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I had nasty afterpains too - my mw says they tend to be worse with each pregnancy. Dunno. Mine went away after a couple days - or rather, tapered off - hoping they don't last long for you either!

Tricia, gorgeous pictures.

Freethinker - I must have the same hormones, 'cause I was sad too. Or envious. Ds weaned himself while I was pregnant, telling me there was no more milk (there was, but not much). He was about 20 months. I was sure he'd ask to nurse when he saw the baby, but he hasn't - he is facinated, and keeps talking about nursing, and saying he would like to the baby to nurse him, and wanting to touch my breasts and kiss them while I'm nursing the baby - but he doesn't actually want to nurse.

I'm nursing Rio all the time. Oops, he's crying to nurse again. Hungry baby. I'm drinking sooooo much water but I'm shriviling up anyway and might have a hemorroid!!!

Boy, am I in a baby daze...

- sofia
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Hi, I mostly lurk, but wanted to say my little man, Levi Fox was born on
2-18 at 2:40 pm. He was 8 lb 14 oz, and I am in LOVE
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Shannon- you poor thing you have gone throught entirely too much junk, feel better soon!

Congratulations to everybody on their new babies.

I can't believe Kane is almost a month old he has grown up entirely too fast. He eats sooo much around 4 oz and his 0-3 month clothes aren't going to last until he is 3 months old. He is just so different from DS1, he ate 2 oz until he was around 3 months old and wore 0-3 month clothes until he was almost 5 months old. Don't get me wrong it is good Kane is growing so fast but I just want him to stay a cuddley baby for a LONG time b/c DS1 won't sit still long enough to cuddle he is always "building" something or playing with his toys and books.

So it has almost been a month and my bottom STILL hurts and is bruised...I don't know if it is because he was breech or what but it sucks. This morning I when I wiped I almost cried it hurt so bad. DH keeps looking and there is no puss or any drainage of anykind and he can only see a few of the deep tissue stitches and my gap from the swelling is closing in as well so I am on the mend but still sore.

Doula mama to my 3 bugs
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Hello everyone, just checking in, still pretty much miserable here, I'm in a right bitchy mood and frankly it's unlikely anyone can say the right thing right now. The nurses thought they were doing such a nice thing having the 'pet therapy dog' that visits the chonic care unit come to visit me, but ya know, my own dogs are one thing, I'm sick, I'm in agony and frankly I have ZERO desire to see, touch or make small talk about someone elses dog. I felt badly when they left, I'm sure they figured it was going to be this wonderful thing to lift my spirits.
I will be having the cat scan at 1:00 this afternoon. Of course because I'm allergic to shellfish, I'm also alergic (although mildly) to the contrast dye they make you drink and apparently it's fairly imperitive that I have the dye, so last night and today I'm on very high steroid doses plus IV benadryl to counter the effects of the dye (for some reason I had to drink a dose of it last night and another one at noon today) ever had a horribly itchy tongue--anyone know how to really scratch your tongue???? Anyway, I suppose the purpose of today is to rule out bowel obstruction (which is a possibility since I haven't gone in 3 days now) I'm so sick of this pain and I'm so sick of sitting in a stupid hospital bed. I don't feel I can take care of Molly properly here and although they make him stay so I don't have to take care of Molly alone at night, Steve is all but useless to me, she's in bed with me, if she needs something it takes him like 20 bloody minutes to drag his lazy ass out of the bed, so the crisis is pretty much over by the time he begins to respond. I've now got her in cloth diapers even here, I don't konw if I'm putting them on wrong or what but she kept leaking out of the disposables, she's peed through 4 outfits now, I thought the attraction of disposabes was how much they hold??

Anyway enough of my crap, who's having a baby today??????

Please send good thoughts for around noon today.
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What a night! Chloe was really having a hard time. She is cutting 3 of her 2 year molars and having to go through the transition to big sister. She was crying and wanting to nurse and wanting to be held "like a baby" and meanwhile, Sofia is so hungry. Initially I tandem nursed them, but they emptied both sides and Sofia was still hungry and Chloe was still crying if I tried to lay her down. it was a huge juggling act with very little sleep for DH and me. Chloe did finally get to sleep around 1 but woke again around 3 or 4 and I ended up taking her to her play room and reading her a few books (not nursing) and getting her some water and teething tablets. We then went back to the bed and she layed down on her pillow, cried a bit while I sang to her and rubbed her back. (She really was breaking my heart) When she went to sleep, DH gave Sofia to me and we all got a little rest. Sofia and I got up around 7. I had to call to get her appintment made with the pediatrician for today. It's at 10:20. We won't be doing much today besides making sure we all get a good nap. The past few days we (Sofia, Chloe, and I) have been taking about 3 hour naps. I've definitly needed them!

Sofia has been such an angel. She seems to have the same layed back, hardly ever cries, gentle spirit that Chloe was born with. Chloe for the most part is doing really well (with the exeption of last night ...and I think her teeth played a major role in that)

Still haven't gotten around to posting a birth story. I will sometime. I'm glad my friend Bobbi gave the short version though.

I'll check back in later. I noticed that this is becoming the extended weekly thread. If anyone wants to start another one go ahead. I just can't right now. I'll try to update our role call later on if another thread isn't started.

Take care!

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New list is here:
If I left you off, please let me know!
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OK, I haven't been around much , but I did want to let you know that Rachel was born on Valentine's Day in a beautiful, peaceful homebirth. My midwife and her assistant were great, but the labour and birth really brought my DH and I closer together. He is the best doula in the world! What a transforming experience for both of us.

DHis now a born-again homebirther, and even jokes about doing the next one unassisted! This after several months of stressing about everything that could possibly go wrong

Rachel was 7/12, 20.5 inches. She's beautiful, and nursed like a champ right from the start. I'm still nursing Noah, and he's doing great (so far, knock wood) with having a baby sister.

I'm so happy!
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