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Oh, Ekblad, I'm sorry to hear about that, the constant catheterizing kinda sets you up for UTI's, but then again so does not being able to empty your bladder. My bladder thing seems to be not a problem again. My doc figured the babe was just sitting at that wrong spot for a bit and now that my uterus is up a little higher we're ok.
They weighed me today and since the last time I was hospitalized (which lets face it was not that long ago) I'm down another 10 lbs. Feels weird though because with the measurments my mom took for the new pants, my waist is 3.5 inches bigger, however, I had to remove my wedding band as it keeps falling off--leave it to me to loose weight in my damn hands!!! The story of my life!!
I want to go home but they really are being so good to me here. They weren't busy so the nurse brought in the fetal heart monitor and hooked me up for a minute to let me listen to the heartbeat. I told her I'd seen it but not heard it. She was so sweet, she said she'd had a few miscarriages too and she knew the reassurance that hearing it even for a minute can bring. I told her I'd never seen a hospital where all the nurses were just so nice and seem so happy to be there. She said with this town only having 3 OB's it's small and cozy and all three of them are so nice. She said she's never seen or heard any of them treat staff or a patient with anything but the highest respect. Not that it matters to me per say but she also said their successful VBAC rate is 20% higher than any other hospital in the area and the head of obstectrics is hugely in favor of them. If someone had told me 5 yrs ago I would deliver at my little small town hick hospital, I'd have laughed in their face, now I can't say how happy I am to have found them--they even have 4 different articles photocopied from mothering hanging on their bulletin boards. One on no circ, one on co-sleeping, one on breast feeding and one on general AP (with highlighted passages on why not to let a baby CIO) Oh and more good news, I ran into their lactation consultant this afternoon and asked her if I could ask a question. Told her I obviously wasn't all that close to needing her services, but explained that I'd had a breast reduction that resulted in a lot of scarring and asked my chances on breast feeding. She didn't have long but told me she'd come talk to me tomorrow and that she had books to lend me and articles to read and that she has 2 successful moms who breast feed after reduction both of whom are willing to offer advice and support to others starting out. She said likely I'd need to supplement but that she would put me in contact with others and that she knows many women who don't mind pumping and donating breast milk. Apparently they even have some frozen at the hospital for if mom is having trouble in the beginning in order to avoid supplementing with formula. She said she'd worked at many hospitals and this was the first that she had never felt undermined by some doc or nurse pushing formula on a new mom.
Sorry, I'm so chatty, but I can't sleep and I'm bored
Suz, you asked about stronger than Zofran, I think Stemitil is stronger and it also comes in a rectal suppository and IV. Basically anything IV is stronger than anything taken by mouth, simply because if you are puking that much, you end up loosing half of what you are taking. I'm managed fairly well on IV gravol, as long as I don't go long between doses.
I hope you are feeling better after being rehydrated and I wish I could trade places with you. I miss my dogs so much. Mainly my big boy Havoc, he always knows exactly what I'm thinking and what I need, he somehow keeps me so grounded. I just love the big ole lug.
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Wow Shannon! I'm coming to live where you do! That is so awesome. I can't imagine having anything from Mothering posted in a hospital around here. Everything else sounds great too. Glad to know you're in good hands!

I have to go today to get my wedding ring cut off. I should've taken it off right away but didn't and now it's trapped on there. I don't seem to have a problem losing weight even when I'm sick.

This UTI kept me up half the night. I got the juice and am drinking it non stop. Also got the AZO. Trying to avoid the ER or Urgent Care. I love my homeopathic doc and would like to hold out to see him tomorrow. I know he'll give me an antibiotic but he won't be cold and mean and uncaring.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Sent dh to church with the two older kids. I'll go later with whoever else wants to go.

Take care everyone!
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morning Girls...

Shannon - cool that you found a supportive LC this early on. And it sounds from your rambling that you might be feeling a bit better? If bored. Very bored.

Ekblad - awe man, an UTI on top of first trimester ickies. That sucks. It sounds like your DH needs a swift kick you know where to get his attention. men can be such babies.

We are having a very lazy rainy day. Which is wonderful.
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Shannon, your hospital staff sounds wonderful!

with highlighted passages on why not to let a baby CIO
What is CIO?

Ever-evolving mama to my beautiful Brynn, and my little dimple-faceĀ Noah .
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CIO=Cry It Out
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Shannon your hospital sounds so great. Just think if that were the norm. We'd be a lot happier society.
Amy CIO Means cry it out. Some people think it is ok to let thier babies cry cry cry and not be picked up. It is so sad. I always feel so bad for those poor babies.

Today I managed to eat half a BLT with stripples and popcorn. For desert choc pudding with grahm crackers crunched up in it. It was so yummy. It seems that I have a lot more energy in the evening and I am able to eat a lot more food then any other time of the day. I too have lost weight. I think it is muscle since I haven't worked out since I've been preg. The weather is beautiful today it the low 70's with no humidity. We were having a nice time outside until our nieghbor started blaring their rap music. They live across the street and I could hear the lyrics perfectly. It was full of swear words. Yeah I want my three year old listening to that junk I called the cops adn they still havent' shown up. Half hour ago. from the way I've heard them yelling at their kids I don't even want to go ask them myself. I thinkthey are unreasonable.
Sorry to ramble I'm just so annoyed hope all is well wiht everyone
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I took it upon myself to start a new thread

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