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The Birth Story of
Parker Donovan Black
February 5, 2005 7:59 p.m.
7 lbs. 3 1/2 oz.
19 inches

I went to the hospital at 8:15 a.m., and was hooked up to everything by the time the doctor got there to do my initial exam at 8:50 a.m.. She broke my water, but it just leaked, and said I was 3 cm., 60% effaced, and at a -1 station. I started having natural mild contractions right away.
It wasn't until 10:15 a.m. that they actually started the pitocin because it took them four tries to get an IV in, one attempt leaking IV fluid into my arm and the swelling was really painful.
My mom came at 11am, but nothing much was going on so she snapped some photos, and settled in for the long haul. At my next check, around noon, I was still only 3cm. By 2pm they were sick of readjusting the external contraction monitor, so they decided to check my dilation and put in an internal monitor. I was only 4 1/2cm and 70% at that point. I was disappointed, and wondered how long the whole process would take. At 2:10pm my friend Megan came and hung out for support until 5:15pm, and by that time I was having regular contractions that were 50-80 on the monitor (100 was the worst I remembered having with my first labor).
Around 6:30pm they decided to check my dilation while putting in the fetal monitor. I was 6 cm and 90%. At that time I was so uncomfortable that when the doctor told my mom he thought I had another 3 or so hours to go, I didn't know how I was going to cope that long. I then was contemplating some pain relief, but an epidural was still out of the question. I requested Nubian, so they gave me a dose of that. My contractions were then 2 minutes apart, and because of the Nubian I was actually falling asleep in-between them. We all noticed that the contractions had a funny pattern of one hard one, a small one a minute later, and a hard one two minutes later with another smaller one a minute later. Little did we know then, that my natural contractions were still going, and coming in-between the induced ones, which later came to be a big problem.
7:30pm was the beginning of the end. The contractions spaced themselves to 1 min apart (one pitocin contraction then one natural contraction), and I started to hyperventilate, so they gave me oxygen. Then the baby's heart rate slowed a lot, so they had me in just about every position possible to try to adjust him. After the fifth contraction in five minutes time, they checked and I was still 6 cm., so they stopped the pitocin.
I looked at Dan, who was at the foot of the bed and he was crying because the baby's heart rate kept stopping. I just kept saying "I love you, don't worry". I had about four nurses/doctors on each side of me, who kept flipping me around. The one doctor asked where my epidural was, and when they said I didn't have one he just said "Oh no!". That's when I was thinking that I was facing a c-section.
After five more contractions in five minutes time, they checked me again and I had dilated to 9cm. I couldn't believe my ears! I'd never heard of anyone dilating 3cm in five minutes. It was 7:40pm when they called my doctor, who was at home. They got the heart beat back up and had me on my back again, and the doctor got there in 15 minutes. She wasn't wasting any time and had me start pushing at the 9cm. I pushed three times with two contractions, and had him pushed out in five minutes, which also shocked me because I could hardly tell he was moving down the birth canal until I had to stop pushing so she could deliver his head. They did give me a small episiotomy, but it didn't really hurt.
The cord was wrapped around his neck, which didn't help with his heart rate during that 10 minutes of constant contractions. I heard him cry, and it took them so long to suction him and cut his cord, that I thought they may have already done it and took him away. Then I looked up to see Dan cutting the cord and they set him on my tummy for two seconds, but had to take him to make sure he was okay. I just kept saying "Oh my gosh...I can't believe it's over already!" and I remember saying to Dan "Listen to him cry....Oh my gosh!" I was almost crying, but really just shocked more than anything.
They sewed me up while they started the pitocin back up so I could deliver the placenta. My uterus wouldn't contract, so they were concerned because I was bleeding too much. The doctor was pushing on my stomach and reaching inside my uterus, which hurt like crazy....who knows why!?
Waiting out in the hall were my in-laws, Aunt and Uncle, and my Dad and Megan. As soon as I was finished and covered, everyone came in. They told me his apgar score was 8-9, and they the only thing they noticed was that one of his testicles hadn't descended. They put him in my arms, but the urge to share him because of all of the people there, was so strong that I gave him away soon after. He looks like Megan, I think, and has dimples like her. I really wanted them to look alike. Dan sat with Megan and the baby so she could hold him. She kept repeating "It's a baby!, "It's a baby, Parker!". Then I started crying because I was so happy to have given her a brother! While I was crying I was opening the present my mother-in-law brought, so later on my mom told me she thought I was crying because I really loved her present, and she wished she would have gotten me something to make me cry like that. I told her it was seeing Megan and Parker together that made me cry.
We celebrated with cupcakes for his birthday and let Megan blow out a candle for him. Everyone left by 9:30pm, when they took the baby to the nursery for a bath, to warm up, and be checked out. They got me into my post-partum room by 11pm, but they didn't bring him back to me until 1am because his temperature didn't go up until then. I was just thinking he had to be starving, and I really wanted to try to feed him. Later on I found out they gave him a little formula, but I guess I couldn't be too upset because I just wanted him to be happy. When I tried breastfeeding him for the first time he latched on right away and I fed him for 40 minutes, which made me really happy, and that's when I was able to start bonding with him.
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Congratulations, Jenni! Great birth story! How sweet to see your two babies together.
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Welcome to the world, Parker

It is so neat to see the 2 babies together Mine loves her new sister, too.
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Congratulations Jenni. Thanks for sharing your birth story! Parker is absolutely adorable
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