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annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 12:15 AM 03-03-2009
I got my new scale tonight. We'll see how things go tomorrow. *is scared*

Hazel's Avatar Hazel 12:34 AM 03-03-2009
Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
I got my new scale tonight. We'll see how things go tomorrow. *is scared*
I hope it's as good for you as it was for me!
emmasmommy's Avatar emmasmommy 12:39 AM 03-03-2009
I am more of a meal eater than a grazer, I typically eat 3 meals and 3 snacks, but if there is food out, then I will graze.

I went WAY off plan this afternoon. I had a little bit of chocolate after lunch and counted the points for it, but then ate other candy and then walked to 7-11 with a coworker and bought a slurpee and a bag of chips. I have no idea what came over me! But I counted it all and went back on plan for supper. I went way over my points for the week now, but thankfully tomorrow is weigh in day. But since I weigh in in the evenings my points reset on Wednesday. I'm so tired today, and I think that's part of the problem.
Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 03:47 AM 03-03-2009
You guys were chatty today. I was off with my 10 and 12 year old visiting the winter nesting spot of some eagles. We had to sqeeze in another trip before they left for spring.

Originally Posted by biochick View Post
I'm pretty sure my my mom and at least one aunt all have pcos.
what does "pcos" stand for?

Originally Posted by biochick View Post
Does laughing cow count as dairy?
Sadly, no. Soft cheese don't count.

Here's the complete run down on dairy: 2 servings for most people, except 3 servings for nursing moms, people who weight over 250, or women over 50

A serving milk or calcium-fortified soy milk, including:
8 oz milk
12 latte
16 cappuccino
WW smoothie

Cheeses including:
2 cups cottage cheese
1.5 oz hard cheese
1/2 cup ricotta

1 cup yogurt or pudding

You can calculate partial servings, for example, 1 cup of cottage cheese and 1 oz of hard cheese can equal 1 serving of dairy

Dairy can be any percentage of fat (whole milk, 2%, FF) but is more points for higher fat percentages.

Diets high in diary are shown to help with fat lose, specifically of belly fat.

Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
What kind of eater are you? Do you graze all day? Are you a meal eater?

Originally Posted by Meli65 View Post
. I'm also digging low-fat string cheese -- one is 1 point, and it takes a while to eat, and is one dairy serving.
Not all string cheeses are the same number of points!! Some are 2 points. And since cheese needs to be 1.5 oz to count as a serving of dairy, most string cheese is just a 1/2 serving. (sorry for the bad news)

Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post
They never say anything about my size, but they always get me clothes that are way too big, beause they think I'm so much bigger than them.
I just had a really bad flash back of the Christmas before last, when I had lost 35 pounds and my mother bought be a sweater in my OLD size. When I asked for the receipt so I could exchange it, she looked at me funny and said, "yeah, you said you lost a little weight, but you look the same size to me."

Gee mom. Thanks. It's no wonder I've had years of therapy and I'm still screwed up. :

Originally Posted by LynnS6 View Post
I've lost 10 lbs! Well, actually, it's 11.2.

And I'm getting 'yelled at' by WW for losing too fast. I think I know what the problem is, it's the points I'm not getting for how active my job is. My problem is that 2-3 days a week my job is quite sedentary (I'm writing or sitting and talking to students all day). 2 days a week I'm teaching and so I'm on my feet for 4 hours a day. How the heck do I figure that in?

Also, am I supposed to be eating my AP?
Did you just start? Some people lose super fast in the first 2-3 weeks as their body adjust it's fluid level and waste level. It may or may not mean anything about what will happen in the upcomming weeks.

Add AP to your days on your teaching days. Just take the extra daily points that you would get if that were your job every day and add it in as AP those days. Make sense?

APs are optional. I eat mine!

Originally Posted by Maiasaura View Post
my mom sent me a blurb one time of a brown university study that tracked people who weighed every day vs. those who weighed once a week, and they found the everyday weighers kept their loss off better. i like that study
I'm only aware of studies that showed that for people who were maintaining their weight, not actively losing weight. The studies I've seen on weight lose consistantly say that weekly is better than daily. So once you reach your maintenance level, the the research supports hopping off and on the scale. Until then, I haven't seen any research that supports it.

If you just watch this thread for awhile, you'll see a lot of angst caused by getting off and on the scale repeatedly. It takes more than 24 hours for your body to lose a measurable amount of fat, so if someone is weighing all the time, they are just checking their water retention and solid waste (come on, how many of us have weighed, peed, and then got back on the scale like pee is made of the fat on our thighs) and then getting all freaked out about it thinking the number actually means something.

The scale is just one measure of how you are doing, it frankly, it's not a very good one!
treemom2's Avatar treemom2 04:01 AM 03-03-2009
Originally Posted by Linda on the move View Post
You guys were chatty today. I was off with my 10 and 12 year old visiting the winter nesting spot of some eagles. We had to sqeeze in another trip before they left for spring.

what does "pcos" stand for?
polycystic ovary syndrome

Sadly, no. Soft cheese don't count.
crappers, so that means I'm not getting any dairy in most days. . .ugh, and I thought I found something I could eat. . .
Jennifer3141's Avatar Jennifer3141 05:31 AM 03-03-2009
Maia, daily weighing works for me too. There are lots of studies out there that support it. "The Annals of Behavioral Medicine" is a pretty good medical journal and here's a synopsis of one of their studies:
For me, I like the accountability. And I'm able to understand that what I ate the day before may, or may not affect that number on the scale.
And congrats on your loss there!!! :

I went off program tonight. It started with my excitement about our community garden's board meeting. I went to this fabulous tea house for the meeting, only to discover that I'm a WEEK early. I was getting impatient with everyone for not showing up and the kids were getting antsy so I ordered some food. Then when I realized what an idiot I was, I decided since we were right across the street from a fabulous restaurant that has "Cookbook Series" dinners every month, that DH and I should go tonight instead of another night this week and get it over wiith. This month's series is Latin American & Carribean food. Dinner was actually reasonable but the Napolean for dessert with no sharing because everyone else had their own dessert was NOT.

So here I am uncomfortable and unable to sleep. Doh.

Good luck on your new scale tomorrow, Annette. So we know that this week may or may not really "count" for you while you figure out the scale and it figures you out.
Ok, no naked pudding wrestling this week. That'll be your reward for you next WI.

Cheese has to be 30% of the RDA for calcium per serving for it to "count" as one of your dairy servings. Always check the package. A few years ago, one of the local cheese manufacturers actually changed their formulation or realized their packaging was incorrect and really, seriously annoyed hundreds of local WWers. Each string was 2 points and supposedly had 30% of the RDA for calcium. It seemed like everyone at all the meetings ate them for that reason. And then, one day the packaging reflected that the calcium was 20% of the RDA. Wow. We were all ticked off and my center had a GIANT sign warning everyone of the change. We used to joke that we were all going to put on our worst bathing suits and stage a giant eat-in protest.
FondestBianca's Avatar FondestBianca 06:04 AM 03-03-2009
up late enjoying some tunes on my computer while dh does some gaming (he rarely gets to). tomorrow morning I will be off to church for weekly bible study (and yes, I'm probably the only NON-christain, NON-church goer that attends christian bible study ) followed by my first test run session of prayer counceling (for my eating issues specifically) at the same church. It's apparently like regular counceling with some God mixed in. We'll see how that goes... maybe it will be useful for me. If not, no biggie, I can keep looking. Tomorrow morning is also going to be my weigh-in and my "weekly free day". It may not be the best solution to holding down my sanity about my diet and food but, thats what I'm sticking with for now. Today I bought 4 big chocolate chunk cookies from the bakery as a treat for tomorrow's points freedom. Looking forward to those!

Hope everyone made it through the day as they planned or at least enjoyed the events that may have been unplanned.

I felt pretty cruddy this morning. You know, one of those days when you wake up and are dead set on being miserable about your body. Nothing fit, everything was uncomfortable, feeling icky in my skin. I'm feel fine normally... because I force myself not to look in the mirror any longer than it takes me to put my makeup on. And if I don't go anywhere outside my home and yard I never have to look in the mirror because I don't have to wear makeup! But, today I had to get groceries and make a car payment... blah.

grocery shopping isn't much fun these days either. Used to be one of my favorite things to do!
treemom2's Avatar treemom2 11:15 AM 03-03-2009
I just had to share what I had for dinner tonight if anyone is looking for some new recipes:

I took a chicken breast, pounded it pretty thin and cooked it in a pan on the stove with some salt/pepper until browned in Pam. Then I took it out and sauteed some mushrooms, onion, and garlic in a little coconut oil. Put the chicken back in the pan, covered it with the veggies, and put a slice of swiss cheese on top. Melted the cheese. It was absolutely fabulous and not too many points. I think after figuring all the points, it was 8.5 points and totally worth it. I had steamed broccoli and japanese yams on the side. I finally got a dairy for the day with this dish.
Rosemarino's Avatar Rosemarino 12:29 PM 03-03-2009
Linda, your mom actually says stuff like that to you--on CHRISTMAS?! Well, I guess she can't help but see a difference in you now. Go you!

FondestBianca, it's interesting that you are doing a prayer counseling yet are not christian. What brought you to that? Do you have a friend who invited you or something? I'm just curious. Personally, prayer works for me. Fasting and prayer, it's a good combination.

Uh, so basically I haven't had the ghg then for a while since cottage cheese doesn't count. It has so much protein though! Dangit. It seems sort of unhealthy to me though that PUDDING counts. :

Also, about weighing, I can see both sides of the story, and I had to lol when I read that about peeing then hopping back on the scale. I have done that! But it's not really to see that I've "lost weight", it's more to see what I weigh, not what my pee weighs. I just want ME and not my excrement on that bad boy.

Jennifer3141's Avatar Jennifer3141 12:29 PM 03-03-2009
Barbara, that sounds delicious as soon as I remove the fungus.

Good morning, everyone!

Annette, how was the WI?
Jennifer3141's Avatar Jennifer3141 12:31 PM 03-03-2009
We posted together, Rosemary! We should get a prize for that or something.
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 12:42 PM 03-03-2009
My scale was off by 5 pounds, and not in a good way. *is annoyed*
Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 12:55 PM 03-03-2009
Originally Posted by treemom2 View Post
crappers, so that means I'm not getting any dairy in most days. . .ugh, and I thought I found something I could eat. . .
You're overseas, right? Do you have access to non-fat dry milk? It would count. It taste OK when it's in things. I think it would work for lattes, puddings, hot cereal, etc.

Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post
Linda, your mom actually says stuff like that to you--on CHRISTMAS?! Well, I guess she can't help but see a difference in you now. Go you!
Yeah, my mom is a treat! When I was squeezing into a size 18 and she was a 12/14, she was very smug about her weight, and when I lost down to a 12, she decided to she needed to lose and got down to a 10. When I got down to a 10, she dropped down to an 8. Now I'm an 8, and she emphasizes that she weighs less. Because.... I guess it's a contest or something. I don't really get it.

She's mildly obsessed with my weight, glad that I'm not heavy (because it embarrassed her to have an overweight DD) but completely unable to be happy for me.

When I decided to go to yoga teacher training, she said, "why don't you become a fitness instructor? That would sound so much better."

What can you say to something like that?

Uh, so basically I haven't had the ghg then for a while since cottage cheese doesn't count. It has so much protein though! Dangit. It seems sort of unhealthy to me though that PUDDING counts. :
Cottage cheese DOES count. It's the soft, spreadable cheeses that don't.
Jennifer3141's Avatar Jennifer3141 12:59 PM 03-03-2009
Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
My scale was off by 5 pounds, and not in a good way. *is annoyed*
I'm so sorry!! That's frustrating.
Wanna wrestle to burn off some points?
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 01:01 PM 03-03-2009

Well, with adjustments, this just means I didn't lose from my last recorded weight. I can live with that I guess. I'm shaking it off and moving on.
zoedeansmom's Avatar zoedeansmom 01:09 PM 03-03-2009
Oh, Linda, I feel your pain! My mom gets into a weird competitive mode, too. Sometimes, it's over if my kids love her more than me! : As I tell my husband, she's not gonna win THAT one, they love me best! The whole "game" is sick to me, why can't parents (ok, we're talking moms here, but I'm trying to be fair!) just celebrate our success instead of being threatened by it?! It terrifies me to think of even the POSSIBILITY that I could ever say/do the things to my girls that my mom has said/done to me. It's so hard to break that kind of cycle. <sigh> But all we can tackle is one day at a time, right?
Jennifer3141's Avatar Jennifer3141 02:15 PM 03-03-2009
Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post

Well, with adjustments, this just means I didn't lose from my last recorded weight. I can live with that I guess. I'm shaking it off and moving on.
Oh alright. Just keep me in mind!
muppet729's Avatar muppet729 02:38 PM 03-03-2009
Not sure how my wi is going to go tomorrow... but here are two non-scale victories for me!

1) I had to buy another belt! My size 12's are getting saggy and I can't hardly wear them without a belt and I don't want to invest in a whole new set of size10's (come on spring! I need yard sales! )

2) I had to wear my dh's gray pants to a Civil Air Patrol meeting last night because mine got spit up on by my 5mo. I didn't check what size they are, but come to find out, they are 34's! Last time I measured myself, I was being generous if I said I was 39!
emmasmommy's Avatar emmasmommy 03:04 PM 03-03-2009
I have no idea how weigh-in will go tonight after my binge-fest yesterday afternoon! I was doing well all week and looking like I was headed for a pretty good loss, so hopefully I didn't mess myself up too much. I will focus on the GOODs thing from my week: I was honest about tracking even when off plan and I earned 28AP for the first time ever in my whole time of doing WW. So, learning from this, I will track every bite of food, every day next week, committing to stay OP for 90% of the week (if I tell myself 100% and not do it, I will sabatoge myself for the rest of the week, so those is my compromise against my all or nothing mentality) and to earn at least 28 AP. I find with the heart rate monitor that I have actually been burning more calories than I was estimating without it, so that helps.

Those are excellent NSV's muppet!! I love it when my clothes start getting loose. For me it's a better visual of my success than the number on the scale.
Hazel's Avatar Hazel 03:10 PM 03-03-2009
annette! way to have a positive attitude though!

muppett-love it when the clothes fit looser!
Meli65's Avatar Meli65 04:05 PM 03-03-2009
Muppett, that's great news about your clothes!

I love the reminders to focus on the good stuff. I am bummed because I went off-plan last night -- total emotional eating. I've been avoiding reading that section in the Beck diet book because I know that's my issue.

Last night I was feeling lonesome and a bit overburdened. For Lent I gave up a local AP message board because I was wasting so much time on it and it was usually just aggravating me, getting into big discussions about religion and unschooling where I'd get my feelings hurt and brood about it -- still, it's an adjustment. Also for Lent I decided to do 15 minutes a day of decluttering and 15 minutes a day of devotional reading -- so, I'm spending less time on the couch with the computer and more time being productive which is what I want but I guess it caught up with me yesterday. DH is out of town for a couple of days for business and we keep each other accountable and I was just rifling through the cabinets trying to find *something* to eat (there wasn't much). Still, it was very typical emotional binge-type eating -- I didn't eat that much, but the feeling of just trying to shove food in my mouth was there. I felt kind of crummy and sad about it.

Woke up today feeling very much like it's a new day, which is good. I need to find new ways to cope with feelings of loneliness and boredom.
Hazel's Avatar Hazel 04:11 PM 03-03-2009
Originally Posted by Meli65 View Post
wasn't much). I need to find new ways to cope with feelings of loneliness and boredom.
I totally need this too.
zoedeansmom's Avatar zoedeansmom 05:35 PM 03-03-2009
Melissa, that's how I'm feeling today! I had my 2 nephews the same ages as mine all morning and it was fun but it! :yawningt's like having 2 sets of twins and the oldest is 3! After they left, I carefully measured out a healthy snack, put it on a nice plate, and sat down for "me time". Well, 3y.o.s don't understand that concept! And I need a lesson on sharing because every time she reached for a cracker or carrot off my plate, I wanted to growl at her like a dog!
Emmasmommie: love the positive attitude! I had a great WW leader when I still paid to go and when someone was really beating themselves up about a "bad" day she would say "so what? tell me about a good day you had this week." She was big on just putting it behind you and starting over because otherwise it's so easy to think "well, I really messed up. What's the point in even trying now?" etc.
Muppet: loose clothes make me happy! My pants are hanging off me now but i'm not investing in new ones this late in the season! I don't fit into my "old" clothes yet, though. But soon, I think! I've been giving my pants that are too big now to my friend who's doing WW but started off bigger than me. It's hard to give them up, but having them here makes it too easy to slip into bad habits. And it helps her out while she's in between sizes. I just need a smaller friend to pass some up to me!
zoedeansmom's Avatar zoedeansmom 05:37 PM 03-03-2009
Oh! I forgot to add that, while wearing some loose pants the other day, I got up off my bed from nursing DD2 and DD1 said "Mama, you need to pull your pants up! Your cheek butts are showing!"
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 05:38 PM 03-03-2009
We had the yummiest chicken nachos for lunch. I found the recipe in The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook. I highly recommend it. Yummers.

Now I need to go make my daughter a cake for her name day. Temptation, temptation, temptation!
Hazel's Avatar Hazel 05:43 PM 03-03-2009
annette-I've been wondering about that biggest loser famil cookbook. I'll have to check it out!
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 05:46 PM 03-03-2009
It's really family friendly. One of my goals was to NOT to make separate meals for me and the rest of the family. The kids LOVE these nachos. Except for the baby. He threw the beans.
*Aimee*'s Avatar *Aimee* 05:50 PM 03-03-2009
K I need support please

I decided I was only going to weigh weekly. I have been having a super week, totally OP and getting AP's doing all my ghg drinking a TON of water. I decided to weigh this morning and...I gained.

3 weeks of being totally on program and maintaining or gaining.

I called my mom for support and she just yelled at me. Said it was because I eat butter instead of olive oil (I count the points for it but yeah, I use a tablespoon of butter for my eggs, I have 34 points a day...).Said I wasn't drinking enough water (I have a GIANT sigg I think it's like 1.3ltrs and I drink 3 of them a day at least). She kept saying I must be doing something wrong because weight watchers works and SHE lost 100lbs so what is wrong. So then I start crying and she said it must be hormonal issues and I need to get tested because I'm FAR too emotional. wtf. I am going to die. I weigh almost 300lbs. I am only 5'3. I need to lose weight. I'm busting my ass for 3 weeks and gain, yeah I'm going to cry.

I called my thyroid dr and I'm going in on Thursday. I'm not sure what to talk to her about though. She put me on thyroid pills even though I was still in the range of normal (she said normal is 0-3 and I was 2.8). I've had a harder time losing since I've been on the pills, though I did lose 5lbs the first week I also started ww that week. I am having a ton of break outs and I never get pimples. So what do I have her test me for?

Oh and my mom said that I'm not losing because I have a bad attitude.

And DS pooped his pants and I didn't know it and stuck my hand in it and ruined my new shirt.

And I'm having a mocha with non fat milk instead of whole and it's nasty and I don't even want to finish it.

I'm having a terrible horrible no good very bad day.
zoedeansmom's Avatar zoedeansmom 06:08 PM 03-03-2009
Oh, Aimee! I don't know why you're not losing, either, I wish I did! I forget, are you going to meetings? If so, you could brainstorm with your leader. I certainly understand your frustration and sadness. Gains are hard to take, especially when you've been working so hard! No doubt you ARE healthier, despite what the scale says, if that's any consolation.
As for your mom, have you seen the PP of the "support" most of us get from our moms? I'm so sorry she was not supportive and that she was instead hurtful and judgemental. I can only imagine how much worse that made you feel. I know it's so, so hard, but try to put her comments out of her mind. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people (like this group!)
As for the milk, have you tried weaning yourself off the whole milk by going down to 2% first, then 1%, then skim? I actually get 1% now, it's worth the extra points to me for the flavor, but still a far cry from whole milk. If you made the drink yourself, dry non-fat milk can be a great thickener.
Can you think of a non-food pick-me-up for today? A long, hot bath? A trip to the library (or a favorite store, or wherever you like to go)? Can you arrange to go alone or with a friend and leave the kiddos at home?
Hang in there, mama, you're not alone!
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 06:10 PM 03-03-2009
Oh, Aimee, . I'm sorry your mother is being so unsupportive. Could you maybe just not share with her anymore? She sounds very toxic.

I am by no means an expert on this weight loss thing, so I feel like I can't offer a whole lot of practical advice. I do know that one thing I am learning is that there is so much more to this than just numbers on a scale. By making healthier choices, you're becoming a healthier person, and that's what this is all about.
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