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This is a work in progress but if I don't post now, I never will! I may edit it though, and add stuff as it comes back to me.

Sunday Jan 9- Had surges starting around 7 pm, at 5 minutes apart, by 8:30 at 2 minutes apart. Midwife and sister invited over, Amy took Abigail for a drive to try and get her to sleep, Mom took a bath. By around 11:30, one very awake Abby arrived home, surges had stopped.

Wednesday, Jan 19- The due date! Have had random surges every day for a week and a half. Had surges all day, starting this morning, and lasting for 14 hours, but stopping when we went to bed. Nonnie and Abby went out for the afternoon. Mom and Dad went for a walk, and surges got stronger, and 2 minutes apart, but the walk tired Mom out, and the surges stopped shortly after Abby arrived home.' Amy came over in the evening "just in case", big storm coming and we wanted to make sure she'd be here.

Thurday, Jan 20- Some surges in the afternoon, then we set up for an evening of romance: candles, a moonlit walk around midnight. The surges this evening were much stronger than any of the ones before. When we got back, Mom had to pee, but she was cold so she stood on the heater, and an uncontrollable burst of liquid soaked her pants. The tired couple went to bed.

Friday Jan 21- Mild surges continued through the night, and by 6 am Mom could no longer sleep through them, so she got up and did a hypnobabies script. By 7, Dad was awake, and shortly after that Amy got up, dad started making breakfast and Abby was awake just before 8. Surges were about 4 minutes apart, but short, about 30 seconds, yet very intense. At around 8 am we called Maren the midwife to let her know what was going on. We told her we suspected Mom's water had broke (Mom wasn't so sure she hadn't just peed her pants), and they were strong but not too close. Maren said she'd be there around 9. Mom didn't eat much for breakfast, and she didn't feel like walking around, so she sat in the green chair in the living room. The sofa bed was put away, as it was simply not comfortable. Amy and Abby made plans to visit Nana and Grampa, just a ten minute drive away, but first they went out in the snow. Abby told Amy she didn't want to go because she was worried about Mom, so they went back in. Things were very intense. Mom was having trouble relaxing, her hypnobabies learning just wasn't cutting it. The surges were so strong and much closer, and all she could do was squeeze Dad's fingers and scream, while he encouraged her to breathe and relax.. As 9 am approached, we were eagerly anticipating Maren's arrival at any minute. Dad needed to shovel the end of the driveway, but Mom didn't want him to go, so Amy and Abby did it. Mom tried standing and leaning on Dad, swaying her hips, trying the finger drop, but it was so intense. She tried focusing on a dot of dried up playdough, but Dad was confused when she spoke about it in a broken sentence. He thought she was bothered by the untidiness and brushed it away. Mom remembered something from Ina May's Guide to Childbirth about making a noise like a horse, so she started to do that during the surges, spitting all over Dad. it seemed to help, and Abby did it along with Mom for a surge. She also pulled two ends of a towel Dad had brought for the spit. Just before 9, Mom told Dad she felt the head, she could feel a bulge in her vagina, so they started to look for a place to birth, since the chair was not an option. Mom's body was involuntarily pushing. Surges were pretty much on top of each other at this point, with no break between.
They decided Mom would kneel over the arm of the sofa, so Dad got the tarp and some pillows and towels, and Mom got out of the chair. As she got up she felt a pop and a gush of liquid. After this point, the surges spaced out a bit, and Mom knew she was in transition. Maren was still not here, and it was just after 9. The first surge Mom had at the end of the sofa, she said she could really feel the head coming down. She checked herself internally and could feel a hard spot not too far up. Maren arrived at 9:13, just in time for the emerging head. She didn't have time to prepare much, she came right over to the birth area. Abigail was in awe to see a baby's face poking out between Mom's knees, and she got the book "Welcome with Love" to point out the match. Mom had felt gushes of liquid and a clot with some of the pushes. It only took 3 or 4 surges for the baby to be born, and she arrived at 9:20, after just a few minutes of pushing, and shortly after the midwife herself arrived! Mom didn't have to push at all, her body just did it for her. Once the baby was out, it took a few seconds for Mom to realize it, but Maren softly prompted her, "Pick up your baby, Pam." Mom's first instinct was to nurse, but the baby wasn't interested, so Mom just sat on the floor in a mess of wet pillows and towels, and looked at the baby. Abigail came right over and kissed her on the forehead. One of the first things Mom remembers saying is "Another redhead!", though her hair didn't look quite as orange as Abigail's. After a few minutes, Mom checked the gender and saw that they had another baby girl. The placenta came out 15 minutes later while they sat on the sofa, perfectly intact, landing bloodily into the blue basin. Mom and baby initiated nursing shortly after the birth. The other midwives showed up after a while, as they'd been coming from Halifax. There was very little blood loss.
After Maren inspected the placenta, and all the cord blood was in the baby, she helped Dad and Abby cut the cord.
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Congratulations!!! What a lovely story and a beautiful baby name. Enjoy your new little girl!!
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Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!!!

I love her name!!

Congratulations!!! Enjoy your new baby girl & REST!!

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That is a wonderful birth story!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!
s and
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Congratulations Pam! Thank you for sharing Geneva's beautiful birth with us
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Thanks for sharing your beautiful birth story! Welcome again Geneva! :
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Pam - what a GREAT job! I'da been so freaked that close to actually birthing w/out the support of the mw's. I found I needed them nearby. One tried to leave to pee and I asked her to 'be quick about it!'. I needed that reassurance of experience, woman power, something... you are ONE TOUGH MAMA!!! I am so proud and pleased for you. You have certainly built some beautiful babies - ENJOY!!! I hope you are getting a bit of rest and down time now. Lotsa hugs and love, andy

Mama to B and O , wife to J and me to me! :
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Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it

Congrats again!
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