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sparklemom 02-10-2005 05:14 AM

alright, so, not to sound crude, but i am SO sore between my legs. i feel as though i've been doing the splits all day. i've felt this on-going aching for several weeks, and it's getting worse. then tonight i tried to push something heavy with my foot while standing and then a sharp pain shot through the area and now it's even more sore. i realize the logic...that there's a baby's head pushing on that area, but still i don't read about this anywhere. does anyone else feel such soreness between your legs, as though you've been stretching and doing the splits?
and btw, bb3 is due in just a few weeks on feb 25th

threeforme2005 02-10-2005 11:56 AM

Yep I've been having those pains for about a month now. It is VERY painful and the most frustrating part for me about being pregnant. I can't push anything with my foot. Tried that a couple weeks ago and sat on the couch crying from the pain. It's caused by the hormone Relaxin that's coursing through our bodies and loosening up our pelvic pones, pubic bones and our ligaments. I'm just trying to grin and bear it for the next couple of weeks. Sucks don't it?

TwinMom 02-10-2005 01:20 PM

I felt like that for about 2 months before having Joe. I would get those sharp pains at random times and my legs would give out under me. Not too much longer, you can make it!

helene.p 02-10-2005 02:16 PM

yes i know the feeling. i've been feeling like i'm going to split apart for the last 6 weeks! today is my due date! it's especially painful at night when i'm sleeping and want to roll over to my other side. i guess it's normal!

ekblad9 02-10-2005 04:13 PM

I also have this. I went to a chiropractor last week and it helped SO much. I swear I was in there for five minutes and I can use my feet again!

kamesennin 02-11-2005 04:35 AM

Ooh you just described the pains I've been having. I'm due on the 24th so I'm getting close! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.

mehndi mama 02-11-2005 01:22 PM

I only get crotch pain when I'm lying down. It's almost unbearable when I'm trying to get to sleep sometimes! I've also found that when I've had too much sugar & not enough protein, I get lower abdominal-muscle cramps (they feel like charley-horses!). I've been known to run myself a hot bath at 2AM, just so I can get my body loosened up enough to get to sleep!
ANyone else's baby pushing on the nerves that run by the ligaments on the inner thigh? I'll be walking down the hall, and almost fall over because I all of a sudden get nasty nerve twinges down the insides of my legs! It's not painful, like sciatica (thank goodness!), but it sure does feel strange!

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