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eksmom's Avatar eksmom 04:57 PM 04-09-2010

1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 05:01 PM 04-09-2010
JayGee, keep in mind, he has become "the kid to beat." That said, the teacher had an opportunity to teach about graciousness.


I don't like how I am feeling about my kids today.
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 05:06 PM 04-09-2010
Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 07:34 PM 04-09-2010

I've been there, was there in that difficult place for 5 years. My first two children are IVF babies and before and between them, several mc's (and lost a twin during my pregnancy with my second, around 17 weeks).

If you need to talk, I'm here.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 08:17 PM 04-09-2010

Eksmom, I don't think I have room to give advice since I'm barely running these days. But, what about packing your bag and running right after work? The transitions were always the hardest for me (back in the day when I ran regularly.) If I could pack in my workout enroute to work or enroute home and everything was already packed and ready, it was just harder to say no. Good luck with the job. The description reminds me of my homelife. I have so many things on my plate that I'm not doing anything well and it makes it harder to concentrate and do any one thing right. :irk

Kerc, Still thinking of you.

Plady, Lately I have heard of several people who have gone to Costa Rica for dental work. Who knew? I guess you could say I went to give birth. And met you. Sorry about the dh issue. I have no idea. Did you already visit your mom?

Nicka, for your friend.

SeeMamaRun, I totally relate. That's the way I roll, too. I don't even mind the pain later of running all out w/o training b/c it's just so much stinking fun. Still, it's better to have that body prepared.

Jooj, hope you get that run in!

JayGee, I don't know. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing since no one else could hope to beat him and maybe it will turn into something fun for him to actually have someone competitive in class. I hope that it was less about him and more about the surprise that someone else could perform well, too.

I have a rare weekend of solo parenting and am so excited. The kids and I already went to the grocery store and had fun shopping for things we like that dh doesn't and have a busy fun weekend planned. Actually, a mega amount of work to do tomorrow which leaves me a bit breathless just thinking about it and then hopefully afternoon movies on Sunday until dh gets home.

And, oh yeah, FM... yoga??? TKD??? Does that count??? I did run 3 days ago so I still hope that means I can hang with y'all speedy mamas and mamas-to-be!
zubeldia's Avatar zubeldia 09:04 PM 04-09-2010
Lofty, I think those things definitely count Have a fun weekend! Sounds like you'll have a blast.

Oh, nic, to your friend. And good luck tomorrow! You're sure to rock it, mama! That 3 you ran this morning was mighty speedy, lady

Jaygee, my guess would be that they were rooting for the underdog and that that's all there is to it. But saying that doesn't take away the horrible, icky feelings likely experienced by your DS.

Bec. I am planning on channeling your brick workout tomorrow. It sounds like a fun way to get an endurance workout in.

Plady, lots of commiserating on the sibling front. I have 3 older sisters (all half sisters, which is its own nightmare). At different times all of us have been caught in that 'not letting go' stage of our childhood. We have very different experiences and it's hard to fully empathize with one another as we all were dealt with so differently. I don't know what the answer is. I am the youngest and I would say that I had the most recent 'hanging on' to the past period - just a couple of years ago. It made me want my sisters to validate my experience, which, you know, they could do only to a point. But it never jived fully with what they felt, and as the 'spoilt' one it probably felt unjust that I could feel THAT badly about things. Since then I have let a lot of it go, but it has caused some major rifts with one of my sisters for reasons that probably would not be obvious. So, , no real advice, but I will add that when my sisters have been in that place I have tried to listen and then I steer the direction of the conversation to things we have in common.

Oh, OSB, so sorry you're contending with this. Lots of s and that things will progress quickly for you.

eksmom, once again our lives seem to be in sync I don't know the answers but I learn a lot from you and the other dingos

la4 - how was work? That's a lot for one day, superwoman. I hope some downtime is in your future.

Kerc - let no news be good news.

Laura, I have a 9 month old, so I definitely feel your pain... ACK!

And on that note, yes, I am soo tired. Another up all night sort of night last night. DH had the day off work so he brought DS into see my at lunchtime, which was nice. My commute is pretty lengthy and my dh is prone to falling asleep - though he always pulls over So, en route home, about half way there, I spy his car parked next to a sport field and he and DS are fast asleep!!! I took a photo and came home and they had no idea I'd been there and snapped pics of them...

But then DH napped when he got home whilst I fed DS and made dinner and had crazy dogs running around ringing the bell to go outside (yes, they ring a bell which drives me to despair sometimes). It was okay for a while and then I reached a limit since i have had no more than 10 hours sleep in THREE days, and I am ticked off with DH. I don't know what it will take to get through to him that I really am exhausted. I think he thinks we get a similar amount of sleep

FM - honestly, it was likely not that smart, but I finally got up at 4am this morning fearing that I would sleep through my only chance to exercise which I have done almost all week. The psychological toll - and lack of endorphins - have been taking their toll. I must remember that, for me (probably as for many of you), moving is my daily anti-depressant and this it is not an option I can blithely discount.

BTW - kerc, I like your idea for getting in exercise!

I have to head to work to accepted students' day tomorrow and then on Sunday DH has his half marathon. It looks like a busy weekend.
OvenSeeksBun's Avatar OvenSeeksBun 09:22 PM 04-09-2010
Thank you so much for the support and hugs. I'm off to the lake for the weekend, I'll try my best to catch up on Monday. Happy running, y'all!
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 10:03 PM 04-09-2010
Dinner, dishes, , and baths are done. All that remains is laundry. I really want to wear a pair of running tights tomorrow that are way too stinky, even for outside. It is to be 36F when I need to leave.

Dh and dd1 are gone to Bloomington to see West Side Story tonight then up to my parents house. I decided we needed subs for the paper routes so I could run tomorrow before I do Running Club at the elementary school. Ian could have handled it all but then I wouldn't be able to run. He doesn't mind sleeping in a bit and not wandering around in the cold and dark. There is a plan for 12 hilly miles - but as we are avoiding the big downhill and the hills are short I don't find them all that difficult (if all goes well). I am well-fueled at this point.

I need to do books and bed so I can take care of the last of today's business and read in bed. Just checking in with my peeps.

I have no idea why I am playing with the smilies. I'm off to set up the for morning.
memiles's Avatar memiles 10:05 PM 04-09-2010
OSB. I've been there, it sucks.

Got the ink finished today, pics are up on FB for anyone who wants to see. Of course, I can't find my camera, so the crappy cell picture will have to do for now.

I might be insane, but I'm taking Ellie to family zumba tonight. It's either going to be awesome or a complete disaster. News at 11!
palmgal's Avatar palmgal 10:39 PM 04-09-2010
Hi can I join you? I took up running last year during a very stressful period at work. I am loosly training for a half right now in October but plan on runnning a bunch of 5ks and 10ks this summer. I am also looking forward to being able to run outside before work, I have to leave for work by 7:30 am so a few more weeksn and I can get some quick 3-4 milers in instead of running on the treadmill. So excited for spring!!
tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 11:09 PM 04-09-2010

Checking in, now that I'm back at my parents' and to my laptop.

I skimmed through the 3 pages I missed briefly, but there's no way I'll ever be caught up on personals. Suffice it to say, and welcome to the new Dingos, to those who need them, and to those who need a kick out the door.

So...it was ugly, ladies. Really, really ugly. Worst hockey game I've ever seen us play. It was so sad. I did have fun at the pregame event, though, so that's something. The thing that makes me really sad is that the majority of people that I know decided to go home rather than stay for tomorrow's championship game (which I do understand, but is still a bummer). My one good friend is still there (her flight isn't till Sunday), so I will go back up and have dinner with her and then cheer for Wisconsin to beat the ever-loving snot out of Boston College tomorrow night. Sigh.

My sister brought my niece up to my grandma's house today and then back to my parents' for the night (I'm trying to talk her into using the extra ticket I now have for the championship game for tomorrow night, but she's 37 weeks and doesn't think her midwife would be too thrilled about the idea. Of course, she didn't bother to tell said midwife that she was going to be making the 2 1/2 hour trip to my parents' house. ). Watching DS and DN play together is so stinking cute. They really play well together and the things that come out of their mouths just crack me up! My grandma really enjoyed watching it, so I'm glad we got the chance to get them together to see her, even though it made for a lot of driving for me today.

I WILL get out for a run tomorrow. I don't have to leave for Detroit until 3-ish, so even if I don't get up until 10, I should be good. My weekly mileage would double last week's if I get out for 5 tomorrow.
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 12:08 AM 04-10-2010
Popping on quickly to report a totally zenlike 2700m of swimming. All while DH cleaned up from dinner and put everyone to bed !!!
kangamitroo's Avatar kangamitroo 01:00 AM 04-10-2010
i forget who is keeping the race list. could i be added? philadelphia half marathon on 21 november. i think being accountable and setting a big goal is the only way i'll get off my lazy tail.

and anyone who prays: please, pray that my foot adapts well to the training. no relapse. safe from injury.
Plady's Avatar Plady 02:16 AM 04-10-2010
Hi mamas,
Just popping in before heading off island tomorrow to go to the Whidbey Half. It will be the first night that dh and I have been away together w/o kids, ever. Okay there were two nights when we both stayed at teh hospital with Alison when she was so sick after she was born but that hardly counts right?

Anyway, sorry to be so lacking in personals, I'm trying to skim along and sending virtual s to those who need them.

LaLaLaLa's Avatar LaLaLaLa 03:14 AM 04-10-2010
Okay, just popping in for a second, since it's 1 in the morning and I have to get to bed. I'm hoping the charming children decide to stay in their own space in the morning.

Work was decent tonight, meaning I didn't come close to murdering any of our kitchen staff and none of my customers hated my guts. Major success. It's hard to come home so late, though, and then try to unwind and get to bed at a reasonable time so I can get up at a reasonable time in the morning, maybe to run.

OvenSeeksBun--I'm so sorry. I'm a member of a playgroup with nine other moms of kids my DD's age (so all around 5 years old). Out of the ten of us, four went through fertility treatments. They sucked and were a pain, but the important thing is that they worked. In one case, fertility treatments worked a little too well and her kids are 13 months apart, instead of a couple of years as planned. You are young and strong and have some time to play with, so I hope you feel optimistic about your situation. I hope the news at your appointment is positive and the doctors feel like there are some easy-ish things to try in your case. We're here with you through the process.

Gaye--Sorry the hockey was less than stellar. I went to UNH and loved hockey while I was there. Because when you're in Durham, New Hampshire in the wintertime, there really isn't much else on which to fixate. I haven't followed it since then, though. DH and I have talked about taking our kids to some games, but then I remember the rousing chants the UNH students made up. A favorite one ends with the line "rip off their arms and legs and beat them with the bloody stumps! Yeah!" Um, funny to college students, notsomuch for my darling children.

Okay, off to bed, seriously. I STILL don't know if I'm hosting a playdate tomorrow. This mom of DD's best friend is turning into not the best option for a friend for me, which is too bad since I really like talking to her. This lack of communication or planning, though, I simply cannot take.
eksmom's Avatar eksmom 09:17 AM 04-10-2010
Getting ready for my 5K... suddenly feeling nervous. Don't know whether it's the fully caffeinated coffee I had (usually drink half caff) or the grilling by DD last night about whether I was going to win or something else but sheesh!!!
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 10:29 AM 04-10-2010
Go eks!

I made breakfast and am enjoying a second coffee before going out to milk. After milking, I should get a run. Turns out the shearer will be coming tomorrow (which is about perfect), so I need to make sure I have enough CDT vax for everyone, plus needles (yay, needles ) and toe-clipping stuff at the ready. Think of it as spa day for the sheep. Everyone gets a fresh haircut, mani-pedi, and a shot to prevent both a diarrheal illness and tetanus...just in time for babies to arrive.

We were going to put up more fence today, but the rain and snow () have made the soil too spongy for us to get fenceposts to set right. So dh might be able to get a little garden work done, but regardless, there is a workout somewhere in the day for me.

Did I mention the yogurt turned out fantastic? Yup.
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 11:08 AM 04-10-2010
Go eks !
Go bec and Mr. Bec !

Jo, spa day for sheep sounds good for them, but like a lot of work for you . Treat yourself to a big goat-gurt when you're done!

Off to swimming lessons for the two biggest kids. DD is moving up from level 3 to level 4 today .
Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 11:19 AM 04-10-2010
Hi all!

Go Eks and Bec and Mr. Bec!

Just back from my 10K -- 1:01:12. Not bad, but I was shooting for under an hour. Still I think it is a PR from my last 10K (over a year ago?) which I believe I did in 1:06 and change.

Had some pretty bad intestinal distress right before the race (yuck having that in a portapotty but better than along the course!) even though I did my usual pre-race eating routine. I guess you never know. It definitely threw me off though.

It was a pretty course and a nice breezy morning, though, so it's all good.
shahjehan's Avatar shahjehan 12:27 PM 04-10-2010


bec's Avatar bec 12:42 PM 04-10-2010
Originally Posted by sewaneecook View Post
Bec, please tell me an ice bath isn’t exactly what it sounds like? As in a big bath filled with water and ice? I hate icing, but I’ll do it if it makes a difference. indeed! Your biking and swimming workout sounds great. I’ve never been able to do much on a bike, even when I’m in great shape.
Well, I ease into it. I started by just sitting in a cold bath. Some people here like to fill the tub first and hop in. I'm a get into the empty tub and let the water come up. I have worked my way up to putting ice (or ice packs) in the water to make it colder. The tricks I have learned from these wise dingos is to wear socks and a sports bra while in the bath. It helps for some reason.

Go Eks!!!! I hope you have a fabulous race!

Nick - It sounds like you had a great race! 1:01 is a great time!

DH and I enjoyed our run! He did really well! Each mile was faster than the previous, and he had a killer kick and sprint for the last quarter mile! I don't have the official time, but it was 35:something. I thought he did great for a first 5k! I was hurting a bit, but I stretched and I'm icing now. Really, if it hadn't been for DH, I would have skipped this race. But, it will give me some good information as to how I'm healing, and whether I need more time off or not. Oh, and my friend (who's been on here periodically in the past) came in under 30 minutes! Her goal was to beat 33 minutes, so she rocked this race!!! I am so proud of her!
Nemesis's Avatar Nemesis 02:01 PM 04-10-2010
For ice baths- I have to get in. I tried getting in with about half as much water, then adding more and it was awful. Not that it's all that fun to begin with...

Bec- those sleeves were sent off. They don't smell, but I am really sensitive to detergent smells so that's why I didn't wash them. I figured you would probably be better off with your own stuff. I hope they help!

FM- 2 miles slow. I did 5:1 and I think I am going to stick to that and just keep adding until the 10K. We'll see where I am then.
tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 02:13 PM 04-10-2010
I've posted this many times before, but I'll do it again for the new people. My tried and true method for the ice bath : Wear at least a sweatshirt on top. Maybe a hat and gloves. Take off sweaty stuff first. I put on a dry sportsbra and then an old sweatshirt. Have a cup of something warm to drink and some reading material. I step into the tub, close the drain, and turn the cold water on. I stay standing until the water is up to my ankles and my feet (the worst part, IMO) are numb-ish, and then I sit down and keep the water going until the level is up over my thighs and hips. Depending on how cold the water is coming out of the tap, I may add a half a pitcher of ice cubes (usually necessary in the summer, not in the winter). I usually set the kitchen timer for about 15 minutes before getting in.

So, I didn't run this morning. I just couldn't make myself, even though it's absolutely gorgeous out. I WILL run Monday morning. I swear. Getting ready to head back up to Detroit here in an hour or so.
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 02:50 PM 04-10-2010
Welcome Jehan! I'm in the Fox Cities. Where are you? I did the GB full twice. A very well-supported, fun race, though the weather is totally hit or miss.

OK, so I am suited up and I'll take off as soon as the laundry spins out and I hang it. Dh called me out to the barn to help him with some junk sorting (decluttering! yay!) and somehow I got sucked into the apiary. Discovered some mice trouble (did I mention yesterday's rat?), which basically has me back down to three healthy hives, which is OK but I have major sorting, cleaning, bleaching and other work to do. Dh is frustrating with the bees. He never wants to finish the job because it is time-consuming. So anyway, I basically spring-cleaned their hives and they should be off and running with the daffodils in bloom. And crocuses and hyacinth. And poplars. Anyway.

It's just that easy to skip a run in order to get work done. But I am wearing the Garmin and have the phone charged and the iPod charged and everything is ready but the doggone laundry.
kangamitroo's Avatar kangamitroo 03:08 PM 04-10-2010
go plady, eks, and any other mama racing this weekend. i was skimming, and sorry if i missed someone.

jo--do you write books/essays about your farm life? i love the details in your chronicles.

welcome, jehan and palmgal.

beautiful day here, but no run. weeding. prepping vegetable beds. a visit from mil later. she is bringing Fantastic MrFox, which we missed in the theater because i expected it to be around for more than 4 weeks. shows how often i go to the movies.

enjoy your workouts, family time, and laundry.
ashcav's Avatar ashcav 03:12 PM 04-10-2010
For ice baths, I have to fill up the tub first and then just get in. Like Gaye, I wear a sweatshirt, hat and sometimes I wear gloves. I usually watch something on my laptop or read.

My garmin broke on my run today, I dropped it on the sidewalk and the screen is all cracked. It did record some more of my run though once I figured out that part was still working. I had to estimate distance, I was shooting for 10 miles and ran 10.6 so not bad. I have to go buy a new one today though since I have a 20 miler tomorrow and I'm not good at planning a route and remembering it. I'm debating between the 310XT, 405, 405CX or another 305. Decisions, decisions. Good thing I'll be getting my taxes back soon

I know I'm a few days late, but Loftmama. I've been reading along and thinking of your family.

tjsmama, I was routing so hard for your team since being a BU alum, I can't stand BC. Now I'm routing for Wisconsin.

Awesome races bec and dh, Nic!

Go Plady and eksmom!

Welcome to all newbies!

DrJen, can you add Marine Corps Honor Run 5K, May 8th for me: http://www.conventures.com/mar10k.html.
My mom's doing it too as her first 5K along with a lot of her friends since my brother is a Marine and she's been doing C25K.
Nemesis's Avatar Nemesis 03:16 PM 04-10-2010
Why am I so crabby?

I'm trying not to be. I feel like I do everything around here. Even the fun stuff is stuff I have to plan ahead for, get peopel ready for, and make sound like well.. fun. If one of those steps is screwed up, then nobody wants to do anything.

Seriously. Do I have to beg my DH to read to the kids? Play games? Do anything other than park them in front of the TV and let them eat whatever junk they can find?

I am already feeling this way and on Tuesday DH is leaving for work stuff and he'll be gone mostly for 2 weeks. Damnit. (At least then it's easier to get the kids to do stuff since I'm not having to rip them away from the TV constantly)
tjsmama's Avatar tjsmama 03:20 PM 04-10-2010
ashcav~I will be there tonight, wearing my Miami red and white and cheering for Wisconsin. I still have a great dislike for BU after last year, but it pales in comparison to the hatred and loathing I feel for BC.
shahjehan's Avatar shahjehan 04:19 PM 04-10-2010
bec-Congrats to you and your DH on the 5K! Can I ask what kind of injury you are healing from?

Nemesis-I bet your run felt good. I am sorry you are feeling crabby. Sometimes it feels like nobody else knows all the things we mommas do all day. The "fun stuff" that you have to put so much work into is precisely the reason why some days I don't even feel like going out of my way. And why we will not go on a vacation until the kids are older. It's hard to feel under appreciated. Hope your day is going much better.

tjsmama-All this ice bath talk is making me cold! Is that something you all do for injuries, or do you do it to avoid injuries?

1jooj-Thanks for the friendly welcome! I am in Neenah, specifically on Doty Island. How about you? In the country, it sounds like. That's incredible that you did the GB full twice! I worry about the weather for it (May in Wisconsin and all). Are you running it this year?

kangamitroo-Thanks for the welcome!

ashcav-That really sucks about your Garmin. It's always a bummer when things like that happen on a run instead of before or after, so you have to scramble and it throws off the rhythm. But now you HAVE to get a new one. It can be fun when your hand is forced, especially with a tax return coming.

I ran ten miles and my legs felt very tired for the last 2.5 or so. So much so that I stopped running at a stoplight and my legs had to be coerced into going again. Usually I am not as tired at the end, but my pace was a couple seconds faster than usual (10:52 per mile). Now time for banana bread! Have a great day!
Nickarolaberry's Avatar Nickarolaberry 04:45 PM 04-10-2010

Memiles, where did you get that cool pink RunnerGirl sticker you gave me? We are getting a new (to us) van and I want to replace it! Thank you.
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