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hey mamas! one more month to go! is anyone here getting uncomfortable becuase of there growing size? i know that for me, theres days that are good and i feel like i'll be patient and let my little guy come when he's ready, and other days when i feel like i want to help him along. I get tightness in my whole back, and i feel like i can't get in deep breaths, and it's hard to get comfy sitting down in general. Anyone else in the same boat? I know one things for sure, i can't wait for my birthing day! I'm so exited for the day that i meed my little one to come!
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well....count me in..its two in the morning and I am sitting here infront of the computer again. Its so hard to get comfortable these days. I will be lying in bed with my belly pillow, a pillow between my legs yet still feel sore and have difficulty with heartburn, gas and all the other usual pregnancy complaints!! I am ready for the little guy to come!

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Another uncomfy mama here! I am trying to be positive and most of the time I am, but at nighttime (NOW!) when my hips ache too much to lay on them, I get grumpy! Isn't it just incredible how much our bodies change to accomodate this baby?!
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I feel like my woes are probably more minor than some, but YES there are times!! Breathlessness when the Baby is pressing into my ribs, pelvic achiness when s/he is resting low against my cervix... ALWAYS having to pee! I have a bit of pain along the right side of my back too, usually in the evenings, and that's something that I didn't experience the first go around. OH! And I huff & puff like crazy trying to just get up off the floor, lol. I'm not sitting in soft chairs at all (for baby positioning), so I wonder if that's why it seems so much harder this time around to get up & go.

But it is coming to an end so, so quickly & I try to remember that.... when I'm up peeing at 1am... and 3 am.... and 6am...
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Count me in on the uncomfortable end. I don't know how I am going to go another month with this little guy on the inside. When I'm laying down i feel a part of him (whatever it is!!) right up against my ribs. Dh felt it last night and said he didn't remember feeling the other kids up that high. But as long as he needs in there is as long as he is going to get, so I'm just going to have to deal with it for now!!!!

Solo Mum to 4 and loving every minute of it!!!!
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I'm with you all too. i think with me it's not only the fact that the baby is growing and I'm generally uncomfortable, but that I'm heavier than I've ever been. At 33 weeks I weigh 10lbs or so heavier than when I had my other kids! I'm a small person, and I'm definitely feeling the extra weight-- and the fact that so much of it is concentrated in the front, pulling on my lower back doesn't help.

but whatever, it's a small price to pay, right?
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i had intense rib jabbing with my first three kids, but this baby has been more merciful. i have the intense heartburn and huffing and puffing and the difficulty getting up, etc. my weirdest symptom this time is late night leg spasming (not like the muscles themselves, but more like the whole leg will convulse).
my biggest annoyance now: i started out this pregnancy at 200 pounds so I am thankful i have not gained any weight which would probably add to the complaints about hip pain and breathing (i was 130 before having kids and gained 70 pounds the first time, and 35 and 17 the second and third while nursing a toddler...each time i ended up around the weight i am now, but i feel healthier this time as i think i am losing some random fat and growing one of my big ten pounders at the same time). i am a little annoyed because my homebirth midwife says without an 11 pound weight gain she requires her patients to see a doctor. i dropped eight pounds at the beginning so she'll count the lowest weight as the starting point. now, if i don't gain a few more pounds i'll be in trouble. the thing is i am eating (and on top of it most of my calories come from the food we get free from WIC, like cheese and eggs which should be adding up by now).

but aside from that concern, i am getting anxious for baby's arrival (as long as my boys promise to adjust well)
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Nearly two months to go for me (unless the baby is early). My morning sickness morphed into heartburn about 2 months ago so I haven't really been able to eat very happily for 7 months and counting. Right now I have a cold and runny nose as well as awful heartburn so I have to (try) to sleep practically sitting up or I can't breathe.

I remember that after #1 was born everyone kept asking "How are you sleeping, ha! ha!" and I kept telling them that it was such a relief to finally be able to get some sleep after all those miserable sleepless nights of pregnancy.

On the bright side my MIL just gave me a gift certificate for a mama massage at a day spa, so I expect that will help cheer me up a bit.

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Oh yes, this is the fun part. I have two months to go, but it's getting gradually harder and harder to sleep.
Last night I slept in the recliner again, with four pillows, and that's a big improvement. The bed gives me awful groin pain in any position.
During the day, the postpartum belt is my saviour. (really two postpartum belts, a small and medium hooked together - so I can reuse them individually after the birth.) My midwife recommended that I wear this, the 8" wide one, around my hips. It's a little tight and itchy after a while, but whew, the back and abdomen feel way better.

Lucky me, no heartburn at all yet!
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Tell me about it. I have one boy trying to put his foot through my cervix anytime I stand up and another boy who slams his head into my ribs and lung if I'm sitting down. Forget about laying down, my bladder doesn't like for me to be laying down.
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Yeah, am I uncomfy too...

I have been resting this week and had a nice growth spurt, but am still not huge or having big trouble with postions in bed. Thats what I thought would make me uncomfy....but mainly, I get heartburn all the time, and then, for no reason at all, get it every night between 3-4 am. This is gross, and TMI, but I backwash then end up coughing till I puke. SO gross! Did it three nights in a row this week....Now I am eating my big meal at lunch and reducing fluids at night so my stomach isn't so full. I also had some pain where my gall bladder is. And had a killer headache this week. I feel like a little old lady, with weird body complaints, that I feel the need to update my relatives on, hahaha.
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Uncomfortable here, too! My heartburn has been awful the past few days -- you know, after I announced to everyone that it had been much more mild lately. It keeps me up at night. I'm still having lots of kidney pain too. I try not to complain but sometimes I just want to cry and moan!
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Ok, nearly 4am and here I sit...eating soy yoghurt because I'm starving and we had lasagne for dinner! Who never ate too much lasagne...suffered heartburn for about 5 hrs. from that. My dd is snoring away in bed with dh and I just keep tossing...I don't really want to wake the whole family, but...there isn't anywhere else for me to sleep! I guess I COULD slip into dd's bed while she's in the big bed, but it's ccccold by myself in there...no wonder she's in with us! Anyway, yep, it's def. not comfy, even with the pillows, blankies, body pillows, wedges, etc. Big belly, pant pant breathing and indiGESTion...part of the GESTational blues, I suppose. I'd still not trade it for ANYthing! LOL andy

Mama to B and O , wife to J and me to me! :
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Yep, it's the last month or so... think it's starting earlier this time though. I'm getting used to the fact that I can't breathe but now every time my bladder gets the least bit full I am so uncomfortable, that is, until I figure out that I'd better get to the potty
Dh rubbed my back last night and even though I thought it would not help, it actually did make that sharp pain in my lower back (who am I kidding, it's in my butt!) tone down for the evening. I also did the hands-n-knees pelvic tilts thing afterward, then watched comedy channel to take my mind off of it.

Am trying not to look at the clock anymore, in the middle of the night; or turn on any lights when I have to get up for more water or more potty (repeat as many times as necessary). If I squint my eyes and shuffle my feet, maybe I can fall back asleep right away?

The GOOD news is that I can really see and feel my little baby girl moving all around now and other people can too Dh and Ds have been waiting a while to feel some solid kicks or flips or something. Even better, I am really starting to get excited about the birthing day!

HTH, Jenni
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I finally got restful sleep for the first time in a week with this setup - three pillows behind me, one under my back (perpendicular to my back) and one under my knees. It felt funny at first being that propped up (and being surrounded by my arsenal of pillows), but I've slept for most of four nights in a row - score! Good luck, all!

Mama of three incredible bf, cd, naturally birthed little people!
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