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True Blue 08-30-2004 09:12 AM

October Mamas Roll Call

Yoga mama
snugglebutter 10/01
mirthfulmum 10/03 BOY! Harrison Eliot Smith
*prediction: last week of Sept, 8 hrs labour*
TracyK 10/04
mhurst 10/04
kraftykathy 10/04 *prediction: Oct 4, short labour, girl*
Jillerina 10/04 *prediction: Oct 6, 6 hrs labour*
water 10/06
KateMary 10/06 GIRL!
Proudly AP 10/08
MamaEmerald 10/08
mayasmama 10/08 GIRL!
FutureMama 10/09 BOY!
bluehalo 10/10 BOY! Noah Daniel
allformyboys 10/11
Lucysmama 10/12 *prediction: girl, Oct 8, 16 hrs labour*
bendmom 10/12
momadance 10/13 BOY! Gabriel Reed...? or will it be Zappa?
*prediction: Oct 23rd*
Mandi 10/14
rhemp 10/14
wannabmommie 10/15
MTBto5 10/15
krnflwr 10/16 GIRL! *prediction: Oct 16th, 10 hours labour*
gmvh 10/16 TWINS! BOY! and GIRL!
Piglet68 10/18 BOY! Sasha Adam
MommyMuse 10/19
JenDoula 10/19
BeansMomma 10/20 GIRL!
Mom2Lily 10/20
CourtneyandLogan 10/21 BOY! Zander Julian
*prediction: Oct 18 or 28*
OakEmber 10/21 BOY! Oakley Kai
*prediction: Oct 6 - 10, 6 hours labour*
mtnjenny 10/22
Stanleymama 10/23 BOY! *prediction: Oct 18, short easy labour*
gottaknit 10/24 *prediction: Oct 31 - Nov 4, > 9 lbs*
3boyz4us 10/24 *expected Oct 22*
Ctmom70 10/24 BOY! Alex Richard
*prediction: Oct 14, 5 hrs labour*
Kim22 10/24 BOY!
aspiring mama 10/25
sunshinegal 10/25 Fiona
truebluexf 10/27 *prediction: Oct 11, 8 hrs labour, boy*
Soogie 10/27 *prediction: Oct 27 or 28*
ameliabedelia 10/29 GIRL! Greta Marie
*prediction: Oct 17, 10 hrs labour*
flitters 10/30
BeauGeek 10/30
AnnR33 10/31
guinnessinu 10/31 TWINS! BOY! and BOY!
BlueMoonTime 10/31 GIRL! Alexis

OK, I know it's technically not September til Wednesday, but wow! The month before our due dates, can you believe it??? Time to get down to the nitty-gritty of having these babes, get things out in the open, and have clean slates to birth these babes with joy and ease.

QOTW: What is your biggest fear(s) about giving birth this time?

I have a few right now. First, I worry about the baby coming before 36 weeks and having to deliver at a hospital with an OB I have never even seen before and the baby having to be there for a few weeks. Second, I am currently a little worried about the baby being posterior and having labor --excuse me, birthing time (I'm doing Hypnobabies ) from hell. Third, there is always the nagging fear of c-birth -- I just don't want to be cut open!! I'm sure there are more little ones, but these are the biggies for now.

3bees~1flower 08-30-2004 10:09 AM

well, i guess i don't have any worries really, to speak of. this will be my 4th c-section (followed by a tubal this time). All my births were good...Noah's (#3) birth was awesome...i got to see everything...even him peeing all over the docs! i will be sure they bring the mirror again this time. i spose if i had to list a worry, i guess it'd be an early delivery...i want another big baby!! ds #1 was born at 33 wks and was still good sized, 4-8, but i like my moose's, you know, the 10+ lb ones...:LOL anyway, i hope you all get the births you are hoping for.

Katie...just wanted to give you a and let you know i hope you can find a place to live so you can settled before your birth and are able to enjoy your birth completely.

and pregnancy brain strikes again as i can't remember what everyone was talking about at the end of last weeks thread....

we are leaving wed. afternoon to go to MN to see my sister off who is leaving friday to go to South America till the end of dec. so i'll be gone wed-mon. hope you have great week mamas!!

ameliabedelia 08-30-2004 10:42 AM

31 weeks

I am so upset, no more homebirth for me . We just found out about dh's new insurance and the coverage is awesome! We have no deductible, everything is covered at 100$ and office visit co-pays are only $5. But, of course they don't cover mid-wives or homebirth and providers not in their directory are not covered at all. So, it is either go the traditional hopsital/ob route and pay nothing, or fork over $2000 for a homebirth. We really don't have the money to pay for the homebirth and honestly I myself would rather use that money for other things like paying off debt. So, it is the traditional route for me.

There is one good thing about it. The hospital I will be birthing at has a jacuzzi in each birthing room. So, I get to have a waterbirth. It is actually a birthing center at the hospital, so I think it will be a nice place to birth. I wasn't going to do waterbirth at home because of the logistics of it and we will be renting an apartment on the 3rd floor and the last thing I wasnted to worry about was water damage or a pool crashing down onto our neighbors below .

So, now I am frantically trying to find a good OB.

QOTW: My biggest fear is that baby will be breech and I will end up with a c-section. I really, really, really don't want a c-section, nor do I want to deliver breech vaginally. Or, that I will end up with a c-section some other way.

Well, it is hard to keep up with everyone,

but, s to Katie. You have just had so many problems lately. I know things will all work out for you and your baby.

Pig, good luck with the move. We move on Labor Day, so I can't WAIT to get settled. The hard thing, is we don't have any furniture so we need to buy used stuff, so I won't get dressers and things right away, and will stuff in boxes for longer than I normally would. I hate stuff in boxes!

I have pregnancy brain, and can't remember what everyone was talking about either.

blessed2bamommie 08-30-2004 11:07 AM

:LOL I was looking at the thread and like what! September? :

QOTW: Weeeeeeeeeell....God didn't give us a spirit of fear; but, my *concern* is being about to handle the pain of labor and the pool crashing down into the first floor apartment! : Oh! And that the TV etc, is in the corner of the room which is on the outer wall of the apartment. Did that make sense? and it can carry. Now, what about the noises of birth...and if its at 2am.

Can that Aqualdoula go through the floor! : Ok, a fear! :LOL Surely its not the heaviest thing that could be in an apartment! I've been really disappointed once we moved in and I took off my rose colored glasses about our first place with the quality and so the integrity of the floor is a valid concern.

OK, I reaaaaaaaaaaally need to finish this registry! Off to shop!

stanleymama 08-30-2004 11:27 AM

Good morning everyone

QOTW: I struggle with fear off and on. Mostly it deals with baby being breech and needing a c-sec, or doing it all again. What helps me though is to pray, pray, and pray and focus on how much of a gift and blessing this baby is and then I know it will all be worth it. I also hope it goes quickly. I am also thankful that God knows what I can handle and what I can't, and He too wants this baby to come safely into my arms.

Chat more later mamas!

gottaknit 08-30-2004 11:57 AM

Just a word of reassurance to anyone worrying about their pool crashing through the floor: I don't remember where I read this, but it said that the weight of a full kiddie pool/aquadoula is equivalent to four large nurses standing in a circle (about 700 pounds). :LOL

If my floor couldn't handle that much weight, I'd never be able to invite my family over for Thanksgiving dinner! :

QOTW: Since changing to a different midwife, most of my fears/concerns have melted away. But I guess there is always the nagging what-if of getting "stuck" in labor and having to go to the hospital, then ending up with the cascade of interventions culminating in a Caesarian. But I honestly don't worry about it. I just don't think it'll happen. I'm having a hard time getting my money's worth from Birthing from Within classes right now, because when we examine our fears I can't think of any! :LOL I am totally pumped for this experience!

Ok I'm going back to bed. I came down with some nasty cold or flu this weekend and had to call in sick. Who gets sick in the middle of summer?!?!

True Blue 08-30-2004 12:14 PM

LOL ok yah I jumped the gun on the Sept thing but it's only 2 days away .

On the opposite of fears, I had the most wonderful birth dream the other night. It was fabulous, perfect, (except that somehow DH wasn't there, just MW and me, and we couldn't videotape bc the battery was dead LOL) but I gave birth outside (I guess the mw moved the tub there bc she thought I'd like to do it outside LOL) next to the tub, and caught the baby and SHE was beautiful! It was almost painless and perfect.

On another note, I think I may have made some progress with getting the baby to spin. I am positive I got it to disengage, and at least today it's back seems to be more on my right side. I am so excited!!! I saw some amazing acrobatics going on there this morning and it seems like it may be trying to settle in a more favorable position. Once the babe spins, I can eliminate my posterior labor fear and most of my cbirth fear. I'm thinking of maybe calling the mw to see if she can give me a feel and let me know where we stand.

ameliabedelia, sory you're losing your homebirth but that is awesome about the insurance! I'm sure you will be able to find an OB or CNM in there somewhere who you can agree with. And the hospital actually sounds pretty cool!

mirthfulmum 08-30-2004 12:24 PM

Can't believe it's almost September ! This summer has just flown by.

QOTW: I worry about having to have a c-section too. Although my midwife assures me that the probability of that happening is incredibly small I can't help but worry about it a little. But generally I don't have any one specific fear. It's just a general anxiety that comes and goes. Even though I've been through labour and delivery before, and consider it to be a wonderful and amazing experience (not the scary, painful thing I'd been led to believe it was), I still get nervous when I think about doing in again. There are so many variables and so much uncertainty that my mind can wander into some pretty scary (all be it unrealistic) places.

Just a few more things to do before our little Harrison arrives. Still have those onsies, socks and dipaer covers to buy. And I'll be spending the next week or so cleaning and organizing. It'll feel really good to get our home ready for the new one.

Just had to share... Thanks to Amie's fabulous link recomendation I bought a new sling last night. I bought the violet swirly pattern. I can not wait to use it!

ameliabelia - So sorry to hear about you lossing your homebirth. But it does sound like your alternative still will provide you with a positive birth expereince. Hope all goes well.

True Blue 08-30-2004 12:41 PM

Mirth, that sling is so beautiful!!! I wish I could justify another one!!!

gottaknit 08-30-2004 12:57 PM

Oooohhh I love those hotslings! And they have the Chinese patterned one! Must resist!

MamaEmerald 08-30-2004 01:03 PM

34 weeks and 4 days!

I'm also afraid of a c-section. I'd feel so much more comfortable if I were birthing at home, but that just wasn't a reality--largely for the same reason as ameliabedelia. Oh, the economics of obstetrics. sigh.

I'm trying to shift my thinking so that I can be thankful that if I need to birth by cesarian I will be able to. You know? It's great to know that it's there if I need it. I just feel so suspicious about hospitals, I've gotten myself convinced that they're the only reasons women ever wind up needing c-sections anyway. And I know that's not comletely true.

I need to trust myself and my midwife. But it's sad to look around my birthing class and think that according to statistics, at least one if not two of us will have c-sections.

My baby is getting HUGE! I can feel his body parts really well, I usually know just where he is. And he feels so low! I can feel his head just above my pubic bone. In the last month, the lower part of my abdomen has gotten really round and full. He's getting ready........I wonder if we'll make it past the next full moon!

I'm getting so excited to birth and to meet my baby!!

blessed2bamommie 08-30-2004 01:09 PM

I that Asian one! Who got it here? My LLL suggested that I wait b/c my chest will change tho..... Kristi should be off babymoon then maybe, so I can get one direct if need be.

mirthfulmum 08-30-2004 01:24 PM

I just finnished getting dressed and had to rant...

I hate every single stitch of my maternity clothes!!!!! I hate opening my dresser drawer and seeing these big, frumpy clothes. I dread getting dressed in the morning.

Sorry just had to share.

gottaknit 08-30-2004 01:40 PM

I hate every single stitch of my maternity clothes!!!!! I hate opening my dresser drawer and seeing these big, frumpy clothes. I dread getting dressed in the morning. QUOTE]


stanleymama 08-30-2004 01:41 PM

Mirthfulmom...I know EXACTLY how you feel about your clothes. I am so tired of maternity, or my non-maternity stuff sliding down my belly I think getting to wear normal clothes must be #3 on my list of benefits when baby comes.

True Blue 08-30-2004 02:02 PM

That's funny about the clothes...this time I made sure to buy cute, form-fitting stuff so I have very little "frumpy" clothing...I'm hating my clothes much less this time around (and I think they look better on me too!). I think when you hate everything you have, you should treat yourself to one cute new top!!!! Actually, that's what DH usually says, LOL!

AnnR33 08-30-2004 02:07 PM

31 weeks
I don't remember having the fear of going early with my last 2 but I do with this one. Don't know why...just because this preg has been so different than the other 2 I guess I think this babe isn't done throwing me curve balls. My only other fear is my in-laws driving me nuts LOL Since they'll be here for a few days prior to my due date then for another 2 weeks I may go a little nutty...

I meet with my midwife again on Wed and this time Dh is going just so he can see the place and meet her. he has the nerve to ask "why am I going?" Uh, because we're having a baby with this woman and it may be nice for you to meet? He thinks since we've had 2 he's on old pro or something-ya right! He's really doing a lot of work huh?

I agree on the clothes thing! Yuck! I need more pants desperately-only have about 3 prs that actually fit nice-and 2 more that are tight but I have to live with if I don't get the laundry done which happens often! I have some new long sleeve shirts just waiting for cooler weather so at least I'll have a few new things on top. Anybody else having bra problems again? Seems like I was fine for awhile but now nothing fits again and I HATE to buy more at this stage when I don't know what size I'll be afterwards....ugh!

We'll be busy this week-my oldest starts Kindergarten!! :cry At least it's only full days every other day so we get to make the transition gradually. My DD starts preschool next week-talk about lots of adjustments! AND not to mention we're still unpacking and getting used to the house, etc.
Have a great week.

bluehalo 08-30-2004 02:21 PM

34 weeks...

Fears ... you know, I really don't have any true "fears". I have a general picture of my idea birth, but mostly I just want the most loving, peaceful, and respectful welcome for this new little babe. And I know I've done everything I can to set myself up with the kind of support I need to make that happen. I kind of feel like things are out of my hands at this point, if that makes any sense. There are so many things that could happen that I can't even begin to predict ... so I just have faith that "what will be, will be...". Granted, I've done a ton of work to get to this point, and there's no promising I won't be freaking out about who knows what in a few weeks

Clothes ... I'm getting sick of my maternity clothes too, and most of them are even pretty cute! But I'm growing out of most of my shirts, so I'm down to 1/2 of what I was used to wearing, but I certainly don't feel like buying more. *sigh* I've been drooling through "regular" clothes catalogs, fantasizing that I'll be slim and svelte enough to look as cute as the models do *snort*. Ah well ... I'll at least treat myself to a new pair of cute comfy jeans post-partum, even if they're not the size I'd be happiest wearing.

blessed2bamommie 08-30-2004 02:39 PM

sick of trying to alternate items... I can still wear...and they aren't frumpy. Not sure what your definition is...but I could use some fall colors and some color! I have two spring dresses that now probably need to retired for some fall colors and for some reason I guess plus sized women only want to wear black, so two dresses I have are....white floral and polka dot...

I've been thinking what I'm going to wear to the showers....if black is too depressing...I think the white floral cancels out the black so...but what to wear to the others...

I'm stalking Motherhood to drop the price of the sleeveless wrap top at $30 bucks! I need to concentrate on dipes and the baby so as far as getting stuff for me....I *did* check on ebay to see if I could find some things..and I need to figure out what I'm gonna wear for my shoot too! :

Sept 17! And I get a CD of proofs (wow, have things changed since our wedding...), so I think I could post to the yahoo

Soogie 08-30-2004 05:29 PM

I don't have any real fears about the actual birth except that I won't be able to get everything set up for our homebirth in time. This is a silly fear, simply because I don't have a history of precipitous labors. But I keep picturing myself scrambling to get things together. If this does happen, at least I'll be too busy to pay attention to the contractions, right? Ok, now I'm dreaming!

I'm with you ladies on the maternity clothes...I'm ready to burn them. I only have a few things that are not frumpy and mini tents, and I'm so tired of wearing them everyday!

I put a picture of my growing belly at 32 weeks on the yahoo site. I took one of my bare belly too, but I didn't upload it because I didn't want to scare ya'll! The road map of stretch marks is really unattractive!

momadance 08-30-2004 06:30 PM

lucysmama! Hope things are going better!

On the topic of maternity clothes, I'm ok with mine. I throw on my hippy dippy skirts with a tank or normal t and still feel pretty cute

Fear?! None now that I've decided to Homebirth. I had nxiety at about 20 weeks about the treatment of nb's in hospitals, and worrying about some kind of mix up. I'm opposed to vax, early pku, vit K, eye goo, and circ. of my babe, and worried somehow they'd get him! Plus, I worried about all the "just in case" procedures you run into. Now I have no concerns, other then popping this sucker out!

I felt the baby's head today! It had been about 4 weeks since the last time I could feel it with my hands. It's grown from a fist to the size of a nb! Amazing! A few white blood cells in my urine, but mw said it was most likely due to his head and hands rubbing my cervix! Wild stuff!

Sorry ameliabedelia you must be so disappointed! IT was a hard choice for us as well. We had medicaid, cause I had no hc, and our paying out of pocket for ours. Tuff, but well worth it!

flitters 08-30-2004 08:04 PM

hi mamas!

gosh, already lots of catching up and it's only monday!

lucysmama, i'm so sorry you're going through all this. i hope things ease up for you quickly so you can relax and have the birth experience you want. much good luck and hugs and wishes for no more contractions for another few weeks.

ameliabedilia, i wish the homebirth would have worked out for you. it sounds like you have a really good hospital though and it's great that the new insurance is really good aside from birthing.

wannabmommie, i've been worrying about the aquadoula falling through our floor too! thanks for the analogy gottaknit, it helps to think about it that way but i think the aquadoula holds about 175 gallons so that would be 8 very large nurses!!! i finally thought of a good place where we can put it - half way between our kitchen and our living room. they connect openly so there's not a doorway. at the transition there is a foundation wall cause the house was expanded many years ago (it used to end at the kitchen) so if we straddle the little foundation wall with the aquadoula on a pallet i think i won't worry too much about falling through the floor. i hope you figure something out!!! and congratulations on the decision to have a homebirth, it really sounds like a great choice for you.

truebluexf, congrats on making progress with the baby repositioning!

sorry to hear how many of you are seriously hating your clothes lately! like trueblue, i have been very pleased with my maternity wardrobe. it's no stretch for me though since i still pretty much always wear jeans and a t-shirt - they are just bigger and stretchier now! so i'm dressing pretty much the same way i have for the last 12 years. i'm not very adventurous with fashion!

QOTW: like many of you, i fear having a cessarian, mostly due to a breech baby. i also feel that if i have a cessarian i am likely to experience postpartum depression. needing one is very unlikely, i know, so i don't dwell on it too much. but days like today where there is a hard lump in my belly i worry the baby will go breech. honestly i have no idea if the lump is a head or a butt or a knee or a shoulder... i listen to the heartbeat regularly with our fetoscope (a seriously great $20 investment) and it's pretty much always down low on the side so i think the baby is probably head down, but those big hard lumpy parts make me wonder. i'm really not afraid of labor - i expect it to be probably the most intense experience i've ever had, physically and mentally, but thinking about it doesn't cause me fear.

i still love looking at the yahoo gallery and i look forward to more pictures!

also, here is a link to the thread i made so we could maybe have an october mamas song list... it would be great if more people share their favorites!

i hope you all have a great week!

Lucysmama 08-30-2004 08:47 PM

Hey guys!!! Happy September! Babies should start coming in a couple weeks!

Things are looking up a little here. We are moving (everyone ELSE is moving us, actually - as I type! I'm just kind of sitting here watching.) into a small little apartment. I am not having as many contractions - only about 4/hour. My poor lil dd has been kinda lost in the shuffle, so today I arranged for some relatives to care for her, asking them to please spoil and dote on her. She really needs it!!! The only thing left to do is find a home for our doggy, who cannot come to the apartment with us.

QOTW: I have a lot of fears about labor and birth, but I am trying to work thru them. I am having a home VBAC, so that carries with it a lot of extra issues. When I had my dd, the doctors and my midwives speculated that my pelvis was too small or my dd was too large, and that is why she never engaged. 99% of me believes that is BullS--t, but I still have this nagging fear that this baby will never descend. I also didn't dilate past 4cm with dd before I was sectioned, so I worry about my progress being halted there. I read that that can happen with VBAC mamas - they can have a hard time getting past where they got hung up. I do have faith in my body to birth, but I guess not 100% faith, you know? I also have fears about having the baby before 37 weeks -though my midwife told me that she has attended a few 35.5-36 week homebirths before, when the mamas were SURE about their conception dates. I can't believe that in 10 days, I could potentially give birth at home!!!

Amelia - So sorry about the homebirth! But it sounds like your hospital is progressive and you can still have a lovely (water!)birth there.

Amy - glad to hear your baby is repositioning!!! That must be a huge load-off!

Piglet- hope you guys are getting all settled into your place!

OakEmber 08-30-2004 09:15 PM

QOTW- I guess my biggest fear is that my midwife won't be there for the delivery, for two reasons 1) my biggest worry is about not having my wishes re: nb procedures respected or having the cord cut before I want that sort of thing, with the midwife I am sure they will be respected but I have no idea if her fill in would, plus I really don't like confrontation and then would not be the time for me to feel I need to defend my wishes KWIM and 2) having travelled out of my way all this time to see her would seemed a waste of time...not a total waste of time of course as I have had good prenatal care all along, but really it's all about the big event.

And I bought the blue paisley hotsling that Mirthfulmum already showed the link for was really hard to decide between that and the china pattern, but in the end I went with the one that I might possibly get Dh to wear (not that it will probably fit him anyway, but it's worth a shot)...Courtney, you are still the sole owner of the china but now that the others know there is one available it might not be for long

Mirthfulmum- 2 weeks to term! WOW :

Amelia- I am sorry that you are having to change your plans, especially so late in the game...but I must admit the alternative sounds awesome! I hope that you will have a very fullfilling waterbirth

Oh and about maternity clothes...I have been pretty lucky this time and have a lot to choose from, good karma I suppose for lending all mine out last time and not getting everything back. It's actually nice not to be wearing much of the same stuff again...but I am having the issue of things getting tighter and starting not to fit anymore, so if I really do go to the end of Oct. I will be in sweats cuz my jeans will long have been outgrown!

And Flitters, now I am by no means an expert but at my last appt. my baby was heads up and when the midwife (wives actually because her assistant was there too) tried to use the fetalscope down low she got it sounds to me like if you hear the heartbeat down low babies head would be down.

Yeah Katie! Glad to hear that you have a home...and that you have help moving! So sorry to hear about your dog though, that is a real bummer! Wow, 10 days and you are in the hb clear, that's awesome! You know, I used to worry about premmies but I just have this feeling that Oakley is big and healthy and would be fine if he did come...I guess in part it's because my great-nephew was born at 30 weeks last year and is doing just fine and also because his dad was born at 33 weeks over 20 years ago and is fine (and 6'5" to boot). I just found out that one of my cousins who is 35 was born 6 weeks early too and was just over 4lbs...I hadn't a clue. Maybe that will ease some of your worries, though I know there are other reasons that it would be scary having a premmie, like having to leave the hospital before baby, can you imagine ...but at least for the health implications I feel pretty good about the day and age we live in.

mirthfulmum 08-31-2004 12:05 AM

Please PM me your full name and adresses. I will then compile the list and PM the name and adress list to all who are going to do the exchange. In the interest of time (babies could be making their grand apperance in as little as 2 weeks) I ask that those who want to participate in the bead exchange PM me with their info by Friday (Sept. 3). That way I can get the list out to everyone by the end of the weekend and give everyone a week or so to get their beads in the mail.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about check out this thread

Thanks again to Katie for suggesting this. I think it's a wonderful idea.

AnnR33 08-31-2004 12:05 AM

HI Everyone!
Time for some fun stuff! Some of you have signed up for the bead/secret swap on the other thread in the October forum (sorry don't know how to link that).
I'm organizing the swap part of it and it's just a fun baby/mama swap for us to celebrate our time together and the birth of our new ones. No specific value unless people want that. It can be anything you want: baby items, cloth dipes (they're just so darn cute), mama pampering stuff, etc. Homemade or store bought. It can be for mom or baby or both.
I will wait until the end of next week to see who all signs up on the orginal post and match names accordingly. I will remind in next weeks thread too so pass the word.
I already have a few things ready, I love baby swaps!


ashleep 08-31-2004 02:57 PM

QOTW: My only real worry is this little babe staying breech and having a c-section as a result. I am kind of worried that I'm not more worried about labor and birth, if that makes sense. Alright I've been lazy all day, it's time to get a move on. Hope everyone has a good day!

blessed2bamommie 08-31-2004 03:04 PM

to the October mamas! Why don't you intro yourself b/c everybody might not have seen the post you made. I tend not to look there...

mirthfulmum 08-31-2004 03:18 PM

Wow it's quiet here today.

I have a midwife apointment today. I'm going to ask her about my contractions (bee having 2 or 3 a day for a couple of weeks now). I'm not worried about preterm labour but I am wondering if my little guy is gearing up for a 37/38 week arrival. Oh I really hope he comes soon! I can't wait to meet him!

Welcome ashleepurdie. Happy you came on over and jumped right in. This has come up several times here and I don't know if you've taken a look, but have you checked out It's got some great baby moving suggestions. Also the latest issue of Mothering has a huge article about breech babies.

ashleep 08-31-2004 04:35 PM

Hi everybody! For those of you who didn't read my other post, I am 34 weeks pregnant (our first) with a stubborn little breech baby. We are planning a home waterbirth and are very excited! Originally we had planned to go the hospital route, but found out our insurance will cover 60% of our hb midwife, so homebirth it is.
mirhtfulmum, I haven't checked out the mothering article, but I have been to spinningbabies. I have done hand stands in water (about to go do more), knee-chest position, hot/cold on my tummy, but this little munchkin must be pretty comfy! I know we still have plenty of time before I should start worrying, but the sooner babe turns the better, because the only option for a breech in my area is c-section. So... off to the pool!

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