonderful birth.

Piglet68 07-20-2004 10:57 AM

27 weeks, 1 day

Glad to see you jumping right in, Jenny! As you can see, we all love to gab!

How about my "reality" birth? Well, my first birth, a scheduled c-section, was about as wonderful an experience as I could have hoped for. Everything went smoothly, I was excited, nervous, and thrilled all at once. I had very little pain - just a bit ouchy when they put the epidural cath in. Otherwise, the pain meds worked their wonders and none of it interfered with nursing, with baby, or with being able to sleep with her. My recovery was super fast - I was up and walking that evening and the nurses all said I was doing great. So this time around I'm hoping for the same thing, except I'm also hoping I might be able to leave a bit early (last time I was actually quite enjoying the "service") b/c I'm really concerned about being away from DD so much.

Ann - the PNW is pretty progressive, and if the hospital is rated "baby friendly" then you will be in for a treat. I gave birth at such a hospital in Boston (I forget who assigns the ratings, but the hospital must have all sorts of things in place). ALL nurses must be trained in BFing. There must be lactation consultants around for you at any time, and they must have a certain percentage of successful BFing mothers on discharge. Rooming-in with baby is strongly encouraged (technically they are supposed to be in the bassinet beside your bed, but I know I wasn't the only one whose newborn slept on her chest!). You are required to be with baby immediately after birthing (even cesarian mamas) and allowed time to bond and practice BFing. It was really a wonderful experience - I had only one negative "run-in" and that was with a visiting ped who was not part of the hospital (I hadn't picked a ped before I gave birth so I got whoever was around that day, and she was a Formula-pushing, nasty-bedside manner, cow! the nurses told me "she makes everybody cry").

Okay, well yesterday I had a "breakthrough" experiment, so here's hoping for the same today. Off I go to the lab: only five weeks until we leave for Vancouver!!

mirthfulmum 07-20-2004 11:51 AM

Piglet & Amie - Your comments on my Flok/Folk fest. typo had me giggling. My typing is terrible at the best of times, but now with pregnancy brain... Oh how I wish MDC had spell check.

I don't remember who it was who pointed out that I may have miscounted my weeks but you are right. Upon a more careful count, I am 29 weeks, not 30. I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday. I guess I was just getting excited and hopeful and a bit of wishful thinking. I really can't wait for our little Harrison to make his grand appearance. (Okay major preggo brain. Dh looking over my shoulder just pointed out that I spelled our new baby's name wrong. I can not believe how mushy my brain is! )

QOTW: It is really great reading everyone's dream births. They sound so wonderful. I guess I'm a bit more of a realist when it comes to my dream birth. For me I spend the beginning of my labour at home in our tub while Alias and DH play together in the living room. The midwife arrives to tell me that it's time to move to the hospital. Our friends then come over to care for Alias and he is excited and worry free as DH and I leave to walk the 5 blocks to the hospital with the midwife. Shortly after we arrive in our private room I have the desire to push and with DH looking on I push a handful of times and Harrison is gently delivered into our midwives hands. He is healthy and pink and brought to lie on my chest. DH cuts the cord and we spend the next few hours in quiet awe and bliss as we meet our new son. Harrison latches and nurses like a pro and we are told we can go home anytime. Alias arrives to meet his new brother. And with Harrison tucked cozily into his sling and Alias' little hand in mine we all walk home together as a family. The whole event takes less than 12 hours.

On the sling topic, for my two cents, this Kidlets Carrier is the best sling/carrier I've ever come across (and like many of you I went through soooo many baby carriers with Alias). It's a bit pricey but I was able to use it until Alias hit 26 pounds and my back just couldn't take it anymore. It is so versatile, made from organic undyed cotton and it's hand made (Kidlets clothing is a real mom and pop operation with the mom doing the sewing, the dad working the register and their son serving as model and inspiration).

Welcome mtnjenny! Happy you felt comfortable just jumping in and joining us.

AnnR33 07-20-2004 12:39 PM

Thanks Piglet for the reassurance about about the hosp-I still hope I don't need it but it's good to know the rating means something and their nurses are trained. And good luck with the lab!

Anybody actually doing the Kegal exercises?? I know I should-esp since it's #3 but I never think about-until I laugh or sneeze and OOPs LOL

bluehalo 07-20-2004 01:06 PM

QOTW: I love reading everyone's blissfull sounding dream births I'm going to share my "reality" dream birth, since I'm in a place right now where I want to focus on how I can really help this go the way I want, instead of being wistful about what I wish could have been, yk? ...

So ... I imagine starting labor at home, going about my daily stuff, cherishing the last few hours alone and peaceful with my son. As things become more intense and I'm sure this is *it*, calling DH (if he's at work, etc.) to let him know what's going on. I'm sure I'll be doing some last minute cleaning up, etc ... the thought of going to the hospital to birth a baby and coming home to a messy house makes me want to hyperventilate :LOL I'll probably fondle some cloth diapers, getting excited about the thought of having that sweet bottom to diaper soon (I know, I know, I have problems, tee hee... ). I'll call my two friends who will also be my additional support people, give them a heads up, call my parents to let them know we'll be needing to drop Ethan off with them sooner than later. I really hope I don't have to leave for the hospital in the middle of the night ... I'd hate to have to wake Ethan up to leave, and I wouldn't feel right leaving w/o telling him, yk?

Continue to labor at home, my one friend (a L&D nurse) will come over around this point and check me ... hope to head to the hospital around 5-6 cm. Get there, get settled in and comfortable and secure feeling. Proceed through active labor, vocalizing, and rocking on the birth ball, and working with DH and my girlfriends to cope, thinking about the new family we'll be forming, about this new little bundle of love we're about to meet, maybe showering or getting in the labor tub (they have a tub, but you're not allowed to actuall *birth* in it...) to help cope ... being treated respectfully by the nurses and the doctor. Finally feeling the urge to push, feeling exhillirated and empowered and relieved, and finally pushing out my baby! Having a peaceful few hours to connect with him, having Ethan and my parents come to the hospital to meet him, and heading home soon after.


Wow, it's so surreal, so many of us in the 3rd trimester ... We'll be holding these sweet babes before we know it!!

3bees~1flower 07-20-2004 01:06 PM

Originally Posted by mirthfulmum
I don't remember who it was who pointed out that I may have miscounted my weeks but you are right. Upon a more careful count, I am 29 weeks, not 30. I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday. I guess I was just getting excited and hopeful and a bit of wishful thinking. I really can't wait for our little Harrison to make his grand appearance.

ummm, that would be me...:LOL....i was just teasing...i really can't wait to meet our bean either....

Piglet68 07-20-2004 05:52 PM

Well, I am just totally psyched and excited.

A dear friend just emailed me with her birth announcement. Their baby girl (they didn't know ahead of time the gender) was born on Emily's birthday!! her due date. They sent me what has to be one of the most gorgeous newborn photos I have ever seen.

I've been talking about babies and AP stuff since way before they conceived, and then she had an early miscarriage, so this PG was so wanted and welcome. I got her totally on board with AP, mum bought her Dr. Sears' Baby Book and she ate it up! I sent her a newborn sampler of cloth diapers, and my own "Cloth Diapering 101" sheet I made up for her. She is just going to be the most AWESOME mama - she is so ga-ga over babies as it is, and so loving and affectionate.

Anyways, I'm so glad I'm pregnant, because if I weren't I would be like "waaaah! I want one!"...and just living this whole experience with her has made me even more excited about meeting baby Sasha.

So I just had to share my warm, fuzzy, pregnant, baby-love vibes with you all. We're all getting close!!!!

flitters 07-20-2004 05:52 PM

hi mamas!!! welcome mtnjenny!

ooooh, slings. my first baby purchase was a pouch sling from walking rock farm. i think it will be really soft and comfy and the right warmth for our autumn baby. i'm also going to sew an ABC and maybe a non-padded pouch as well.

fun QOTW, but it's funny, i haven't really thought about birth as such... i feel more like i've set things up so that i'm likely to have a very positive birth experience and now i just wait and see how it goes. of course it's the big things i care about most - healthy baby, healthy mama, but now thinking about it more i guess there are certain detail things i envision too... labor beginning in the wee hours of the morning and laboring alone for a couple hours while it's still dark before calling our midwife and doula. dh being really strong and supportive. the dogs just lying on the couch watching. getting into the birth tub and finding some relief and extra strength from the water. pushing out the baby when my body feels ready and not tearing at all. feeling strong and powerful and fearless, knowing i can cope with any pains of birth and the intensity of the experience like billions of women before me. feeling the baby come out of me and maybe catching it myself with dh's hands right there too. bringing it to my chest and having it nurse right away. feeling amazed to meet the baby i've been carrying these months and overwhelmed with love. and then looking at its face.

krnflwr 07-20-2004 06:12 PM

Who said they had a pattern for a sling or pouch? Care to share??

kraftykathy 07-20-2004 07:42 PM

Oops, I've been off for a couple of weeks and I can't believe how busy everyone here has been! It's going to take me awhile to catch up, lol!

QOTW - Okay, I'm also hoping for a dream birth like Lucysmama!!! We live on a pretty little farm. Our house is at the top of a little hill and at the bottom runs a small stream that runs out of a maple bush. It's spectacular in the fall and I've dreamed of walking through the woods in early labour as well! We are having a midwife attended homebirth, but like Lucysmama, I dream of birthing too quickly for the midwives to arrive. I'm getting an inflatable fishy pool for the birth but I'm going to wait until I'm actually in labour to decide if I'm going to use it or not. Yeah, in my dreams the birth is just me and dh (and our kids). In reality the midwives will likely be there, we'll see. I also hope to catch this baby with the help of dh. I caught our last one, but hubby was a little overwhelmed by how many people were crowded into our birthroom (for some unknown reason there was a whole bunch of interns there though no one asked me if this was okay?!) and he sort of got shunted to the side, poor guy. I really look forward to having him feel truly involved and needed this time!!!

I saw the midwives today (it is a group of several midwives, assistants and students) and so far we have gotten to know each one. But now we've finally found out which 2 midwives will be definately attending our birth. We are very pleased with these 2 ladies (and their student). I dream of a UC, but if these ladies do happen to make it there on time I know it will be a great experience!


mtnjenny 07-20-2004 08:18 PM

I've been trying to figure this out, but I finally have to give up and ask...what's UC?

All the sling-advice has been great, thanks everyone! My sister gave me her Maya wrap, but I love checking out all the different options.

I know everyone's enjoying the "dream births," and keep 'em coming, but I've been dying to ask, as a first-timer, what's something you wished you would have remembered to do before the baby came? I know we can't plan everything for such a life-changing event, but I'm tryin' hard to get as many bases covered as possible before I start teaching again at the end of August. Hope it's not selfish to ask, hopefully others can benefit also!

Lucysmama 07-20-2004 08:46 PM

MtnJenny - UC is Unassisted Childbirth. You can read more about it at

We would definitely be having a UC if this wasn't a VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean)...but being a VBAC I feel more comfortable having it attended by a professional. Maybe next time...

flitters 07-20-2004 09:43 PM

i made a little video of my tummy getting kicks from the inside.
i'm not sure how long i'll leave the link in public like this, but i thought some of you might enjoy it.
it is about 4MB (mpg - video and audio) and runs for about 20 seconds.
it generally won't just load if you click the link but it will work if you right click and save it to disk.

i think it's cute.

[edit] if you want to see the little movie pm me and i'll send you the link... i just didn't want to leave it up here indefinitely [/edit]

Lucysmama 07-20-2004 09:51 PM

Linky no worky.

flitters 07-20-2004 09:55 PM

did you right click and do "save target as" ?
it won't load directly if you just click it like a normal link.

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