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Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 12:02 AM 09-20-2004
Yeah, the only other one I have on here is of me in a bathing suit postpartum. Yikes! I'm a photographer (well, I can't use my darkroom while pregnant, so I haven't been much of one lately!) so I am always behind the camera....we will take some birth pictures and I will post those though.

Oh, I do have one that was taken when I was 18 on my computer, but it is pretty silly.

ashleep's Avatar ashleep 12:57 AM 09-20-2004
How do I get to the yahoo page? I would love to see the pictures and maybe post some too!
mandalamama's Avatar mandalamama 01:00 AM 09-20-2004
37 weeks today, woohoo! i finished up the nursery today, it feels good. even though she won't be sleeping in there, it's a nice cozy room to curl up and rock in.

Piglet: i hope your recovery is fast and you'll be holding your baby as soon as possible!

momadance: paper mache? i'll have to get some tomorrow! the instructions for a bellycast that i'd seen were for bandages with i think plaster in them, couldn't find any. can't wait to try a bellycast!

i could use a pep-talk, i guess ... other than nesting, i haven't had any signs that my body is getting ready to birth, i'm getting a little nervous about that. i'm wondering if first-time moms "get ready" later? i just keep meditating on the baby slipping lower and lower, visualizing flowers opening, all that stuff last week it felt like she had dropped, lots of hip and cervix pressure, the last 2 days she's nestled back up in my ribcage.
Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 02:41 AM 09-20-2004
Meli -

I never felt my dd engage, and I never felt "settled and ready" in my pregnancy with her.My contractions did not feel very productive compared to these - they were not pushing the baby against my cervix in the same way, not as strong, etc. I think it is normal for first time mamas to be slower to get going. I would start mentally preparing yourself (if you haven't already) that you could carry Willow until late October. 37 weeks is pretty early to be feeling ready to birth in a first time mama, I think. (That isn't what you wanna hear, I bet!)

Do you happen to know what your baby's position is? As your first baby, she is more likely to be in a posterior position. If she is posterior, she will have a harder time getting engaged, your BHs will not be as productive, and you will be likelier to carry over your EDD. One thing you can do to help encourage things to move along at a steady pace is to try to flip her in to the optimal fetal position - with her back on your left side, and anterior if she isn't already.

I just went to a 2 hour meeting about positioning, so it is all very fresh in my mind! I can't believe how much of a difference it makes in pregnancy, labor, and birth, and how little is ever said about it to women!!!
Court's Avatar Court 04:26 AM 09-20-2004
I also wanted to send hugs out to Piglet - that hour seperation seems so unfair. I hope it goes by super fast. And I hope Emily is feeling better with her molar ordeal.

I'll PM you the link to our Yahoo group Ashlee!

And hey, I guess my babe is in the optimal fetal positon, cause his back is laying to my left, and has been for quite awhile. Thanks for the info Katie! You learn something new every day. I find, since he's in this position, he wont let me lay on my right side. He knees me and kicks me, I guess he wants to be on his back.

You know what annoys me (besides most everything these days)? Are people like my mom who keep asking, "Are you ready to have the baby?" I'm like 35 1/2 weeks along, so no. I always say, "well, I would kinda like a bigger baby, or he's not done cooking, etc." And they act so baffled.

It's weird, I don't really have any pregnancy complaints lately, except for feeling really fat - which is more amusing really than upsetting. I don't think the baby is engaged yet, so I don't have any of the groin crampy stuff. I'm sure I'll have some complaints in a couple weeks.

Um, one more thought for the night - I'm kinda panicking that we decided on a name so early on. I just hope this baby looks like a Zander, cause that's what we call him. Logan calls him that all the time, so I think it would confuse him if we changed it. I had always said I was gonna have a list of names and then choose after he was born. Now I'm thinking, what if he looks like an Emerson, or Kamen - my made up name. I'm just having anxiety about everything though. I hope yall don't mind me using our chat threads as my personal journal.
AnnR33's Avatar AnnR33 05:33 AM 09-20-2004
Court-we have the opposite problem with names-my DH won't even discuss them anymore! He just keeps saying we'll come up with one when he sees him/her-arg-it's so frustrating to me since we need to have at least some choices-and I like your Kamen. I came up with something similar-Calen (long a sound)
And man do I ever feel FAT! I didn't even weigh myself at my last midwife appt-my legs feel so huge-I don't remember them looking so big last time but they say we always forget...Heck I can barely see my legs :LOL
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Court's Avatar Court 06:19 AM 09-20-2004
ooh I like Calen, too. Yeah, my midwife and I decided to stop weighing me, since it drives me nuts. I think when I'm in labor I might weigh myself just to see the grand total - out of morbid curiosity. My legs feel really huge too...especially when I'm shaving them - there's so much more surface area to cover

P.S.- I organized the Yahoo group photo section. I gave everyone their own little album, cause I thought that might make more sense. If you want to add pictures to your album, just click on it and once you're in there's an "add photos" link. I wanted it all to fit on one page, but sadly trueblue is on page 2, sorry...it was last in alphabetical order. Okay, so apparently I'm nesting online too. Hope it's okay with y'all.
ameliabedelia's Avatar ameliabedelia 10:48 AM 09-20-2004

With my first, I NEVER felt my body getting ready, never felt a single contraction until I actually went into labor, felt great all through the pregnancy, was power walking right up until the end. At my 37 week appt they checked me and I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced (and I had never felt a single contraction) and at my 38 week check-up I was 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced (again all without feeling a single contraction). Two days after that appt. I lost my mucous plug and dd was born 2 days after that at 38 1/2 weeks. The first contraction I ever felt was the day before she born when I first started labor.

I have no idea what position the dd was in other than she was head down.

So, you never know when you will go or what your body is doing.

I really think that their is a genetic tendency to go either before or after the EDD. My mom always went between 4-10 days early with all her birth children (4) and my maternal grandmother also always went between 2 weeks and a few days early (3 children). So, I would say your best indication is to ask your mom and grandmother what happened with them.

I have also heard that woman who are more active tend to go earlier than woman who aren't as active.
ameliabedelia's Avatar ameliabedelia 11:05 AM 09-20-2004
Piglet, that is great you have a date already. That is so exciting. I am a little jealous of you and your c-section in that regard. I would LOVE to just be able to pick a date for the birth, mark it on my calendar and make plans accordingly LOL. Sorry about your separation. Don't worry, I am sure it will all work out. Maybe you can hold/nurse him immediately after delivery while still in the operating room. I know that LLL says that right after delivery is a good time to nurse while you still have the anasthetic (sp??). Surely they will at least let you hold him for a few minutes before wheeling you off into recovery.

Ann, I am also jealous of all the full-term moms here. I hate being at the end of the pack. LOL. Everyone else hits all the milestones first. But, I *think* I will go early, so I am hoping for a mid-Oct babe, not a late a late Oct. babe or *gasp* Nov. babe. LOL

Court, I know what you mean about the name thing. I am starting to doubt our name too. I really like it, but then I don't know. Choosing a name seems like such a big undertaking, and it is so hard for me and DH to agree. I hope our babe looks like a Greta.

momadance, I like your cast. That is cool. Sorry about the fainting though. At least all is okay now.
krnflwr's Avatar krnflwr 11:07 AM 09-20-2004
Oh, I like the name Calen, too.
We have finally agreed on a name (for this week, at least). What do you guys think? Emma Grace.
We could never get over the Arwen-vs-Morgan debate, and once we heard the name Emma, it just seemed to fit just right. I feel so much more settled and relaxed now, oddly enough, about having this baby. Now that I know what to call her.
I'm feeling very heavy and slow and waddly (is that a word?) and like my pelvis is spreading apart inch by inch. Otherwise, I feel pretty good today. Sending positive energy vibes out to all Oct mamas!
My friend in NC just had her 1st baby last night...2 hr labor, can you believe that? They named her Iris Jane, isn't that sweet? I'm so excited for her, but bummed that I won't get to see the baby until at least Thanksgiving time. She said it was a very intense experience (her labor) but felt timeless and wasn't nearly as scary or painful as she had imagined. Just wanted to share the thoughts of this first-time mama w/ all you other first-timers.
And I love the belly cast! It turned out great. If you ever seriously serve chips and dip out of it, I HAVE to see a pic of that!
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