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Azreial's Avatar Azreial 12:24 PM 01-21-2005
Wow, quiet here this morning.

I lost some of my plug last night. I been mucus-y for weeks now but last night I felt something wet on my leg I reached down and it was a ball of mucus, a little bigger than a reg sized gum ball. I'm assuming that is part of the plug since nothing looking even close to that has come out of me before. Except I suppose with ds, but I don't remember ever seeing it.

On the nakedness. My mum was forever running here or there "real quick" naked, after a shower or what not, and she doesn't wear underwear, but she'll wear short skirts and sit with her legs apart like she is wearing pants. To be honest, it really bothered my sister and I growing up. We never said anything to her, but it was just more of my mum than I want to see. That being said I am a fan of being naked. I just don't do it in front of ds. I would when he was younger. Now pretty much from the time I take my bath after ds goes to bed until I get dressed in the morning (afternoon) I'm naked. Unless its chilly then I have on one of dh's shirts. Sometimes when ds is not here I pad around a good chunk of the day naked. I've even done naked cooking. Usually I'm only wandering around in the buff when its hot in the summer but my skin is just so angry right now that it want nothing to do with clothes and when I am dressed, at home, my belly is hanging out, shirt up and pants down. I do wear a cami or bra and undies and count that as "dressed".

Well dh has today off, his dad said there wasn't much work and for him to stay home with me (fil calls everyday to know if anything is happening btw) They are very anxious forthis baby to come. So I want donuts : really bad. I don't think I can eat anything else. Ofcourse baby doesn't want just any donuts, nope we want the good donuts. So I am going to get dressed and dh is going to drive me 30+ miles to the donut shop in the 2 degree weather with wind chill of -22. Donuts, donuts donuts

jessitron's Avatar jessitron 12:58 PM 01-21-2005
Az, hope you get those donuts and enjoy them! What kind are you eating? Yesterday I had a long one with chocolate icing and one with little blueberry flecks. Mmm. Today I have a chocolate bar.
That's great about your plug, too. Sounds gooey.

Last night I worked late, got home at 9, and found DH cooking grilled cheese and tomato soup. Mmmm. He makes grilled cheese with Fontina and Gruyere, and puts real parmesan on the outside. The tomato soup is homemade too, with freshly roasted tomatoes. What a great husband! Then he did all the dishes. Normally that's my job, but I cannot reach anymore.

Heidi, thanks for hanging out with me! We're due the same day (counting from ovulation). My baby is not even engaged yet. You can get all the way to the bathroom before remembering that you're pregnant? Wow. Getting up from bed is a challenge for me. My hips don't let me forget it. But no biggie - it's still only once per night.

Anyone else getting pregnancy hives? I have tiny itchy bumps on the back of one hand and on my ankles. The midwife says they're normal, but if my belly starts itching, call immediately.
Pam_and_Abigail's Avatar Pam_and_Abigail 01:35 PM 01-21-2005
~9:20am Baby Girl, 8lbs 8oz.
Baby & Mother healthy and sleeping soundly!!!


Malama's Avatar Malama 01:40 PM 01-21-2005
Az- me walking around naked ALL the time is definitely a pregnancy thing. I mean in general I don't rush to put a towel on after a shower or hide myself, but I've just been SOOOOO hot all the time, it's all I can do. Kids definitely understand that. I apologize a lot too- like when we're playing a game and I suddenly HAVE to take my shirt or dress off.... I mean they walk around in underwear and stuff all the time. and short skirts, sans underwear- not my scene.

obviously I'm still pregnant. No mucous or anything as exciting as that. I know that one say soon I'll be holding my baby. just don't know when. That's OK I guess.
Malama's Avatar Malama 01:41 PM 01-21-2005
YAY Pam and Abigail!!!!! Woo HOO!!!!!!!

More and more babies!!!!!
Proudmom's Avatar Proudmom 02:02 PM 01-21-2005
It is quite quiet.

DH & I did our belly cast last night. It was fun. I think it turned out pretty well. It was a bit tough being on my feet motionless for 45 minutes. My poor feet became a bit swollen. Oh well, it is a cool project. If the baby takes her time coming (dh was 41weeks) then we should be able to decorate it also.

It sounds like lots of mamas are having signs of impending labor. I know it will be a bit before our baby is born. She is "due" next Thursday, and other than brief cramping no real signs of her approach. That is fine, it gives us time to appreciate being a family of 3 with a toddler who is easily transported.

Heidi, I say spend the time until the baby comes enjoying you, your pregnancy and your marriage. I had the last week off of work before ds was born. It was a nice time to connect with friends, family, my inner self and enjoy dh. Spending time with dh was really important because the first few weeks with baby are pretty consuming.

Proudmom's Avatar Proudmom 02:04 PM 01-21-2005
Congrats P&A!!!

jessitron's Avatar jessitron 02:49 PM 01-21-2005
Yay Pam&Abigail!

Babies Babies Babies!
Delfina's Avatar Delfina 03:03 PM 01-21-2005
Nicole- I'm sending love and light your way. I am glad you caught his heart trouble early so it can repaired. There are times like now that I am glad we have modern medicine!

P&A and Nadia - Congratulations!!! I will look for your birth stories. Until then, enjoy your time cuddling up to your new loves!!

Mamabecca - I'm sending warm birthing vibes your way. It sounds like you have some great support! I hope it goes smoothly!

Malama- I know what you mean about the heat! When I lived in Key Largo I would wear nothing but a sarong tied around my neck or across my chest all summer long (no bra, no undies). That might be comfortable and belly-friendly for you now....

Jessi- Those grilled cheese sound wonderful. In both my pregnancies, grilled cheese were my belly-calming food of choice!

I hope I didn't miss anyone else, I tried to scan through all the messages....

Anyway, things are going pretty well with baby Ethan. I forgot how wonderful it was to cuddle up to a little baby....All of a sudden my four year old seems *HUGE* and completely unbreakable and Ethan so little and fragile. What's interesting is that while I was super-preggo I had a hard time falling back asleep after my 4am potty run, and now Ethan won't fall asleep easily after his 4am feeding. hmmmm.....

DH went back to work this week, so I have been on my own. Luckily my incision is feeling a lot better, so I am much more mobile. I also got the OK to drive on Tuesday.....

One wonderful thing about Santa Fe is that we have an organization called 'Many Mothers.' It is a group of volunteers (mostly grandmothers) who come to new mothers' homes to help with housework, cooking or just sitting with the baby while you shower a couple times a week for 1.5 hours. My volunteer came for the first time on Tuesday with a salad and vegetable lasagna in tow! All this support, along with the wonderful nurses at the hospital, has made this whole birthing and postpartum experience so much more pleasant.
Chiromom's Avatar Chiromom 04:32 PM 01-21-2005
I'm a computer dummy...but I am going to to try to post some pictures of my big belly for you guys:

Lets see if this works.


ooops...I had to delete the link because it was posting my full name. I'm not worried about you guys knowing it....but you never know who else is lurking...right?

I'll try to fix my settings at shutterfly
Malama's Avatar Malama 04:48 PM 01-21-2005
Originally Posted by Delfina
One wonderful thing about Santa Fe is that we have an organization called 'Many Mothers.' It is a group of volunteers (mostly grandmothers) who come to new mothers' homes to help with housework, cooking or just sitting with the baby while you shower a couple times a week for 1.5 hours. My volunteer came for the first time on Tuesday with a salad and vegetable lasagna in tow! All this support, along with the wonderful nurses at the hospital, has made this whole birthing and postpartum experience so much more pleasant.
this sounds so cool! i guess it's a bit easier to do stuff like this in a city- here we're VERY spread out. BUT, i have asked (even though I'm a bad asker) for friends to bring us food after the baby comes- and after my mom leaves. I figure that if they want to see the baby, they have to "pay"- and since I don't want any STUFF, consumables are the best!

my mom comes tomorrow. Yesterday my dad told me that she said she hopes the baby is born before she gets here (i.e. she's not thrilled about being there for the birth). ugh. When I had ds1, I had no desire to have her anywhere near the birth (feeling was mutual). Well, since he was 2 weeks late, she had planned a trip already to be there and ended up being there for the birth. It was a transport, and afterwards, she told me that she was so bummed he wasn't born at home because she was so enamored with the midwives and the cozy environment we had created. she came ful-circle. Also she was great- just sort of did her own thing- so she'd be fine here..... maybe babe will come tonight and she can just be here for the taking care of part.... not holding my breath for that though!!!
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 05:14 PM 01-21-2005
Originally Posted by Malama
Az- me walking around naked ALL the time is definitely a pregnancy thing. I mean in general I don't rush to put a towel on after a shower or hide myself, but I've just been SOOOOO hot all the time, it's all I can do. Kids definitely understand that. I apologize a lot too- like when we're playing a game and I suddenly HAVE to take my shirt or dress off.... I mean they walk around in underwear and stuff all the time. and short skirts, sans underwear- not my scene.
Yeah you warm weather mamas have my sympathy. DS was born in June in New England which I'm sure isn't as hot as HI in January and man was I dying. I remember taking the bus, which has ac, to the mall one day near the end and being so hot from the little while outside. I was so sweaty that I actually had to buy a new maternity outfit at around 40wks becuase I was so miserable. Walking in the snow and ice all huge is a pita and all but I'd have another winter baby, long before I'd want a summer-ish baby. Any mama who had a July/August baby deserves an award

Jessi- Grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds yummy. I just may have to make myself some of that. I did enjoy my donuts very much. I had a honey-dipped and a buttercrunch. We got a whole dozen, with 8 left, and a giant coffee roll that we are going to split with dh's dad. So I have pleanty of goodies for later

P&A- Horray!! I can't wait to hear about your birth

Delfina- It must be nice cuddling with Ethan and that group of mothers sounds wonderful

I'm totally spacing on what else I wanted to say. I just keep thinking about grilled cheese and tomato soup.......
Pam_and_Abigail's Avatar Pam_and_Abigail 05:40 PM 01-21-2005
dh here with some pictures.

Mom & Baby

Abigail & Baby

Midwife & Baby

Just formatted hd, and haven't reinstalled photoshop, so these are raw from our cheap camera.

Congrats to all new Parents out there!!!
Malama's Avatar Malama 05:48 PM 01-21-2005
Awwwww.... those pics are precious!!! Pam, or dh, whoever sees this. Congrats again!
Pam, you don't look like you just gave birth!!!!
And Abigail is so cute.
Malama's Avatar Malama 05:58 PM 01-21-2005
Mar- I cheated- the email notification I got about your post had the link for your pics in it before you edited your post. So i got to see them... AND
Your posts are always so wise that I thought you were older (or maybe you are and just look young?). I don't mean that in a patronizing way- I'm complimenting you either way!!! I LOVE the pic from down below with you peeking over- very creative- we might have to copy that one before this baby is born (which seems like never!).
THanks for sharing- it's good to have a face with your name!

I just talked to my mom who says she's not interested in seeing blood and doesn't think she'd handle hearing my "screams" so welll.... apparently 12 years ago she was feeling medical and my ds1's birth was a learning experience for her. geesh. BABY COME TONIGHT!!! she can leave if she needs to anyways. Nice me told her she'd have to eat some placenta if she's here (couldn't resist saying that!).

Yeah, Az- this is cooler for us. My last pregnancy was in Oct with a HOT summer- it was miserable. This one is not as bad, but I'm still boiling all the time. Will be over soon though!!!!
Chiromom's Avatar Chiromom 07:13 PM 01-21-2005

I'm glad you saw the photos....I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of the personal info. I am in my early 30's...so don't know if that's what you expected or I just *look young*. I've been told that before...and I really really don't mind! I am amused by the low down picture too because I imagine that's what my kids see all the time: me peering over my belly at them.

My mom was in my home for my second birth and missed the whole thing. She got up early and was talking to me from the kitchen (across the hall from the bathroom) and I said, maybe you oughtta come in here and meet someone new...and she totally freaked out. It was pretty funny. So maybe something like that will occur with your mom...and she'll get to be there but be oblivious to all the drama until its over. Here's hopin'.

Wow! Babies Babies Babies!

My sister called me today to tell me that she found the red string from my blessingway for DD 2 years ago and put it back on her wrist to *be with me* until this baby arrives. She even put a little piece of it on her DD's wrist too! How sweet huh?

Pam and Baby look awesome...can't wait to get my *birth fix*.

I had a mellow morning: DH stayed home and I got a nice nap and even took a walk with the dog (Cooold..but good). I am looking forward to amellow weekend so I can save up some reserves for this birth. I slept all day the day before DS was born...maybe what I really need now is some good rest?
DH is at work now but I have plans to hang out with a friend and her kids tonight. And so another day of *waiting* is killed.
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 07:50 PM 01-21-2005
Hey girls, so good to be back to "see" everyone. We had a loooooong labor which wiped us out and ended with a few medical interventions and some problems, but a vag birth and perfect babe.

And the babies are just popping out here

I'll get back to post out birth story on the annc. thread as soon as I have a chance to type with 2 hands. Nak now, waiting on my milk to start, poor babe is thirsty!

Nicole, I'm thinking of you and Will, your calmness is a sign of how smoothly this will all resolve for him.

Moms w/babes, help, I'm semi-worried. Lauren has only peed 3x since birth - a big one in the sink at 36 hrs old and 2x yesterday, but none today. She got pretty dehydrated in hospital and we added a little water via syringe and I've given her a little today as well, only after she's been on my breast for a long time. I know my milk is starting to come in, but I can't help but worry as a new mom.

3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 08:25 PM 01-21-2005
Lisa - I beleive its pretty normal for them not to pee much before your milk comes in. The six wet diaper thing only counts when you have milk, lol. If she seems dehydrated give the doc, or L&D nurses a call, by all means
I'm glad to hear from you and can't wait to hear all the details!

Hurray!!! Your babes are so beautiful When did you have the baby?

I think my computer might be messed up because it seems like I'm missing a chunk of this thread.
Killick's Avatar Killick 08:27 PM 01-21-2005
Hi Lisa,
Congratulations on Lauren. I am so glad that she is here and that you got to have a vaginal birth too. Thanks for the thoughts on Will. It is so odd to know that while he looks perfectly healthy and is growing (put on 1lb3ounces in 18 days) his heart is working harder than it really should have too.

As for the number of pees, we were always told that they should have 8 wet diapers a day. That said, Will did not have that many until he was several days old. But, if you are worried, call you pediatrician, if you have selected one. Things can go wrong so quickly with newborns, so it is always better to be more cautious than less.

Congratulations again!

Nicole and Will
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 09:01 PM 01-21-2005
You guys are so reassuring. The l&d nurses want 1 wet diaper per day of life, so according to them she should be at 3 now. She did have 2 yesterday and one the day before, but none today yet. She doesn't seem uncomfortable or dehydrated, so I'm going to give her a little more time.

Malama's Avatar Malama 09:06 PM 01-21-2005
yeah Lisa,
I was gonna say, she generally should have one wet diaper for day of life- and then when your milk comes in she'll have many more. But, all babies are a little different and if you can recognize signs of dehydration, then just watch for that. I hesitate to tell anyone to call a ped, because they will tell you to go out and buy formula- i.e. mess things up royally.
Keep and eye on her and nurse her lots. Also make sure you pay good attention to positioning to make sure she is sucking correctly and getting out what she needs to.

I figured you had a long labor since you didn't update us.... so it goes sometimes. sometimes we need those experiences to get us into motherhood fully!

Can't wait to hear more about it!
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 10:58 PM 01-21-2005
Hi everyone,

I finally have time to type, lol. I can't believe how many babies we had this week! It seems like they come in little bunches don't they? I'm so happy for all the mamas and babes and as SO glad they are all doing great!

I don't really have anything special to write. My grandpa's funeral is tomorrow. I feel terrible for not going, since I am probably the person closest to my grandparents, but I can't fly with the baby yet, and I definitely couldn't battle the snow in the Sierras right now. I had a dream about him last night. I don't remember the details much, but in it I was with him, and holding his hand while he passed on. There was such a strong feeling of love in the dream, and I felt like everything was going to be ok. When I woke up I was crying. I really, really think he was with me, and it was his way of telling me he was ok, and it was ok that we weren't there with him...I know it sounds strange - I've never had an experience like that, only heard people talk about it after losing loved ones.

The kids are sick. Not baby thank goodness. Knock on wood. Other than that we are all doing great! Can't wait to hear all the upcoming baby talk stories.

Oh, and I have 2 gmail invites left if anyone wants one. Just PM me.
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 11:09 PM 01-21-2005
Lisa- I can't really offer any advise my newborn days were so long ago that I don't remember much. I do want to pass on some good wishes for you and your little one. If you are really concerned I would go ahead and call someone, mw, ped, nurse, or whoever.

I went out and bought an hand mirror today, my old one got lost or something when we moved when I was about 3 mths along. My groin has been feeling very achy and sore all day and I asked dh to take a look. He said pretty much that it looks like my vagina has a runny nose but everything else looked ok. Well I wanted to see for myself, hence the hand mirror. Oh my, after contorting in ways pg women should not have to I got a look. Ladies if you haven't taken a peek in months don't. It didn't even look close to the me I remember. I really should have gotten a new mirror months ago I wouldn't have had such a shock. Anyways, I'm pretty positive that was my plug that came out. Runny nose, more like nasty chest cold. I cleaned up all the mucus and it looks like I am leaking a grayish white fluid. It doesn't smell and except for the fact that my gentials look 10x their normal size everything looked ok. Anyone know if this is normal? the fluid I mean.

My back is killing me so I am going to go get myself an hot water bottle and lay down for a bit with dh. I just wanted to pop on real quick to see if anyone had any thoughts on my leakyness
Malama's Avatar Malama 11:21 PM 01-21-2005
sounds like getting ready for birth fluids Azriel. woo hoo (though don't hold your breath or anything.....)

Ann- i had dreams like that about my grandparents after they died. I didn't have them right away, like you, but for a few years afterwards. When I woke up I always felt like i had the pleasure of spending a little time with them and always felt so happy.
You don't need to be present at a funeral to mourn or celebrate someone.... you can do it privately here and it still be very meaningful.
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 11:49 PM 01-21-2005
I know what you mean, Malama. Yesterday we went to Byodo In Temple (if you've ever been there) its across the street from our house. Anyways, we lit a candle for him and said a little prayer.
Chiromom's Avatar Chiromom 01:18 AM 01-22-2005
Az- Leakiness is a good sign....hooray for leaking...send a little extra leakage my way anyday (well today actually).

DH went out with a friend for a few drinks so I hope he's not too loopy to deal if baby comes...not that I really need him to *do* anything. When is the actual full moon? Tuesday? Awwww man!

Malama's Avatar Malama 02:20 AM 01-22-2005
Originally Posted by Chiromom
Az- Leakiness is a good sign....hooray for leaking...send a little extra leakage my way anyday (well today actually).
yeah.... me too??
Chiromom's Avatar Chiromom 01:58 PM 01-22-2005
Wow! What a sloooow morning! I guess everybody that posts early has babies now. Hmmmm. I'm a little verclempt. Or maybe just feeling sorry for myself.

I think we might be down to 4-5 active posters who are sans child at this point:

Human Being/Heidi

ummmm....maybe Az, but I wouldn't be suprised if she went after all that leakiness.

I'm sure I must be missing someone...please don't be offended...blame my placenta brain and general state of spazitude.

I know I am *due* late in the month, so I have no cause for feeling left out...but I think there are February moms already with babes....NO FAIR!
Okay, enough pouting for today. Birth is an innate process and my body and my babe know best! I know! I know!

Malama's Avatar Malama 02:07 PM 01-22-2005
I'm here too Mar.
Last night dh was just not understanding how such a thing can be so out of my control (you think he'd get it at the 3rd baby!!! plus given that we wait for mamas ALL the time). I was honestly shocked to hear him say that! Like I don't want to have this baby in my arms already.

I'm trying hard NOT to feel sorry for myself and to just trust. but it's not always easy. I really should know better, but you know how emotions are! And I'm trying hard not to overanalyze every damn symptom.... like the slightly painful contraction i'm having right now- early labor? or just general warm up- geesh.

Here's to a more relaxed day!
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 02:36 PM 01-22-2005
Nope, I'm still here. We're getting a massive snow storm 2-3 feet!!! I've been having thoughts of snow lots of it, with birthing this baby since this summer. So we'll see..... I'm also been feeling lots of pressure in my groin and it hurts to walk, and I did have to pee like a hundred times last night. I asked dh if I should leave the pg books all open to the emergecy childbirth sections tonight just in case :LOL and he said yes! Who knows maybe I'll end up with a homebirth after all. Or maybe I'm just a leaky uncomfortable mess.

Speaking of leaky. I got woken up last night by the little chihuahua puppy sampling my leaky breasts and when I tucked them back under the sheet he was like "hey I'm not done with that"

I'm actually very chipper this morning. God only knows why, I had back and leg pain the kept me from even laying down until 1 AM then I woke up about 2:30 with horrible acid reflux. I was up every half hour to change positions to either help the acid reflux of the leg/back pain. Then to make things even nicer. Pervo-puppy woke up about 5 becuase he ate the other dog's food or something and he had the runs.

Its freezing in here. I think I'm going to turn the heat up and make a cake. The cake is just so the oven will be on to warm us up, uhh yeah thats it
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