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mtnjenny's Avatar mtnjenny 01:29 PM 09-18-2004
Hi All, I've been terrible about keeping up with you. Hope it's OK that I still check in now and then! So far, everything has been going SO well. 26 first, second, and third graders keep me moving constantly - especially in a classroom with no desks or assigned seats. I'm going from the floor, to chairs, to standing, to running down the hall to pee (of course my classroom is THE farthest from everything!) It's tiring, but I think it's really good because by the time I get home, I'm tired and ready to rest, so I don't feel too guilty about not exercising a whole lot right now...No serious discomfort as of right now, outside of some pubic bone pain, but that's just become part of daily living at this point.

Starting my 36th week gets me so excited, I just can't wait to meet this baby. I'm not even getting so sick of being pregnant, I just want to have the little bundle in my arms! I'm just looking forward to it all.

My mom and dad are going to head this way from WI when we say the word. Of course, mom's hoping that we'll call as soon as I go the hospital so they can hop right in the car and be here 16 hours later...but we may just wait a bit longer to have some time to ourselves. We're just going to play it by ear. As for other visitors, we live so far away from town that I'm not expecting too many unannounced guests.

We do have a changing table (from big sis) and it's been pretty fun filling it with soft, fluffy, cute, diapers (new world for me, you see.) And I bought a nice contoured pad with a super-soft cover - it's quite plush if I say so myself. (The cat loves it, even if the baby doesn't.) But, I do see us using it for sure.

Anyhoo, sorry I just can't keep up enough to respond to everyone, but I love reading about how you all are doing. We're getting pretty darn close to reading birth stories! Can't wait!

ashleep's Avatar ashleep 01:33 PM 09-18-2004
Yay!!!!! I am the happiest mama-to-be right now! We're approaching 37 weeks and babe was still breech. Our mw had tried 4 times to turn babe and had no luck. I know baby still had time to turn, but breech=c-section for me, so we scheduled an external version with our mw's backup ob. I was very nervous about the whole thing, mostly about babe's well-being, but also about hospitals in general, IVs, possible early csection, etc. But luckily it wasn't so bad. The nurse was really nice and my mom and dh were there with me . When it finally was time, the doc came in with 2 resident OBs, saying he wanted to let them watch if I didn't mind(they'd never seen one done). They gave me some drug : (tributeline sp?) which I really didn't like, but it kept my uterus from contracting and IMO was one of the contributing factors to the success of the version. Anyway, this doc started out by saying that there are some docs that will just dig their hands down in and are really rough, but that's not gonna work. baby will only turn if he wants to turn, so be gentle.
And honestly, it felt like a deep massage, and it only got a little uncomfortable when babe was transverse. All docs need to learn from this guy! Soooo , to make a long story short, we have a happy vertex baby!!!!

Alright, catching up:

Supplements: prenantals, RRL tea, alfalfa capsules, EFAs, calcium

QOTW1: I am looking forward to everything! But I guess the most-daydreamed-about-moment is right after the birth and seeing what baby looks like and seeing dh's face when he sees baby... awww I get teary just thinking about it. And definately nursing. Can't wait to see what that's like.

QOTW2: Well, I plan on not leaving the house for about a week, and dh is off the week of the birth. Since my mom willbe at the birth, the only other people that I will want to be there soon after are my stepdad and my brother (he's my best friend , and he's flying home from Mexico early just to be here). But they can only stay for a few minutes, unless they're cooking or cleaning . As for later on, I will be a SAHM, thankyou my dear dear husband!

And everyone with weather problems, no-napping toddlers, insomnia, and general discomforts- Hang in there!

stanleymama, how can you tell the head was trying to engage? what does it feel like?
Court's Avatar Court 03:16 PM 09-18-2004
Hey everyone, this board does move fast. I love reading how everyone's doing. I have this pamphlet that lists "pre-labor" signs and a lot of you seem to be having them: pre-menstrual feeling, icreased vaginal secretions, backache, cervical pressure, gastric disturbances, achiness in the pelvic area....so exciting! We're getting close. I don't really feel any of these things, but hey there's still time.

I got some of my nursing bras and stuff in the mail, so that pretty much made my day. FYI though, Motherwear nursing shirts seem to run small. I ordered a medium, and it's literally an extra small. I couldn't even fit my arms through.

Um, what else? I layed down to try to sleep last night and all kinds of food and acid and gas kept trying to come up. Also, my nose was stuffy and then the baby got the hiccups. So I went to sit in my recliner and drink tea and be vertical for a while till everything settled down. Anyone else burping a lot? Am I the only freak?

Oh and I'm so excited cause my dad and stepmom are coming to see us (from Texas) in November. I haven't seen them in a year and really miss them. They are really the only ones in my family who are supportive and encouraging of my parenting, etc. They're always telling me what a great mom I am and that I am doing everything right, re: extended nursing, co-sleeping, stuff that would be considered "weird" by other people. I think they'll be a big help entertaining Logan while I take care of baby.

I turned on the heat today for the first time (don't laugh). It got down to 60 in the house today. Where did summer go? Whoo-hoo it's almost October!

Congrats on the vertex baby Ashlee! Sounds like you had a great doctor. I'm so glad it went well.

Glad to hear from you too Jenny! I can't imagine having to teach classes right now, I hope you get a chance to rest in the evenings.
stanleymama's Avatar stanleymama 03:20 PM 09-18-2004

Letia - I had a dream last night that you and I were both in labor and both went to the same hotel to have the babies. Seems they offered rooms with big labor tubs for birthing in! Anyway, someone started chasing us in my dream and we had to run thru the halls holding our bellies, naked, while in labor, stopping for contractions. Hmmmm....wonder what that means??? Just one of those weird pregnancy dreams, I guess! :LOL[/QUOTE]
stanleymama's Avatar stanleymama 03:33 PM 09-18-2004
Well this is what I was feeling, pressure and pain in my cervix, like baby was dipping down in. I had to spread my legs to walk and it was quite uncomfortable. He bounced back up and I haven't felt that way today. His head down and I am carrying low...so this was my thought..that his little head was near the point of engaging. Maybe I am wrong..but I know his little head was coming down.

stanleymama, how can you tell the head was trying to engage? what does it feel like?[/QUOTE]

BTW: So glad your baby turned!!! What a relief. Breech baby = c-sec. for me as well. So I know exactly how you feel.
True Blue's Avatar True Blue 03:44 PM 09-18-2004
I'm burping a lot too Court!!! I feel like a sailor (LOL which is ironic since I'm married to one).

Katie, your dream cracked me up so much I had to share with DH!

Last night I started to get worried about baby coming, I had lots of pressure waves again and I even had one that woke me up, that was really weird. Luckily that was it, I need almost 2 more weeks til I can deliver at home. Man, I had better go order that birth kit! And Court thanks for reminding me to get my hands on a couple more nursing bras, I'd like to expand my collection this time (I had the minimum last time, so another 1 or 2 per size would be fantastic).

Oh, so yesterday DH and I got more big news. He found out where we are being transferred next summer! The big bummer is it will be early in the transfer season (March? May? waiting to hear) and I really wanted to stay where we are longer, I LOVE it here. But we are moving to...get this...Staten Island. Definitely not our first choice LOL but DH at least got another ship which is what he really wanted, and allows us to actually get a pay raise with his promotion as opposed to essentially losing money. But holy cow NYC!!!!
OakEmber's Avatar OakEmber 04:38 PM 09-18-2004
Katie- Glad my bead made it to you safe and sound! To the others, I did tape mine so they should make it to you but please let me know if there are any escapees...I have more that I can send.

Court- I have been obsessively reading up on pre-labour signs, :LOL...and yes, I have been having quite a few, although I know they can go on for weeks. Again last night I was having regular BH throughout the evening and it's really making me wonder how long they could possibly like this for more than two weeks or so...I'm about 2.5 weeks from my prediction so ya never know.

Brings something to mind, any second or more time moms find any sites that talk about subsequent labours?? I know I have come across info while I was not looking for it but now that I am I am coming up dry...isn't that always the way it is?!! I know my labour will be just be the way it is anyway and that with labour anything goes, but still it'd be nice to occupy my mind right now with how second labours may be likely to start, etc. I seem to remember coming across the fact that only 10% of moms water breaks as the start of labour, but then if you are one of those 10% you are at a higher % of that happening again. With all these BH I've been having I am half expecting to get out of bed one of these nights and get wet :LOL

Amy, Congrats (I think) on the move...at least you have a lot of time to get used to the idea. It sounds like a great opportunity for your DH. Also incase you need it.

:LOL I wish I were having entertaining pregnancy dreams! I've missed out on those this time!
kraftykathy's Avatar kraftykathy 05:06 PM 09-18-2004
Congrats Ashlee on the Vertex baby!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!

Court's Avatar Court 07:02 PM 09-18-2004
Amie- I got your bead just fine! It wanted to escape though. It had ripped through the card and the envelope and was staring at me when I got it out of the mailbox. It was the tape that held it there.

Amy- Wow, NYC! That sounds so exciting to me. Congrats on the promotion for your dh. I always want to move somewhere different. I bet you'll have a lot of fun there.
p.s.- I just noticed your location, that's hillarious. :LOL

I'd like to see 2nd labor type sites too. All I've heard is that they tend to go a little earlier, faster, and easier than the first. But there are always exceptions.

Oh and what a cool dream Katie! I've dreamed that all of us were together at a party of some kind once, that was nice.
Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 07:58 PM 09-18-2004
Congrats to Ashlee on the vertex baby!

And Amy, I am a bit jealous you get to move to NYC - I love it. We are only a 6 hour drive, so we used to go for the weekend to catch some shows and shop and hang out with friends who lived there....ahhhh, those pre-baby days! I haven't been since I was pregnant with dd. Anyway, I hope you guys like it there! I haven't really spent any time on Staten Island, but the city sure is fun!
OakEmber's Avatar OakEmber 10:11 PM 09-18-2004
Court I can't believe those sneaky little beads! I am glad that mine made it too you but man, even with tape it almost didn't?!?!

Ashlee...yes, Congrats on baby turning vertex : It's the same thing here where I live, you can't even attempt a breech :
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 03:05 AM 09-19-2004
35 weeks, 5 days

The BIG NEWS: i have a date for my cesarian....it's October the 8th!! 10 days early was pushing my comfort level, but with such short notice that is what we got. OB said she prefers 8 to 10 days pre-EDD so she is happy. The thing that makes me comfortable is being very confident of my conception dates. I can't believe in three weeks I'll have a newborn!

I've got beads from mirthfulmum (hand delivered, lol), Court and OakEmber. I'll be sending mine out mid-week I hope...

I am just SO uncomfortable, and yes Katie, I feel totally pregnant-disabled. It's all I can do to walk a couple blocks now...Sasha's movements are very uncomfortable and I'm just so over being pregnant. It's funny to me to read some of you, especially the first time moms, not complaining. I was the same way with Emily and felt bad that other women in my due date club were anxious to "get it over with". Now here I am feeling the same way, and a bit guilty too. I want my stamina back!!

Amelia, I have the same fears. Emily's sleep habits were getting to the point where things were looking good, then the molars have sent us back to square one and I'm so worried about how she is going to handle a couple of nights away from me. I'm not so worried about her falling asleep - if she's up late enough she will go down with some stories I think, but the nightwaking and crying out for mama (if I happen to be peeing at the time, which of course happens alot these days) and the refusal to be comforted by DH really concerns me.

I also found out one thing that upset me: at the hospital where I'm birthing, the recovery room for cesarians hosts all surgical recovery patients, so newborns are not allowed. OB says I have to stay there until the anaesthesia wears off, about an hour. I'm very upset at having to be separated from Sasha for that long after the birth. I made DH promise to stay with him and hold him the whole time. I can't bear the thought of birthing him and then having him stuck in a plastic bucket for hours!!!! I know I'm going to get very hormonal on them if I have to wait too long to see him. I hope I recover fast (I did last time)....I was up with insomnia last night and this was the fear in my mind, that it would end up being two hours or more and I wouldn't get to nurse him, etc.....sigh. One more reason to envy you homebirthers.

Went to visit some friends this evening who have a baby (born on emily's birthday) who is about 8 weeks now. Reminded me of what I'm in store for again. Sort of panicking wondering how I'm going to handle all this with a needy toddler, but I just have to trust that I'll find my way, as I did with Emily. Luckily Emily is getting very attached to Grandma, and she will be a big help. And I suppose it's good that DH hasn't found a job yet (hasn't really been looking yet, been so busy), though I worry about blowing too much of our savings on this "time off".

Okay, it's time for me to hit the hay. Love to everybody!
Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 03:30 AM 09-19-2004
WOW, Piglet! It is so amazing to think you KNOW when you will be holding Sasha, and it will be so soon! Does it change everything for you at all? Are you feeling pressure about getting everything ready? What happens if you go into labor before that?

Sorry you are feeling crippled, too....but I admit that misery loves company, and I was getting worried that everyone was feeling fine but me! I also had a really easy first pregnancy, so this is kind of a surprise to me, feeling so crappy.

It's funny, at my homevisit, my midwife said, "How are you feeling?" and I said, "Like S--T! My pelvis is sore, my thighs are crampy, I am having a million contractions, and it hurts to walk!" and she grinned and said, "Great, perfect!!!!" I knew what she meant, but it was kind of odd! She said she is always so reassured to hear moms say stuff like that because she knows they are progressing nicely and their bodies are telling them their babies are almost done.

We'll have October Babies soon!!!! Awwwww!!!!
3bees~1flower's Avatar 3bees~1flower 11:06 AM 09-19-2004
Originally Posted by Piglet68
35 weeks, 5 days
I also found out one thing that upset me: at the hospital where I'm birthing, the recovery room for cesarians hosts all surgical recovery patients, so newborns are not allowed. OB says I have to stay there until the anaesthesia wears off, about an hour. I'm very upset at having to be separated from Sasha for that long after the birth. I made DH promise to stay with him and hold him the whole time. I can't bear the thought of birthing him and then having him stuck in a plastic bucket for hours!!!! I know I'm going to get very hormonal on them if I have to wait too long to see him. I hope I recover fast (I did last time)....I was up with insomnia last night and this was the fear in my mind, that it would end up being two hours or more and I wouldn't get to nurse him, etc.....sigh. One more reason to envy you homebirthers.

Piglet....this is how my hospital is too....it's kinda frustrating, but i look at this way...at least by the time they are "done" with me the nursery should have all the stuff done they need to do with baby so that by the time you get there they won't be bugging you to do this or that....dh always goes up with the baby too so that they aren't alone with strangers. anyway, i feel ya on this...

stanleymama's Avatar stanleymama 12:14 PM 09-19-2004
Piglet...I feel for you too. My second was a c-sec. and I had to be separated from Aidan and dh for 1-1.5 hrs. Dh was with Aidan the whole time though and when I made it to my room I got to nurse him right away. So Everything is going to be just fine
mirthfulmum's Avatar mirthfulmum 12:56 PM 09-19-2004
Oh Piglet I'm so sorry to hear about the mandatory seperation. I was hoping that they had a bit of flexibility in their "policy". I was given some fabulous advice from a birth coach/doula friend of a friend when I was pregnant with Alias and there was a chance he was going to be a c-section... She told me that as soon as the baby's born to have dad take off his shirt and hold the baby to his chest in a type of nursing hold. That way the baby is hearing a familiar voice, has skin on skin contact and is bonding with a parent immediately. It was really great advice. And since Alias was vacuum extracted and I couldn't hold him immediately after birth, Dh did exactly that, took of his shirt and held Alias until I was ready, about 15 minutes, and it was wonderful. The two of them were so calm and peaceful gazing into each other's eyes. It was a moment that I will never forget and I felt calm knowing that my baby had his daddy, not some strange nurse peering down at him as he lay in a plastic baby warmer.

Gotta go, Alias is telling me that I'm done on the computer.
ashleep's Avatar ashleep 01:10 PM 09-19-2004
Hey there ladies! Wow! Carrying a vertex baby feels so much different! I thought I peed a lot and waddled before...jeez. Dh and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood last night and I swear, no longer than 5 minutes after we left the house (and I peed right before we left) I was seriously looking for an empty overgrown lot to pop a squat in! No complaints though! Just amusing.
Alright here's a TMI question (as if the previous paragraph wasn't TMI ):
So when you have to poop, do you get fair warning? I've never been one of those people that had to spend a long time 'working on it' sitting on the toilet, I either have to go or I don't. But a few months ago my body decided to give me about 15 seconds warning and there better be a toilet nearby or else. Kinda strange, but can anybody sympathize?
True Blue's Avatar True Blue 01:15 PM 09-19-2004
Ashlee, congrats on the vertex baby, even if it means peeing a lot.

Maybe TMI, but if loose bowels are a sign labor is going to come soon, I've got my new club membership...thank goodness I'm going home today so I can get it back in order!! Gosh it's exciting and nervewracking to think I might only have a couple weeks left!!

Piglet, sorry about the separation, I hope the drugs wear off you quick so you can have him right asap!!
momadance's Avatar momadance 01:21 PM 09-19-2004
Hooray for the ashleepurdie That's awesome! I can sympathize about the bm's. I've always been like that though!

We're doing our belly cast today, so hopefully i'll have some pics posted tonight or tom...

Piglet sorry about the seperation, Mirthfuls nakey on top daddy suggestion sounds great.

well, off to the supply store!

Truebluexf, enjoy being home! You have stayed amazingly positive through all of this! You're super moma!
Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 01:39 PM 09-19-2004

I totally forgot to address your seperation with Sasha in my last post! I definitely feel for you, I was the last in my extended family to hold my dd. Yeah, having dh hold him skin-to-skin sounds great to me, lots of talking and eye contact. So sorry you have to go thru that, how frustrating! I think you should write a letter to the hospital about changing their policy - I am sure a great many moms are ripped up about this.
OakEmber's Avatar OakEmber 03:15 PM 09-19-2004
Piglet- I was gonna say the exact thing as Mirthfulmum...our midwife strongly suggested doing the same if we were to end up with a c/s, and she also told DH that no one would suggest it to him so he should just do it (so maybe prepare your Dh for a few odd looks ) It really sucks that they have that policy (it seems very common, ours sounds worse b/c the midwife said that it can sometimes take 4 hrs for mom to see baby here : ) thankfully you have time to prepare for this at least, if I ended up with an emergency c/s I am sure that this is the part I would end up with the most negetive feelings towards after the fact! Ohhhh, that's so exciting that you have a date!!!!

I have such mixed days, re: comfort...sometimes I feel fine, other days I am uncomfortable...but I definately can tell a difference between this and the last time, with Ember I was walking everywhere right up to my due date...now I drive the 5 min. walk to town because just going from store to store down town is enough walking for me :LOL

Wow, Pg.8...our weekly threads seem to be getting longer and longer as we get closer!
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 03:27 PM 09-19-2004
Just wanted to say that I hope all the Oct Mamas are doing well. I am newer to the site and am expecting baby#3, Angelo Richard, edd 10/25/04. This will be my first experience with cd so we have been getting everything ready. Very exciting!

Congrats mamas! I look forward to getting to know you!
AnnR33's Avatar AnnR33 03:52 PM 09-19-2004
Welcome AngelBee! I'm due Oct 31 so we'll be pretty close to welcoming our babes together!

to everyone that needs it-we're getting closer though...I'm a little jealous (in a good way ) that most of you will be seeing and holding your new little angels before me! I'll be one of the the last ones-if not THE last one and I'm getting so anxious! I've still got 6 looonnnggg weeks to go!

Hang in there everyone
OakEmber's Avatar OakEmber 04:59 PM 09-19-2004
Angela! I will be using cloth for the first time too

Awww Ann, I know it is getting so much harder to be patient, isn't it when others are becoming full term already on us
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 06:07 PM 09-19-2004
Hey there. Just wanted to let you know, AshleePurdie, I finally added you to the list. It will show up tomorrow when I post the new thread for this week. And I'll be adding you, too, AngelBee - welcome!

Thanks for all the great advice re: the separation. The hospital where I birthed Emily did not have this policy and she was with me just a few minutes after they wheeled me into recovery. I was able to nurse her right away. I agree, Katie, that the hospital should really try to do something about that. I'm going to find out who is the one who "decides" when I'm allowed to go to my room (and get baby) and see if I can sweet talk them into cutting the time short. Either than or I'll just lie when they give my legs the "pinprick test"...

me: "oh yes, I felt that one, I'm sure the anaesthesia has worn off now"
doc: "uh, Ms. Walker, we haven't poked you yet"
me: "see? that's how recovered I am, I could feel the proximity of the pin....can I go see my baby now??"


Ooops, DD has a poopy dipe...gotta fly.
momadance's Avatar momadance 06:36 PM 09-19-2004

belly cast is done and up for viewing at our yahoo page. I really like how it came out. We will be leaving it natural.

For the casting process I sat on the edge of a chair in a reclined position. After about 15-20 minutes I got very dizzy. I told Dh, and he was trying to help me up, and everything went black, and fuzzy. I could hear his voice, but my vision was bailing on me. As soon as I stood, I started to feel better, but I was SOOOOOOOOO close to passing out! Pretty scary. I passed out while ironing a shirt while pregnate with Ds, luckily no damage was done!
Court's Avatar Court 08:26 PM 09-19-2004
Thanks for sharing momadance! It's beautiful! You have a really nice big ole belly. The one with your ds holding it is too cute. Now I wanna make one.....
True Blue's Avatar True Blue 11:25 PM 09-19-2004
momadance -- cast looks great! Scary about almost fainting!! What did you use to make the cast? I'd like to make one this time.
momadance's Avatar momadance 11:27 PM 09-19-2004
Thanks for the feedback! I used a couple rolls of pre-pasted paper mache (sp?) from Michaels craft store. It's real inexpensive... I'm super happy we did one this time, coulbe our last!
momadance's Avatar momadance 11:45 PM 09-19-2004
I almost forgot... Katie, we all love to see Lucy Beth, but your totally incognito in that pic... Although it does seem you have one of the warmest smiles ever
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