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We are planning a HBA2C and I'm terrified. I'm MORE terrified of going to the hospital, though. : I'm so terrified something is going to go wrong, that I'm going to have to transport or the baby will be sick or not breathing or SOMETHING. I'm trying to absorb all the information that I can--I've been reading Ina May Gaskin's books, Henci Goer's books, any book that mentions c/s and VBAC. I'm also trying to read at least one VBAC birth story every day, just to reassure myself that it CAN go well, that the ones that don't are RARE. Is anyone else feeling like this? If you've already had a successful VBAC, either at home or the hospital, can you give us some reassurance?

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I don't have any experience with homebirth, but have a bit of VBAC history.

My first son was induced (too early, but that was equally my fault.. i begged) and after dialating to 10, pushing for 2 hours diagnosed with "cephalopelvic disproportion" and ended up with c-sec. 8lb 9oz. In retrospect and with a lot more education, I realize we just tried to push mother nature. Lesson learned.

My second son was ALSO induced, however I had dialated to 4 cm (with no contrax.. it was lovely!) naturally, and just a teeny bit of pit sent me into full labor. Labor was 5 hours start to finish.. NO problem. A little tearing, but no complications for me or baby. Baby was only 7 ounces smaller than first. (8lb 2oz)

Third son, also induced, but again already at 4 cm when I came in. Midwife just broke water to get the show on the road. Labor about 7 hours start to finish. Another perfect vbac, no complications for me or baby, super easy recovery. (8 lb 5 oz).

We will go for our fourth vbac in February (God willing!). I don't really have any fear of it at this point. I have to admit, I'm only on the fringe crunchy because I've had great hospital experiences and take comfort (albeit probably FALSE comfort from my readings) from the constant monitoring and close OR.

Hope that helps.. it was *very* healing for me to have my VBACs.. I mourned the loss of a vag. delivery with my first. It's hard to really understand that unless you've been there.

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I plan on having a VBAC at home this time. For some reason, it feels so right at this point, that I'm not fearful at all. I also read a wonderful book called THE VBAC COMPANION. I can't remember the author, but it's full of information that will put your mind at ease.
Don't be scared!

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Another vbac here!!!!

I'm having a hard time with my mom on this one though. I know that she is just afraid for my safety and the baby's but its really bugging me. She keeps saying that I need to prepare myself for a cesearan. She also thinks that if I have one that I will be so upset that I will get PPD again....if only it was as simple as that. Yes, I think having an unexpected c-section can contribute to PPD but its also a chemical imbalance that is out of the mom's control.

SHe hasnt been in my shoes so I guess I can't expect her to understand completely. All she knows is that I was a wreck after ds's birth and she was very worried about me and the safety of my baby. That must have been hard for her to watch.

I havent had my first appt yet ( ugh thats another vent altogether) but Im really worried about being supported in my vbac decsion. I know that the fact that I had a ten pound baby and also the fact that my incision ruptured 10 days later will play into it too. Not looking forward to this.

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I am also hoping/preparing for a VBAC.

I'm reading VBAC Companion (Henci Goer) and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (Gaskin). Also The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth (can't remembe the author - but in addition to being a great overall labor/delivery book, it also has terrific VBAC info).

My OB is totally for it. I had a c-sec at 32 weeks for my twins. Actually dd was born vaginally and then ds became transverse (sideways) after she was born and we couldn't get him to move -- plus it was 32 weeks and no one wanted to mess around with a premature Baby B (Baby B's frequenty have more problems than Baby A's due to placental abruption), so out he came. I think because of this reason, I've never had any regrets or negative feelings at all about my c-sec.

Good news for VBAC this time:

*Dilated to 10cm naturally on my own (in spite of toxic doses of mag sulfate to stop labor, no less) and delivered dd with no problems (of course, she was 4 lbs. so not exactly a huge test there, but anyway!)
* Low transverse incision
* Double-layer suture
* Supportive OB
* Supportive dh

Bad news for VBAC:
* History of preterm labor. I was on bedrest from 28 weeks with twins and delivered at 32 weeks despite aggressive meds to stop labor. Now on the one hand, I delivered 8.5 lbs of baby so I *should* be able to get to term this time. But on the other hand, preterm labor is preterm labor, and it means I may be monitored a bit more toward the end (which introduces greater likelihood for c-sec for a number of reasons). Plus, if I do have problems with preterm labor again and the baby is "in distress", the tocolytics (terbutaline, etc. to stop labor) used may mean my labor has to be induced which again increases chance of c-sec. I'm still researching this very specific aspect, but currently this is one for the negative column.
* Very bad adhesions from previous abdominal surgery (and now, no doubt also from my c-sec) increases chance of uterine and/or bladder rupture. : So my actual risk of rupture might be toward the higher end of the .5-3% risk often quoted (depending on the study).

All in all, I've decided based on everything I've read thus far, that the best and safest choice for us is to:

* Birth in a hospital capable of doing a c-sec within 20 minutes MAX of rupture
* Plan for drug-free birth
* Plan for intervention-free birth, except:
* Allow EFM (e.g., via Doppler) to look for signs of rupture.

Fortunately, I have a very supportive OB, and I am also currently looking for a labor doula.

Ultimately, I'm doing everything I can to have a safe VBAC, but I also know from my last pregnancy that you can never plan every little thing, and if a c-section is warranted then I will have one with zero regrets again, knowing it was done because it was needed. I know from experience that there can be worse things in life than not having the delivery of your dreams.
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