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mamabeth's Avatar mamabeth 11:43 AM 04-02-2009
I am a total extrovert. But I do need some alone time, and more than that, I need adult time to talk without kids blabbing too. without it I get freaky....

and you know what's funny? lately I swear I am getting brain cells BACK. I feel so much more like myself and like I can THINK...I haven't nursed anyone for 9 months or so, maybe that's what it is? or having an office? dk, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

no run again, but my quad feels much better today! I did a 15 minute TM walk/run and that helped a lot. And I did some self-MFR, now that I know what it is!

hopefully running tomorrow, 4 or 5. take care mamas.

mommajb's Avatar mommajb 12:34 PM 04-02-2009
GO Nick! What is the race date? What training plan are you going to hold yourself to?

My brain really doesn't work anymore so I am glad to hear that maybe when I am no longer pregnant and/or nursing thinks may get back in order. Mamabeth you give me hope. My elderly neighbor keeps telling me disturbing the quiet is after a houseful of children in a wistful way. Keep that in mind on the tough days.

5 miles done in 1 mile laps around the block with the stroller. Helen made it 4 laps, Charlotte only 1. Luckily ds1 didn't mind (too much) when I would call on the cell as I ran by so he could help with helmets and make sure they went inside with him. That stroller and child is getting heavy!! It was uphill (slightly) and into the wind the first half of each mile too. I am a sweaty mess.
bec's Avatar bec 12:37 PM 04-02-2009
Well, so far no run today, yet. I am planning to make up Tuesday's 4.5 miles today, but it will have to be later. I am bringing Katie into the doctor this morning. She's had the same fever as everyone else, but she's been really complaining about her throat hurting her. So, we're going to go make sure it isn't strep. Is it bad that I almost hope it is strep? That way, she can get antibiotics and actually be feeling better soon. I'm so tired of being ill.
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 01:19 PM 04-02-2009
Oh bec you and yours have been sick so much lately. I hope she is all better soon.
Plady's Avatar Plady 01:19 PM 04-02-2009
Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
My elderly neighbor keeps telling me disturbing the quiet is after a houseful of children in a wistful way. Keep that in mind on the tough days.
So true I'm sure. I think the braincell thing is true too, that they come back after weaning. I had about 6 months of not nursing and not being pregnant and it was like 6 months of clarity.

Speaking of sick kids, I think mine are trying to start a snot factory. It's pretty gross and tomorrow we've got to go off-island for an overnight and then we're picking up my cousin's kid for the week so I hope they both dry up today!

Somewhere today I've got to run 3, I have no idea when it's going to happen though but that's less worrying than the 9 I'm supposed to do on Saturday, while we're somewhere off-island in a hotel.

sorry about the lacking personals, (Hi Hollysmom! Hi Lofty!!) I have to figure out how to get the smell of burnt grease out of the house
Runningmommy's Avatar Runningmommy 02:04 PM 04-02-2009
Hi ladies! I skipped my run this morning to sleep in with dh (who went in late to stay late and deal with second shift uglies). I thought about doing it later, but think I may just wait. I looked at my spots and the one on my head is nasty. ick. I know it will heal and be fine, but for now, I don't want to see it.

Still contemplating the race on Saturday. dunno.

Funny about the brain cells, as I was just talking with dh about that this morning thinking that the more I isolate myself, the worse it seems to get. I need to get out more.

taking the boys out to lunch and playtime. check in later. Love you ladies!
Mommabelle's Avatar Mommabelle 02:23 PM 04-02-2009
The people are coming back for a 2nd look at the house today!
Have to clean again. It is so hard to make your house look showy and keep it that way when you live in it and homeschool! Homeschool is out the window today. The kids were overjoyed!

It's a swimming day, and tonight is family swim at the gym so dh can play with the kids while I swim.
veryerin's Avatar veryerin 03:37 PM 04-02-2009
Ran 4 pace miles at the gym. I did 9 minute miles as the pace. I usually run faster than that, but read that was a good pace for marathon. Tomorrow I am just walking, then 7 miles Saturday
Realrellim's Avatar Realrellim 03:38 PM 04-02-2009
Brain cells would be nice. I so miss mine.

I'm planning to get out for my last 5 before this weekend this afternoon. We're done with our pox incubation period (nope, didn't get it), so I'm super-excited about dropping her off at my sister's house for a few hours of alone time.
Plady's Avatar Plady 04:55 PM 04-02-2009
: M'belle!
CathToria's Avatar CathToria 05:00 PM 04-02-2009
I was soooo looking forward to getting together with the Atl dingos tomorrow night for a quad date. Last night, my MIL said she could definitley watch my kids. But today she called and said she couldn't (plans that she forgot about). I know it happens, but I'm really disappointed. I hope to be able to do it next time.
cornflake girl's Avatar cornflake girl 05:53 PM 04-02-2009
RM - I know what you mean about the brain cell issue being worse if I don't get out. I am a total introvert and sometimes have to force myself to get out and do stuff. I always end up enjoying myself so I don't know why I dread it so much.

To my SS KERC: Thank you so much for the box of wonderfulness! : It was waiting for me after my run today. I : it! I can't wait to try everything. A mocha chocolate bar is good recovery food, right?

rr: 10.25 slow miles. I could barely feel the bike ride from yesterday in my legs! Maybe I'm finally growing some quad muscles, or maybe it was the quality time I spent last night with the foam roller.
tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 07:24 PM 04-02-2009
lemonapple~Sounds like it could be tendinitis. Are you icing after your runs? How are your shoes? If they're old, or if you've never been fit properly at a running store, I would start with that and lots of ice.


Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post
Brain cells would be nice. I so miss mine.
: :

I had a really nice morning. Ran with two friends, one of whom I haven't seen in FOREVER. And then we went to lunch afterwards for some nice girl time (plus three toddlers and a baby, but still...). We did 3 miles, and it flew by with all the talking! And with that 3, I am DONE training for the half. I'm contemplating going to the Y to swim tomorrow, since I haven't been in the pool in forever, but we'll see...

I really needed a good day today after the crappy night I had. I went to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour (for me, anyway) and then proceeded to lay there for over an hour because I couldn't shut my brain off. Just laying there, thinking, and stewing, and being sad. Blech. I finally ended up getting up and taking some Tylenol pm. I hate having to use drugs to get to sleep, but sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
grnmtnmama's Avatar grnmtnmama 07:30 PM 04-02-2009
back from 1:45 on the cross bike. good ride, nice out today.
Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 07:57 PM 04-02-2009
Not sure yet about which training program. I guess Higdon's or maybe the one in the Runner's World book on Women's Running. Any suggestions?

Just came back from a 2.5 mile run. Was supposed to be 4 but I had to come back to go to the bathroom. Just before AF shows up the stomach is...a bit wonky. :

Took my new treads out for a spin though. I had to take the Nikes back to the store b/c they killed my toes the first run. Luckily the store takes back for up to a week. So they swapped them out for the Asics and man, I am in . My feet felt so good!

Oh, Marine Corps is October 25th.

I think I should look for a half marathon toward the mid-end of summer, right? Any good ones in the NE anywhere?
moonshine's Avatar moonshine 09:03 PM 04-02-2009
re: brain cells. I guess I haven't thought about it, but they do seem to return after nursing is over. DD2 weaned almost 2 years ago, and yes, I feel a bit more normal.

No run today. Did yoga with instead. (mamabeth, do you still do them?) It has been a really long time since I did yoga, and I could tell. The one I did was to strengthen wrists, among other things. (mandy, it was yoga for snowboarders) My one wrist is definitely problematic, and it was rough going. Going to aim for a run tomorrow.
bec's Avatar bec 10:09 PM 04-02-2009
Thanks for the health vibes, ladies. I'm actually feeling better, as is Emily. Abby is physically much better, but has been grouchy like a bear with a sore paw. Katie went to bed tonight with a 103 degree fever, poor thing. This was after a shower, but before I gave her Tylenol (I let the fevers do their thing during the day, and usually just medicate at night). I also gave her the night time Triaminic stuff to quiet her cough and help her sleep tonight. She was so cold and chilled after the shower, and I just felt so sad for her. I know how miserable it is to have a fever, need to get wet to try to bring it down, and then to not be able to bundle up like you would like. : I hope she feels better tomorrow.

RR: I did, somehow manage to break free for a little bit (thank you Madagascar II!), and got my 4.5 miles done. I have been working on ways to make the treadmill more interesting for me. I started at a 5.0mph, and increased every minute, until I was at 6.0 at the 10 minute mark. This was my warmup. Quite a bit slower than my usual warmup, but I am still feeling under the weather. At 10 minutes, I kept going, increasing 1mph to match the minute that I had run. When I got to 20 minutes and was at 7.0mph, I started backing it down, so I was back to 6.0 at 30 minutes. I would have loved to have done another set like that, but really didn't have that in me, so I just increased to 6.5, back down, and then back up. I did 4.5 miles in 43:45 this way, with an average pace of 9:43! So, I guess it turned into a tempo run of sorts.

Can someone tell me, is it bad to do this sort of thing with most runs? Right now, most of my runs are inside on the treadmill, and this is one of the few ways that I can make it interesting. They feel pretty good, and I don't feel like I'm overtraining or anything. By this point last year, I was really fried and felt very burnt out. So, I'm guessing it is all right, but just wanted to see if I was missing something.
Penelope's Avatar Penelope 10:14 PM 04-02-2009
Pretty decent 10m this morning - I'd planned to do 11 but ran out of time. I have just over three weeks till my half and I'm getting really excited, and nervous - I think I'll do a long run of ~12 next week and then do something like 8 the week before the race. I've done 3 10m long runs, so I'm feeling like I'll finish the half for sure but not necessarily with a glorious and bragworthy time.

I want this semester to be over, though. One more conferernce to go this weekend, then I'm done till August with the damn things. And I have 60 papers to grade during the free magical evening I have tomorrow night in Chicago - probably just me and takeout food in the hotel, grading till my eyes bleed.
Mommabelle's Avatar Mommabelle 10:19 PM 04-02-2009
bec..I remember JayGee saying she did something like that. She'll be back on here after Lent is over. I hope your dd feels better soon!

Last night ds prayed that I would have a successful triathlon. Nothing like a little pressure!! Tonight was family swim at the gym and dh played with the kids while I swam laps. Ds came over at one point and gave me a kiss and said he hoped I had success! Dd said she wanted to watch. They are cute!
Plady's Avatar Plady 11:00 PM 04-02-2009
Originally Posted by bec View Post

RR: I did, somehow manage to break free for a little bit (thank you Madagascar II!), and got my 4.5 miles done. I have been working on ways to make the treadmill more interesting for me. I started at a 5.0mph, and increased every minute, until I was at 6.0 at the 10 minute mark. This was my warmup. Quite a bit slower than my usual warmup,
"lol I just did my 3 miles for the day on the TM and in the final mile I actually hit 6.0 to 6.3 and I thought of myself as sprinting all out!
Realrellim's Avatar Realrellim 11:02 PM 04-02-2009
Popping in to say that I had an awesome tempo run today. It happened because I was on the deck getting my shoes tied and decided I'd be too hot in long sleeves. So I put on short sleeves, the sun went behind the clouds, the wind started blowing, and poor cold me had to run fast to stay warm. That's how I did a 5-mile tempo run with a 9:20 average pace (9:06 average for the 3 tempo miles).

It all felt pretty good, so I'm hopeful everything will work out nicely on Sunday. At least if AF arrives say, tomorrow. Tomorrow would be fine. Or after the race would be fine. Or maybe even the morning of the race. Is that too much to ask?

ETA: just noticed my DDDC! Thanks!!
CathToria's Avatar CathToria 11:21 PM 04-02-2009
cute kids MBelle
babybugmama's Avatar babybugmama 12:47 AM 04-03-2009
gonna be a few days of high mileage for me... 4 tomorrow, 13 saturday, and 8 tempo sunday.
doctorjen's Avatar doctorjen 01:29 AM 04-03-2009
Sigh. I've been reading, but in just 2 days of not posting, I feel like I'm so far behind! I've been thinking of you all and keeping up, though.

RM - I've especially been thinking about you, and the loss of your friend. Hope your skin lesions are healing up soon. I think I'm channeling you lately because I'm becoming the treadmill queen (although I can't hit your speed!) Can't wait to see you soon!

Whose doing their first marathon? I also used Hal Higdon to train for my first marathon last October. I'd run several halfs prior, so I used one of the intermediate plans, but in general I really like his plans and he's prepared a lot of folks for their first marathon.

Nickarolaberry - I put you on the race list for the Marine corps - hope you don't mind! Can't wait to hear about your training!

RR - This week is a fall back week for me, so no speed work and no real long run. I ran 4 on tues, 6 yesterday, and 4 again today. On Sat I'll do just 5. Then next week is a pretty tough week training wise. My training plan calls for 13 miles the Sat before the half, but I don't think I'll do that - I'll do 13 3 weeks out and 2 weeks out, and then 6-8 on the Sat before depending on how I feel. The long runs aren't taking so much out of me anymore, but I don't know that I'd feel up to racing 13 a week after running 13! I can't wait to see all you other Indy runners!

NRR - my job is making me nuts. We have too many patients and too few doctors, and I feel like we spend a lot of our day talking to patients on the phone and trying to figure out who we can avoid seeing, where if we weren't so overwhelmed and overbooked we would just see the folks who think they need to be seen. I'm living in fear of putting off someone who really needs to be taken care of. Also, working flat out all day, I'm not finishing all my charting and other assorted paperwork until 6:30 or 7 pm everyday. Blech. My partners are working with the hospital system and the hospital recruiter and keep telling me it's going to get better, but I'm not sure how long I can wait it out.

On the plus side, my dh and I are going away this weekend. Oldest ds and his gf are coming home to take care of the younger kids, and we are leaving Sat morning and coming back Sun night. We have tickets to a play, and dinner reservations, and a nice hotel room. I cannot wait to have my dh all to myself!
bec's Avatar bec 02:04 AM 04-03-2009
Ooooh, sounds like a nice weekend, Jen!

I can't wait till the mini, too! I'm starting to get really excited! I'm going to actually meet some real live dingos in the flesh!!! Love it!

Plady, you make me feel so speedy! And, then I read Real's 9:06 for three miles tempo run, and I'm put back in my place!

I just look at where I was 3 years ago, and that's what makes me proud. I've come a long way from that sedentary, obese new mom!

I'm supposed to do 12 miles for my long run the week before the mini. I'm feeling good and ready for it! I may take that last week a little easier than the schedule recommends, so we'll see. I also have a 5k the Saturday before. I haven't gotten it up on the race schedule, but I'm excited for it. I'm hoping for a PR in it!

I think I've finally turned a corner on my illness, myself I am feeling more energetic and less congested than I was yesterday at this time. My poor Katie is quite feverish and miserable, though. I hope she's feeling better tomorrow. I will say, though, that Vick's Vapor Rub on the feet with socks really works towards quieting the cough. I've been using it on all of us this week, and it really is amazing!
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 10:25 AM 04-03-2009
bec totally.

Looks like I am a TM slave too...even though it will make it to 50 (and sunny!) today, I'm home with dd, so I will just pound out some miles there. She's a total crab. So am I. My mother called last night (way after I went to bed) to see if she could come over today...and then maybe I could have run outside, but then again, probably not. She just does not get what I have going on. I'd like a little help, but more than that, what I need is empathy, and that is something she doesn't know how to offer. So when I am on my own, I just avoid even talking to her. She gives me "advice" like, "just take a bath," or "go for a walk." Better to just not even talk with her.

So I am just going to see how many miles I can get in before we have to take the baby in for show and tell...unfortunately, my next opportunities for outside runs will be next weekend. But then, dh will be home, so I am out of here.

But first I need to get the house clean.

Nick, I was making a "join the Marines" joke. Like a lead balloon, apparently.

And thanks for the reminder about the brain cells. If I were still nursing, there's no way I could hold it together right now.
tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 12:45 PM 04-03-2009
Yuck, I had another crappy night last night. Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, and then dreams that I don't entirely remember except that they were NOT pleasant. Yuck yuck yuck.

On the bright side, the day is looking nice so far, and I'm taking DS to the zoo to meet some friends in just a bit.

On the other hand, they're forecasting another blizzard blowing in tomorrow, just in time for Sunday's race. :

Time to get moving...
Plady's Avatar Plady 01:13 PM 04-03-2009
Morning mamas,
I raise my to you all.

I was supposed to be headed off-island this morning with the fam for an overnight of errands and retail therapy but Alison had such an insanely bad night last night only dh went off just for the day to do the bare minimum. I really need to get an eye exam and new contacts and glasses so I'm disappointed that I can't go today but sheesh! The thought of staying overnight in some low rent motel almost made me cry last night at 2 am. It'll be okay, but this is one of the first days that living on the island has been kind of an inconvenience. I'll have to take the 6 am ferry tomorrow to pick up my cousin's son at the airport anyway so : I'll be able to squeeze in an eye exam too.

ANYWAY : I've got to do 9 miles this weekend but now that tomorrow will be all travel I don't know when. My legs feel like they really need a break today, I'm already icing a new sore spot but today may be the only option. Or can long runs be broken up into two shorter runs, just to get the miles in? I know that blows the endurance aspect of it but I know I can do 9 already so??

We watched Spirit of the Marathon last night and frankly I was kind of disappointed. I loved the scenes of the actual race thinking about DrJen and RM and Chelsea being a part of it - I had no idea it was such a huge huge race, but the runners' they focused on left me cold. Except that Kenyan guy, he was super sympathetic but the rest of them. My RP came to watch it with me and both of us were laughing about how the old guy's daughter looked totally not into the whole thing, like she'd gotten roped into doing the marathon because her dad was in the movie but her heart wasn't in it. I guess I just kept thinking that a documentary about the Dingos would be vastly more interesting!: Any movie makers among us?? :

Well, enough from me, I'd better take full advantage of the remaining sleeping-it-off baby time I have now!

Jo -

Gaye -

DrJen - Have a great night off!


Bec - Just listen to me - you are speedy!
bec's Avatar bec 01:40 PM 04-03-2009
Originally Posted by Plady View Post
I guess I just kept thinking that a documentary about the Dingos would be vastly more interesting!: Any movie makers among us?? :
OMG, that would be so awesome! Of course, I still think that Runner's World should do an article on us! Anyone want to write an article?
moonshine's Avatar moonshine 01:41 PM 04-03-2009
Plady, there is something written about breaking up runs in the last RW mag. If you don't have it and want me to provide more info, let me know.

A bit shout out to bec! You posting your speeds in the tm yesterday gave me on huge kick in the butt. My running speed was no where close to your warmup speed! Granted, I have only been consistently at this for like a week, but today I pushed it speed wish (and actually time wise too). I am now dripping with sweat and am off to the shower, but just wanted to post. Thanks!
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